Newsletter - 8 March 2019

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Principal's Office

The Principal

Fine Example of Sportsmanship

Dear St Edmund’s College Families and Friends

Over the weekend I was privileged to witness a fine example of sportsmanship shown by the Eddies Year 8/9 AFL Team. It happened after a hard-fought contest against Marist College Ashgrove where both teams played with skill and determination ending with the Eddies’ boys being narrowly defeated. During the game one of the Marist players left the field with an injured leg and was unable to return for the rest of the game. He remained in the bunker watching on as the boys shook hands. There was genuine respect shown by the opposing players which was great to see. When our boys came back for their post-match huddle they were led by someone over to the injured Marist player to shake his hand as well. At the time I thought our coach, Mr Dan Robinson, had made the comment to go over; however he informed me that it was in fact one of the boys in his team who spoke up and then led his fellow team mates to include the Marist boy in the post-match congratulatory handshakes.

On the following Monday I was delighted to receive a letter from the parent of the Marist Ashgrove boy who wrote:

‘On Friday afternoon my son represented Marist College Ashgrove in the Year 8/9 Australian Rules football game against St Edmund’s College. Towards the end of the game he injured his knee and took no further part. At the conclusion of the match, every player and the coaches from the St Edmund’s team came over to where my son was being treated to shake his hand. We were extremely grateful for this impressive show of sportsmanship. It speaks volumes of the calibre of young men you are moulding at your school. Can you please pass on our thanks to the players and coaches for this gesture?’

I have since shared this story with the Principal of Marist Ashgrove, Mr Peter McLoughlin, to express my appreciation to his community for the graciousness they showed as victors and the gratitude shared by one of his parents. In a very real way this friendly exchange between players, parents, staff and College communities is what our Associated Independent Colleges (AIC) sports competition is all about. I am very proud of our Eddies young men who time and time again display the attributes of being kind men, strong men and gentlemen. Well done lads.

Introducing the Responsible Choice Room (RCR)

Commencing next term the College will implement a new learning support initiative modelled on the Responsible Thinking Process. It will involve students being referred to a Responsible Choice Room when they disrupt the learning of others. Once referred to the RCR the student will be required to reflect on his behaviour and write a plan to negotiate a return to his class.

Mr Jason Randall has been appointed to the role of RCR Coordinator and will be responsible for managing the Responsible Choice Room and preparing staff, students and parents for how it will work. Over the coming weeks more information will be disseminated about the RCR and how it supports students in their learning.

Foundation Dinner Celebrates the Completion of the Edmund Rice Building

Last Saturday evening we held our annual Foundation Dinner which was a huge success. Unlike past dinners our star attraction this year was not a celebrity or sports personality but the Edmund Rice Building itself.

Over 200 guests were given a guided tour by our Year 12 students through the refurbished and extended building and new outdoor covered amphitheatre. In many ways the building has been brought back to its glory days when it was opened in 1892 and described by Br Ambrose Treacy, the Australian Christian Brother Provincial, as having a ‘… commanding view of the river and town and surrounding country …’ and ‘… the very best site in the town.’

The Edmund Rice Building is lit up of an evening and still commands the attention of onlookers as it shines brightly on Woodend Hill overlooking the College and reminds us of our pioneering founders and the people who have gone before to add their chapter to the unfolding story that is St Edmund’s College.

A highlight of the evening was the presentation of the St Edmund’s College Old Boys’ Medal to Robbie Curtis. Robbie now manages the Blind Eye Centre in Brisbane, which is a daytime drop-in-centre for the most vulnerable people living in the city. As Robbie said, ‘It’s a place where individuals are treated with dignity and respect’. They are welcomed and fed, offered basic services including bathroom and laundry facilities as well as company and a friendly chat. Robbie spoke passionately about the work that he does with others to give life, hope and sanctuary to the poor and marginalised in our community. He says he draws all his inspiration from his faith in Jesus.

Another special moment in the evening was a panel interview with four former Eddies’ students convened by Leon Hutton. The panel consisted of Michael Pender, Professor of UQ and consultant neurologist of the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital; James Stannard, former Australian Rugby Sevens Captain; Adam Spain-Mostina, NIDA graduate and former contestant of The Voice; and Robbie Curtis. Each spoke about their time as an Eddie’s student and how the College helped to shape their lives and prepare them for the career pathway they have since followed. Leon Hutton was adept at keeping the conversation flowing and very entertaining.

Thank you to all the staff and students involved in creating such a special occasion. A big thank you to Kath Creedy for her overall organisation and leadership in making it a night to remember.

A Gift from Eddies Mums

Thank you to St Edmund’s College Mothers past and present who kindly donated the funds for the College to purchase the Celtic Cross that has been erected on the plinth at the end of Jim Smith Drive in front of the Edmund Rice Building. It is a beautiful reminder of our Irish heritage and the country where Edmund Rice was born and lived and where the first Christian Brothers came from to take residence in the house in 1892.


Live, Jesus, in our hearts. Forever.

Diarmuid O'Riordan, Principal

The Deputy


Identity News

The Season of Lent

This week the St Edmund’s Community gathered on Ash Wednesday to mark the start of the Season of Lent. During the Wednesday liturgy, the students heard that Lent is a time for internal reflection, community renewal and compassion towards others. Throughout Lent the Catholic community across the world will focus on three core actions: Prayer, Fasting and Alms-giving.

Interestingly, although Lent is observed predominantly by Catholics, it invites others into reflection. As this season is about renewal, it is a wonderful opportunity for all of humanity to stop and reflect on their lives. I would like to encourage all members of our community to use this season of Lent to find time for mindfulness and reflection; an opportunity for a fresh start.

Recently, the Catholic Bishop Rt Rev Seamus Cunningham released the statement that anyone can be blessed by the ashes on Ash Wednesday and participate in Lent. “Whether Christian or not, to express (your) desire to grow spiritually and to turn away from failings, areas of weakness and brokenness, in favour of seeking the healing and wholeness that God can give is necessary for the entire community.”

Three ways to re-think Lent:

Prayer: Each day take 15 minutes away from ‘Screen Time” to refresh.
This is a wonderful opportunity to give your brain, eyes, mind and heart a break. Take a walk, sit outside in a park or find a quite space at home. Take some deep breaths and centre yourself. You might use this time for prayer or just to simply be present.

Fasting: Commit to an action that has a positive effect on your community.
Reducing the amount of red meat you eat can reduce your carbon footprint. This might be as simple as having one “MFD” (meat free day) a week. Alternatively, you could commit to not buying a take-away coffee unless you have your ‘keep cup’, or you could collect all your plastic bags and soft plastic items throughout Lent and return them to the collection bins at the supermarkets.

Alms-giving: Perform one random act of kindness each day in Lent.
Hold open a door, offer assistance, give some change to Project Compassion, help someone trying to get a stroller down the steps, or any action that places the needs of others before your own. Every small interaction with someone is an opportunity to have a positive impact on both your lives.

The Schools on the Hill unite to ‘Walk for Justice’

Every day, thousands of women and children around the world cover many kilometres to fetch water, obtain food, get to school or market, or simply to survive. Today, staff and students from St Mary’s Primary, St Mary’s College and St Edmund’s College united in solidarity with these people around the world. They walked 3 to 4 kilometres, carrying water as a symbol of the challenges many people face globally. Together, the community on the hill made a strong statement highlighting the need to acknowledge injustice in our world.

As a part of this action each of the schools, including St Edmund’s, continues to raise money for Project Compassion. Throughout Lent this will continue to be a focus and we are encouraging our young men to find a way to give when they can to support our global community.

Please follow this link to support our Project Compassion Appeal during Lent:

International Women’s Day at St Edmund’s College

On Friday morning six students and one staff member attended the Zonta International Women’s Day Breakfast. Throughout the morning we were reminded that the day belongs to all groups; that people of all genders, cultures, ages, languages and religions can take part in International Women’s Day. We were told that when women are involved in governments and peace negotiations, statistics show that a successful outcome is more likely.

On IWD at St Edmund’s we acknowledged not only the vital role of women globally, but also the women close to our hearts: our mothers, grandmothers, partners, sisters and friends.

Prayer for International Women’s Day

Today we honour the women of all times and places:
Women of courage.
Women of hope.
Women of suffering.
Women of mourning.
Women living fully.
Women experiencing joy.
Women delighting in life.
Women giving life.
Women knowing the interconnectedness of the human family.
Women promoting human flourishing.
Women boldly leading the transformation of unjust global structures.
Women seeking and sharing wisdom.
Women seeking and sharing love.

Loving God, we celebrate your faithfulness and love. On this day we commit ourselves to promotion of the full humanity of all women. We know that whatever denies, diminishes, or distorts the full humanity of women is not of God.
Help us to be faithful to your call to love. Amen.

What’s Ahead - for the Remainder of Term 1

15 to 16 March - Edmund Rice Head to Heart Camp - Year 11 Students
Twenty Year 11 students from St Mary’s and St Edmund’s are invited to participate in this 24-hour immersive experience. It is a camp to support children who may be at risk or disadvantaged. It is bound to be a lot of fun! Look out for more information. Training for this day will be on Sunday 10 March 9.00am to 3.00pm.

Combined Colleges’ Parish Mass - Sunday 17 March, 6.00pm
All are invited and welcome to join us at Mass at St Mary’s Church, followed by a pizza supper.

DanDaLion Inclusive Cricket Afternoon - Sunday 24 March
We will be holding a social and inclusive cricket match for students from St Edmund’s and St Mary’s, along with young people connected with the DanDaLion organisation. DanDaLion supports young people with disabilities. This will be an immersive service experience and students are encouraged to get involved.

Have a wonderful week.

Live, Jesus, in our hearts. Forever.

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Identity

Defence News

ANZAC Day Preparations

St Edmund’s Defence students began cutting out poppies this week in preparation for our ANZAC Day Commemoration Ceremony. While our new Year 7 Defence boys were getting to know students from other SEC Defence families over a pizza lunch, the group came up with fundraising ideas for our chosen charity Mates4Mates.

Mates4Mates is an organisation which supports the wounded, injured or ill current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel as they continue the journey of rebuilding their lives. Many have physical and psychological injuries as a result of their service within the ADF.

Ms Kylie Biddle, Defence Schools Mentor

Learning & Teaching

Learning and Teaching

New Staff Roles

It has been rewarding working with two of our staff, Mr Marin and Mr Litchfield, in their new roles of Director of Middle School and Director of Senior School. Mr Marin has been working with me to formulate plans and opportunities for our Middle School students. Mr Litchfield has commenced the Year 11 Mentoring Program; has conducted follow-up activities with Year 11 regarding their Conference Day; and worked with me around new resources for the new Australian Tertiary Entrance Rank (ATAR) subjects in Year 11.

Ms Mulkerin in her new role of Overall Position (OP) Support Teacher has ensured that not only all OP students but all Year 12 students in each Pathway have completed one-to-one interviews with a Middle Leader regarding their academic performance at this stage of Year 12. In addition, all Year 12 students have been monitored for their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) eligibility.

Curriculum Committee

In 2019 St Edmund’s College has a newly formed Curriculum Committee which will work with the Directors of Senior and Middle School and the Heads of Department to formulate direction for Curriculum at the College. The two meetings to date this term have been very fruitful in contributing to formulating our Improvement Goals for 2019.

Staff Professional Development Conference Committee

The 2019 Staff Professional Development Conference Committee consists of Ms Marysia Rice (Assistant Principal Identity), Mr Ben Litchfield (Director of Senior School), Mr Luis Marin (Director of Middle School), Ms Adrianna Rimland (Director of Mission), Ms Natalie Henness (Head of Department Mathematics), Ms Anne Artesi (Head of Department Religious Education), Ms Debra Whyte (Head of Department Digital Literacy) and Mr Ian Hay and Mr Murray Sutton (College Counsellors).

This dynamic group of professionals have made significant progress in developing plans for the Staff Professional Development Conference. It will be an exciting and innovative conference linking curriculum and well-being to the present and the future.

On a Final Note

As I left the Conference Committee meeting late Thursday afternoon after 4.00pm, I walked around the College and visited the variety of learning experiences that were available to students. The Library Learning Hub had approximately 60 students in attendance; the ATAR Psychology students were attending a tutorial with Ms Hall; Senior and Middle Years students were with Ms Henness at a Mathematics tutorial and Year 12 Physics students were in their lab with Mr Litchfield. The College is blessed to have staff who make real the Touchstone Liberating Education through the opportunities that are offered to our students.

Well done to all our students who have availed themselves of these additional supports, and sincere thanks to our staff who provide them.

Best wishes.
Carmel James, Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching

Senior School

Middle School

Middle School News

Time Management Tips

It is hard to believe that we are now past the halfway point of the term. Students are well into school life and should have started working on assignments. At this point of the term it is important for boys to plan their time adequately, so they are not finishing off drafts and final assignments at the last minute. I always recommend that students mark in their planners or somewhere visible important due dates, including dates for drafts, check points and final due dates. The plan of working hard in the last week or two of school is riddled with danger and can create a lot of stress at the same time.

Whilst completing assignments, students need to make sure they fully understand: what the task is asking of them, how they are being marked (the marking criteria), key terminology they need to use, and task requirements (word length, formatting, etc.). Furthermore, this point of the term is the perfect time to start attending the many tutorials being offered by the different faculties to catch up with work, consolidate knowledge and develop a Study Plan. By doing so students are setting themselves up for success for the second half of the term.

Last week as a community we had the opportunity to acknowledge the academic achievements of our Middle School students from 2018. It was pleasing to see the large number of boys who received awards for their high academic performance or for improvement of their grade point average. There is no doubt in my mind that these results are due to these students’ diligent preparation, planning, consistent approach and hard work. These young men are testament that Eddies’ Men Can.

Mr Luis Marin, Director of Middle School

Academic Assembly - 1 March 2019

Congratulations to Years 8 and 9 Award Winners

YEAR 8, 2019

2018 Semester 2
Year 7 Honours and Improvement

Jack Treagle

2018 Semester 2
Year 7 Honours

Fletcher Brown
Patrick Hunter
Ethan Isaacs
Isaac McCarthy
Ben Naish
Don Palatty Davis
Finlay Rose
Ronald Tom
Corbin Walker
Ethan Windolf

2018 Semester 2
Year 7 Merit and Improvement

Thomas Bryant
Aidan Doherty
Ryan Pickering
Jeremy Webb
Luca Zieschank

2018 Semester 2
Year 7 Merit

Clay Baker
Hudson Bertram
Angus Brosnan
Ashton Buchholtz
Jaeden Cabatuan
Owen Cass
Jye Edmonds
Tafito Falaniko Ah-Ki
Nicholas Luttrell
Siluna Nanayakkara
Lochlan Nguyen
Kynan Stoakes
Jack Thomas
Thomas Warren

2018 Semester 2
Year 7 Improvement

Kai Anderson-Emslie
Decklyn Biddle
Phoenix Clarke
Joshua Grbin
Lawson Holland
Max Jackson
Bailey Spencer
Mitchell Wade
Thomas Wyton

YEAR 9, 2019

2018, Semester 2
Year 8 Honours

Christopher Baker
Noah Bertram
Stewart England
Liam Gannaway
Oscar Garcia Boyd
Indigo Greenhill-Watts
Kade Grieve
Ben Ivanovic
Connor Sampson
Liam Wallis

2018, Semester 2
Year 8 Merit and Improvement

Nathaniel Lynch
Harrison Walker

2018, Semester 2
Year 8 Merit

Ryan Casha
Thomas Doyle
Adam Hammant
Matthew Janssen
Samuel Jesse
Zachary King
Cody Knight
Nathan May
Jack Stewart
Jack Winrow

2018, Semester 2
Year 8 Improvement

Terence Abaijah-Griffin
Ryan Brennan
Matthew Bryan
Nicholas Cupit
Arnel Curtis
Liam Friar
Blade Gourley
Lathan Greene
Lachlan Kable
Byron Kurtz
Jack Lowndes
Nicholas MacDonald
Tiernan McBurnie
Jonathon McGuire
Matthew O’Brien
Samuel Pawluczyk
Hayden Ratajczyk
Clancy Reberger
Riley Woods


Pastoral News

2019 Year 12 Jersey - Payment Required Now

Cost $65.00

St Edmund’s College Senior Jersey orders and payments are required as soon as possible.

The design is posted on the notice board outside the Deans’ Room, on the College App and Facebook page, and pictured here.

Cost of the 2019 Senior Jersey is $65. Payments can be made at the College Reception via EFTPOS; Qkr!; or cash/cheque in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the student’s name and “Senior Jersey”, and placed in the locked box in the Student Office.

Students must sign to verify that their information is correct. Please direct all enquiries to Mr Mills during school hours on 3810 4400 or

CINE CLUB - Week 7 Screening


CINE CLUB offers students with an interest in film-making, the opportunity to revisit iconic films, or perhaps view them for the first time. CINE CLUB also provides a meeting place for students to discuss films with like-minded people and find connections between their academic studies and cinematic creations derived from Science, History, Maths and the Social Sciences.

- Registration opens Monday 11 March for the Week 7 screening of Gravity
- Sign up outside Room H301
- Screened during Second Break each day
- Venue to be announced based on numbers
- No eating or drinking in the venue and no attendance without prior registration
- Free entry for CINE CLUB members
- New members to pay $2 upon entry

See Ms Scarrott for further details.

Ms Nicola Scarrott, Teacher

Career News

Careers - Week 6

2019 NEXT STEP Survey

2019 Next Step Survey

The Queensland Government is conducting its annual statewide survey of all students who completed Year 12 in 2018. The Next Step survey is a brief, confidential survey that gains a comprehensive picture of the employment, study and life choices made by Queensland school completers in the year after they finish Year 12.

Between March and June, all our students who completed Year 12 last year can expect to receive instructions to complete a web-based survey or a telephone call from the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office. Please encourage them to take part. If their contact details have changed, please assist the interviewer with their updated details or forward the survey to their new address so they can participate.

Thank you for your support of the Next Step survey in 2019.

Career Exploration

Careers with STEM

The CareersWithSTEM website is one of Australia’s free student STEM Career Guides for students, parents and teachers. According to the About section on the CareersWithSTEM website 75% of future jobs will require STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) skills. Yet just 16% of high-school graduates are enrolling in STEM degrees in Australia. In 10 years’ time, how will rapid technological change affect our future career choices? To help discover the answer to this question, access the CareersWithSTEM website which provides access to a range of information regarding:

  • Features: (Blog, Competitions, Articles, Education and more)
  • Profiles: (Showcases people with careers in STEM)
  • Read it Here: (STEM Magazine)
  • Quizzes: (Careers & Study, Engineering, Maths, Science & Tech)
  • Degree Finder: (Find your best degree path)
  • The Teachers' Hub: (Careers with STEM for teachers, STEM projects and lesson plans)

You can also stay connected by signing up to the STEM Newsletter, to get instant information on future careers, resources, stories and events straight to your email inbox.

Tertiary News

University Scholarship at Australian National University Canberra

Applications opening soon for the Tuckwell Scholarship

If you are awarded a Tuckwell Scholarship you will receive $21,700 per year for the length of your undergraduate degree at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra. You will be in a group of motivated young people who want to use their abilities to make a difference in the world. The scholarship allows you to study a single or double undergraduate program, including honours and vertical degrees in any discipline offered at ANU for up to five years. Find out about the study options available on the ANU website. The application consists of a three-stage process.

  • Stage 1 – Initial Application: applicants submit a written online application and nominate a teacher to provide a reference. Applications for Stage 1 open on 4 March and close on 28 March 2019.
  • Stage 2 – If your Stage 1 application is shortlisted you will be sent a link to the Stage 2 application form which you will be able to complete online.
  • Stage 3 –final candidates are selected for individual and group interviews to be held in Canberra in July 2019.

The selection panel is looking for bright students, but not necessarily those with OP1 as they will look at applicant attributes, interests and achievements as well. Visit the scholarship site for information about the selection criteria and the application.

Upcoming Events:


ANU Tuckwell Scholarship applications Open Online

USQ: First in Family website

Are you the first in your family to consider university as an option for the future? USQ’s First in Family website has valuable information that will help answer some of the questions you might have about university. Also, you can register on the site to receive more information. Information you can explore includes:

  • What is first in family?
  • Benefits of going to Uni
  • Success needs Support
  • What to expect
  • Hear from students
  • Register for more information

Year 12 Subject Assistance Schemes

Traditionally, Year 12 subject assistance scheme allowes students to gain adjustment factors for successfully completing specific Year 12 subjects and through other university specific schemes. The adjustment factors make students more competitive when applying for entry to university and/or TAFE Queensland.

According to the QTAC Assistance Schemes website:

  • To get Year 12 subject bonuses, you must be a current Year 12 student
  • Institutions decide which subjects they give bonuses for, and how many
  • You should check each institution to determine whether Year 12 subject bonuse ranks are added to selection ranks for other qualifications such as certificates III or IV or music qualifications etc

Career Spotlight

Public Relations Professionals - What do they do

Public Relations Professionals plan, develop, implement and evaluate information and communication strategies to create an understanding and a favourable view of organisations, their goods and services, and their role in the community.

Tasks that they carry out include:

  • planning and organising publicity campaigns and communication strategies
  • advising executives on the public relations implications of their policies, programs and practices
  • preparing and controlling the issue of news and press releases
  • undertaking and commissioning public opinion research, analysing the findings and planning public relations and promotional campaigns
  • organising special events, seminars, entertainment, competitions and social functions to promote goodwill and favourable publicity
  • representing organisations and arranging executive interviews with publicity media
  • attending business, social and other functions to promote the organisation
  • commissioning and obtaining photographs and other illustrative material
  • selecting, appraising and revising material submitted by publicity writers, Photographers, Illustrators and others to create favourable publicity

For more information about prospects, pathways, skills and Knowledge and work environment visit Job Outlook

Queensland School of Film and Television (QSFT): Workshops

QSFT, located in Annerley, offers accredited Diploma and Certificate courses in screen and media. They also offer workshops on weekends and during the school holidays. Early bird discounts are often available. Keep an eye on their website for the latest information. You can access the application form here. The following workshops are available in 2019:

  • Film It! - Introduction to Video Production
  • Record It! - Introduction to Sound Production
  • Edit It! - Introduction to Editing Workshop
  • Acting Bootcamp! - 2 Days School Holiday Acting Workshop
  • Write It! - Introduction to Script Writing Workshop
  • Direct It! - Introduction to Directing Workshop
  • Shoot It! - Introduction to Photography
  • Filmmaker Bootcamp! - 2 Day School Holiday Filmmakers Bootcamp

See the full Options Career Information Bulletin 3 on EDE under Curriculum/Careers Guidance for all dates. Students also received the Bulletin in their email inbox every fortnight.


Music and Cultural

Music News

Performing Arts Night - 6 March

Our first Performing Arts Night for 2019 took place on Wednesday night. This evening was a sample of the talented students we are privileged to have at both St Edmund’s and St Mary’s Colleges.

There were many great performances on the night including the Jazz Band’s rendition of ‘Boogie Shoes’ to open the evening, the Junior Contemporary Ensemble’s performance of ‘Chasing Cars’, the College Choir’s ‘You Raise Me Up’, Deakin Jennings’ performance of his original composition ‘Desolation’, and the Senior Contemporary Ensemble, closing the night with the Aussie favourite ‘You’re the Voice’.
I would like to thank all the staff involved in helping with this event including Ms Frances O’Sullivan, Mr Chris Barton (Sound and Lighting), Mr Jesse Gold, Ms Petrina Gibson, Ms Nicola Scarrott, Mr Eamon Webb, Ms Courtney Fook (St Mary’s Cultural Leader), Mr Simon Paxton (St Mary’s Music Teacher), Ms Leslie Martin (St Mary’s Choral Conductor) and Ms Sandra Randall. Congratulations to all the students involved in the evening on a job well done!

College Assembly - 1 March

At last Friday’s Assembly Adair McNamara performed the Beatles’ classic ‘Let It Be’. I noticed many staff members singing along as Adair gave a compelling version of this definitive song, accompanied by Mr Jesse Gold on guitar. Great work Adair!

Instrumental Music Lessons

There has been an excellent attendance rate for Instrumental Music lessons so far this term. Keep up the good work and be sure to arrive on time for your lesson.

Mr Tim Kirkwood, Director of Music


AIC Swimming Championships - CODE OF CONDUCT

Chandler Pool - Monday 11 March 2019

AIC Swimming

The annual AIC Swim Carnival will be held at Chandler on Monday 11 March starting at 9.45am.

All Years 8 and 10 students (and some Senior students) will be attending the Carnival to support our swimmers. Obviously, this is a normal school day and full attendance is expected.

Spectator buses will leave the College at 8.35am approximately, after marking of rolls and checking of uniforms.

Students must wear full school uniform and are requested to bring their own lunch and drinking water. They are also asked not to bring large school bags.

The carnival will finish at 1.30pm and all students will travel back to St Edmund’s before being dismissed. Unfortunately, there cannot be any drop-off points on the way home because of the bus schedules.

The AIC has a Code of Conduct for all carnivals and sporting events. As such, I remind all students about the high standard of behaviour that is expected.

Code of Conduct

1) Good sportsmanship and fellowship must prevail at all sporting venues and situations at all times.

2) At Swimming and Athletics carnivals in particular, but at all sports, no student may use musical instruments or noise-making devices in their cheering. The only exception is a non-electric megaphone for leading students.

3) No student may enter other schools’ areas in grandstands or provoke students from other schools at any time.

4) At Swimming and Athletics Carnivals, staff members from the various Colleges will be designated OFFICIALS by some specific marking or mode of dress. Students from all schools will follow the directions given by any such Officials.

5) Keep our cheering positive, focusing on OUR school’s achievement and NEVER against others. Booing or harassing other schools is never acceptable. Avoid arrogance in cheering at all times.

Mr W Warren, Assistant Principal Activities

AIC Swim Meet - 1 March 2019

Final Time Trials

The last of the swimming time trials was held on Friday night at Yeronga Park. Congratulations to Cameron Willett, Angus Richardson, Thomas Bryant, Hayden Maloney, Michael Tate, Rohan Weier, Eric Rogers and Cale Taylor for producing personal best times on the night.

Our Swimmer of the Meet, earning himself a $10 tuckshop voucher, was Ethan Isaacs who produced two personal best times on the night and has attended all invitational meets and the majority of training sessions.
Thank you to all swimmers who have competed so well and with such a great show of team spirit over the past six weeks. The season has been productive and a pleasure to co-ordinate.

Good luck to all competitors for the AIC Championships on Monday 11 March.

Do your best - compete in the true Eddie’s Spirit - and be great SEC ambassadors.

“Winning does not always mean being first.
Winning means you are doing better than you have done before.”
Bonnie Blair

Ms Natalie Henness, SEC Swimming Coordinator

AIC Australian Rules Results - 1/2 March 2019

Round 4 vs Marist College

Opens – Loss 3.3(21) to 7.9(51). In a free-flowing game, Marist finished strongly to claim a 5-goal victory. The first three quarters were an even contest with Darcy Prest leading from the front, running straight lines and delivering the football deep inside our forward 50. The continued improvement of Luke Warner, Matthew Kelk, Noah Atley and Joshua Murphy, combined with the consistency of Anthony Caprioli, Connor Kennedy and Mitchell Vesper has the team hopeful of achieving wins in the final two rounds.

Years 8/9 – Loss 4.6(30) to 5.10(40). Another close game until the final ten minutes. The Blue and White managed to stay in touch with Marist almost point-for-point until three-quarter time. We kept competing and making our opposition earn the ball through contact, while keeping our game plan compact and narrow to complement our strengths. Zane Kaatz was emphatic in attack and defence, while Tyler Cuthbert-Hough performed a mountain of quiet work to keep SEC in the game. Zane Kaatz managed to score three goals through his role as Johnny-on-the-spot; however this could not happen without the significant grind and work of his teammates.
Arguably, the best play of the game came after the siren. Marist had a student come off the field in the third quarter with a serious leg injury. After the pre-game debrief, our boys jogged off and without any prompting, several players urged the whole Eddies team to shake the hand of the injured player and offer their best wishes on his recovery. This moment was significant in demonstrating the sportsmanship, maturity and resilience of our young Eddies’ men – even in defeat, we strive to care for and acknowledge our opposition and their play. It should be an instance of pride for our entire SEC community.

Year 7 – Win 7.2 (44) to 2.5 (17). A fantastic all-round team performance resulted in the first SEC win in the new Australian Rules era. We found ourselves in a difficult position in the lead-up to the match, having no substitutions available due to an injury crisis which unfolded during the week. The eighteen fit players who were available dug extremely deep to play the full game and were rewarded with a well-deserved win. Hamish Wells was outstanding, kicking four goals and having an enormous presence in the forward line. Jett Preston kicked two booming goals from set shots, both from just inside the forward 50 arc, and James Lowday slotted through a goal early in the first quarter. Robert Brown led from the front in the midfield, while Bayley Alonso Conway and Brodie Bettiens-Lingard provided immense support in the backline.

AIC Volleyball Results - 2 March 2019

Round 4 Vs Marist College

Firsts – Loss 0-3. Occasionally in sport you simply applaud the work of your opposition and appreciate your loss. Our players provided a strong fight throughout the match, going down by 4 and 5 points in sets where we had to claw back significant margins. The whole team persevered with the fight until the final whistle and are to be commended for bringing the same attitude and intensity when beaten, as they do when victorious. Luke Thorne had his standout game of the season so far while Merrick Small and Nicholas Rumpf had good games.

Seconds – Loss 1-2. A very good game of Volleyball. After taking a very tight first set 28-26, Marist stole a lead early in the second which they managed to hold. The third set was a closely fought encounter. Nichalous Petryszyn had the radar working on his serve which proved very effective; Logan Atkins and Luke Thorne were weapons on the net; with Lachlan Stacey and Zachary Butcher chipping in with vital blocks and winners at the net .

Thirds – Loss 0-2. The team struggled to move out of first gear, facing a strong Marist outfit and was unable to mount any pressure. The players fought well in the first set; however the opposition were too good. We served well at times, although our difficulty in achieving good use of the ball was our downfall.

11A – Loss 1-2. Marist out-played and out-enthused the team. The first set was won with intelligent attacking pressure and active defence; however Marist used our game plan against us and out-Eddied the team in the second and third sets. Thornton Hendry and Nathan Curr were strong in their net defence while Benjamin Choat provided devastating, effective attack.

10A – Loss 0-2. A slew of unforced errors including service errors ensured a struggle in the first set, with a comeback being too little too late. The second set saw us leading most of the set; however the opposition were able to force poor passing allowing the game to slip from our grasp. Team attack was a definite improvement.

10B – Loss. A lack of effort and communication in the back-court saw the team defeated without a fight. Daniel Carter and William Gordon played well.

9A – Loss 1-2. A game of highs and lows. The team relaxed after a dominant first set and then succumbed to errors. A heavy reliance on serve is becoming evident, along with negative communication. Players need to concentrate on each skill of the game and remain positive in pressure situations.

9B – Loss 1-2. After a great first set the team allowed Marist back into the match leading to defeat in a tiebreak after holding a match point. Cohan Patrick was awesome in the third set.

9C – Loss 0-3. A flat performance in a close game. We need to increase our communication and movement to make the most of opportunities and convert these into points.

8A – Loss 1-2. A massive improvement on previous weeks. The team was presented with opportunities to win the match but let them slide. Reading of the play and footwork needs improvement. All players had solid performances.

8B – Win 3-0. The greatest match-winning point to be seen on a Marist court! Joshua Grbin’s serving in the first set resulted in a great comeback. The team dominated the second set through pressure and great communication.

8C – Loss 0-3. A flat performance provided the opposition with the opportunity to take a strong lead. This proved too difficult to catch up and left SEC empty handed. Poor serving and a significant number of shallow hits over the net resulted in the downfall.

7A – Loss 0-3. After a strong start the team allowed Marist to work back into the game which resulted in catch-up volleyball. A great lesson in sport is to take your opportunities when they present themselves.

7B – Win 2-1. What a game by the team. After losing the first set, the energy lifted for the second and momentum swayed our way. Skill levels are improving; however it was our attitude that won the match. A great team game with a special mention to Mayson Carter for his serving.

7C – Loss 0-3. Despite the result this game was a giant leap forward for the players. They demonstrated excellent energy and improved performance. With a very tight second and third round, they pushed Marist to their limit. Congratulations to Kaleb Waters for his improved serving.

AIC Cricket Results - 2 March 2019

Round 4 Vs Marist College

Firsts –Loss 10/47 to 4/219. Best bowlers were Patrick Towne 1/31, Dylan McAteer 1/31 and Patrick Schmidt 2/50. The run chase proved hard work; however Oliver Schmidt managed double figures with 18 runs.

10B – Loss 10/77 to 5/114. A good bowling display by the team kept Marist at bay in the first innings. Poor match awareness and shot selection cost the team with wickets being dropped in clumps allowing no solid partnerships to build. Caleb McDonald topped the bowling 2/14 and Jake Kerkin topped the batting with 14.

9A – Loss 10/48 to 4/132. On the back of two consecutive victories the players were ready and eager to test their skills against one of the cricket heavy-weights. Morning rain caused a slight delay in the start, changing to a 30-an-over encounter. Winning the toss, the team’s game plans were not executed with the Marist batsman starting well 1/40 off 10 overs. Harry Sammut (1/17 off 6) and Andrew Bremner (2/27 off 6) bowled well to contain the batsmen through the middle overs. Kieran McGoldrick (2/7 off 3) was able to continue the pressure. Chasing a modest total of 133 off 30 overs, the team did not begin well, losing 2 wickets in the first 2 overs. Runs proved hard to come by as the Marist bowlers dismissed SEC for 48. Harry Sammut continued his good form, top-scoring with 21. A disappointing result; however the players are keen to work hard towards a positive outcome against St Peter’s Lutheran College this weekend.

8A – Loss 10/74 to 9/75. A good fighting effort from the SEC lads after the game looked lost. Marist were cruising at 2/56 in their chase. Enter Benjamin Watson. Benjamin came out and grabbed a hat-trick with excellent and accurate bowling, working on the theory that if the batsman misses, he hits! Marist were in a panic after Lachlan Allwood picked up a wicket which meant their losing 4 wickets in 4 balls and had moved to 6/56. Ben Naish chipped in with a couple of wickets and had Marist 9/68. An edge through slips brought up the winning runs for Marist; however a real fight from the SEC lads made this a great game of cricket.

8B – Loss 10/86 to 10/152. Bowling first restricted the opposition to 152 with only 22 sundries. Best bowling from Jack Stewart who took 3 wickets. The team fought hard for the entire 30 overs of the batting innings, compiling 86 runs thanks to some resilient batting from Isaac Freier, Zachary Ball and Cooper Doyle. Next game, our intention will be to accelerate the run rate earlier in the innings and to cut back further on wide deliveries.

7A – Loss 9/93 to 3/169. Marist won the toss and elected to bat. After SEC bowled their first over, rain stopped play resulting in the loss of three overs. At the completion of 27 overs, Marist had reached 3/169. The SEC players put on a tighter fielding display whilst the bowlers bowled tidier lines and lengths. Kyran Buckley 1/29 (4 overs), Lucas O’Connell 1/20 (4 overs) and Angus Richardson 0/17 (4 overs) were among the more economical. For the third match in a row, SEC batted through their innings scoring 9/93 from 27 overs. The pick of our batters was Kyran Buckley who hit five fours on his way to 40 runs. Ryder Rundell and Angus Richardson displayed plenty of patience at the top of the order. Each week, the 7A team shows signs of improvement.

7B – Loss 10/13 to 4/24.4. After a poor start with the bat resulted in a low total, the players went into the field determined to defend. Credit to Charlie Howell and Alexander Sayle for restoring enthusiasm into the field.

AIC Australian Rules - BYE - 8/9 March 2019

No games this weekend

AIC Volleyball Fixtures - 9 March 2019

Round 5 Vs St Peter's Lutheran College








SPLC Gym, Show Court, enter off Lambert Road, Indooroopilly




SPLC Gym, Court 1, enter off Lambert Road, Indooroopilly




SPLC Gym, Court 1, enter off Lambert Road, Indooroopilly




SPLC Gym, Court 1, enter off Lambert Road, Indooroopilly




SPLC Gym, Court 2, enter off Lambert Road, Indooroopilly




SPLC Gym, Court 2, enter off Lambert Road, Indooroopilly




St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend




St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend




St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 2, Woodend




St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend




St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend




St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend




St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 2, Woodend




St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 2, Woodend




St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 2, Woodend

Bus for 10B, 10A, 11A, 3rds, 2nds and 1sts departs SEC at 7:00am and returns at 2:30pm approximately.

Volleyball Photos - Saturday 9 March 2019

Venue: Siberia Meeting Area

Volleyball Photo Schedule - Saturday 9 March 2019

7:40am - 7C

7:50am - 8C

8:40am - 7B

8:50am - 8B

9:40am - 7A

9:50am - 8A

10:40am - 9C

10:50am - 9B

11:30am - 9A

Please make sure that you are on time and your full playing uniform is neat and tidy

AIC Cricket Fixtures - 9 March 2019

Round 5 Vs St Peter's Lutheran College









SPLC, Mayer Oval, enter off Indooroopilly Road, Indooroopilly


10B vs SPLC 10A



SPLC, Stolz Oval, enter off Lambert Road, Indooroopilly





Tivoli Sporting Complex, Field No 1, Church Street, Tivoli





Tivoli Sporting Complex, Field No 1, Church Street, Tivoli





St Edmund’s College, Mulkerin Oval, Woodend





Tivoli Sporting Complex, Field No 2, Church Street, Tivoli





Tivoli Sporting Complex, Field No 2, Church Street, Tivoli



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Commencing 11 March 2019

Mon 11 Mar: P Smith, L McPherson, M Rose
Tue 12 Mar: G Weier, L McLean, M Towne
Wed 13 Mar: S Walker, K Jackson, L Bennett, P Haddock
Thu 14 Mar: D Morris, K Elliott
Fri 15 Mar: J Lacey, J Powell, T Williams

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Please check with the Student Office as soon as possible, or ask your son to check for any property items which he may be missing. All items remaining at the end of term (Thursday 4 April) will be donated to St Vincent de Paul.

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