The price of the service will be $35 per family (so whether you have 1 child or 4, the cost will remain at $35) per week and for concession *$25 per family per week for students that attend St Edmund’s College, St Mary’s College and St Mary’s Primary schools. This cost is reviewed each Semester and may move up and down according to the demand on the available funds to distribute.

If you want to secure a place for Term 1 2024, could you please send your completed and signed SPA form (Contract) to Once received, a place will be secured, and a pass will be issued during the first week of travel. Email: 

This is charged per Term, and you will receive a tax invoice from us via email at the beginning of each Term. We then collect the rebate on your behalf so that we do not have to charge you the full fee upfront.

Springfield School Bus Route
Boonah School Bus Route
Marburg School Bus Route
General Bus Information

Please click here for general bus route information for within the Ipswich area to St Edmund's College.

Contact Information

For any inquiries about the bus route from Boonah/Marburg/Springfield to the College, please contact the College through term time on (07) 3810 4421. Alternatively, please email

Below are three important documents.

The first is the School Parent Agreement form that all parents will be required to complete and submit as soon as possible. This completed form is necessary to ensure your child secures a weekly seat to and from school each day. It is also necessary to enable the College to be reimbursed the per/child kilometric allocation from QCEC, on your behalf, to pay for the bus service which is operated by Highway Coaches.

The second document is the current Queensland Transport Student Code of Conduct while travelling on a school bus. Please take the time to read this with your son so he is fully aware of his responsibilities while travelling on the new service.

The final document outlines the rules and guidelines associated with a bus service that attracts the Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme.