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Dear St Edmund's College Family and Friends

Happy Easter

This week is known as Holy Week in our Catholic Christian tradition. It is the final week of Lent before Jesus did the impossible and arose from his burial tomb after dying three days earlier when he was crucified.

During this week Christians all over the world will re-enact the events leading up to Jesus’ arrest and the subsequent suffering he endured at the hands of his executioners before dying on the cross.

We cannot help but be filled with pity and sorrow as we remember the horror and the cruelty that he was subjected to by his tormentors. This is, after all, a very human story that we each can identify with because we know, from our own experiences, what it is like to endure hardship and pain. Because of Jesus we carry on with hope in our hearts knowing that death is not the end, because from the ashes we too can arise and be reborn anew.

Blessed Edmund Rice knew this when he looked around and saw the poor, wretched and uneducated children of Waterford. His heart of hope inspired him to build the first Christian Brothers’ school in 1806. We continue his story which is really Jesus’ story. It reminds us that St Edmund’s College is a place where the resurrection story is told again and again in the lives of our students, their families and the staff who work here.

May this Easter be a time of joy overcoming sorrow, light shining through the darkness and life triumphing over death.

Diarmuid O’Riordan, Principal

The Deputy


Mission and Community

​The Celebration of the Easter Triduum

For many Christians in our secular world today Easter is only about chocolate, eggs and a bunny. It is important to participate in the three great moments of the Easter Triduum – the Lord’s Supper as celebrated in the Eucharist on Holy Thursday, the humanity, suffering, and death in Jesus’ Passion on Good Friday and finally the joy of the Resurrection at the Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday. Three great moments - they can be wonderful days of prayer and recollection.

Then the feasting and the holidays can start on Sunday. I find it disappointing when at Easter, in fact many months before Easter, we are bombarded with advertising for hot-cross buns and Easter eggs with the emphasis on making sure that you purchase the very best eggs for family and friends. Recently I read the following from the transcript of a radio presenter when she was talking about Easter.

"Easter is a Christian religious holiday and although much of the faith of the three days has been obscured by the commercial aspect of decorated eggs and chocolate, Easter is still very important to practising Christians. Easter is, however, a very difficult concept to explain to small children with the themes of death and resurrection, sin and redemption. For many parents, fluffy bunnies and chocolate eggs is much easier!"

The Easter story is one of New Life as we celebrate these events to remember that Jesus, through his Death and Resurrection, gifted to us a promise of New Life that gives meaning and purpose to how we live in our world.

Prayer for the Easter Triduum

As we enter this Easter Triduum, we pray for an understanding of the sacrifice in the Passion, and the joy in the Resurrection.

Suffering Jesus, we pray that the holiness of these three days may be with us. May Your love and sacrifice become part of who we are and what we do. We pray for strength to overcome obstacles as we each carry our own cross. Help us to live the life You call us to. May Your Resurrection offer us eternal life and provide hope each of our days. Amen

Slavery Free Chocolate

If you have chocolate on your mind, ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans) has a message for anyone intending to buy chocolate this Easter – make sure it’s slavery-free.

Australians will spend approximately $2 billion on chocolate at Easter this year and ACRATH says much of it will be chocolate produced using child labour from West Africa. Christine Carolan, the Executive Officer of ACRATH, said buying slavery-free chocolate at Easter gives people the opportunity to take a stand against human trafficking and slavery. "We know that some children, working in some of the cocoa farms in West Africa, are trafficked. Many others work in dangerous conditions for little or no wages and cannot attend school", Ms Carolan said.

To purchase slavery-free chocolate, look for one of three labels – FAIRTRADE, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ certified (Aldi stocks this). These labels show that the cocoa beans used in the chocolate’s production have been sourced ethically, from farmers who engage in good labour practices.

"If you buy chocolate with one of the three slavery-free labels you can be sure that the cocoa beans used in the chocolate’s production have been sourced ethically, from farmers who engage in good labour practices." 15/03/2018

Community Dates and Events - Term Two

Parents, Families and Friends, please mark the following dates in your diary. We would love for you to join in our community events throughout Term Two.

Saturday 21 April: Trivia Night Hosted by the Parish Youth Group, 6.45pm.

Hosted by St Edmund’s College, the Hive Youth Group is holding a trivia night. Gather a team and come along. More details on the flyer in this newsletter.

Sunday 22 April: Parish Mass at St Mary’s Church Ipswich, 6.00pm.

All are welcome to share in the Eucharistic Celebration and stay for a cuppa and a chat following Mass.

Monday 23 April: ANZAC Day Gunfire Breakfast at 7.30am, ANZAC Service at 8.30am.

Staff, students, parents, friends or community members who have a connection to the Australian Armed Forces are invited from 7.30am to share in a Gunfire Breakfast, followed by the ANZAC Day Service. (See flyer in this newsletter).

Friday 4 May: Edmund Rice Mass and celebrations from 8.45am. The College Community will celebrate Mass from 9.00am. We will then participate in House activities to mark the spirit and Feast of Blessed Edmund Rice.

Friday 11 May: Mums ‘n’ Chums Evening, 6.00pm.

Mothers come along with your son for an evening of fun to mark Mother’s Day.

Saturday 19 to Sunday 20 May: Cherbourg Ration Shed Reconciliation Fun Run.

All students are invited to challenge themselves in this Fun Run for Reconciliation. The trip will depart Saturday afternoon, camp in Cherbourg, then return at Sunday lunch. Options for a 3 km, 7km or 10km walk/run. Please see or email Mrs Rice for more information -

Tuesday 22 May: Grandparents’ Day, 8.30am

Grandparents of our Year 7 students are invited to share in events at the College. More information available in Term Two.

Sunday 27 May: Parish Mass at St Mary’s Church Ipswich 6.00pm.

All are welcome to share in the Eucharistic Celebration and stay for a cuppa and a chat following Mass.

Friday 1 June to Saturday 2 June: St Vincent de Paul (SVDP) Winter Sleepout for Years 10 to 12.

Places are limited so get in early for the Sleepout. Includes shared meals and activities with our friends on the Hill. Make a strong statement and raise awareness about homelessness. More information to come in Term Two.

It has been a wonderful first term at St Edmund’s College. There have been many successful activities and events, and we have seen our young men serve the community in a variety of ways.

I would like to wish all our community members a very restful holiday break. I hope you have the opportunity to reflect and recharge, inspired by the sacred events of the Easter season.

May you have a happy and Holy Easter.

Many Blessings.

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Mission and Community

Learning & Teaching

Teaching and Learning

REPORTING - Parent-Teacher Interviews - NAPLAN


Reports will be posted to the web early next term.

Parent Teacher Interviews - 3 MAY 2018

Parent Teacher Interviews take place on Thursday 3 May in Week 3, Term 2. Information about bookings will be available next term.

NAPLAN Testing – Years 7 and 9

A reminder to parents that the Years 7 and 9 NAPLAN testing for Literacy and Numeracy will take place on Tuesday May 15, Wednesday May 16 and Thursday May 17 in Term 2. The equipment necessary for the test is as follows:


2B OR HB Pencils


Pencil Sharpener

Blue or Black Biro


YEAR 12 Qld Core Skills (QCS)

This week the Year 12 students sitting the QCS test participated in a day of workshops on Writing Task, Mathematics, Visual Literacy, Short Response Item and Multiple Choice. Thank you to Ms Yates and Ms Henness for their assistance with these workshops. Following the workshops, the students undertook two complete days of practice of the four papers comprising the test.

I congratulate the students for their conduct during the practice tests and for the effort and attention they brought to each task. We look forward to receiving their feedback to compete further QCS preparation in Term 2.

A Final Note

I wish all families a happy and holy Easter and a relaxing break.

Best wishes.

Carmel James, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning

Senior School

Middle School


Pastoral News

Career News


Music and Cultural

APEX Debating

Round 3 - 26 March 2018

7A: Loss Vs St Mary’s College. Despite being in the unenviable position of arguing the negative on the topic, "Random acts of kindness make the world a better place", the students put forward some cleverly thought out arguments and examples, outlining what can go wrong with random acts of kindness. It was a great effort in this narrow loss with Angus Vincent as first speaker, Matthew Lansdowne second and Michael Tate as third speaker. Jack McKenzie was the timekeeper.

7B: Loss Vs Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School. A close contest resulting in a narrow loss, debating the topic that "Random acts of kindness make the world a better place". The first speaker was Edward Carter, followed by Bailey Matthews and Liam Bissell as third speaker. Tom Bryant was unable to compete due to illness. The team’s debate was well prepared, providing robust rebuttal, however the more experienced team took the debate.

7E: Loss Vs West Moreton Anglican College. Our final debate for 2018 saw the topic, "Random acts of kindness make the world a better place", argued for the affirmative. A lack of preparation was the downfall of the evening despite the valuable skills learnt throughout the season. William Holden began as first affirmative on impromptu whilst Ariel Kanofski continued to show his development with competent rebuttal as second affirmative. Jacob Rock concluded the debate as third speaker showing even more promise in his ability to respond ‘in the moment’. Tristan Aitken kept the evening running as timekeeper. Special thanks to the parents and family supporters who have come to watch the nail-biting ‘sport’ that is Debating.

10: Loss Vs Boonah State High School. A difficult topic to debate, however we showed innovation to re-define the topic, that "Creative people do not allow themselves to be stifled by rules and regulations". Abishai Sujith started our argument from the position that creative minds are only stifled by rules and regulations if individuals allow themselves to be. His example of Galileo Galilee, who was not stifled by the social or scientific rules and regulations of his time, showed in fact, that without them, there would have been no platform for Galileo’s creative theories to expand. Abishai’s well rounded arguments were too strong for the affirmative, as their second speaker could offer no points of rebuttal.  Miguel Clutario added some depth to our argument, shedding light on the rules and regulations that are used as a platform in the creative arts industry, with Mozart and Leonardo da Vinci as his examples. Miguel captured the audience with his engaging expression and presence. Our third speaker, Thomas Parker, ended our debate with a superlative summary of our points. Thomas should be congratulated on his ability to think quickly on his feet in such a discerning and insightful manner. The Chairperson’s feedback suggested our arguments were innovate and ‘outside of the box’ therefore we can conclude that ‘our creativity was stifled by rules and regulations’, as the debate went to Boonah, who slightly out-performed us in their method of delivery. Well done on a great first season of Debating!

11B: Loss Vs West Moreton Anglican College The Senior B team challenged WMAC with the affirmative side of the topic ‘That Communism is Good for Society’. Both sides presented interesting arguments, however the WMAC team was much better prepared, enabling them to speak confidently and fluently to present a cohesive team case; consequently, we were defeated. With the season now finished, the students have the opportunity to reflect upon their experiences including the feedback provided by the adjudicators, to enable them to improve before next year’s competition.

12A: Win Vs West Moreton Anglican College. The 12A team had a brilliant win against a classy West Moreton Anglican team on Monday night. Arguing the Negative that "Communism is good for society", the team was quite dynamic and persuasive in its arguments. Jordan Anderson-Emslie strongly opened our team’s case with arguments concerning the abuse of human rights that often occur in Communist countries. This lack of voting rights, property rights and lack of freedoms underpinned our case. Tasman Pearl focused on the failure of Communism as an economic force, detailing the many reasons why such a system of government fails to provide incentives and rewards for innovation and effort. Finally Luke Franz gave a passionate defence of Capitalism and a strong critique of Communism as he rebutted the opposition case. Dominic Boyle acted as timekeeper for the night. This was our best performance for the Term and we now advance to the finals with greater confidence.

: Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme!

Poetry Slam is an innovative organisation that allows young people to express themselves fluently and in a dynamic format. The program allows students to voice their opinions on any topic in front of an interactive audience, who make the final judgement.

We are looking for a core group of students who would be interested in joining the inaugural group. If you are interested, please contact Ms McAndrew at Jump online at to take a closer look.

Ms McAndrew, Debating Coordinator


Sports News

Week 10 - Term 1


Rugby and Football

Last Saturday we started our official preparation for the Rugby and Football season with internal trials at Tivoli. We also had a Football Squad playing an Ambrose Treacy 11A side and producing a solid 8-1 victory.

As you can appreciate, it has been a very quick turnaround from the Cricket and Volleyball season as we attempt to find teams for approximately 600 students before AIC Round 1 on Saturday 28 April against Iona College. In order to assist us in this process, we require students to attend as many trials as possible including those being held over the holidays. We understand family holidays may have already been booked, however we ask that students communicate their inability to attend any session with the appropriate coach or coordinator.

Please see below, details regarding Rugby and Football Pre-Season and Trials over the holiday period. Please note that both sports will have activities running during this period and students are expected to communicate with their coach or coordinator if attendance is an issue.

2018 Football and Rugby Coordinators:

Years 7 and 8 Football Mr Nathan Manttan

Years 9 tp 12 Football Mr Wayne Warren

Years 7 and 8 Rugby Mr Noel Gardner

Years 9 to 12 Rugby Mr Chad de Waard

Please be aware of new Rules and Procedures that will be coming into Rugby and Football next Term:

Football (Soccer) – Sin Bin (ATTACHED PDF)

Rugby – Blue Card for Suspected Concussion CLICK ON LINK:

A reminder that it is the responsibility of the individual student to register interest with the Sports Office if they would like to attend a district trial. All trial dates can be found on the ‘District and Regional Sport’ page on EDE. We are currently seeking expressions of interest in:

Cross Country

15 Years Basketball

15 Years Rugby Union

Thanks to the students and parents who have engaged with this process throughout Term 1.

Mr Max Luxton, Director of Sport

SEC Sport Vs Club Sport

In recent times I have become aware of a number of students who play club sport and have not nominated to play for the College as yet. I wish to draw your attention to the College expectations concerning possible clashes with school and club sporting fixtures.

In recent times I have become aware of a number of students who play club sport and have not nominated to play for the College as yet.

I wish to draw your attention to the College expectations concerning possible clashes with school and club sporting fixtures.

The policy and guidelines as outlined below have been in place for many years and have been clearly articulated during the enrolment and entrance processes. This policy and guidlines form part of your acceptance agreement for your son’s enrolment at the College.

St Edmund’s deserves to field, in all its co-curricular involvement, the best possible representatives at whatever level of performance.

Clearly, this means that College sporting and cultural activities take priority over the demands of all outside bodies. No student should absolve himself of this commitment.

2018 Cross Country Carnival

The annual Cross Country Fun Run will be held Friday 20 April 2018

This event is used to determine our Year level Champions in Cross Country.

In addition, the event also doubles as the major fundraiser for the College Co-curricular program. All students were issued with sponsorship cards on Friday 9 March, and each student is expected and encouraged to seek sponsors.

As an incentive, prizes will be given to students who raise particular amounts of money.

Students who raise $25 can select two of the following prizes:-

- College water bottle - Sports Sack - Sports Socks - SEC Wallet

In addition, students who raise over $50 will receive

- Choice of sports ball OR - Movie ticket

Students who raise $50 will also receive

  • a ticket in the major prize draw

In fact, for each $5 over $50, students will receive

  • another ticket in the major prize draw

There will also be prizes for students who raise the most money individually and for class groups that have the highest average amounts of money. The major prize draw will be held in June when all sponsorship money has been handed in.


Tuckshop Roster

Week 1 - Term 2

Mon 16 April - Student Free

Tue 17 April: L Maher, S Eaton, A Kennedy.

Wed 18 April: B MacDonald.

Thu 19: S Hart, H Rahn, H Turner.

Fri 20 April: S McNamara, D Armitage, S Verrenkamp.

School News

Nominations Called - Chief Community Representative - QCS Test

QCS Test 4/5 September 2018 - CCR Nominations by Thursday 10 May 2018


The Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test will be held at St Edmund’s College on Tuesday 4 September and Wednesday 5 September 2018.

St Edmund’s College is seeking nominations from THREE members of our St Edmund’s community: TWO Chief Community Representatives; and ONE Reserve Chief Community Representative.

Criteria: 1) personal attributes of discretion, tact, observation and thoroughness 2) current driver’s licence, 3) an email address.

TOTAL Remuneration: $492.65.

For further information, which includes Chief Community Representative Position Information and an Application Form, please email Diane Denman at St Edmund’s College: Nominations are required at the College by Thursday 10 May 2018 to

Winter Uniform

Years 11 and 12 - Week 3, Term 2

A reminder to parents and caregivers that all Years 11 and 12 students are required to wear full winter uniform from Monday 30 April 2018.

Senior Winter Uniform

  • polished

Uniform Shop

Year 11 Blazers ready for collection

UNIFORM SHOP - P: 3810 4489 - E:

Year 11 Parents/Caregivers

A reminder that Year 11 College blazers are ready for collection from the Uniform Shop.

For Terms 2 and 3, commencing Monday 30 April, all Year 11 students are required to wear the College Winter Uniform of blazer, long grey trousers, white College shirt and the Year 11 tie. Thank you.





SEC Navy Scarves - $27

St Edmunds Formal Navy Jacket - $58

Royal Blue Knitted Pullovers – $60, Now $50

Royal Blue Knitted Vests - $54, Now $40




Visit the St Edmund’s College Website for all Uniform Shop information including an updated price list

Relief Administrative Officer Required

Relief Administrative Officer

Applications are called for the position of Relief Administrative Officer at St Edmund’s College. If you have experience working within the Administration area, please submit a covering letter with your resume, including two current referee contacts, to Cathy King at by Friday 13 April, 2018. A Working with Children Blue Card is essential for this position. A current First Aid Certificate would be preferred.


Thursday 17 May 2018


Thursday 17 May at the Ipswich Civic Centre

We are looking forward to celebrating the Year 12 Formal on next Thursday 17 May 2018 at the Ipswich Civic Centre, 7.00 for 7.30pm, and concluding at 11.00pm. Cost: $110 per person.

Families are welcome to attend the Pre-Formal event from 6.00 to 7.00pm. This will be held in the Undercroft area at St Edmund’s College. Photographers will be available for family photos.

2018 Senior Jerseys

Orders for St Edmund's College Senior jerseys are being taken.

2018 Senior Jerseys

Orders for St Edmund’s College Senior jerseys are being taken. The design is posted on the notice board outside the Deans’ Room. Cost is $65. EFTPOS payments are to be made via College Reception or by cash/cheque in a sealed envelope, clearly marked with your name and "Senior Jersey" and placed in the locked box in the Student Office.

Students must sign to verify that their information is correct. Any enquiries to Mr Mills during school hours on 3810 4400 or

Unclaimed Property



A considerable amount of unnamed property remains in the Student Office including lunchboxes, sports gear, camp items and shoes. All unclaimed items will be donated to St Vincent de Paul.

Uniform Shop


Skool2Skoolies 2018 Sponsorship

The St Edmund’s College “Skool2Skoolies” initiative was created by St Edmund’s students in 2003 to highlight the positive contributions that young people can make to their community and give back to the community that has done so much for them over the past five years of their lives.

Skool2Skoolies 2018

The St Edmund’s College Skool2Skoolies initiative was created by St Edmund’s students in 2003 to highlight the positive contributions that young people can make to their community and to give back to the community that has done so much for them over the past five years of their lives.

Each year, Year 12 students from the College are given the opportunity to live out the College ethos and continue their ‘gentlemanly’ behaviour by committing themselves to raise funds for three charities which encapsulate the spirit of social justice within the Ipswich community, Australia and worldwide - The Ipswich Hospice, St Vincent de Paul and the Christian Brothers’ Immersion Programs.

Last year, through the dedication of students and charitable donations from local Ipswich entities, we were able to raise in excess of $20,000: a donation of $7500 to each of the previously mentioned groups. These donations assisted in creating a tangible change in the work carried out by these life-altering support networks. Approximately thirty students embarking on the 2018 Skool2Skoolies ride are continuing the legacy through raising funds for this worthwhile cause.

Our sincere thanks to the following generous sponsors of the 2018 Skool2Skoolies.

  • Apprenticeships Queensland
  • Fallu McMillan Lawyers
  • Gibson Architects
  • Limestone Dental Group
  • Mallets Carpet Choice
  • St Edmund's College Old Boys' Association
  • Strybos and Sons Electrical
  • Potter Landscapes

Breakaway Sponsors

  • Hutchinson Builders
  • Kelleher Builders
  • McNamara and Associates
  • PM Landsapes
  • TAE Aerospace
  • Trek Ipswich

Peloton Sponsors

  • Brothers Ipswich Leagues Club
  • G.J. Walsh
  • Grandview
  • Hello World Travel
  • Ipswich Dental
  • NBA Electrical Engineering
  • Off Peak Water
  • Options Cabinets
  • PhysioActive
  • Sammut Bulow
  • Surreal Signs
  • Tridan Electrical

Saddle Sponsor - $2500

    This is a unique opportunity for interested businesses to become the sole sponsor of the cycling knicks (shorts) for the ride. Your business logo would feature prominently on the outside of the leg on all riders.

Any support that can be offered for this meaningful cause would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like further information regarding the St Edmund’s College 2018 Skool2Skoolies fundraising project, please contact Mr Michael Podolak at St Edmund’s College, E:


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