Newsletter - 30 November 2018

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Principal's Office

The Principal

Thank You

Dear St Edmund’s College Family and Friends

As this is the final newsletter for 2018, I take this opportunity to thank you for your willing engagement with the College throughout the year. The St Edmund’s College community is built on quality relationships between the many people who are associated with this special place. This includes staff, parents, students, Ipswich community members, Old Boys, College Board, Parents and Friends, Foundation committee members, our Catholic school colleagues from St Mary’s College and St Mary’s Primary, Ipswich parishioners, friends of the College and the broader Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) community.

We are bound by a common goal and an awareness that it is an awesome privilege to educate the young men in our care in the tradition of Blessed Edmund Rice. Thank you for the support you have given me and the dedicated and committed staff with which I have the privilege to work. Together we have achieved a lot and journeyed a fair distance in 2018. We can look back with great pride, and with a sense of optimism and hope for what is ahead. We are indeed grateful to be part of this wonderful community that is Eddies.

Farewell to Staff

We acknowledge and farewell the following staff who will be leaving us at the end of the year. While some are pursuing new challenges in their chosen career pathway, others are taking leave, and for some they have reached that special time in their life when they can retire.

We thank all our departing staff for their distinctive contribution to St Edmund’s College and for the gift they have been to our community. We have been blessed by their presence – they will be missed.

Carolyn Marshall – Retiring
Del Graham - Retiring
Kaye Lucas - Retiring
Michael Hudson – Retiring
Drew Semple – Semi-Retiring
Paul Reeves – Teaching Position at Ambrose Treacy College
Daniel Meehan – Middle Leadership Position at St Peter Claver College
Sallyanne Freney – Middle Leadership Position at Villanova College
Tom Bryden – Teaching position at St Laurence’s College
Fiona Cole – Resigned
David Wass - Resigned
David Gagen – 12 months Leave
Samuel Sprenger - 12 months Leave
Kylie McAndrew - 12 months Leave
Nicole Parslow – 6 months Leave

Lesley Fleming - 6 weeks Leave Term 1

Next year we will be welcoming back the following teachers who have been on Leave in 2018:

Paula Turner – Returns from Leave in Term 2
Motoko Shimokowa – Returning after 12 months Leave
Chris Purcell - Returning after 12 months Leave

Live, Jesus, in our hearts, forever.

Diarmuid O'Riordan

The Deputy


Mission and Community

It Is In Giving That We Receive

To everyone who gave items for our Christmas Hamper appeal - Thank you!

As the year comes to a close and we finalise assessment and clear out lockers, in one corner of the College we are organising and finalising the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hampers. It is a wonderful sight to see - boxes and boxes of donations that show that our community is filled with generosity and compassion.

Each year the St Mary’s St Vincent de Paul Conference, commonly supports approximately 100 families in the Ipswich community. This Christmas there are struggling families and isolated people who will receive some joy with the arrival of our Christmas hampers. Your generosity will create a wonderful Christmas Day by providing breakfast, lunch, dinner and even some extra treats to those in need. Through the kindness of our 48 homerooms, various teaching teams and numerous generous individuals, we will be able to provide a significant donation to St Vincent de Paul and the people of Ipswich.

This year we created 56 Family Christmas Hampers. As a bonus, we have collected a significant number of personal care items such a laundry powder, toothpaste and soap that will save families much needed money. With the grocery items and a $25 butcher’s voucher, each individual hamper is worth approximately $140. This means that our College community of students, staff, friends, parents and caregivers have created a Christmas donation close to the value of over $8,000. Thank you for the hope, dignity and love that together we are able to give to others this Christmas Season.

Christmas Message from Assistant Principal Mission and Community

This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. Advent is a time of ‘getting ready’. As Christmas draws near, preparations are going on at many levels and it is hard not to get caught up in or weighed down by the holiday spirit. As we ‘get ready’ for Christmas this year, let us take some time to reflect, be ready in our heart, and remember the deeper meaning of Christmas.

Christmas brings joy because our God has come to us in the birth of Jesus. This shows that human nature is gifted and valued. As we celebrate this Christmas, we are called to remember that the birth of Jesus was a gift to us, a gift of love. During the busy holiday time and throughout the year, we can rise from the everyday challenges and be there for others because we are supported in love - God loves each of us personally and we are asked to share that love.

My prayer this Christmas is that we will see beyond our present challenges, to the joy and hope that we are called to bring to others. May we keep in our prayers, those who experience hurt or suffering at this time.

I hope that every family will have a safe, blessed and joyful Christmas. We look forward to a New Year, when we return refreshed and renewed for 2019.

Happy Christmas from my family to yours.
God Bless.

Blessing for the Christmas Tree

Dear God, two thousand years ago, you brought your son, Jesus into this world

to teach us the power of love and sacrifice.

As we raise this tree, we remember his birth and the meaning of his life for us.

Bless this tree as a symbol of our celebration of Jesus’ birth and our gratitude for his sacrifice.

May the joy this tree brings and the gifts we place under it remind us of the many gifts you have given us.

We ask your blessings upon our loved ones, this day and always. Amen.

Source: Catholic Prayers Online

Live Jesus in our hearts, forever.

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Mission and Community

Learning & Teaching

Senior School

Middle School


Pastoral News


College Captains and House Captains


Logan ATKINS - Elliott House
Nicholas RUMPF - Morgan House
Lachlan STACEY - Ignatius House
Benjamin THOMAS - Morgan House


Senior - Jack FIELD, Jiiah PATON
Junior – Hayden MOLKENTIEN, Lachlan NORTON

Senior - Jackson ASQUITH, Jordan HUDSPITH
Junior - Hayden BACON, Harry HUNTER

Senior - Sebastian HOWIE, Luke PARSONS
Junior - Isaac McKEW, Riley STODDART

Senior - Matthew KELK, Finlay LYNCH
Junior - Ekachai ADAMS, Johnathan DONNELLY

Senior - Thomas HALL, Luke THORNE
Junior - Daniel FORDHAM, Connor SHAW

Senior - Blair CHISHOLM, Anthony GATTI
Junior - Byron RUHL, Patrick SCHMIDT

Senior - Cameron McANDREW, Logan SPARK
Junior - Shaun COSTELLO, Byron WILLIAMS

Senior - Vaughan EADIE, Bailey SCARONI
Junior - Rory JACKSON, Harry LAWRANCE

Career News


Music and Cultural


Sports News - Week 8, Term 4

HOLIDAY SPORTING ACTIVITIES - Swimming - Cricket - Volleyball - Australian Rules

AIC Swimming

St Edmund's College AIC SWIMMING CLINIC 2019

Friday January 18 and Saturday January 19
Starting at the College Pool at 8.00am each morning and concluding at approximately 2.00pm each afternoon
Specific Details will be published on the College App on Wednesday 16 January
Cost - Nil

AIC Cricket

The following students have been selected for games / tours over the Christmas holiday period.

December 4 Vs St Augustine’s College
1 Blair Chisholm
2 Justice Kennedy
3 Oliver Schmidt
4 Dylan McAteer
5 Thomas Hall
6 Shaun Costello
7 Kobe Rae
8 Max Banditt
9 Patrick Towne
10 Tommy Williams
11 Geol George
12 Luke Warner

December 5 Vs St Patrick’s College
1 Justice Kennedy
2 Oliver Schmidt
3 Dylan McAteer
4 Samuel Callaghan
5 Max Banditt
6 Kobe Rae
7 Patrick Towne
8 Tommy Williams
9 Geol George
10 Luke Warner
11 Matthew West

Firsts Squad Camp 19 to 22 January 2019
1 Blair Chisholm
2 Justice Kennedy
3 Oliver Schmidt
4 Patrick Schmidt
5 Thomas Hall
6 Kobe Rae
7 Patrick Towne
8 Tommy Williams
9 Geol George
10 Luke Warner
11 Samuel Callaghan

Students need to be checking emails regularly over the holidays for any information that may come out about the events above.

St Edmund’s College – AIC Cricket 2019
Year 7 Skills Clinic /Trial

For all students intending to play AIC Cricket for St Edmund’s in 2019.

Date: Saturday 19 January - 8.00am to 11.00am

What to Bring: Cricket Kit, Sunscreen, Water Bottle and appropriate clothing for training, including a hat. Note the College can provide gear for students who do not have their own kit, however a personal box protector is essential.

Location: Mulkerin Oval (St Edmund’s College)

Enquiries: Max Luxton, Director of Sport -


Thursday 31 January:
Year 7 Training - MULKERIN Oval and Nets - 3.00 to 4.30pm
Friday 1 February:
Years 10 to 12 Training - MULKERIN Oval and Nets - 3.00 to 4.30pm
Years 8 to 9 Training - MORGAN Oval and Nets - 3.00 to 4.30pm

SATURDAY 2 FEBRUARY - Trial Match Vs St Peter’s Lutheran College

AIC Volleyball Sessions - Three-week period:
Monday 14 January to Friday 1 February
- Refer to PDF Attachment

St Edmund’s College – AIC Australian Rules Football 2019 - Skills Clinic / Trial

For all students intending to play AIC Australian Rules Football for St Edmund’s in 2019.

Date: Monday 21 January - 9.00am to 12 noon

What to Bring: Football Boots, Mouthguard, Sunscreen, Water Bottle and appropriate clothing for training,including a hat.

Location: Tivoli Sports Complex, Church Street, Tivoli

Enquiries to Mr Nic Aldridge, Australian Rules Football Coordinator:

Mr Max Luxton, Director of Sport

Cairns Athletics Carnival Raffle Winners


Congratulations to winners of the Cairns Australian Schools Knockout Athletics Raffle

First Prize: $200 Rebel Sporting Goods
Ticket: Purple # E97
Patrick Crocker

Second Prize: $100 Rebel Sporting Goods
Ticket: Black # A100
Savita Hirning

Third Prize: $50 Rebel Sporting Goods
Ticket: Black # F32
T. Casha


2019 Tuckshop Roster - Week 1

Roster from Thursday 31 January

Term 1, Week 1

Thu 31 Jan: C Page, M Low, J Cass
Fri 1 Feb: V Albury, A Costello, F Sippel

School News

2019 Term 1 Dates

Commencement Dates January 2019

Wednesday 30 January 2019, 8.25am - Year 7 and Year 12 only

Thursday 31 January 2019, 8.25am - All Year levels commence

Term 1 concludes - Friday 5 April 2019

Ipswich City Council 2019 SCHOOL SAFE PROGRAM

Street Camera Installation

2019 School Safe Program

Dear Parents and Caregivers of St Edmund’s College,

The Ipswich City Council School Safe Program promotes safe road travel and parking, creating a safer environment for school children.

Starting in 2019, the School Safe Program will also include the installation of cameras to reduce illegal parking behaviour around the school. This is an important part of the program as illegal parking puts the safety of school children and other people at risk.

The loading zone in Mary Street will be monitored, as parking is only permitted for 2 minutes when picking up or dropping off passengers. If your passenger is not ready for collection, you will need to move to a car parking area or leave the area and return to the back of the queue. Please do not overstay the 2 minute time limit when dropping off or picking up passengers in the loading zone. Overstaying creates traffic congestion and can frustrate other motorists which can create a dangerous environment for our school children.

The other location to be monitored will be the bus zone in Arthur Street where only buses are permitted to park during the specified times.

Council acknowledge that parking spaces are limited in these locations and encourage the use of public transport, buses, and other active travel options such as walking.

The following link will provide more information about the Ipswich City Council School Safe Program:

Position Vacant 2019

Defence School Mentor - Please refer to attachment

2019 Finance Packs

Direct Debit Information Due by 14 December 2018

From the Finance Department

2019 Finance Packs have been mailed; included in the pack is all information and paperwork required for Direct Debit payment of school fees.

Please return in the reply paid envelope, or email your completed and signed request form to by 14 December 2018. This will allow for set-up with our bank, enabling deductions to commence in 2019.

If you have not received a pack or require a second copy, please email or phone the office on 3810 4400 during office hours.

Uniform Shop


Christmas & New Year Masses

From Ipswich Catholic Community

Carols will be sung 30 minutes before each Christmas Mass

CHRISTMAS EVE—Monday 24 December (Vigil Mass)
4.30pm—Immaculate Heart of Mary, Leichhardt
6.00pm—St Brigid’s Rosewood
6.00pm—St Mary’s, Ipswich
6.00pm—St Joseph’s, North Ipswich
8.30pm—OLMM, Eastern Heights

MIDNIGHT MASS at St Mary’s, Ipswich

CHRISTMAS DAY – Tuesday 25 December 2018
7.30am— St Joseph’s North Ipswich
8.00am—St Brigid’s Rosewood
8.30am--St Mary’s, Ipswich


NEW YEARS DAY - Tuesday 1 January 2019
Leichhardt - 9.00am
St Mary’s - 9.00am

Australian Air Force Cadets

Recruiting Now


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