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We are a Resurrection People

Dear Parents and Friends of St Edmund’s College

The first day of the Year 10 New Zealand Rugby Tour was a privileged opportunity to visit the memorial site of the Christchurch terror attack and pay our respects. It was a very sombre occasion or all of us. The street where the attack occurred was lined with thousands of bouquets and gifts left by the many visitors from all over the world who have come before us since that fateful day. Interspersed among the huge blanket of flowers that stretched the full length of the street were hundreds of cards and posters with messages of love, peace, unity and sorrow. The overwhelming sentiment was one of hope.

Since arriving in New Zealand almost a week ago, our hosts have welcomed us as family. Yesterday at St Peter’s College in Gore we were greeted with a welcome Haka. Unlike the All Blacks Haka theirs was a traditional Maori Welcoming Song to acknowledge us as their guests and express their honour in welcoming us to their school. This has been our experience with each of the schools we have visited. In turn we have expressed our kinship with our New Zealand brothers and sisters at their time of deep sorrow.

The New Zealand tour has reinforced the sacred truth that in our hearts is a yearning to be people of love not hate. This is our resurrection heritage so powerfully evoked in the Easter Story. It is a story where, in encountering the life of Jesus, we are reassured that Death and Darkness is ultimately conquered by Life and Light. In a dark chapter in New Zealand’s history, we have been witnesses to a Resurrection Story in the people and in the communities who have welcomed us to their schools and homes.

Farewell and Thank you

I take this opportunity to farewell and thank Mr Andrew Leung, Mr Matt Ryland and Ms Beatrice Tsang who leave us at the end of the term. Although these teachers have been with us for only a short time, they have contributed to the College in a positive way through their commitment and dedication. We wish them well.

Today marks also the end of a distinguished twelve-year teaching career at St Edmund’s College for Ms Petrina Gibson. Petrina leaves us to take on a new adventure as a teacher at Lourdes Hill College in Brisbane. Petrina has definitely left her mark as a much-loved Performing Arts and Drama teacher, former Head of Department Creative Arts and accomplished College Musical Director. Petrina’s passion for Creative Arts has inspired many Eddies young men to realise their potential through the Arts. We thank Petrina for her outstanding contribution to the College and wish her well in her new teaching role.


Year 10 New Zealand Rugby Union Tour Team celebrating with St Peter’s College, Gore following a hard-fought 27 to 12 victory for the visitors.

Live Jesus in Our Hearts - Forever

Diarmuid O'Riordan, Principal

The Responsible Thinking Process - Introduction

Commencing Term 2, 2019

Please find attached, letter from the Principal, Mr Diarmuid O'Riordan, regarding the introduction of The Responsible Thinking Process in Term 2, 2019

Additional: Link to The Responsible Thinking Process Brochure:

The Deputy


Identity News

Easter Reflection

Over the holiday period I hope that our students reflect on the Easter Liturgy message of seeing the human face of Jesus in everyone. Pope John Paul II in his visit to Australia in 1986 proclaimed:

“We do not pretend that life is all beauty. We are aware of darkness and sin, of poverty and pain. But we know Jesus has conquered sin and passed through his own pain to the glory of the Resurrection. And we live in the light of his Paschal Mystery - the mystery of his Death and Resurrection. ‘We are an Easter People and Alleluia is our song!’ We are not looking for a shallow joy but rather a joy that comes from faith, that grows through unselfish love, that respects the ‘fundamental duty of love of neighbour, without which it would be unbecoming to speak of Joy’.”

As we journey from Lent to the Resurrection, let us be reminded of the Hope that comes from being Easter People.

Congratulations to all students and staff on what has been a very productive term. In this Holy Season I wish you a most Blessed Easter. May you and your family and friends experience the joy that comes from believing in the Risen Lord of Life and Love.

Easter Prayer

Lord Jesus, we greet you Risen from the dead.
We thought that your way of love and service was a dead end, leading only to the Cross; now we know that it is the way to life.
We thought that your whole life was wasted; now we know it was gloriously worthwhile.
We thought that your Death was the end of you; now we know that your life was too great to be ended by death.
May we accept your gift of Life and Love, that we may work at transforming our world, that it may be filled with Easter Joy.

The Impact of Supporting the Edmund Rice Foundation Australia

Each year, through voluntary contributions from members St Edmund’s College community, we are able to support the Edmund Rice Foundation Australia (ERFA).

The impact of contributing to the ERFA is widespread and felt globally. With a vision for access to quality education and life-long learning opportunities for all, the ERFA supports and empowers communities to determine their own futures. The ERFA’s purpose is to support the education of the most vulnerable and the right education has the capacity to transform and liberate lives, every day.

For more information about where the ERFA distributed funds in 2018, please read the ‘2018 Impact Report’ available here:

Mark your diaries for Term 2:

Wednesday 24 April: ANZAC Gunfire Breakfast 7.30am and ANZAC Service 8.30am
Staff, students, parents and friends, along with those who have a connection to the Australian Armed Forces are invited from 7.30am to share in a Gunfire Breakfast followed by our ANZAC Service, 8.30am in the College Hall.

Thursday 25 April: ANZAC DAY
* Old Boys’ Commemorative Service - Woodend Honour Stone on Roseberry Parade/Cnr Macgregor Street, 6.30am to 7.30am.
* Ipswich ANZAC DAY March - Assemble at 10.00am, intersection Brisbane/Ellenborough Streets. Parade commences at 10.45am. Students may be collected from the North Ipswich Reserve, The Terrace, at the conclusion of the event.

Sunday 28 April: Parish Mass at St Mary’s Church Ipswich 6.00pm
All are welcome to share in the Eucharistic celebration and stay for a cuppa and chat following Mass.


Friday 3 May: Edmund Rice Mass and Celebrations from 8.45am
The College community will celebrate Mass at 9.00am. House activities will follow to mark the Spirit and Feast of Blessed Edmund Rice.


Friday 10 May: Mums ‘n’ Chums Evening, 6.00pm
Mothers or significant females in the lives of our boys are invited to come along with their young men and enjoy an evening of fun to mark Mother’s Day.

Live Jesus in Our Hearts - Forever

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Identity

Woodend ANZAC Day Service

Thursday 25 April - 6.30am - Woodend Honour Stone

ANZAC Day Commemorative Service

On behalf of St Edmund’s Old Boys’ Association and St Edmund’s College, you are invited to the 2019 Woodend Commemoration of ANZAC. This ANZAC Service provides the opportunity for all Parents, Friends and Students of the St Edmund’s College community to show their appreciation to all current and former community residents and St Edmund’s Old Boys who have served in the defence of Australia or with our peace-keeping forces.

Thursday 25 April 2019 - 6.30am - Woodend Honour Stone

Corner Macgregor Street / Roseberry Parade (adjacent to Mulkerin Oval, St Edmund’s College)

The Old Boys’ Association will provide tea, coffee, cold drinks, ANZAC biscuits and a sausage sizzle in the grounds of the Old Boys’ House, 2 Macgregor Street, adjacent to the Honour Stone.

Roseberry Parade and Macgregor Street will close between Elizabeth and Panton Streets at 6:10am and re-open at 7:50am.

Learning & Teaching

Senior School

Middle School


Pastoral News

Year 9 Survival & Mountain Bike Camp

Glastonbury - Week 10

Survival Camp

A group of forty Year 9 boys ventured to Glastonbury camp grounds to hone their survival skills. The rain did not dampen their spirits and allowed them to truly test the new knowledge they had gained.

The boys experienced everything from river crossing, navigation, telling time by the sun, fire making, water finding/filtration, shelter building and trapping. Hopefully the group learnt one thing that in a survival situation may prove handy.

Year 9 Navigational Exercise

River Crossing

Mountain Biking

The Brooyar State Forest, just outside of Glastonbury, was the base for the mountain bike camp. Constant rain showers made the tracks difficult to navigate in spots, and whilst tested, the boys managed to complete most activities with a smile on their faces.

The opportunity to absail down a shear cliff face at the top of Point Pure, after completing a 3 kilometre climb on the bike, was an experience the boys will never forget.

Despite some spills, bumps and scrapes, the group will be able to reflect on a largely positive experience.

Mr Michael Podolak & Mr Lucas Wilson, Pastoral Deans

Year 8 Wilderness Camp

Border Ranges - Week 10

During Week 10, the Year 8 students attended their first Wilderness Camp. Over three days and two nights they enjoyed the picturesque surrounds of the Border Ranges at the back of Maroon Dam with the Camp Kokoda team. Each group experienced a mixture of hiking, giant swings, the flying fox, tent camping, canoeing and camp cooking.

Boys used the following words to describe their experience...physical, energetic, sacrifice, enduring, strength, team work, patience, resilience, beautiful, better than school.

Mr David Mills, Morgan House Dean / Year 8 Camp Coordinator

Year 12 Formal

Thursday 16 May 2019 - Ipswich Civic Centre

YEAR 12 FORMAL - Thursday 16 May 2019 - 7.00pm (Week 4, Term 2)

- $110 per person
- Payment must be received by Wednesday 1 May 2019
- Payment can be made through the locked box in the Student Office. Cash or cheques (made out to St Edmund’s College) must be placed in an envelope marked “Formal Tickets Payment” with the student’s name and total amount of the payment. Payment can be made also through College Reception via credit card or EFTPOS or via the College App.
- It is not essential to take a partner.
- If you are taking a partner it is essential to advise any dietary requirements they have such as allergies, vegetarian or gluten-free meals.
- Seating plans will be made available outside the Deans’ Room (early Term 2) for students to note the names of the people (including partners) sitting at their table. Tables are comprised of 16 people. It is essential that students correctly spell their partner’s name on the table plan as this is used for the table place cards.
- The Pre-Formal is held from 6.00pm to 7.00pm at the College and photographers will be set up in the College Hall to take family photos. The photographers will move to the Ipswich Civic Centre for the evening for students, their partners and friendship groups to have photos taken.
- Finger food and punch are served at the Pre-Formal.
- Expensive transport is discouraged as the travel between school and venue is so short.
- Please contact Ms Vanessa Bell on 3810 4491 or with any further questions.

Career News


Music and Cultural

APEX Debating Results

Round 3

Years 9/10: SEC 1 Win Vs Ipswich Girls Grammar (IGGS)

The Year 9 SEC 1 debating team was calm and collected in the face of tough competition. Debating the negative side to the topic that ‘Public speaking and debating should be included in the high school curriculum’, they were able to secure a narrow win. Kade Grieve presented as first speaker, Samuel Jesse as second, Liam Gannaway as third speaker and Stewart England contributed as time-keeper. The team was awarded the win due to their engaging manner and well researched arguments. Debating a team a year level above theirs, it should be noted that it was a remarkable effort to face the Ipswich Girls Grammar Year 10 team and come away successful. Thank you to all who came to support our students in their debate.

Years 9/10: SEC 2 Loss Vs Bremer State High School
A narrow loss against a high-quality opponent. Debating the affirmative side to the topic that ‘Public speaking and debating should be included in the high school curriculum’, we were unable to take advantage of flaws in our opponent’s arguments and we will look to improve upon our use of rebuttal in upcoming debates. Ryan Hawkins had a solid start outlining our case as first speaker. Noah Bertram was brilliant as second speaker, making numerous well thought out points, and finally, Jack Winrow summed up our case extremely well as third speaker.

Year 9/10: SEC 3 Win Vs St Augustine’s College 2
The Year 10 team debated the affirmative that ‘Public speaking and debating should be included in the high school curriculum’. Isaac McKew gave an impassioned speech to begin our case by pinpointing the benefits that such a change could make on young people and their futures. Jay Steele confidently highlighted the lingual benefits of speaking in front of an audience, whilst Kobie Low refuted the opposition’s case with skill and precision. The team is to be commended on their preparation and dedication through a busy time of term and we look forward to a potential quarter-final in the coming weeks.

Year 7/8: SEC 2 Loss Vs Ipswich Girls Grammar School
Our Year 7 (2) debating team lost narrowly to IGGS as they debated the negative that ‘All children should perform daily chores’. Jayden Probert began the debate for the Eddies team with sad stories to tug at the heart-strings of the audience and the adjudicator. Jared Lauron gave a very strong debate as second speaker, delivering a well-prepared speech with on-point rebuttal. Isaac Profke closed the debate, summing up the team’s main argument that parents need to be flexible in their approach to chores. The adjudicator commented that the debate was extremely close; so well-done boys for your second-ever debate!

Year 7/8: SEC 3 Loss Vs Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School 7
The Year 7 team had a narrow loss against a very well-polished IGGS team as they debated on the negative that ‘All children should perform daily chores’. Ethan McDermott-Ball did an outstanding job as first speaker; Jack Baker was great as second speaker, whilst Harry McCarney summed up and rebutted our opponent’s arguments very well. Special mention to Jordan Naoum on his commendable role as time-keeper.

Year 7/8: SEC 4 Loss Vs West Moreton Anglican College
The 7(4) debating team was confronted with the tough assignment of arguing the negative in the debate that ‘All students should perform daily chores’. Lane Beasley opened the team’s argument by claiming that a student’s time should be devoted to more academic study rather than to chores. This was followed by Will Harle-Crandel who firmly proclaimed that a student’s spare time should be devoted to fostering relationships with family members. Caden Smolenski rounded the argument with a firm rebuttal of the opposition’s argument that students need to learn the value of discipline; however, we were unsuccessful in the debate. An improvement in eye contact and more structure in our argument are our focus in moving forward.

Year 7/8: SEC 5 Loss Vs Ipswich Girls Grammar School
The Year 7 (5) team had a loss against the IGGS team. Zachary Oxenford led the way with well-researched arguments and strong matter, with feedback recommending that he maintains eye contact and works on the delivery of his arguments. Hayden Taylor spoke confidently as second speaker with a solid attempt at rebuttal and good eye contact. Dante Klose delivered his arguments utilising well placed humour and a comprehensive summary. Thank you to the parents and friends who attended.

Year 7/8: SEC 6 – Win vs Ipswich Girls Grammar
A fantastic debate by both teams made for some tough competition. The topic was that ‘All students should perform daily chores’. Lachlan Cuskelly presented as first speaker, Godwin Augustin as second and Griffin Woodruffe as third speaker for the affirmative side. A well-researched and formulated debate helped the team to gain points in matter as well as demonstrating some strong rebuttal throughout the debate. This combined effort put us in the lead to take out a win. Thank you to the parents and friends who attended.

Year 7/8: SEC 7 Win Vs Bremer State High School
Monday night saw the third debate on the topic that ‘All students should perform daily chores’, and the 8.7 team had the daunting task of debating the negative side of the topic. The team was able to convince the adjudicators with their compelling arguments, and chalk up a narrow win against a very polished Bremer State High School team. Jeremy Webb opened the case as first speaker and reminded the audience that students learn a strong work ethic by example. Second speaker, Angus Brosnan, stated that the students’ real job is to prepare themselves for their futures, and Michael Tate rebutted the opposition strongly and summarised the case. Thanks to the parents who have supported their sons this season.

Year 7/8 SEC 8 – Bye

Year 7/8: SEC 9 – Loss Vs Lowood State High School
Topic: 'All Students should perform daily chores.'
Ariel Kanofski opened the debate well setting up a solid platform for the affirmative team, but the Lowood team hit back with strong arguments and delivered their points in a convincing manner. Our second speaker, Bryson Stocker, came out firing although requiring more work to sustain his argument; however, Lowood’s second speaker debated in even more convincing style. Byson backed up bravely as third speaker in the absence of Bailin Minette. The final Lowood speaker delivered eloquent arguments and sealed a convincing and well-deserved win for the negative team.


St Edmund's Cross Country FUN RUN

Friday 26 April 2019

Cross Country FUN RUN Sponsorship Cards were issued to all St Edmund's students today, Friday 29 March.


Tuckshop Roster - Term 2, Week 1

Commencing Tuesday 23 April 2019

Mon 22 April: Easter Monday
Tue 23 April: N Callaghan, C Allan.
Wed 24 April: J Roberts, S Atuatika.
Thu 25 April: ANZAC Day - public holiday
Fri 26 April: V Albury, A Costello, F Sippel.

School News

Eddies Race Day - 4 May 2019

Ipswich Turf Club

Enrolment News - UPDATE

Round 2 Interviews for Year 7, 2021 commencing

Enrolment News

Round 2 Interviews for Year 7 in 2021 commence early Term 2. Please spread the word to family and friends to apply now. Places are filling fast for 2020 and we anticipate a Waiting List once again.

Please contact Enrolments on 3810 4448 or for any further assistance. Thank you.

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SEC Old Boys' Association BOWLS DAY

Saturday 27 April 2019


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