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An Appreciation of Mothers

There is something very special in a freshly baked scone, topped with cream and jam accompanied by a hot cup of tea. The guilty pleasure of splitting a fluffy, still steaming, scone then topping it with a good serving of strawberry jam and a generous dollop of cream is too good to resist; at least I find this to be the case. Nostalgically, this staple of home baking has for many years been presented by mums to young men who devour them hastily with perhaps a brief “thanks mum” as they rush outside for their next adventure.

This week Mr Warren and I were given the opportunity to reflect on the gentle — it is harder than it looks — art of scone making. In mixing cups of flour, containers of cream and bottles of lemonade, each of us created a substance of variable consistency that could only generously be called dough. As comrades in cooking, our aim in promoting a scone baking lesson, was to challenge our Eddies men to do something special for their mothers this weekend. Sadly, our efforts produced a mixture with characteristics beyond the explanations of physical science. I believe the technical term would be “not good”. I am sure, however, that there is untapped culinary talent in our Eddies men.

The place of mothers in the lives of young men cannot be underestimated. They are important role models particularly in the early years of a young man’s life. Mothers tell you to clean your room, eat your greens and do your homework. Mothers are nurturers, teachers and fierce defenders. They listen, they comfort and they guide. There are significant women in the lives of all young men but for many none so influential in their formative years as their mother.

This Sunday presents a moment for our young men to show their appreciation to their mothers in any number of ways. Breakfast in bed, a handmade present or a personally made scone with jam, cream and a nice cup of tea. Mother’s Day is an opportunity for our young men to think beyond themselves to make a difference through this one simple act.

I wish all our Eddies mums a very special day on Sunday.

Edmund Rice Day

Each year on May 5 we celebrate Edmund Rice Day. The example of Edmund’s life has formed the foundation for schools throughout the world. From the first journey of Br Ambrose Treacy to the establishment of Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) there are now 53 schools all over Australia educating young people. Underpinning everything in our schools are the four Touchstones of Inclusive Community, Liberating Education, Justice and Solidarity and Gospel Spirituality.

The life and story of Blessed Edmund set in train a series of events that changed countless lives. St Edmund’s would certainly not exist if not for the faith, vision and commitment of Edmund and so, rightly, as a school in EREA we celebrate his memory and contribution every year.

Return to school

A letter has been sent to all families detailing information about the stepped return to school for our young men. Years 11 and 12 will commence next Monday 11 May. We hope to see a return for Years 7 to 10 on May 25; however, this is contingent on continuing low COVID–19 statistics and will be hopefully forthcoming by May 15. Parents and caregivers are reminded that students are required to wear winter uniform when they return to school.

We look forward to welcoming Years 11 and 12 back on Monday and hope to be doing the same for the rest of our Eddies men on Monday 25 May.

Ray Celegato, Principal

The Deputy


Identity News

A Prayer for Mothers

Blessed be all mothers

Who have come into our lives

Whose kindness, care and loving

Remain with us to guide.

Your inspiration in us

Made us strive in every way

Especially to remember

Helping others makes our day.

Mothers, this little tribute

Flows directly from my heart

You are so loved and cherished

Invaluable, one and all, you are.

(Susan Kramer)

The Role of Mothers

At St Edmund’s we acknowledge the importance of a mother’s role and that of all the significant women in the lives of our young men. When Pope Francis reflected on the role of women and mothers during a Mother’s Day address he said, “a life without challenges doesn’t exist”, and that is one reason a child needs a mother.

Pope Francis reflected that female role models and mothers fulfil a vital role by helping children “look realistically at life’s problems”, without getting lost in their problem. A mother helps her children “to tackle” problems courageously and to become strong enough to overcome the problems they inevitably confront. In these times, more than ever, this becomes apparent. We acknowledge the unique challenges that mothers, and their sons, must be tackling at the moment and share our admiration for the support they provide.

Of course, mothers, in their the role of care-taker walk a fine line, seeking a “healthy balance” for a child, Pope Francis said. That means a Mother “does not always take the child along the safe road, because in that way the child cannot develop, but neither does she leave the child only on the risky path, because that is dangerous”. A mother, said the pope, “knows how to balance things”.

Pope Francis talked about the challenge for women during a visit to the Basilica of St Mary Major, the oldest church in the West, dedicated to Jesus’ Mother. In the church the month of May is dedicated to Mary.

During his visit to the Basilica Pope Francis accented Mary’s role as mother. In her own life, Mary “saw many difficult moments, and now like a good mother she is close to us, so that we may never lose courage before the adversities of life” and might feel her support in facing and overcoming our own difficulties.

Mary provides the same kind of care for us that she provided for Jesus in Nazareth. This means she helps us to grow as human beings and in the faith. Through intercession to Mary, she helps us to be strong.

As we approach Mother’s Day we honour all mothers, grandmothers and significant female caregivers of our students. We encourage our young men to cherish and respect these women today and always.

Thank you for the support and guidance you offer to our students.

Blessings to all mothers and to women who take on the role of mother.

Live Jesus in our Hearts - Forever.

Eddies Mother’s Day Community Cookbook

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year we have put together an Eddies Mother’s Day Community Cookbook. It contains over 60 family favourite recipes shared by staff, students and families of the College. Many of the recipes have wonderful stories and memories attached. I would like to thank everyone who shared their recipes and stories. This experience has prompted many wonderful conversations and memories and it has been a pleasure to receive these little delightful treats.

This collection of tasty treats will be delivered directly to you via email. If you do not receive your copy, please email to obtain a copy.

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Identity

Learning & Teaching

Learning and Teaching

Years 11 and 12

Staff at the College are very much looking forward to welcoming Years 11 and 12 back to face-to-face learning at the College. Ms Henness is tracking Year 12 students for their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and she will be meeting with students next week regarding this. Senior teachers remain committed to working with the students to achieve positive outcomes and as I have said before, as information is available from the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) it will be shared with parents and caregivers.

The Brisbane Careers and Employment Expo was to be held at the Brisbane Convention Centre on Saturday 9 May. In lieu of this event, Mr Currie is emailing the link below to Year 12 students. Year 13 have shared for free their online Careers Expo.

Years 7 to 10

With Years 7 to 10 students remaining in Online Learning, Heads of Department and teachers will continue to adjust summative assessment as we move towards their return in Week 6 (25 May). If you have any concerns about assessment please contact your son’s subject teacher.

Edmund Rice Day

Edmund Rice Day occurred on Tuesday this week so I am including a prayer for our College and our community as we look forward to the day when all students return.

For all those who come here and all who pass by

Let this College speak of Your grace, its spaces speak of Your embrace.

May the beauty of our community and the heritage of this place remind us of Your love for all the peoples of the earth.

In memory of the Blessed Edmund Rice we pray.

Live Jesus in our hearts, Forever.

Mother’s Day

May is the month of Mary who represents mothers so I wish all mothers and significant women in our lives, a very Happy Mother’s Day.

Best wishes.

Carmel James, Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching

Year 8 Art Class

Van Gogh Inspired Self-Portraits

Our Year 8 Art Class for Semester 1 has demonstrated some wonderful self-portrait techniques that I am very proud to share with the St Edmund's College community. Again, we see our students flourishing within the area of Visual Art. An education within Visual Arts provides opportunities for all students to perceive, respond to and create and communicate through images. This allows them to experience and apply throughout their lives the power, ideas and emotions expressed in visual images. Well done, boys and thank you to Ms Weston and Ms Pozzias for their tuition and guidance!

Ms Frances O'Sullivan, Head of Department: Creative Arts



When we explore other artists, we can innovatively create our own personal expressions by making connections with their works; our inspiration in Term 1 was Vincent Van Gogh.

Van Gogh was one of the most recognised Post Impressionists art masters in modern art – his gaunt face, piercing green eyes and his bright red hair looks back at us in over thirty-five self-portraits he has left for us to love for all time.

Vincent produced self-portraits because he wanted to practise painting people. The personality of Vincent can be seen in the art work of our own Year 8 student through their energetic use of colour and technique, and their sensitive exploration of the inner person.

During this task, students learned about the proportions of the human face and drew them in their visual diary. Looking at a photograph, using a graph, a student used their knowledge to portray their own facial proportions. Utilising oil pastels, they developed their design in mark making in the Van Gogh style. They applied creative thinking skills and generated novel ideas considering new perspectives.

Van Gogh style self-portraits in bright coloured oil pastels developed over the weeks and showed an extraordinary connection to the artist.

Congratulations Year 8 Art students on producing such high-level works. The energy of your portraits reveals a natural instinct that all artists explore in the expression and emotional power of colour.

Ms Chelsea Weston and Ms Robyn Pozzias, Creative Arts Staff

Senior School

Middle School


Pastoral News

Mums and Chums

Celebrate the leading lady in your life!

Career News

Careers - Week 3

University Entry - Defence News - Career Spotlight - Scholarships

Tertiary News

University Entry to Medicine and Dental Science in Queensland

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) must be undertaken to apply for entry to Medicine at Queensland universities or Dental Science at UQ.

Registration for the UCAT is by end of the day on 11 May 2020. The cost is $299. Late registration will be taken until 18 May 2020 with an additional charge of $75. Testing will be on an allocated date from 1 July 2020 to 31 July 2020.

Click here to find out more information and the universities and courses that have UCAT as a prerequisite for entry.

Australian Conference of Tertiary Admissions Centres (ACTAC national statement on university entry for 2020 Year 12 students

27 April 2020 saw the ACTAC joint national statement on university entry for 2020. The disruption caused to 2020 Year 12 students by COVID-19 has led many to question whether entry to university will be different for them compared to previous years. This joint statement is to help dispel any confusion for students and parents regarding tertiary entry in 2021. It states:

  • All tertiary admissions centres, universities, and education authorities are working together to ensure a pathway to university for those currently studying Year 12.
  • The ATAR will be calculated in all states and territories as in previous years. In Queensland, the introduction of the ATAR for the 2020 cohort will continue as planned.
  • The ATAR is widely used across Australia because it is a fair and nationally consistent tool for university entrance, in terms of both allocating places and predicting readiness for university study. Any changes to a state’s examination and assessment processes in response to COVID‐19 can be accommodated within the ATAR framework.
  • As in previous years, other pathways that exist alongside the ATAR can be used by universities. For example:
    • The use of other criteria such as interviews, tests and portfolios for specific courses
    • Special entry schemes for specific groups such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
    • The consideration of Year 11 results as part of some early offer schemes in NSW, ACT, and Tasmania These pathways are in addition to the ATAR; they do not replace the ATAR.
  • While universities have autonomy in their admissions processes and may adopt specific schemes in response to COVID‐19, there is already a clear and nationally consistent process for Year 12 students that uses the ATAR as the primary basis of admission.
  • Information about the admissions criteria for courses and universities will be available on tertiary admission centre websites by August. This will include final details of any special COVID‐19 admission schemes that are offered.

How to decide on a uni (when you can't visit the campus)

As universities shift to online classes to curtail the spread of the coronavirus, the usual campus visits and Open Days may be suspended. Things are changing fast, so it’s important to check in with your university of interest regularly, but most of the usual opportunities to visit a campus in person are temporarily off the table. Read more here.

Defence News

Get fit and pass the Australian Defence Force (ADF) fitness test

Many competitive applicants miss out on their ADF career opportunity because they don’t meet the pre-enlistment fitness assessment. During the application process you’ll be assessed through (1) completion of a questionnaire relating to your medical history, (2) a physical examination, and (3) a Pre-entry Fitness Assessment (PFA). During the PFA you’ll need to be able to complete a specified number of exercises. It's vital that applicants continue to maintain an appropriate level of fitness throughout their application process (playing school and club sport usually doesn’t make you fit enough). A ‘Get fit for the ADF in just four weeks’ will assist you to start preparing for the ADF fitness assessment.

Looking at being a pilot in the Australian Defence Force

The Defence Jobs website has information about being a pilot in the Air Force. You can find out:

  • An overview of the job
  • About the job
  • Entry, salary and service benefits
  • Full job details

You will also be able to see Explore the Air Force in 360.

ADF Gap Year

There's still time for students to apply for an ADF Gap Year, but they’ll need to apply soon so they don't miss out on their preference.

The valuable work and life lessons gained during an ADF Gap Year are transferable and will give your students confidence in their future career paths. They can get real engineering experience, discover their leadership potential as an officer, or find passion in an administration role.

While ADF Gap Year roles initially involve only a 12-month commitment, it could be the beginning of a long and stable career in the ADF.

Students who take part in the ADF Gap Year program:

  • Enjoy a great salary package plus free healthcare
  • Gain valuable skills and work experience
  • Have job security and stability
  • Live a varied, active and healthy lifestyle
  • Make friends with like-minded people

Upcoming Australian Defence Force Information Sessions

Stay informed about important upcoming Queensland and National ADF events and information sessions by visiting the Defence Jobs website. View the specific events information link for more details including: location, times and to book your tickets. Further information about these events and Army Reserve Information Sessions can be accessed on the ADF Facebook site. Upcoming events are:

05/05/2020 Brisbane: Defence Careers Dial In Information Session

Career Spotlight

Biotechnologists study the anatomy, physiology and characteristics of living organisms and isolated biological molecules, and develop new materials for applying to a range of purposes. Specialisations can be in Cell Geneticist, Molecular Biologist, Molecular Geneticist. A bachelor degree in science majoring in biotechnology, biomedical science or a related field is needed to work as a Biotechnologist. Many Biotechnologists complete postgraduate studies. Click here for more information.

Bulldozer Operators operate bulldozers using blades and other attachments to gouge out, level and move materials in construction, forestry, mining and other projects. Specialisations are in Scraper Operator (Earthmoving). You can work as a Bulldozer Operator without formal qualifications, however, they may be useful. Training is available through VET (Vocational Education and Training). A course in civil construction plant operations might be helpful. Click here for more information.


UQ Ramsay Undergraduate Scholarships

Applications for the Ramsay Undergraduate scholarship schemes will open on 1 July. Thirty scholarships of $30,000/year for the duration of the program (up to 5.5 years) are offered to high achieving students who study Western Civilisation at The University of Queensland in 2021.

To be eligible for a scholarship, students must study one of the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Advanced Humanities (Honours) (extended major in Western Civilisation) or
  • Bachelor of Humanities/Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

To apply for a scholarship, students will need to submit their CV, two references and a personal statement that addresses the scholarship criteria by 10 August 2020. If you are creative and intellectually curious with the critical skills to think bigger and broader in this culturally, politically and digitally diverse community.

Mr Mark Currie, Careers Guidance Counsellor/Adviser


Music and Cultural

2020 Combined Colleges' Musical

"School of Rock"

School of Rock - the 2020 Combined Colleges' Musical – has been cancelled.

St Edmund's College will host the Musical in July 2021 at the Ipswich Civic Centre.



Tuckshop News

Term 2 - Breakfast

Breakfast will be available again at the tuckshop from Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 8.30am.

Tuckshop Helpers

Thank you to our generous tuckshop helpers.

No tuckshop volunteers are required until further notice.

Ms Narelle Rea, Ms Gina Weight, Convenors

School News

School Fees - Term 2

Due Date 15 May 2020

Term 2 Fee Statements were emailed to all families on Thursday 30 April.

A reminder that the due date for payment is Friday 15 May 2020.

If you did not receive a fee statement, please contact the Finance Department:

Uniform Shop



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