College Staff

St Edmund’s College currently employs over 130 staff members in the core areas of teaching, administration, and grounds staff. All staff are extremely valuable in developing the strong sense of community at St Edmund’s and building upon the Eddies Spirit. All staff are vital in enabling the school to provide outstanding education to the students.

One key focus of the College is excellence in teaching and learning which is coupled with the development of strong relationships between the staff and students to produce a positive and caring community. A comprehensive induction program is provided for new staff as well as ongoing professional development opportunities. The ongoing professional development of the staff is highly valued and supported.

College Leadership Team

Under the direction of the Principal, the College Leadership Team work together to provide leadership and direction to the College and its community to achieve the mission of St Edmund’s College.

College Principal
Mr Ray Celegato
Deputy Principal
Mr Peter Cook
Assistant Principal - Students
Mr Nigel Lucas
Assistant Principal - Activities
Mr Chad De Waard
Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching
Ms Carmel James
Assistant Principal - Identity
Ms Marysia Rice
Assistant Principal - Administration
Ms Simone O'Shea
Business Manager
Mr Tony Skippington

House Deans
Ambrose House - Mr Noel Gardner
Callan House - Mr Michael Podolak
Elliott House - Mr Nathan Manttan
Finn House - Ms Angela Fergus
Ignatius House - Mr Andrew Stormonth
Morgan House - Mr David Mills
Rice House - Mr Ben Carter
Treacy House - Mr Lucas Wilson
Director of Senior School - Ms Natalie Henness
Director of Performing Arts - Mr Tim Kirkwood
Director of Sport - Mr Max Luxton
Director of Middle School - Mr Luis Marin
Director of Inclusive Education - Ms Carmel Seng
Director of Pathways - Ms Eliza Harris
Director of Mission - Ms Claire Stevens
Heads of Department
Creative Arts - Ms Frances O'Sullivan
Digital Literacy - Ms Debra Whyte
English - Ms Tara Newlands
Enterprise Studies - Ms Georgina McMahon
Health and Physical Education - Mr Ashley Montgomery
Industrial Technology and Design - Mr Dave Baxter
Information Services and Learning Resources - Ms Karen Callaghan
Mathematics - Ms Suzanne Garvey
Religious Education - Ms Adrianna Rimland
Science - Mr Mark Steffens
Social Science - Mr Daniel King
Skills and Training - Mr Nigel Raddie