St Edmund’s College aims at building Strong Men, Kind Men, Gentle Men – Eddies Men. Take the first step in your son’s future by following the enrolment process below.

Step 1 – Online Application Form
The Online Application – can be completed from birth or at any stage after that time, prior to the College’s closing date for that intake. This is an Application that you wish your son to be educated at St Edmund’s College. An Administration Fee of $110 accompanies this application. The form is lodged online through the College’s website with the Administration Fee, and the student information is automatically lodged on the College’s database. It is a College requirement that your son’s birth certificate is included with this application.

Families are requested to state their reasons for wanting their son to attend St Edmund’s College. Where possible, families are also asked to supply further documentation and reports to assist with the enrolment selection process. The College requires full and frank disclosure when completing this application. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of enrolment.

Step 2 – Interview

Following a review of the documentation submitted with the Online Application Form, the College may offer applicants an interview. The interview will be conducted by a member of the College Leadership Team. It is the College’s decision as to whether an applicant will proceed to the interview stage. All applicants require an interview before an Offer of Enrolment is made.

Step 3 – Offer of Enrolment and Acceptance

The Enrolments Department will inform the applicant and his family of an Offer of Enrolment in writing. Similarly, if no Offer of Enrolment is to be made, this notification will also be in writing from the Enrolments Department.

Parents/Caregivers must sign the Enrolment Agreement and pay the $600 confirmation of enrolment by the due date stipulated in the Offer of Enrolment. The confirmation of enrolment fee of $600 will be offset against your first Term school fees account. Failure to pay the confirmation of enrolment by the due date will result in the place being offered to another student.

All offers of enrolment are at the discretion of the Principal.

For all enrolment enquiries, contact the Enrolments Department on Ph: 07 3810 4590 / 07 3810 4448 or at