Newsletter - 4 September 2020

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The Principal

Expecting the Unexpected

“To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.” Oscar Wilde wrote this in his play An Ideal Husband. Interestingly, it was also a lesson learned painfully the other day. For me as for many, the end of the workday involves navigating to a carpark where a four wheeled ticket home awaits. Nostalgically, I grew up in an age when starting a car involved inserting a key into the ignition and turning it to produce the pleasing sound of an engine turning over, followed by the drone of a tuned set of cylinders idling comfortingly before the journey begins. On this particular day, however, remote in pocket — I believe it may be called a fob — I approached my vehicle and confidently pressed the button to unlock the door. After a satisfying “clunk”, an opened door and a comfortably established seating position, my finger reached forward to the appropriately named — or so I thought — Engine Start/Stop button. Surprisingly, upon pressing, my ears were greeted with a clicking sound and an engine steadfastly refusing to come to life.

Obviously, something was amiss. Exiting the car, the strategy was to lock the beast and seek assistance. With another button press and a “clunk” the doors locked. Then in turning to walk away, as if by magic, “clunk” they unlocked. So…pressing the fob again, “clunk”, locked doors! A turn, a step and “clunk”, unlocked. Then, with impeccable comedic, timing the boot determined that instant to be the optimal moment to unlock and so annoyingly popped open. After shutting the boot, this unexpected, puzzling and frustrating experience repeated itself twice more; lock, unlock, lock, unlock, boot; lock, unlock, lock, unlock, boot, before the doors finally settled into quiet security.

Thank you to the young Eddies man who sat nearby, watching the whole situation play out from his mum’s car. Troubled by what he saw, he related this to his mother who in true Eddies fashion came to make sure I was okay. In this case, I was, and I thank this mum for her concern. The trigger for such an unexpected comedy was in the end, a dead battery. To add to the unexpected surprises, nowadays batteries can be found in boots rather than under hoods.

“To expect the unexpected…” Our Year 12 students this year have, no doubt, taken this as a mantra with the unexpected showing itself regularly. Our Year 7 students have experienced the unexpected in their first year of Eddies, punctuated by social spacing, no hand shaking and online learning. Each of our young men has lived with the unexpected over the course of this year and certainly, the recent resurgence of the COVID19 virus in our local area yet another surprise.

It seems there will be more of the unexpected to come. However, surprises cease to be surprising if we are prepared. For each unexpected, it is important to have a strategy, a plan, an answer. As schools in the South East face spot closures due to positive infection notices, the need to be prepared for the next step is evident. The strategy to rectify a flat battery will be different to dealing with COVID tests and spot closures. The plan to deal with such events will be more complex than that to call RACQ for assistance. The answer, however, in each case can be found in preparation, and in the support and strength of this community, our community, our Eddies.

Ray Celegato, Principal

The Deputy


Identity News

Start at the Very Beginning

As the newest Eddies men walked through the gates this morning for their Orientation Day, there was a touch of excitement in the air. Today they came in various coloured uniforms. However, when they walk out the gate in the blue and white as senior students in 2026, we know they will be the kind, strong and gentle men who have been formed by the charism of our Catholic College in the Edmund Rice tradition.

This journey began today, as they were introduced to the Touchstones and from here, they will journey through our ‘Eddies Men Can’ Student Formation program. It is a program that brings to life the story of Blessed Edmund Rice, and the story of Jesus. It is a journey that delves into the Touchstones and creates men of justice and compassion.

Today these young men received a card that gave them some insight into the stories that shape the charism of our College. You will see this below. This is just the beginning of the journey and there is much to learn, but today we asked the students to look at this card and imagine what they might discover in the years to come.

We wish our Rookies all the very best as they finish their primary school education this year and in 2021 look forward to seeing them walk up the driveway again as Year 7 Eddies Men.

Live Jesus in our Hearts. Forever.

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Identity

Learning & Teaching

Learning and Teaching

Year 7 Subject Selection

This week Mr Marin (Director of Middle School) and Ms O’Shea (Assistant Principal Administration) met with the Year 7 students to explain the Subject Selection process. As I said in last week’s newsletter, this is the first time in their schooling that they have the opportunity to choose what they study. The materials are available on EDE and I thank the Year 7 Parents/Caregivers for engaging in this process. I am meeting students in the playground and chatting about their choices, as I enjoy getting to know them and hearing their stories. I met one young man at the “Show Your Colours” breakfast this week and we shared our passion for our sporting team. I wish all Year 7 students well for this time of decision making.


All students have exams commencing next week; therefore, this should be everyone’s priority. The Year 12 students commenced their practice for the External Exams this week and this will continue into next week. The Year 12s are having the full exam experience with their exams scheduled in the same order as the QCAA External Timetable, with instructions and complete formal exam conditions in place for each subject. The mock exams will be marked to provide feedback to Year 12 students for improvement prior to the QCAA October exams.

A Final Note

Best wishes to all fathers for Sunday. May God bless you in the important role you have in the lives of your sons.

Carmel James, Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching

Years 8 and 9 Visual Art

Excursions to Brisbane Southbank

During Week 5, our Years 8 and 9 Visual Art classes took the opportunity to visit the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art and the Gallery of Modern Art at Southbank. Both venues offer a wide variety of Australian and international art for public viewing, including Richard Bell’s Embassy project and the beautiful aerial perspective landscapes created by Aboriginal artist, Mavis Ngallametta.

The artworks viewed play an important part in the students’ studies this semester. The Year 8s are studying Landscape Art, with a focus on Horizon-Line, Birds-Eye and Panoramic Landscape types, while the Year 9s are focusing on Australian Art, considering Australian Art history and the concept of social commentary on issues within our society, in a visual format.

Both classes fully engaged in this opportunity that would not often be open to them, allowing the students to create a better understanding of the topics being studied.

I hope that they enjoyed their time away from the busy environment of school life to view and appreciate the art that our Australian artists have gifted us.

Ms Weston, Teacher

E-Sport - League of Legends

SEC Glaciers Vs SPS Empire

This week the St Edmunds’ team competed against a strong team in SPS Empire. Unfortunately, they lost the final game of the season, thereby finishing in third position overall. The players had a strong season, being in first position for most of the time and losing only the final couple of games. Considering a few of our players were new to the game and were moved up to the hybrid division, the students did extremely well and should be proud of their achievement.

Ms Mansell

St Edmund’s C1

The first round of the semi-finals started on the wrong foot for the C1 Team, with the players going down 0-5 in their first game, followed by a 1-3 and 2-5 loss, resulting in a clean sweep for Chisolm Maroon. The students played well; however, they struggled to find a solid defence. After an up-and-down season, the C1 team was knocked out of the competition, finishing in 5th place. Good luck to the C2 team!

St Edmund’s C2

A quarter-final clean sweep for the Year 10 players against Chisholm Green. The students will be playing in semi-finals and grand finals next week where their composure will be tested under finals’ pressure. The team is confident and motivated through an outstanding season of victories.

Mr Klimowsow, Teacher

Senior School

Middle School


2021 Enrolments

Enrolments being accepted now - 2021 and beyond

Orientation Day was held today, Friday 4 September 2020, for our Year 7, 2021 students

We are still accepting enrolments for Year 7 in 2021 and onwards, so please contact St Edmund’s College Enrolments on or phone 3810 4448, for any further information.

Thank you.

Pastoral News

Career News

Careers - Week 8

Defence - Holiday Short Courses - Career Spotlight - Film & Television Holiday Boot Camp

Defence News

Australian Defence Force (ADF) Information Sessions

The Australian Defence Force holds career information sessions across Queensland on a number of different career pathways in the ADF. For details about the following events and for information on Army Reserve Information Sessions, visit the Defence Jobs Australia Facebook site. Click on the link below to find out more:


Upcoming events:

08/09/2020 Army Officer Virtual Information Session

09/09/2020 Army Reserve Virtual Information Session

10/09/2020 Loganholme: Defence Careers Information Session

Holiday Short Courses

JMC September/October high school workshops

Workshops and Short Courses are a great opportunity to check out the JMC Academy campus. Here are some of of the workshop and short courses available:

  • Character and Life Drawing
  • Digital Sculpture and Character
  • Digital TV Studio
  • Discover Visual Communication
  • Electronic Music Production
  • Filmmaking
  • Perform, Record and Create Music
  • Recording a Band
  • The Exciting World of Event Management

Visit the JMC website for details and to register.

Queensland School of Film and Television (QSFT) school holiday boot camps

QSFT is offering the following bootcamps at its Annerley campus during the coming September/October school holidays:

  • Filmmaker Bootcamp (for years 9-12) – 30 September & 1 October 2020
  • Junior Filmmaker Bootcamp (for years 7 – 8) – 2 October 2020

You can browse the bootcamps and pre-register your interest by clicking on the red ‘CLICK HERE’ link. For more information, contact the school on telephone 3392 7788 or email They also run weekend workshops throughout the year.

Career Spotlight

Youth Workers assist young people as individuals or groups to solve social, emotional and financial problems in an agency framework and they are also known as Youth Officer or Youth Support Worker. Specialisations include Juvenile Justice Officer, Youth Accommodation Support Worker, Youth Liaison Officer and you usually need a formal qualification in youth work, youth justice, community services, or child, youth, and family intervention to work as a Youth Worker. VET (Vocational Education and Training) and university are both common study pathways for Youth Workers.

Hospital Orderlies assist with the provision of care to patients in a hospital by ensuring wards are neat and tidy, lifting and turning patients and transporting them in wheelchairs or on movable beds, and providing direct care and support and are also known as Wardsperson or Patient Services Assistant. You can work as a Hospital Orderly without formal qualifications. Some on the job training may be provided. Hospital orderlies often complete a certificate III or IV.

Where can a Law degree get you?

The non-legal career options for law graduates and established lawyers are increasing. Data suggests that a law degree places you in good stead to secure employment in a variety of career fields. According to Graduate Careers Australia, 74 per cent of Australian law school graduates obtain full-time employment within four months of graduation. This is higher than the national average for graduate employment which is 69 per cent. Click here to read about ten jobs that you could do with a Law degree:

  1. Accounting
  2. Journalism
  3. Recruitment
  4. Politics
  5. Management consulting
  6. Judge's associate
  7. Human resources
  8. Wealth management/investment banking
  9. Police prosecutor
  10. Advocacy
Tertiary Entry Information

How will I know I have a QTAC offer?

You only receive one offer per offer round. This is for your highest eligible preference (i.e. the highest course on your preference list where you have met the minimum entry requirements and your ATAR/Rank is above the lowest ATAR/Rank to receive an offer. If you get an offer, QTAC will send you an email or SMS notifying you to log in to your QTAC application account to view, print and respond to your offer.

Year 12 students could receive an offer anytime from 20 November 2020 (not including early offers through some university programs). It is essential that you check your emails and mobile phone (for an SMS) from 20 November until you firmly accept an offer. If you receive an offer, you have four days to respond to it. If you don’t respond by the due date, the offer you will lose it and you will no longer be considered for any other course. If this happens, contact QTAC immediately. Remember to use your private email address NOT your school email address on your QTAC application.

Pros and cons of mid-year entry

Many tertiary courses have Semester 1 and Semester 2 entry. This means students can commence their course at the beginning of the year or mid-year. The following is a list of some of the advantages and disadvantages of applying mid-year.


  • You can have a longer break from study between finishing Year 12 and starting tertiary study half way through the following year (like a mini Gap year).
  • Mid-year entry allows you to apply again if you don’t get a course for Semester 1.
  • Starting mid-year gives you a chance to improve your skills by doing a study preparation course or short lower level course during Semester 1.
  • Starting mid-year does not necessarily mean you take longer to graduate as many courses offer catch-up options such as summer schools/Trimester 3 study options.


  • Not all courses offer mid-year entry.
  • ATAR/tertiary rank cut-offs can be more competitive mid-year because there are usually fewer places available.
  • You could regret not starting your study earlier when you see your friends starting their courses in Semester 1.
  • You might get out of the study habit.
  • You could become bored and end up wasting your time.

A sensible strategy is to apply for Semester 1 courses and defer your study. Also, you could contact the admissions office of the institution to find out the process to defer for six months instead of a year, which is the usual deferment period.

Registering to receive your ATAR

A reminder that you need to register with QTAC to receive your ATAR result as a separate process to applying to QTAC for course entry in 2021. Visit the QTAC website and click on ATAR and then ATAR Portal and sign up. It is a simple process and you must have your LUI number (get it from school) to register. During the process QTAC will send you a confirmation email with a code you must enter. If you can't find it in your Inbox it will have gone into your Junk box.

What is deferment?

Deferment means that when you get an offer of a course place from QTAC, you can delay enrolling in the course until a later date – usually in a year’s time. When you receive an offer from QTAC, you must respond. Deferment is one of the responses available. Each institution has its own rules on deferment. You can find these on the QTAC website. Note that not all courses can be deferred. If you wish to defer for a longer period than that stated in the institution’s policy, you should contact the institution directly.

Find out what subjects/courses/units you will study in a particular uni degree

Before you choose a course it's a good idea to check out what you will actually be studying. At school you call them subjects. The different universities call them either units, courses or subjects. Knowing what you will be learning can help you make a great tertiary study decision.

The University of Queensland
  • Go to the UQ website, click on Future Students then Study then Undergraduate
  • Click on Choose Your Program and then scroll down to the link Find your program
  • Either use the Search by keyword box or scroll through the options on the page to find the degree you are interested in.
  • Choose the bachelor’s degree you are interested in, then scroll down and click on See all courses in this program. Read the top section carefully and you can then click on the course code links to read more about the course/subject.
Queensland University of Technology
  • Go to the QUT website and click on Study, then Undergraduate
  • Either enter the course you are wanting in the Search Our Courses section or click on the study area that it falls under
  • Scroll down to Explore this course and then click on Details and units, click on All course structures then Year 1, Semester 1 etc. You can click on the Unit links to read about the Unit/subject.
  • NOTE: some programs are structured differently but you should be able to navigate to the Units by reading the webpage.
Griffith University
  • Go to Griffith Uni’s website and type the degree you are interested in into the search box
  • Click on the degree you are wanting
  • Scroll down the page to Degree Details and make sure that you have selected the correct year and trimester ie 2021 and Trimester 1 (starts end of February in 2021)
  • Keep scrolling until you see Degree structure for Trimester 1 – 2021
  • Click on the Course links to read more about the course/subject
Australian Catholic University (a Public University)
  • Go to the ACU website, click on Search for a course and enter the course you are interested in
  • Click on the See full course details (in red on the right) of the course/bachelor degree you are interested in
  • Scroll down to Course Units (Subjects) and click on Schedule of Unit offerings the course links for more information about the course/subject
Central Queensland University
  • Go to the CQU website and type in the Find course box the course you are wanting
  • Click on the course you are wanting and click on Course Structure
  • Click on the Handbook link and then Course Structure on the top navigation bar
  • Click on the unit links for more information about the unit/subject
The University of Southern Queensland
  • Go to the USQ website and enter the degree you are interested in in the Find a Degree box
  • Click on the degree you are interested in
  • Click on Degree Structure and then click on USQ Handbook
  • Scroll down to Program Structure to see the courses/subjects
University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Go the USC webpage and choose a degree from the Find A Degree box and click on GO
  • Click on the degree you want, scroll down to What Will I Study and click on Starting SAemester 1
  • Click on Study Sequence to find out what courses/subjects you will study in what year.
Bond University
  • Go to the Bond University’s website, click on Study At Bond found on the top navigation bar, then and then under the Search for a program heading click on Undergraduate programs
  • Click on the degree that you are interested in then scroll down to Structure and subjects
  • Click on the subject links to read more about what you will study
James Cook University
  • Go to James Cook university’s webpage, click on Future Students on the top navigation bar and then click on Courses
  • Either click on a study area you are interested in or type the course you want in the Find Your Course box
  • Scroll down and click on Handbook then scroll down to Course Structure.
  • Click on the subject links to find out more about the subject.

Mr Mark Currie, Careers Guidance Officer/Adviser


Music and Cultural

Music News

2020 Cultural Showcase

The St Edmund’s Cultural Showcase was held last Friday evening in the College Hall. While it was a different experience under the COVID-Safe regulations, it was a very enjoyable evening for all who attended or for viewers at home via livestream.

A special mention to the College Performing Arts Captain, Lachlan Wesener, who was involved in eight of the ten performances on the night, and who co-hosted the event with Zachary Pennell. Lachlan showed maturity far beyond his years and demonstrated his amazing musical talents on multiple instruments throughout the evening.

I would like to thank Ms Frances O’Sullivan, Mr Jesse Gold, Mr Chris Barton, Mr Nick Devin, Mr Jeremy Cowles and the College Maintenance Staff lead by Mr Scott Carroll for their contribution in helping this event happen.

Thank you to the instrumental music tutors who assisted the students in preparation for the event. I would also like to thank College Principal Mr Ray Celegato and Mr Wayne Warren (Assistant Principal Activities), the College Leadership Team and the staff for their continued support of the Performing Arts Department.

Most of all, I would like to thank all the students who participated in this event, particularly the thirteen Senior students who were recognised on the night for their contribution to the Performing Arts. I have worked with a number of these students since their arrival at St Edmund’s in Year 7. It has been an honour to watch them grow into exceptional musicians and wonderful young men. I wish them all the best for the future.

Seniors recognised for their contribution to the Performing Arts:

Brock Barron

Connor Chapman

Miguel Clutario

Nathan Curr

Jake Hoare

William Houston

Tom McIntyre

Adair McNamara

Connor McPhillips

Phillip Pedro

Zachary Pennell

Callum Rose

Lachlan Wesener (Performing Arts Captain)

College Assembly Performance – 28 August

Last Friday, Miguel Clutario performed “Hard Sometimes” by Ruel accompanied by Lachlan Wesener on keys. It was wonderful to witness such an emotional performance by Miguel which demonstrated his passion for performing. Well done Miguel.

Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental lessons for the term will be finishing soon. Please let your tutor or me know if you cannot attend your lesson due to in-class assessment.

Mr Tim Kirkwood, Director of Music

AIC Chess Results

Round 2 Vs Padua College

It was remiss not to congratulate our 2020 Chess Captain, Lachlan Wesener, and the Firsts Chess Team last week. St Edmund’s is lucky to have a wonderful group of dedicated Seniors and a large group of Juniors fine-tuning their Chess skills.

The other Firsts are Ekachai Adams, Mitchell Vesper, Kobie Low, Declan Jolly, Jake O'Loughlin and Cale Taylor. These students are supported by fellow Seniors, Daniel Fordham, Hugh Tyne and Xander O’Neil. We are also fortunate to have Jack Cumner and Ben Naish on the team.

We have thirty Juniors as members of the SEC Chess team, all attending training to further their skills. These thirty students are vying for eight positions, therefore competition is fierce, as only four games are being played this year.

Our second round against Padua brought wins for the Firsts, Senior A, Senior B and Intermediate B. This was a great effort and all players are commended.

AIC CHESS against Padua – Overall Win

Open -

SEC 14 - Padua 2 – Win

Senior A -

SEC 12 - Padua 4 – Win

Senior B -

SEC 14 - Padua 2 – Win

Intermediate A -

SEC 6 - Padua 10 – Loss

Intermediate B -

SEC 13 - Padua 3 – Win

We had wins in the Opens by Ekachai Adams (2), Mitchell Vesper (2), Lachlan Wesener (2) and Kobie Lowe (1). Senior A winners were Daniel Fordham (2) and Hugh Tyne (1 and draw), Declan Jolly (1) and Jake O'Loughlin (1 and draw). Winning games in Senior B were from Cale Taylor (1), Xander O’Neil (2), Ben Naish (2) and Jack Cumner (2).

Intermediate A had tough games with wins to Jeremy Webb (1) and Aidan Doherty (2).

Intermediate B had wins to Jared Lauron (2), Cooper Handy (2), Jett Watkins (1) and Joshua Rooney (1 and draw). Special congratulations to Jett and Joshua as they are Year 7 students playing in their first competition for St Edmund’s. Joshua had a win in two moves in his second game.

Round 3 was played on Wednesday afternoon due to the student free day on Friday. We are looking forward to seeing all team members at training on Monday and Thursday.

Ms Debra Whyte and Ms Anne Artesi


Athletics Carnival Guidelines

Tuesday 15 September 2020 – Years 7, 11 and 12 AND Thursday 17 September 2020 – Years 8, 9 and 10

  • Students can wear full school sports uniform to and from school. If full sports uniform is not available, please ensure students change back into normal school uniform for the journey home.
  • While shade will be provided on Mulkerin Oval, students are advised to SLIP-SLOP-SLAP. All students need to be well hydrated during the day particularly if it is hot. Please remind them to take a water bottle to the oval.
  • Championship and Non-Championship events will be conducted on the Carnival days.
  • All students compete in Year levels (Not like AIC).
    • i.e. Year 7, Year 11, etc. Nominations are needed for Championship events only.
  • No restrictions on the number of Championship events entered by an individual – trials may be needed.
  • Some Championship events (including 1500m and field events (see schedule) will be held at lunchtimes, during sport periods and after school prior to the carnival days.
  • All Championship and Non-Championship events carry points for the first 5 placings and a point for participation.
  • All students compete in at least 3 events on the day.
  • No spectators are allowed under St Edmund’s College COVID-19 guidelines.

Photo Schedule 5 September 2020 - Years 7/8 Rugby & Football

Tivoli Playing Fields

AIC Football Results - 29 August 2020

Round 2 Vs Padua College

First XI - LOSS 1 – 8. A performance which was nowhere near our set expectations. A failure to execute the simple aspects of the game and some clinical finishing resulted in a dramatic score line at half time. A largely improved performance in the second half showed what we are capable of; however, it was too little too late. Looking forward to a more fluent 80-minute performance against SPC this weekend.

Second XI - LOSS 0 – 6. A strong first half showed glimpses of a positive result, with the downfall being an unfortunate lapse in concentration just seconds before the break, which we entered one goal down. Despite being well and truly in the game as the second half began, an absolute capitulation saw Padua score five unanswered goals. We did not show any sign of promise in the second half and will be looking to change this in our final round game this weekend. Thomas Bopf showed steady composure on the ball when trying to play out from the back, whilst Barry Pilado ran tirelessly all day.

Third XI - LOSS 0 – 5. The Thirds were competitive, holding Padua 1-nil well into the second half until the latter stages of the match. In the final fifteen minutes the dominant Padua mid-field controlled the play, putting immense pressure on our backline. Padua were able to put away another four goals, running out comfortable winners.

10A - WIN 3 – 0. A solid performance gained a valuable three points against the Week 1 joint leaders Padua in an entertaining game to complete the 2020 fixtures at our Tivoli home ground. We began very sprightly, with a fast-paced tempo that Padua clearly struggled to contain, yet, although superior with and without the ball, the dominance was not maximised, as we squandered numerous glorious chances to break the deadlock. Just before the interval, Brathan Armstrong popped up to finish with aplomb and give the Eddies men their deserved lead. We started as we finished and looked the more confident and composed team in the second half and nabbed a second from the spot, courtesy of Ben Ivanovic who coolly slotted home. Leading scorer Armstrong completed the rout with an expert finish from outside the box to round out an impressive 3-0 victory. The defensive strength remains a real source of comfort, with the team yet to concede a goal for the 2020 season, a credit to the entire squad. A big week ahead to secure the grand final berth!

10B - WIN 1 – 0. A great team performance saw us achieve our first win of the season. We dominated possession, passed the ball around all game and were unlucky not to gather a few more goals. Special mention to Oscar Garcia, Adam Hammant and Dylan King for their great games.

9A - LOSS 1 – 2. A strong performance throughout the game with the players putting up a fight but this could not take us over the line. Some costly defending caused two goals to leak through the defence and put us on the back foot. Great saves by William Eiby kept us in the game before Jovany Jirima hit a great shot from outside the box to chip the keeper to take us one goal behind. This fed our hunger, putting the team on the front foot for the remainder of the game; however, we were unable able to finish off our chances. Solid games by Patrick Hunter and Jack Thomas.

9B - WIN 5 – 0. We started well with the backline holding firm and the midfield dominating possession. Early in the match, Don Palatty Davis found himself comfortably controlling from back-deep as sweeper. Along with the returning Xavier Brimecombe, the back four were impenetrable with Jacob Rock once again driving forward as a wingback. Midfielders Ethan Isaacs and Ronald Tom did not give Padua an inch, and between them their work ensured the ball was constantly moving. This allowed Declan Able to have a field day up front, scoring all 5 goals. The second half continued as dominant as the first. Hard tackling determined chase-downs and team-focused play all contributing to a strong all-round team performance.

8A - LOSS 0 – 4. After a good performance against Marist the week before, the Eddies men went into battle against a Padua team coming off a win against St Patrick’s. A disjointed start to the game saw neither team take control. Padua was able to gain more possession of the ball and converted two chances to lead into the half 2-0. This momentum continued in the second half with Padua scoring another two goals. The Eddies men battled well for the final 15 minutes; however, were unable to convert their chances. A tough loss, however, we will learn and prepare for the next game Vs St Pat’s.

8B - LOSS 1 – 3. The team went down in extreme, windy conditions to a strong and well-drilled Padua side. From the first whistle, the players demonstrated outstanding determination and togetherness, and within the first 20 seconds Lucas Baker managed to score a superb goal; his second of the season and counting! Mistakes at the back cost us dearly, and in the end another narrow loss. Special mention to Captain Harry Winrow on an outstanding display in the middle of the park. A great performance by Ryan Silcock.

8C - LOSS 0 – 12. The team came up against a much fitter and more skilled opposition, but they kept trying until the final whistle. Both halves were similar with Padua scoring 6 in the first half and 6 in the second. Seth Taylor had another good game in attack and Jack Hannan was tireless in midfield. Isaac Profke played brilliantly in the backs and Riley Mechen produced some good saves in goal.

7A - LOSS 0 – 4. A lacklustre defensive effort saw the team concede two goals in the first half. Brayden Sprecak and Nicolas Jackson led the way for an improved second half performance. Padua scored two late goals to secure the victory.

7B - LOSS 1 – 2. Round 2 of the AIC season saw the Eddies team facing a competitive Padua side at Banyo, going down 2-1. Both sides were scoreless at half-time, but two quick goals from Padua led to an increase in intensity from the SEC team, who rallied to score a reply from the boot of William Schreiber. A solid game from this week’s Captain, Liam Mulvey, and improved communication and effort in defence from the whole team. A win is surely close!

7C - WIN 1 – 0. After a good week at training, the 7Cs were confident going into the game against Padua. The first half was tightly contested with both teams having good opportunities to score. Hunter Reed in goal kept Padua scoreless with some fantastic shot stopping. The second half was more open with the ball travelling quickly from end to end. In the final stages of the game, Austin Wade latched a ball into the box and was able to put the team ahead 1 – 0. The Eddies team achieved a well-deserved win through their resolute defending as well as great goalkeeping.

AIC Rugby Results - 29 August 2020

Round 2 Vs Padua College

First XV - LOSS 5 – 20. A much-improved performance from the First XV against Padua. A tough defensive line saw points come at a premium. The team showed heart and capitalised on scintillating back play to run in a 60 metre try. The second half was a close fought affair with a penalty goal separating the team. Samuel Callaghan and Jed Lacey led the team with their defensive display in the midfield and Ben Choat was unlucky not to come away with a ‘birthday’ try. The players will be looking to build on this performance and will take confidence into Round 3 against St Patrick’s. Notable performances by Jed Lacey, Sam Callaghan, Benjamin Choat and Patrick Towne.

Second XV - LOSS 5 – 26. A tougher and tighter game this week. Padua came ready to play with vigour and our players matched their enthusiasm early; however, fatigue set in at the end. It was a show of resilience from the team that allowed them to cross the line twice. Jack Jamieson tackled meticulously while Jake Kerkin and Max Banditt steered the team.

10A - WIN 24 – 12. Good team performance by the SEC team typified our collective, positive spirit. Our defensive structure was solid throughout showing discipline and resilience. Ball movement was slick, and this allowed the team to capitalise. Mani Bowers, Ethan Sadler and Larry Siala ran strongly. Clay Kemp showed the rugby smarts when needed whilst Zane Kaatz was a class act.

10B - WIN 15 – 12. The team bounced back from last week’s game with a hard-earned win. Several players backed up, once again, after playing for the Cs and dug deep to find renewed energy to continue running and tackling for another 50 minutes. Padua proved they were no easy beats, scoring early. Padua dominated possession and St Edmund’s showed steely resolve in their defence. As the game progressed, the team was able to gain possession of the ball and go forward, pushing Padua to the backfoot, ultimately leading to three tries. In the final stages, Padua scored a second try and were pushing for a third; however, the players held on with a great defensive display. Fantastic effort from the whole team.

10C - LOSS 0 – 42. The score line against Padua does not reflect the improvements in both skills and attitude the players have made from the previous week. Special mentions to Jack Brent, Jake Smith, Robert Sayle, Blade Gourley and Jackson Midgley for their energy and commitment. The team is looking forward to further improvement against St Patrick’s and a better score line.

9A - WIN 17 – 10. The 9As had a hard-fought win. The Eddies team failed to capitalise on many attacking opportunities, particularly in the second half, despite being the dominant team. The players’ inability to maintain composure in high-pressure situations cost the team tries; however, much praise is given to every player for minimising the scoring opportunities for Padua. A strong defensive effort, particularly from Tafito Falaniko Ah-Ki and Thomas Tracey. Lachlan Davis had a blinder, particularly when running the ball in attack and executing his line-out jumping.

9B - LOSS 12 – 26. The 9Bs can hold their heads high in what was a gritty display of rugby. A lesson to remember is that teams play two games of rugby, and this showed in the second half when a few players ran out of steam. Rugby skills are continuing to develop at a pleasing rate, particularly when it comes to groundwork and kicking for territory. Areas for improvement include smarter passing and maintaining an effective defensive shape. Jack Cairns led the team well through defence and breakdown work. A special mention to Xavier Wighton, who made many try-saving tackles on the wing

9C - LOSS 10 – 27. The 9Cs kicked into gear after a slow start with a break away try to Kohan Woods. Several try-saving tackles by Owen Fourmile kept the team in the game in the first half, which was 5 -5 at half time. A second try shortly after the break saw the team trail 10 -12; however, poor decision making in the 9Cs own half allowed Padua to apply pressure and eventually run out winners.

8A - LOSS 5 – 50. The 8As continued the path to improvement. There were three highlights of the game which included an improved scrambling defence when Padua made breaks out wide; Cruz Boxell's damaging runs through heavy Padua defence on multiple occasions; and Talon Campbell's defensive efforts against a larger opposition. It was fantastic to see the 8As first try of season and we look forward to another impressive effort this week against St Patrick’s College.

8B - LOSS 0 – 92. The score line did not reflect the attitude of all nineteen students who arrived to play. Singularly, the fact that four reserves were available for the match speaks volumes about this team's commitment and never-say-die attitude. There were incisive runs from Phoenix Ungermann, in addition to solid impact in attack and defence from Digger Marschke. A 100% attendance at training will further solidify the character of the 8B team and lay the foundations for future seasons.

7A - LOSS 0 – 31. With high expectations from the 2019 premiership Padua team from the outset, they were amazed at the toughness, skill and resistance of the SEC team and the challenge that they presented. Padua had to work very hard for their victory. St Edmund’s had scoring opportunities but did not take advantage of them. They will be better for the run and took away confidence from the match; especially now that they have played the two strongest teams in the AIC competition. The team is beginning to realise the strength in this competition and what is required to win the premiership. Patrick Albion was solid at half, Rohan Ratajczyk made numerous, effective runs through the Padua defence, Charlie Parkes was solid in the ruck, William Tatt troubled the opposition with his damaging runs and tenacious tackling, and Koda Cuthbert-Hough proved tough to get around with his grass-cutting defence. The score did not reflect the contest.

7B - LOSS 0 – 29. St Edmund’s fought on strongly despite a larger and mobile opposition and two first-half injuries. By half time, Padua had crossed for two tries to lead 14-0, but SEC was still in the match. The forwards need to commit more to breakdown to maintain their ball possession. The backs, when shifting the ball wide, must draw in the defence and run holes, rather than crabbing across the field. SEC did not take their chances in attack in the second half, with Padua making the most of their possession to add three further tries. There were strong performances from Jace Taylor, Ethan Greaves and Blake Colburn, while Jack Clarke, Phoenix Jackson, Riley Farrell and Liam Costello are all starting to realise their potential. Better luck this week.

7C - LOSS 14 – 34. SEC were under early pressure, with Padua scoring four tries and leading 24-0 at half time. To their credit, Eddies showed their ‘ticker’ in the second stanza to get back into the match through tries to Jack Breuer and Mitch Sutton, winning the second half 14-10; however, the slow start cost them dearly. Today’s match highlighted the importance of counting numbers in attack, maintaining possession at the breakdown and moving up in defence. The 7Cs are quickly learning the game of rugby and improving with each outing. Good work!

7D - LOSS 25 – 31. The Eddies 7D team improved upon last week’s performance to mount a strong challenge against Padua. In the first half, Padua scored first, then SEC came to life to cross the white line four times to lead 20-7 at the break. Early in the second half, St Edmund’s scored another 5-pointer to race to a handsome lead; however, Padua regrouped and scored four tries. The difference in this game was the kicking, with Padua converting three from five attempts. SEC’s tries were scored by Kynan Jackson (2), Cooper Webb, Tyson Kurtz and Charles Cass. The Eddies team learnt two valuable lessons today: the importance of using their shoulders to tackle; and to play for the entire fifty minutes. Well done!

AIC Football (Soccer) Fixtures - 5 September 2020

Round 3 Vs St Patrick's College

AIC Rugby Fixtures - 5 September 2020

Round 3 Vs St Patrick's College

COVID Plan - Curlew Park

Rugby and Football Fixtures - 5 September 2020

COVID Plan - Tivoli Playing Fields

Rugby and Football Fixtures - 5 September 2020


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A significant amount of student property is still accumulating or remains uncollected in the Student Office.

Extensive numbers of unnamed College uniform items include shirts, jumpers, particularly hats, black school shoes, sports gear and lunchboxes.

Students are asked to check the boxes in the Student Office and collect their belongings as soon as possible.

Items remaining after THURSDAY 17 September will be donated to St Vincent de Paul.

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Community positions available for QCAA 2020 Senior External Assessment

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) is calling for Invigilators for the 2020 Senior External Assessment. Members of our St Edmund’s Community are encouraged to apply. The 2020 external assessment period will run from October to November.

The QCAA appoints members of the Queensland community to observe and report on the administration of external assessment sessions at secondary schools throughout Queensland.

Invigilators play an important role in promoting public confidence in the new Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) system and ensuring that proper and fair administrative procedures are implemented.

Applications from Queensland community members for invigilator roles are now open and close on 30 September, or when all positions are filled.

Role summary: Invigilators are required to:

  • Attend allocated assessment sessions at assessment venues
  • Observe and report on the administration of assessments and the collection, counting and packing of materials at the end of assessments.

Payment: $29.00 per hour. [A 1.5-hour session will be paid as 3 hours ($87.00). A 2-hour session will be paid as 3.5 hours ($101.50).]

Eligibility: Community members must

  • Hold a blue card or an exemption card
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be eligible to work in Australia
  • Have photographic identification
  • Have a personal email address
  • Have a mobile phone
  • Have access to a computer, the internet and a printer
  • Supply names and contact details of two referees.

Members of our St Edmund’s College Community are encouraged to apply for these positions. Allocations will be to a secondary school/assessment centre within the vicinity of your home address.

Position Description: Invigilators and Invigilator FAQs are available at


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