Newsletter - February 9, 2018

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Principal's Office

The Principal

Dear St Edmund’s College Family and Friends,

In his address to the Year 12 Seniors on Monday evening, Mark Donaldson VC, the first Australian Army Officer to be awarded the Victoria Cross in forty years in 2008, named five principles that have been influential in shaping his life. These are:

  1. Put family first
  2. Have a moral compass
  3. Show relentless tenacity
  4. Think optimistically
  5. Be decisive in action

Mark’s tale of valour on the battlefields of Afghanistan in 2008 captured the unwavering attention of our Year 12 Seniors like never before, as did his retelling of tragic family circumstances as an adolescent growing up in Dorrigo, NSW. In both cases he chose to put his trust in these five principles. His story is one of discipline over motivation, service to others over self-aggrandisement, and responsibility over success. He brilliantly gave witness to what it means to be a brother to another and how to be a strong man, kind man and gentleman.

Mark Donaldson VC with St Edmund's College Year 12 students, Brothers Ipswich Leagues Club Dinner, Monday 5 February 2018

Mark Donaldson received the Victoria Cross "For most conspicuous acts of gallantry in action in a circumstance of great peril in Afghanistan as part of the Special Operations Task Group during Operation SLIPPER, Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan." Read his full story on:

The opportunity to listen to Mark was the culmination of a very special day for our Year 12 Seniors commencing with their induction in the morning in the presence of the whole College community, followed by a Retreat Day at North Ipswich Reserve before gathering for dinner at Brothers Leagues Club where Mark Donaldson was introduced as the guest speaker.

Thank you to Marysia Rice for her overall coordination of the Induction Liturgy and Retreat and to Kath Creedy and Tony Skippington for organising the dinner event and guest speaker. Thank you also to Fran O’Sullivan and the College Choir accompanied by Tim Kirkwood for leading us in song and for our hard-working grounds and maintenance crew for the huge job preparing the Hall and packing up. To all staff who worked behind the scenes and contributed to making the day a very special occasion for our 2018 Senior Leaders, thank you.

With two school bus services now in operation covering the Boonah and Laidley region, St Edmund’s College and St Mary’s College are partnering again to explore the viability of a new bus service to commence operation from the beginning of the 2019 school year covering areas in and around Ripley, Redbank Plains and Augustine Heights.

The prospect of new Brisbane Catholic Education and State primary schools planned for Redbank Plains in 2020 as well as the many existing primary schools in the region are key factors in our wish to support families eager for an all-boys or an all-girls Catholic secondary College for their son and/or daughter. To this end over the next few months we will be canvasing these areas and conducting school visits as well as community consultation information evenings.

If you know of any families who may be interested in this new bus service please ask them to contact either College to register their interest. I look forward to discussing this new opportunity over the coming months.


Please keep in your prayers all our Year 12 young men who were inducted as our Senior Leaders for 2018. We support them in their pledge, as noted below, to be true to their Edmund Rice calling.

  • ‘We, the leaders of 2018 are committed:
  • To nourishing the different needs of the St Edmund’s community.
  • To be constantly open to the spirit of God
  • To uphold the traditions and values of St Edmund’s College
  • To working with our fellow students and teachers so that a love of learning may be translated into a love for others
  • We accept this responsibility entrusted to us and we rely on the grace of God and the support of you, our peers.’

2018 Old Boys’ Association Executive and Committee

The St Edmund’s College Old Boys’ Association Annual General Meeting was held on 4 February 2018 and the following Executive and Committee were elected. We take this opportunity to thank Jim Madden for his Presidency in 2017 and look forward to working with the Old Boys’ Association in 2018 under the new President, Mark Hennelly and his elected committee.

President: Mark Hennelly

Vice-President: Jim Madden

Secretary/Treasurer: Andrew McGrath


  • Frank Byrnes
  • Hughie Creedy
  • Brian Devin
  • Nick Devin
  • James Kiernan
  • Steve Mallett
  • Peter Robinson
  • Barry Ryan

Diarmuid O’Riordan, Principal

The Deputy


Mission and Community

Year 12 Induction Liturgy

Monday saw the Year 12 students commissioned as leaders of the community for 2018. The liturgy was an important occasion for the whole community and we were blessed to see so many parents in attendance. It was very moving to witness the young men participate in the smoking ritual lead by Uncle Joe Kirk as they entered the liturgy. We are also grateful to St Mary’s Parish Priest, Father Stephen, for his role in blessing both the Senior badges and the St Edmund’s College Staff. Thanks must go to Ms Frances O’Sullivan, Mr Tim Kirkwood and the College Choir for the musical accompaniment throughout the liturgy; Mr Scott Carroll, Mr Dennis Hall and their teams for the organisation; the House Deans for their support and organisation; and the team of ladies in the administration for their work behind the scenes.

Following the Induction liturgy the Year 12 class participated in their retreat day. The boys had time to delve into the 2018 College theme ‘Dig a Little Deeper’, as well as taking time to centre themselves as they head into what is sure to be a significant final year. The day ended with dinner and which included our prevailing guest speaker Mark Donaldson, VC. All would say the highlight of the day was hearing his powerful story which led to him being commended with a Victoria Cross Medal for Valour. Thanks must go to Mrs Kath Creedy and Mr Tony Skippington for their part in organising the memorable end to the day.

Ash Wednesday and Lent

This Wednesday, 14 February, is Ash Wednesday and marks the beginning of Lent. It is a time of prayer, refrain and an opportunity to focus on service to our community. The College will participate in an Ash Wednesday liturgy before heading to the Inter-House Swimming Carnival on Wednesday. More opportunity for reflection will be provided in the coming weeks.

A significant focus during Lent is the Caritas Project Compassion. Each Homeroom will be provided with information about this worthy cause and the students are encouraged to consider what they can change so they are capable of giving back to our local and global community during Lent.

Prayer for our Community

Lord, You call us to live the Golden Rule: to treat others as we would like to be treated. We pray that we will live out Your calling, treating each person just as we would like to be treated. We are one family living as brothers and sisters working together. Give us Your guidance and wisdom to build a strong community here at St Edmund’s College so we may have a bright future. Amen.

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Mission and Community

Learning & Teaching

Teaching and Learning


In alignment with our Strategic Directions, all students will set Academic Goals for improvement in their results next week. Year 11 students will have time devoted to this task at their Conference on Tuesday so that they make a positive beginning to their Senior Schooling. The remainder of the College will complete this task in their Eddies’ Men Can time. Please talk with your son about his goals for the Term and the Semester so that you can support him as he works towards them. The boys will store their goals in their eportfolio on EDE and Pages 116 and 117 of the Student Handbook contain explanations and templates for goal setting.

Years 11 and 12

The Year 12 "Touching The Future" Conference is being held at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Ipswich Campus on next Thursday, 15 February. Students have received letters and permission forms which should be returned to the Student Office. There is a Parent Information Evening on the same day at the University. It is most important that a parent attends with their son on this evening.

The Year 11 "Learning To Succeed" Conference is on Tuesday 13 February at USQ Ipswich Campus. It is most important that a parent attends the evening session with their son. Students have received letters and the permission slips should be returned to the Student Office.

Library Learning Hub

The Library Learning Hub is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3.00pm to 5.00pm for Years 10, 11 and 12 students. Afternoon tea is provided and tutors are present to assist students with their studies. Junior School students are welcome to attend until 3.45pm to complete their homework and study.

Best wishes.

Carmel James, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning

Senior School

Middle School


Pastoral News

Career News


DEFENCE NEWS Australian Defence Force (ADF) Work Experience

Thinking of applying for the ADF when you finish school? As joining the ADF is a lifestyle decision not just an occupational decision, it is essential that you explore this career option thoroughly. One way to do this is through work experience. Visit the Defence Work Experience Program website to look for work experience options in Queensland. Applications are available on the site. You should discuss your interest in an ADF work experience program with Mr Currie, HOD Careers Guidance before applying.

Career Exploration

Looking for a place to start investigating your career options?

Before you start, know that:

Career exploration can give you a sense of control about your future! When you first get started, remember that you are only exploring jobs for your first step in life, not necessarily for your whole life. The future world of work will continue to present exciting opportunities over time, which will lead to future jobs and careers, possibly ones that haven’t been invented yet.

Remember, there is not one ‘ideal’ job for you. There may be several jobs that will build on your skills, knowledge and experience and will give you the things you want from a job (e.g. enjoyment, challenge, good income, working in a team, prestige, management opportunities, work/life balance, variety, skill development, self-employment, respect, travel or a combination of all of these).

Where to start:

Make a list of the jobs you have already considered. The list can include your dream job (i.e. a job you would love to have but are unsure what you need to do to get it)

Talk with five people who know you well (include a parent/guardian and a teacher). Ask them what jobs they think you would like and why. Some of their suggestions will be worth investigating further, so add them to your job list.

Think about your favourite subjects at school. Use the Career Bullseyes (on ) to find jobs related to these subjects. Select the jobs you find interesting and add them to your job list.

Do a careers questionnaire. There are many career questionnaires that can help you learn more about yourself and the jobs you might like. Choose one of the following:

  • Job Outlook – Career quiz
  • myfuture (Sign up when entering this free site for the first time)
  • Career Quest

Add to your job list, any jobs you found interesting based on the questionnaire you did. You probably have 10 or more jobs on your list by now. The next step is to research these jobs and end up with three or four you like the most. The following websites will help you. Delete any jobs from your list that don’t meet your interests or expectations.

  • Job Outlook
  • myfuture (Log in and go to Occupations)
  • The Good Universities Guide – Careers Guide (click on the relevant industry area to find the job)

Tertiary Update


Did you know there are thousands of scholarships on offer each year in Queensland?

Universities, TAFE Queensland, private education providers, the Commonwealth and Queensland governments, some professional associations and industry groups offer scholarships. Common categories include:

  • Sporting scholarships
  • Equity scholarships for low income students, students with disability, women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Scholarships for specific fields of study
  • Financial hardship scholarships
  • Campus scholarships
  • International student scholarships
  • Academic scholarships.
  • A scholarship can help with course fees, textbooks, accommodation costs, transport and living expenses. No matter what your further education and training goals, it’s worth finding out what’s available. You can get scholarship information from:
  • Scholarship pages on University, TAFE Queensland and other education institute websites
  • Study Assist website
  • The Good Universities Guide
  • Scholarship information is generally available on University websites from Term 2 each year. However Bond University and QUT have annual scholarship rounds. For more information from these universities, access:
  • Bond University annual scholarship round from 1 April to 31 July
  • QUT annual scholarship round submissions prior to 30 September. QUT do have some scholarships which are offered throughout the year. Visit their website for more information.

Want to know more about what Engineers do?

The Engineering Link Group, together with host universities, invite students in Years 10 – 12 who are interested in learning about engineering to participate in one of the Engineering Link Projects (ELPs) to be run in Queensland this year. Visit the website for information about ELPs and to sign up for updates. The dates and venues for the 2018 ELPs are:

12 and 13 July 2018 - SQ Engineering Link Project – Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane

Keep an eye on the website for registration due dates to avoid missing out on these popular programs.

Upcoming Events:

12/07/2018 to 13/07/2018 South Queensland Engineering Link Project

Brisbane, QLD

I am new to all this... what do I have to do to get into a University course in 2019?

In Queensland, you apply for most tertiary courses through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC). QTAC is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation. It processes applications on behalf of Queensland universities, some interstate universities, TAFE Queensland and some private colleges.

Each year, QTAC distributes the QTAC Guide to all Year 12 students in Queensland. This book contains information about the application and offer process and the courses offered through QTAC. The guide provides course information for over 1600 courses and details on the application process.

The online application usually opens in early August and the ‘on-time’ application due date is at the end of September. There are several offer rounds from November to February, with the major offer round in mid-January. While Year 12 students apply in September, they usually have until early January to change their course preferences (for most courses) for the major offer round in January.

Through QTAC you can apply for up to six courses at different institutions. However, you only receive one course per offer round. It is recommended that you connect with QTAC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for important news updates.

Apply directly to Queensland education institutions that do not use the services of QTAC. Queensland students can apply for interstate courses through interstate tertiary admissions centres (the exception is Tasmania where you apply directly to the University of Tasmania). To find out more about universities in Australia and the courses they offer, visit:


• The Good Universities Guide

• Rate your Uni

Not sure what all the terms mean? Visit QTAC’s online dictionary for more help.

Preparing for the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Science Admissions Test (UMAT)

While you can’t study specific content for UMAT, it is important to prepare for the test. The UMAT website offers general preparation information and strategies. However, the most effective preparation is to practice sitting for the test, using the same conditions and time limits as the real test. You can purchase practice tests from the UMAT website.

Several organisations offer preparatory courses for students who plan to sit for UMAT. These include:

• MedEntry

• Hubbards School

• MedStart

• National Institute of Education

Note the following from page 8 of the UMAT 2018 Information Booklet:

‘Please note: Neither the UMAT Office nor the UMAT Consortium universities recommend or endorse any particular texts or preparation courses. Nor do they support any commercially available preparation courses or have any association with commercial courses. Thus the UMAT Office is unable to comment on their relevance or usefulness. It is possible that some commercial preparation courses might provide misleading information or advice to candidates.’

However, some students find these preparatory programs helpful in preparing them for the test and helping them gain confidence in sitting for the test. It is recommended that you talk to other students who have already participated in these preparatory programs before registering for a program.

Undergraduate Medicine and Health Science Admissions Test (UMAT)

Some institutions require that students applying for medicine and other health science courses sit for UMAT as part of the application process. Students need to register to sit for UMAT by 5.00pm AEST on 1 June 2018 on the UMAT website. The exam will be held on 25 July 2018 and the results will be released in mid September 2018. You can download a UMAT 2018 Information Booklet and purchase UMAT practice tests from the UMAT website.

You will need a UMAT 2018 score to apply for undergraduate admission to any of the following University courses commencing in 2019:

  • The University of Adelaide Medicine - Dental Surgery
  • Charles Darwin University - Clinical Sciences
  • Charles Sturt University - Dental Science
  • Curtin University - Medicine
  • Flinders University - Clinical Sciences/Medicine
  • La Trobe University - Health Sciences in Dentistry/Master of Dentistry*, Oral Health Science*
  • Monash University - Medicine
  • The University of Newcastle/ University of New England - Joint Medical Program
  • The University of New South Wales - Medicine
  • The University of Queensland - Medicine (provisional entry), Dental Science
  • University of Tasmania - Medicine
  • The University of Western Australia - Medicine (Direct Pathway), Dental Medicine (Direct Pathway)
  • Western Sydney University - Medicine
  • The University of Auckland - Medicine
  • University of Otago Medicine - Dental Surgery

*UMAT only required for non-Year 12 applicants.

Updates from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Why choose QUT? As a Year 12 student, it is not too early for you to begin exploring your tertiary options for 2019. The QUT website section for high school students will help you start your exploration of the options available at QUT.

2018 STEM workshops – QUT’s STEM workshops are focused on extending students physics, engineering and mathematrics knowledge to real-word applications. Visit their 2018 workshops website for more information regarding upcoming Science, Coding, Engineering and Mathematics workshops.

Applications are open for QUT’s 2018 High School STEM Internships - Students in Year 12 can apply to undertake a week-long work placement in QUT’s state of the art science and engineering facilities, where students will work in small groups on a research project of choice. You must meet eligibility requirement for entry to this program. Visit the website for more information. Applications open in January 2018.

Updates from the University of Queensland (UQ)

Are you a future student of UQ? – Access the Future Students page on UQ’s website to start your exploration of courses available at UQ. Find out about pathways to UQ and the activities you can participate in as a high school student.

2018 UQ Science Ambassador Program – Through this program, science teachers nominate up to four Year 11 students to interact with UQ and assist their school’s science teachers to raise the profile of science in the school. If you are in Year 11 and are interested in being a part of this program, talk to your science teacher and visit the website. Applications close on 2 March 2018.

Register now for Experience Science 2018 - If you are in Years 10 – 12, the Experience Science 2018 program at the St Lucia campus provides an opportunity to find out what it’s like to study science at UQ and how science is applied in industry and everyday life. The event will be held in July 2018. Contact your Science HOD or Guidance Counsellor if you are interested in attending this program as registrations are usually made through your school. Visit the Experience Science website for more information.

Taste of Languages – In February 2018, the School of Languages and Cultures at UQ is offering a series of interactive sessions for students and their teachers in specific languages - Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish and German. Interested students should talk to their language teacher or Guidance Counsellor about attending as registrations are through your school. See the Upcoming Events website for details.

Mr Mark Currie, Head of Department, Careers


Music and Cultural

Music News

It is amazing to think we are already three weeks into the school year; time is certainly passing by very quickly!

Performing Arts Captain

I was privileged to present our Performing Arts Captain at assembly last Friday. He will be the face of the Performing Arts Department giving regular updates on College assemblies throughout the year to promote Cultural College events. This year, Clayton Wesener will take the reins as Performing Arts Captain. Clayton is a very worthy recipient of this honour as he has been a member of many performing arts ensembles since arriving at the school in Year 8. He shows great leadership qualities and is a well-respected member of the Performing Arts Community here at the College. I congratulate Clayton on this achievement and look forward to working with him throughout the year.

Year 7 Instrumental Music Program

All Year 7 students wishing to participate in the Instrumental Music program should have returned their Instrument Preference form by now. Please see Mr Kirkwood in Room K205 if you have not returned your form but would like to be a part of the program. Many lessons have commenced for the year with the remaining lessons kicking off next week.

Our first musical event will take place on Sunday 18 February. This will be a rehearsal for the College Choir (10:30am to 12:30pm) and the Combined Colleges’ Choir (1:30pm to 3:30pm). It is very important that all students attend these rehearsals as we will be working on 2018 repertoire which will be performed at various events throughout this year. All students involved in either of these ensembles have received a note with more information.

The following is a link to a very interesting video clip demonstrating how learning a musical instrument affects the brain. I had the pleasure of hearing the creator Anita Collins talk at a conference last year. I have always known that learning a musical instrument is great stimulation for our brain but it is surprising exactly how beneficial it is. Check it out below:

Mr Tim Kirkwood, Director of Music

Debating Workshop

Last Friday evening saw the running of the Eddie’s Debating twilight workshop. This year we extended the invitation to St Mary’s College. Consequently, over 50 students from both Colleges participated in the art of Debating.

The workshop opened with students being introduced to the philosophy and etiquette of Debating, as well as a first-hand account from St Edmund’s Debating Captain, Tasman Pearl, on the skill of being prepared for whatever debating throws at you. Students were then thrown in the deep end and split up to have a mini-debate learning along the way on team work, rebuttal and where to stand!

Many thanks to our teachers who facilitated the groups: Ms Judy Barnard, Ms Natasha Teitzel, Mr Bill Pointing, the debating guru, Mr Dave Gagen and Ms Eryn Gower, St Mary’s Debating Coordinator. Without our coaches the workshop would not have been as successful or enjoyable as it was.

APEX debating commences in Week 6 and training will begin this week. There will be all-ages Debating practice on Monday afternoons for both St Edmund’s and St Marys students in Rooms D101 to D104 as well as lunchtime training for each group. We look forward to a boisterous season.

Ms Kylie McAndrew, Debating Coordinator


AIC Sport Fixtures

There are a number of sign-on days for various sporting clubs being held in the near future and it is timely to remind students that St Edmund’s College sporting commitments take priority over all outside sporting bodies. Students are expected to explain this situation to outside sports coaches.

Students need to be aware that fixture details will be posted on:

  • the Sports Notice Board (outside the Student Office) by Tuesday afternoon
  • EDE and College App
  • then repeated in the Newsletter

All students are reminded of their commitment to College sport, even in doubtful weather conditions. It can be raining here in Ipswich and perfectly fine in Brisbane or vice versa.

In some instances, particularly with Cricket it may be necessary to travel to the venue only to find that the game has been shortened or cancelled. AIC Cricket rules indicate that only half of the overs have to be completed to constitute a game.

As a general rule of thumb, Cricket is ON until it is called off.

AIC SPORT – School vs Club

There are a number of sign-on days for various sporting clubs being held in the near future and it is timely to remind students that St Edmund’s College sporting commitments take priority over all outside sporting bodies. Students are expected to explain this situation to outside sports coaches.

AIC Sport, Round 1 - Volleyball and Cricket - 3 February 2018

AIC VOLLEYBALL vs Iona College, Round 1, 3 February 2018

AIC VOLLEYBALL vs Iona College, Round 1, 3 February 2018

Firsts – Loss 0 – 3 Matching up against a very talented and experienced Iona side in Round 1 always loomed as a difficult test for our side. We faced the challenge with confidence in our own ability and determination to work as a team until the last point. A very strong jump serve from an Iona player was the deciding factor in the match, with our players unable to return serve against their precision and power. Lachlan Payne was strong all game and led the team well from the backcourt.

Seconds – Loss 0 - 2

Thirds – Loss 0 – 2 A game where we proved we were competitive. Key points were lost because of a lack of communication, however, we fought hard and showed character. Khalil Warren, Kalil Vaele and Sam Kross were among our best.

11A – Win 2 – 0 A tough encounter that forced us to play our best. A tight first set led to an improved second set where our continued pressure overcame Iona. Jordan Hudspith was strong in both attack and defence across the front court.

11B – Loss 0 – 2 A tough start to the season against quality opponents, however there were many positives to take away from this game. There were occasions in both sets where we put together well constructed points and gained confidence from these points.

10A – Win 2 – 0 A great team effort with everyone contributing and overcoming the difficulties of a new higher level complex system of play. The most valued player was Derenio Ah You.

10B – Loss 1 – 2 Too many serving errors, overpasses and a lack of communication invited a quality Iona team to take the first two sets. In the third set, we showed what were capable of after a great run of serves from William Cruice. Strong performances from Liam Kember, William Cruice and Joshua Wells.

10C – Loss 0 - 2 With a side put together of students who have not played much volleyball and without any training, the team showed great spirit and had fun throughout this tough fixture. The players improved throughout the match and have shown a lot of promise for the season ahead.

9A – Loss 0 – 3 The scoreline did not truly reflect the game with both sides battling blows early in sets. The difference was mid-sets slumps.Our controlled passing allowed Iona to set up some easy attack. More touch and control will serve us well in future.

9B – Loss 0 – 3 In a tight three sets the team worked very hard to push Iona all the way. Unforced errors seemed to be our downfall, handing back hard-fought points. Overall a good effort.

9C – Loss 0 – 3 A tough game against a strong opposition, however we could not capitalise on our passes, letting the game slip away early. Good work by Jordan Strybos in the back court.

8A – Win 2 – 1 A great comeback against a quality opponent. We dropped the first set however we were good enough to address our footwork and start rolling. The second and third sets were strong performances. Christopher Foy and Regan Payne were excellent.

8B – Loss 0 – 2 A close encounter which was settled by composure in key moments. Service success and communication need constancy. Jakub Dunikowski, Cohan Patrick and Hayden Appleby played well.

8C – Loss 0 – 3 Very tough battle against a strong team. Although a loss in three sets, our team was very much in the game. Some work around constancy and communication will ensure great outcomes for the future.

7A – Loss 0 – 3 A tough game against quality opposition in our first match. The players displayed good composure on court reception, however our second pass option was erratic. More communication and depth in our net cross will serve us will in future.

7B – Loss 1 – 2 An excellent first-up performance with superb first half work underpinned by active movement and high quality serving. We were unable to maintain our composure when the game was tight. Harry Noonan and Patrick Hunter were our best.

7C – Loss 0 – 3 The sets were close and the players warmed into the match well. More hustle and practice will ensure the team will start winning matches. Reggie Hauschildt and Michael Tate led from the front.

7D – Loss 0 – 3 Great start to the game with the team showing good hustle. Some great serves over the net by Brisland Saipele Manutai.

AIC CRICKET vs Iona College, Round 1, 3 February 2018

Firsts – Washout

Seconds – Washout

Thirds – Washout

9A – Loss 8/92 – 5/50 (On Run Rate) We gave Iona a scare, coming up against a team that has lost one game in the past four years. Sent into bat we showed some skill to bat at the overs and post a total which gave Iona something to think about. Great hitting from Jed Lacey was the highlight (2 pull shots for six over deep square leg) as well as a straight drive for six from Jake Kerkin. Patrick Schmidt had the Iona top order in all sorts of bother with three quick wickets. When the rain came Iona had to be past 44 runs to win the game which meant we went down narrowly by 6 runs.

8A – Washout

8B – Washout

7A – Washout

7B – Washout

7C – Loss 31 – 0/75

Round 2 AIC Volleyball Fixtures - 10 February 2018

AIC VOLLEYBALL - Round 2 vs Padua College Date: 10 February 2018

AIC VOLLEYBALL - Round 2 vs Padua College Date: 10 February 2018

  • FIRSTS 12:15pm Away Padua College, La Cordelle Show Court, 80 Turner Road, Kedron
  • SECONDS 11.15am Away Padua College, La Cordelle Court 1, 80 Turner Road, Kedron
  • THIRDS 9.15am Away Padua College, La Cordelle Court 1, 80 Turner Road, Kedron
  • 11A 10.15am Away Padua College, La Cordelle Court 1, 80 Turner Road, Kedron
  • 11B 8.15am Away Padua College, La Cordelle Court 1, 80 Turner Road, Kedron
  • 10A 11.15am Away Padua College, La Cordelle Court 2, 80 Turner Road, Kedron
  • 10B 10.15am Away Padua College, La Cordelle Court 2, 80 Turner Road, Kedron
  • 10C 9.15am Away Padua College, La Cordelle Court 2, 80 Turner Road, Kedron
  • 9A 12:15pm Home St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend
  • 9B 11:15am Home St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend
  • 9C 11:15am Home St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 2, Woodend
  • 8A 10:15am Home St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend
  • 8B 9:15am Home St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend
  • 8C 8:15am Home St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend
  • 7A 10:15am Home St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 2, Woodend
  • 7B 9:15am Home St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 2, Woodend
  • 7C 8:15am Home St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 2, Woodend
  • 7D 12:15pm Home St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 2, Woodend


Bus for 10C, 10B, 10A, 11B, 11A, 3rds, 2nds and 1sts departs SEC at 7:00am and returns at 2:00pm approximately.

AIC Round 2 Cricket Fixtures - Saturday 10 February 2018

AIC CRICKET - Round 2 Vs Padua College Date: 10 February 2018

AIC CRICKET - Round 2 Vs Padua College Date: 10 February 2018

  • FIRSTS 9:30am Away Padua Fields, Oval 1, 222 Elliot Road, Banyo,Turf
  • SECONDS 1:00pm Away Padua Fields, Oval 2, 222 Elliot Road, Banyo,Turf
  • THIRDS 1:00pm Away Padua Fields, Oval 3, 222 Elliot Road, Banyo,Turf
  • 9A 8:15am Home Tivoli Sporting Complex, Field No 1, Church Street, Tivoli,Turf
  • 8A 1:00pm Home Tivoli Sporting Complex, Field No 1, Church Street, Tivoli, Turf
  • 8B 1:00pm Home St Edmund’s College, Mulkerin Oval, Woodend, Turf
  • 7A 1:00pm Home Tivoli Sporting Complex, Field No 2, Church Street, Tivoli, Turf
  • 7B 8:15am Home Tivoli Sporting Complex, Field No 2, Church Street, Tivoli, Turf
  • 7C 8:15am Home St Edmund’s College, Mulkerin Oval, Woodend,Turf


Tuckshop Roster

Tuckshop Roster Week 4

  • Mon 12 Feb: P Smith, L McPherson, M Rose.
  • Tue 13 Feb: G Weier, M Towne.
  • Wed 14 Feb: SEC Swimming Carnival, Bundamba Pool - no helpers required.
  • Thu 15 Feb: D Morris, V Valiente, D Ward, T Brown. Fri 16 Feb: V Ivanovic, J Lacey, B Keats.
  • Fri 16 Feb: V Ivanovic, J Lacey, B Keats.

School News

Term 1, 2018 SCHOOL FEES

Term 1 School Fee Statements were emailed Thursday 8 February, and are due for payment by Thursday 22 February.

If you have not received your Fee Statement or have a query regarding your school fees, please phone the Finance Office on 3810 4458 or email:


After-School TUTORIALS

After-School TUTORIALS

  • Chemistry: Monday s 3.00pm to 4.00pm
  • Wednesdays 3.00pm to 4.00pm
  • Biology: Thursdays 3.00pm to 4.00pm

MATHS Tutorials


School Parking and Student Safety

School Parking and Student Safety

With the high volume of vehicles competing for limited drop-off and pick-up areas, our school zone is experiencing illegal parking behaviours associated with this congestion.

In particular, parents and visitors to St Edmund’s College are reminded NOT to park across driveways, in loading zones, or indeed the College Staff Car Park.

Ipswich City Council will be actively patrolling our school zone in partnership with the Queensland Police from the start of 2018 to ensure people park safely and legally.

Five tips for safer school zones

1. Allow enough time to take your child to school safety and without rushing.

2. Always observe parking signs and speed limits in and around the school zone.

They are designed to keep your child safe.

3. Talk about parking signs, school crossings and traffic lights with your child. Identify and

discuss places where it’s safe to get in and out of the car and to cross the road.

4. Teach your child to cross the road where there are traffic control lights or designated pedestrian crossings,

where generally there is a crossing guard supervising traffic.

5. Park a few streets away and walk the rest of the way - its great exercise and helps teach

your child road safety rules.

Loading Zones

At drop-off times, students should be ready to get out of the car and if possible have their school bag with them in the car to avoid needing to open the boot and potentially place the student between your vehicle and another vehicle.

At pick-up times, if your child is not ready at the loading zone, DO NOT PARK. Keep the process flowing and move to a parking area nearbly or simply leave the loading area and come back in a few minutes.

Loading Zones are designed to keep things flowing. You cannot stay in a loading zone for any longer then 2 minutes (only 120 seconds) if you are picking up or dropping off passengers. If everyone obeys this law, everything will work so much better.

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Old Boys' Association BOWLS DAY

Annual Bowls Day

St Edmund’s Old Boys’ Association

Annual Bowls Day

Sunday 18 March 2018

8:00am for 9:00am start

Ipswich Bowls Club

Merle Finimore Avenue, Queen's Park, Ipswich

Four-person teams

Everyone is welcome to join us and play

You do not have to be a member of the Old Boys

Come and enjoy a great morning of social bowls

Cost: $15.00 per person


Mark Potts - 0401 250 841, or

Andrew McGrath on 3389 6858 or 0438 164 452

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