College Board

The Board shares responsibility between the Christian Brothers and the College communities in policy making processes.

The Board also serves to enhance and further, through education, the principles and values inherent in the Edmund Rice Tradition.

It is important to note that the Board does not have a role in the day to day management and operation of the College, that role remains the responsibility of the College Principal and Leadership Team. Additionally the activities of the Board are separate and distinct from those of the various support groups to the College such as the P & F, Mothers Group and Old Boys.

As the majority of the Board members and the members of the Board committees are drawn from the College community there is a real opportunity for the community to actively and practically participate in the shaping of the strategic direction of the College.

The responsibilities of the Board are broad and cover following facets of the College:

  • Philosophy and Mission
  • Governance and Management
  • Finance
  • Property Planning and Development.

These responsibilities typically involve the following activities:

Development of strategic and business plans for the College

  • Provision of recommendations and advice to the Province regarding community issues relevant to the College
  • Consideration of changes and trends in education and in particular education for boys leading to the development of policies and procedures considered appropriate for the College and the local community
  • Development of strategies to enhance the College and ensure the fulfilment of the ministry and traditions of Edmund Rice.

2018 Membership

Michelle Patterson (Chair), Noel Bramham, Craig Burling, Mitch Carr, Catherine Crone, Les Gamble, Mick McIntyre, Fiona Smith

Ex-Officio: Diarmuid O'Riordan (Principal), Ray Celegato (Deputy Principal)

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