Old Boys Association

The St Edmund’s College Old Boys Association was founded to support the College and help past students stay in contact.

The aims of the Association are to:

  • promote a bond of friendship between Old Boys
  • promote the interests of the College

The names and details (where available) of all students who have passed through the College since its foundation in 1892 are recorded by the College.

A regular newsletter as a vehicle of informing Old Boys is available.

Past and present parents are encouraged to participate in the Old Boys Association program.

To join the Association, please complete the online membership form below.

A Message From the President of the Old Boys Association

I was honoured to be elected as President of the College Old Boys at the Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 4 February 2018. Our Committee is a

good mixture of experience, younger generations and commitment to the College.

I attended the College from Grade 3 to Senior, finishing in 1972 unsure of where I would spend my working life. I commenced working in the office of T.C. Beirnes in Ipswich before joining Queensland Rail in 1974 as a clerk at Redbank Comptroller of Stores Office. In 1985 took a promotion and worked in the Railway Centre Brisbane till September 1993. During my 19 years in the Railway I worked in purchasing, transport, train control and timetables. During this period, I was either playing Rugby League for Brothers or on the Committee. In fact, I am now in my third year as President. I previously served as Secretary and President between 1985 and 1989. I am Life Member of both Brothers Football Club and Brothers Old Boys and Supporters as well as The Confraternity of Brothers Clubs of Queensland.

When I left QR it was to take an appointment as Secretary Manager of Brothers Leagues Club on 1 September 1993. I take immense pleasure looking back on the growth that the Club enjoyed, especially my contribution. In May 2018 I decided that I needed a break from the role, tendered my resignation and now have some part time roles and Grandchildren to enjoy.

Over the years I have maintained a strong association with the College in many ways. My son Clint attended Eddies, I was coach and then Manager of the Confraternity teams for 11 years, was a member of a Finance and Facilities Committee and currently a Director of the St Edmund’s College Foundation Limited.

I believe that the objective of the Old Boys is to provide support to, and work with, the College with the goal of providing the best facilities and opportunities for the boys who attend St Edmund’s. To achieve this, we also will support the Foundation in its work. The Old Boys currently hold a Bowls Day, Golf Day and an annual Mass. It is our intention to grow these events as well as establish new events that promote the College and a strong sense of fellowship amongst our Old Boys of all ages.

As a committee we are looking forward to an exciting year where we hope our membership will grow and we enjoy each other’s company in the spirit of St Edmund's.

Kindest regards


Old Boys Payments

Our online payment options are currently under maintenance. Any relevant payments for Old Boys activities can be made out to the College at 16 Mary Street, Woodend, QLD 4305.

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