Faith in Action

Faith Formation

The College community nurtures and engages the hearts and minds of young men to act justly long after their formal academic connection with the College has ended.

Based on our inclusive teaching and learning within the Catholic tradition, the College creates diverse pathways for the growth of each person.

This is achieved, in part, through an extensive retreat and service program which challenges and engages our community to commit to just relationships through our way of living and to promote justice and peace in our world.

The sacredness of life, the link with local Catholic parishes, the desire to walk in solidarity with others and the confidence to reflect on one’s own spiritual journey, are all tools in shaping young men who are called to act as they embrace the Gospel Values.

Religious Education

Religious Education is a compulsory subject for all students at St Edmund’s College from Years 7 to 12. Although there is a focus on Catholic and Christian beliefs and practices, the College also ensures that students learn about other world religions.

The curriculum offers students the opportunity to be involved in a variety of complex learning activities that help develop students’ skills in the Common Curriculum Elements. They develop sophisticated skills of investigation and learn to communicate their learning in a variety of genres and modes.

It is hoped that through this process, students will be enabled to participate critically and effectively in the life of their faith communities and the wider Australian society.

Service Learning

The College has an expectation that all students engage in service initiatives. These may be structured and timetabled into the weekly routine of the College, weekend activities or the more complex international immersion programs.

In the spirit of ‘in giving, we receive’ a profound change occurs in the individual when they place another at the centre of their life. Spending time listening to another’s story and celebrating the sacredness of another’s life all have a positive impact on the participant.

Service Learning at the College embraces all aspects of the ‘Touchstones’ and makes the Gospel Values a living reality in our daily life. We have formed relationships with local primary schools, special schools, and aged care homes, as well as community organisations such as the Little Kings’ Movement and St Vincent De Paul.

The College has a long tradition of serving others within our immediate school community, the broader Ipswich region and on the global front in areas such as Africa, Timor Leste, India, and Samoa.

Immersion Programs

Edmund Rice Education Australia is committed to developing positive and mutually beneficial relationships with communities in the Majority World. It encourages and supports global immersions and partnership programs as a valid and valuable educational experience. The Catholic call to global solidarity and the quest for justice and peace for all is at the heart of these experiences. St Edmund's College supports this call by offering immersion experiences for students in India, Samoa and Timor.

Global immersions and partnerships provide excellent opportunities for students to develop relationships of solidarity across borders; learn about global justice issues; join with others as part of a common humanity and act together for justice and peace in our world.

India: Year 11 students are given an opportunity to travel to India together with members of St Patrick’s College, Shorncliffe to walk in solidarity with those at the margins and to experience what life is like for nearly a billion people. The participants visit Loreto Sealdah School, Mother Teresa’s House, Handmaids of Mary: India and a differently-abled school where they complete extensive volunteer work. Living in the communities that the students visit is vital on this immersion as it allows the young men to accept the hospitality of the communities at the margins, hopefully leading to a personal transformation.

Samoa: The 12 day trip offers opportunities for students and staff to experience the reality of life for Samoans. The group lives in a traditional 'fale' in a village and participates in village life, including working in the plantation and attending Mass. As well, the group spends time connecting and working with children and adults in schools, special schools, medical facilities and aged care homes. Thanks to our very generous Community, St Edmund’s College has been able to donate tens of thousands of dollars worth of medical and educational equipment to these places. This immersion is both a remarkable cultural learning experience and also a true reflection of our Justice and Solidarity touchstones.

Timor: Supporting the work of the Christian Brothers at Comunidade Edmund Rice in the hills behind Dili, this immersion profoundly shapes the students who participate. Students on this 10 day immersion travel to Dili and board four-wheel-drives for the trip up into the hills where they work with local men surrounded by the local children. The construction of buildings used as schools and training facilities reinforces our commitment to the Liberating Education touchstone, and provides access to education that would otherwise be very difficult. St Edmund’s College is proud to partner with two other Edmund Rice schools (St Patrick’s College, Shorncliffe and St Laurence’s College, South Brisbane) for this immersion.