Newsletter - 28 February 2020

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The Principal

Ash Wednesday

Dear Members of the St Edmund’s Community,

Silence: it is uncommon to see one hundred or so young men sitting together and not hear them. Yet, sitting in the Doody amphitheatre – a space with excellent potential as an echo chamber – there sat 120 boys; in silence. A soft gong had sounded and there was a short interval of quiet where only the cicadas — and the PA system of another House in another area, but we ignored this — could be heard. For a few gentle moments this space was truly sacred. A second quiet gong was heard then in silence, attention was refocused, and we moved on. Each House marked Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent with this beautiful ritual as part of a simple liturgy.

Lent challenges us as an inclusive Catholic community to think within and beyond ourselves. With this in mind, the next forty days throw down the gauntlet to our young men to focus on compassion for others and on being better in their own lives. Outwardly there are signs of this commitment, the mark in ashes, abstaining from meat on Fridays and Project Compassion collection boxes in Home Rooms, but it’s what happens internally that has the most effect. At the beginning of the year I spoke of making a difference one small act at a time. For our Eddies men, during this Lenten season the support of our “team” to act in those countless small ways, to seek compassion for others, to make their own lives and the lives of others better will make all the difference.

Year 12 Retreat

The Year 12 Retreat was held this week at the James Byrne Centre just outside of Toowoomba. The final year of schooling runs at a hectic pace and it is beneficial to take time to reflect on the journey. Thanks to the young men of Year 12 for their cooperation and participation. Thanks also to Mrs Marysia Rice, Mr Tim Hill, Mr Tom Schad and Ms Vanessa Bell for creating a wonderful environment for our Year 12s to spend some reflective time away from the busyness of school. A final thanks to Mr Murray Sutton, the Pastoral Deans and teaching staff, all who spent time away from families to ensure this was a meaningful experience in the Class of 2020 final year.

Academic Awards 8 and 9

Congratulations to all Years 8 and 9 students who were awarded Honours, Merit and Improvement awards. These first years of high school allow young men to build the skills and habits that flow on to future success. I commend these young men for their efforts.

Particular thanks to Mr Kaiden Shipley for sharing his experiences. Kaiden was a student of St Edmund’s from 2010 to 2014. At university he was on the Dean’s Honours list in 2015 and 2017, graduating with Honours in Engineering and Distinction in Business (Economics). We are blessed with such fine examples of Eddies’ men who return to share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of our students.

Anime/ Manga Workshop

Dropping in to the Anime/Manga workshop held in the library on Thursday afternoon, I saw Eddies’ men from Years 7 to 12 listening eagerly as they learned how to draw in this unique style. A favourite, this was the second workshop run by Mr Ty Hanson, a talented artist who has created his own anime series.

For me, there was a moment of joyful nostalgia as a 1963 black-and-white clip of Astroboy played on the screen. I am not sure what the boys made of this, but some amazing works of art were created and I am sure an enjoyable learning experience was had by all. Thanks to Mrs Callaghan for organising, and to Mr Hanson for running this workshop.

Ray Celegato, Principal

The Deputy


Identity News

Year 12 Retreat

“The retreat was a challenging and fulfilling experience. We examined some pretty profound and personal topics – our values, our regrets, our hopes. I believe all seniors who attended gained a great deal of grounding and insight into who we want to be as members of a wider community. The retreat also offered the opportunity for us to rediscover each other as mates and reflect upon how far we have come since the beginning of our time at Eddies.”

Zachary Pennell

“The Year 12 retreat was a much needed time to reflect and contemplate what really matters. I feel the cohort has grown closer, with a better appreciation of each other and the worth that we all hold.”

Thomas Parker

“Over the course of two days in Toowoomba, we spent the time reflecting on important issues affecting us as Senior students. There was time spent in discussion on topics such as our values, what makes us feel appreciated, what we are grateful for, our vision for ourselves in the future and what we want to leave in the past. We also had a particular focus on the positive impact that our cohort could leave behind as the future vision of the College.”

Matthew White

This week, away on the range in Toowoomba, the Year 12 students spent time in reflection. The aim of the retreat experience was three-fold: an opportunity to connect and make a commitment to the cohort; an opportunity to set a commitment to ourself; and most importantly time to reflect and develop skills to prepare for the year ahead.

With powerful and valuable sessions led by Mr Hill and Mr Schad, time for reconciliation, Eucharist, affirmations and a long session of time for contemplation and meditation, the students were grateful for the time they had together.

I am very grateful for the support of all the staff who attended. Each of the staff shared something of their own story with our students, and the students agreed that it was a privilege to be trusted in that way. A special thank you to Mr Tim Hill and Mr Thomas Schad whose insightful sessions had a lasting impression on our young men.

DanDaLion Inclusive Cricket Match

Last Sunday, St Edmund’s College alongside St Mary’s College hosted the DanDaLion Inclusive cricket match. DanDaLion is an organisation that supports people with ‘diffabilities’ to integrate and enjoy social events in an inclusive environment.

The day began with the “serious” cricket. Both the Special Olympic Cricket and Schools teams were excited to score runs for their own team while celebrating the success of their opposition. Following a rain delay and the barbecue lunch provided by the North Ipswich Rotary Club, the participants headed back out onto the field for a more friendly, fun ‘knock’.

The Founder and Director of the organisation is Mr Laury Bray. Mr Bray offered the following reflection on a wonderful event.

“The dust has settled a little on the event now and I wanted to say a huge thanks to all of you from me and the DanDaLion team. I’m biased but what we experience each year is incredible and as Liz from Ipswich North Rotary volunteers said to me ‘we are all privileged to witness this event and the tradition that’s been created’… what a wonderful additional idea from St Mary’s to bring coffee and baking to the event to cater for parents, volunteers et al. A new tradition I think! It was also excellent to be hosted by Eddies. Thanks for organising the equipment and resources.

The formal format to start the event was a good way to break the ice and students loved it at the end when it was a bit more ‘freeform’. It had a good village cricket atmosphere is the way I put it - and the students definitely brought the fun!

You should all be so proud of your students, the way in which you develop them and the people they are becoming. Every one of them stepped up to take on new responsibilities as we transition into the new model of student driven events we are striving for.”

The cricket match was a real opportunity to fulfil our motto that ‘Eddies’ Men Can’. I believe all students should experience events like this, as it allows people to grow with greater care for others and everyone gets the chance to be included and spend fun times with new friends. Thanks to all the College staff who helped the event go ahead and to the Special Olympic Cricket team and volunteers from DanDaLion.

Prayer from our Ash Wednesday House Liturgy

God of life and love,
We are called to pray, fast and give generously to others during the season of Lent in preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ life and resurrection.
As we begin our journey to Easter, let us turn away from sin and go in peace.
Lord as we become aware of the ashes on our head,
Help us to be aware of the rough parts of our lives that we need to work on.
God grant us
Hands to help,
Ears to hear and
Hearts full of compassion, mercy and generosity.
In your name we pray.


What’s on Highlights: Mark your diaries!

Friday 13 March to Saturday 14 March - Edmund Rice Head 2 Heart Camp - Years 10 and 11 Students
Twenty students from St Mary’s and St Edmund’s Colleges are invited to participate in this 24-hour immersive experience. It is a camp to support children who may be at risk or are disadvantaged, and is bound to be a lot of fun! Look out for more information. Training afternoons for this event will be on Thursdays 5 March and 12 March, 3.00pm to 6.00pm.

Sunday 15 March: Combined Colleges’ Parish Mass 6.00pm
All are invited and welcome to join us at Mass. Smart casual attire. Students should sit in the choir section and pizza supper will be served following Mass.

Thursday 2 April: Year 7 Retreat Day
Year 7 students will gather to share their first retreat day. The day will build on their experiences at the Year 7 Camp as well as creating connections with other students and breaking open the EREA Touchstones.

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Identity

Learning & Teaching

Learning and Teaching

Reporting 2020

In 2019 the Curriculum Committee at the College conducted a review of Reporting with regards to timing of reports, reporting of academic results and the domains used to describe the learning habits of the students. These are called Affective Domains. These Affective Domains have been linked to the Eddies’ Men Can program and use the four “Rs” of that program. That is, about the students being respectful, resilient, responsive and reflective in their learning habits.

- Years 7 to 10

In 2020, Years 7 to 10 will receive an Affective or Behavioural Result only for Term 1. The College introduced Progressive Feedback in 2019 and in 2020 this is being extended so that results for individual pieces of assessment will be available for parents and students to view on EDE as they are marked. This will happen for all year levels.

- Year 11

In Year 11, students will receive an Academic Result and Affective Result in Week 4 of Term 2 due to the arrangements for assessment in the new Queensland Certificate of Education system.

- Year 12

Year 12 students will receive an Academic and Affective Result at the end of Term 1 as all students will have completed their first assessment piece during term.
The changes have been based on educational research on the importance for improvement, of giving feedback to students as close to the time of completing the assessment as possible.

It is a change of mindset for teachers, parents and caregivers when you have been accustomed to reports at Term and Semester junctures. I will continue to communicate with you about these changes to assist all families in the transition to Progressive Feedback, changes in Reporting timelines and the new Queensland Certificate of Education system.

The Progressive Feedback will be available online via EDE. Teachers mark individual assessment items and then post the feedback about a piece of assessment on EDE in your son’s subject area. Next week I will include a diagram demonstrating how parents/caregivers can access EDE to see due work that is coming up and how to see their son’s feedback on individual pieces of assessment.

Middle School Writing

This week staff in the Middle School attended Professional Development on Writing. Under the leadership of the Director of Middle School, Mr Luis Marin, a whole school approach to writing is being delivered in Years 7 and 8 in line with the College Strategic Directions around improvement in writing. An online Writing Tool will allow students to complete tasks and teachers to use the results to inform their teaching. I thank Mr Marin for his work in this area.

Academic Assemblies

The Academic Assemblies over the last two weeks have given us the opportunity to welcome back two Old Boys, Dom Tait from the class of 1997 and Kaiden Shipley from the class of 2014. I thank them for their generosity in giving their time, and for the inspiration they provide to the students. I congratulate all Overall Position (OP) 1 to 5, Employment Pathway and Integrated Pathway students from 2019 who returned to celebrate their success with us. I congratulate all Academic Prize Winners and I thank Ms Henness and Mr Marin for their work with the students.

Best wishes.

Carmel James, Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching

Academic Awards - Semester II, 2019



Godwin Augustin
Zanden Baartz
Rhys Cash
Connor Doherty
Jack Hannan
Samuel Smit
Harry Winrow

Lucas Baker

Lachlun Ash
Robert Brown
Jonte Hoare
Jared Lauron
Jacob MacDonald
Harry McCarney
Daniel Nugent
Riley Panzram
Toby Robinson
Lochlan Ruhl
Lachlan Simpson
Callum Vesper
Lachlan Winterford

Isaac Christensen
Mitchell Riley
Zyrus Talaba

Bayley Alonso Conway
Jack Baker
Brodie Bettiens-Lingard
Corey Burr
Dylan Casey
Alex Else
Max Franklin
Marcus Graham
Dieter Johnson
Dante Klose
Benjamin Matthews
Dominic Oddi
Hudson Powell
Isaac Profke
Thomas Ryan
Aidan Samson
Jye Schroeder


Fletcher Brown
Patrick Hunter
Ethan Isaacs
Ben Naish
Siluna Nanayakka
Don Palatty Davis
Finlay Rose
Corbin Walker
Ethan Windolf

Michael Tate

Tristan Aitken
Clay Baker
Hudson Bertram
Owen Cass
Lochlan Davis
William Eiby
Tafito Falaniko Ah-Ki
Aidan Forrest
Nicholas Luttrell
Isaac McCarthy
Lochlan Nguyen
Rex Quince
Jack Thomas
Ronald Tom
Jack Treagle
Thomas Warren
Jeremy Webb
Marcus White

Jaeden Cabatuan
Jack Cairns
Jack Chandler
Reggie Hauschildt
Kynan Stoakes

Liam Bissell
Xavier Brimecombe
Ryan Curtis-Harris
William Douglass
Kaden Doyle
Jack Dunne
Xander Egan
Owen Furse
Joshua Grbin
Mitchell Harrison
William Holden
Max Jackson
Tate James
Oliver Kingston
Matthew Lansdowne
Sevren McDonald
Bradley Morgan
Reece Ostrofski
Brayden Owens
Ryan Pickering
Jayden Pronk
Jacob Rock
Ryan Sephton
Aidan Thorley
James Towne
Jarred Valiente
Reegan Van der Westen
Noah Wilson


Christopher Baker
Ryan Casha
Logan Davies
Stewart England
Liam Gannaway
Indigo Greenhill-Watts
Kade Grieve
Ben Ivanovic
Jack Stewart
Liam Wallis

Adam Hammant

Noah Bertram
Tyle Cuthbert-Hough
Matthew Janssen
Cody Knight
Nathan May
Connor Sampson
Ethyn Vit
Harrison Walker
Jack Winrow

Jordan Easton
Joel Eaton
Byron Kurtz
Zac Straughair

Ryan Brennan
Nicholas MacDonald
Zachariah Mortell
Brady Schuh
Ryan Werda


Ekachai Adams
Haydon Caunce
Shaun Costello
Johnathan Donnelly
Kobie Low
Hayden Molkentien
Hugh Tyne

Lorcán Lenaghan
Patrick Schmidt
Mitchell Trebbin

Hayden Bacon
Samuel Callaghan
Harry Hunter
Lachlan Norton
Ryan Verrenkamp
Mitchell Vesper
Maximus Wetzels

Daniel Fordham

Ryley Bayliss-Griepink
Nathan Cox
Rody Cruice
Akim Deng
Jacob Ivanovic
Jiehao Liang
Lee Martufi
Brett Matthews
Ethan Olsen
Andrew Palmer


Max Banditt
Seth Bishop
Tom McIntyre
Luc Van Meurs

Dylan Bell

Samuel Burling
Connor Cash
Thomas Parker
Zachary Pennell

VP (Variable Pathway) MERIT AWARDS
Lucas Golding

TP (Trade Pathway) MERIT AWARDS
Benjamin Choat
Ethan Mortell
Oliver Wilds

Harrison Midgley (SHEET METAL)

Library News

Anime Workshop

On Thursday afternoon Mr Ty Hanson, creator of the Anime series, Millennium Exile, completely enthralled 30 students for two hours with his Anime Workshop. Ty took students on a journey through the history and evolution of Anime and the processes required to produce an Anime series. Students then went to work drawing their own Anime and Manga characters. Some outstanding work was produced by the students who attended.

Ms Callaghan, Head of Department: Information Services and Learning Resources

Senior School

Middle School


Pastoral News

Skool2Skoolies 2020

St Edmund’s College Skool2Skoolies

Would you like to sponsor the St Edmund’s College 2020 Year 12 Skool2Skoolies fundraising ride?

All funds raised by this annual Skool2Skoolies initiative are directed to the Ipswich Hospice and St Vincent de Paul.

A range of sponsorship packages are available, starting at $500, in graduated levels up to $2500.

Donations are also accepted.

If you would like more information regarding the annual St Edmund’s College Year 12 Skool2Skoolies fundraising initiative, please email Mr Michael Podolak, Pastoral Dean:

2019 SEC Skool2Skoolies Riders

Career News

Careers - Week 5

Thinking About an Apprenticeship?

AusAPP Pathways: Free app for apprenticeships and traineeships

AusAppPathways is a free app that helps students and jobseekers explore Australian Apprenticeship career pathway ideas on their smartphone or tablet. Users can access:

  • General industry options as well as specific apprenticeships and traineeships
  • Links to job hunting and career research sites
  • Contacts for local Apprenticeship Network providers and Group Training Organisations.

AusAppPathways is available for both Apple and Android devices. A ‘Guide to Using AusAppPathways’ can be found on the Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website.

Industry information and aptitude quizzes

Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service has a webpage for Industry Information and quizzes in a range of careers. Each industry area has an overview, industry information, employment/wage data, key occupations and career pathways. Some of the industries included are:

  • Arts, Culture and Performance
  • Automotive and Boating
  • Building and Construction
  • Business, Clerical and Financial Services
  • Electrical, Electronics and Utilities
  • Food and Wine Processing
  • Gardening, Farming, Animals and Environment
  • Government, Schools, Public Safety and Corrections
  • Health, Care and Community Services
  • Hospitality, Travel and Tourism
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Metal and Engineering
  • Property Maintenance and Management
  • Resource Mining and Processing
  • Retail, Sales Marketing and Customer Service
  • Sport, Recreation, Hair, Beauty and Services
  • Transport, Logistics and Warehousing

The quizzes give you an idea about the aptitudes needed for the jobs in the industries listed.

Defence News

Interested in a career in the Air Force? Think about joining the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC)

The Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) is a youth oriented organisation that is administered and actively supported by the Royal Australian Air Force. Any young Australian who is between the ages of 13 and 18 years and is physically fit enough to participate in the activities is welcome to join the AAFC. Through this organisation you will gain important life skills in leadership, self-reliance, self-confidence, self-discipline, self-respect, good communication, teamwork and citizenship. Some activities undertaken by the AAFC include flying, fieldcraft, adventure training, firearms safety training, drill and ceremonial, service knowledge, aeromodelling, navigation and gliding. You will also have an opportunity to experience life in the Air Force. For more information, visit the AAFC website where you can access information regarding:

Thinking of applying to the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA)

If you are in Year 11 and considering applying for a place at ADFA, you are encouraged to commence your application when you are 16 years of age. To start your application, call 13 19 01 or apply online on the Defence Jobs website (click ‘Apply now’ on the top right-hand corner of the home page). It is not too late for Year 12 students to apply but you need to start your application as soon as possible.

Scholarships for University

A reminder about the Tuckwell Scholarship – Australian National University Canberra

If you are awarded a Tuckwell Scholarship you will receive $22,200 per year for the length of your undergraduate degree at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra. You will be in a group of motivated young people who want to use their abilities to make a difference in the world. The scholarship allows you to study a single or double undergraduate program, including honours and vertical degrees in any discipline offered at ANU for up to five years. Find out about the study options available on the ANU website. The application consists of a three-stage process.

  • Stage 1 – Initial Application: applicants submit a written online application and nominate a teacher to provide a reference. Applications for Stage 1 open on 4 March and close on 25 March 2020.
  • Stage 2 – Consists of a video interview, a school principal's reference and an ANU Direct application due on May 25, 2020.
  • Stage 3 –Applicants who are short-listed for Stage 3 must attend the Interview Weekend at ANU in person from 10-12 July, 2020 for consideration for a Tuckwell Scholarship. No exceptions will be made.

The selection panel is looking for bright students, but not necessarily those with very high ATARs as they will look at applicant attributes, interests and achievements as well. Visit the scholarship site for information about the selection criteria and the application.

University of Melbourne's 2021 Hansen Scholarship

Applications for the University of Melbourne’s Hansen Scholarship Program opened on 27 January 2020 and closes on 9 March 2020. The current application form is hosted in their online portal and can be found under the How to Apply section of the Hansen Scholarship eligibility and selection criteria page. When you visit their website you can read the Frequently Asked Questions, key dates and scholarship benefits.

Tertiary News

QUT Campus and University Experience Day for Years 11 to 12 students

Year 11 and 12 students are invited to the Get Ready for Uni Day on 17 April (school holidays) to get a head start on their future. They will explore the courses offered at QUT, talk with current students about what it's like to study at uni, and have the option to participate in a leadership or career planning workshop.

Assistance schemes

There are a number of schemes that can assist you gain adjustment factors/ranks that will see you more competitive in gaining a place in your desired course. These schemes include:

Certificates, Diplomas and Bachelor Degrees – How are they different?

In Australia, we have a national system of qualifications called the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). At the end of Year 12, you can apply for the following AQF qualifications. These qualifications can differ in length, content and competitiveness as shown below:

  • Bachelor Degree: Usually 3-5 years full-time (or part-time equivalent); theoretical; competitive
  • Associate degree/Advanced diploma: Usually 2 years full-time (or part-time equivalent); combination of theory and practice; range from not competitive to very competitive.
  • Diploma: Can be 1-2 years full-time (or part-time equivalent); tend to be practical with some theory; range from not competitive to very competitive depending on the topic.
  • Certificates I, II, III, IV: 1 month - 1 year full-time; usually very practical; usually not competitive.

You can use one level to help you gain entry to a higher level of study in the future depending on your results and the rules of the institution you want to gain entry to. Visit the AQF website for more information. To decide on the best level of qualification for you, consider:

  • The study/training requirements of the job you want
  • Your past study results
  • Whether you are a hands-on (practical) or theory person
  • The cost of the course
  • The length of time you are prepared to study.

Mr Mark Currie, Careers Guidance Officer/Adviser


Music and Cultural

Music News

Performing Arts Evening - Wednesday 4 March, 6.00pm

Our first Performing Arts Evening for the year will be held next week. Many of the co-curricular ensembles have been rehearsing intensely in preparation for this event. It will take place in the Performing Arts Centre on Wednesday, 4 March, at 6.00pm. I encourage everyone to come along and support the talented students from both schools who have worked hard in the lead up to this night.

College Assembly

Noah and Hudson Bertram performed “I’m Alright” by Neil Zaza at last Friday’s Senior School Academic Award Assembly. The Bertram brothers delivered another exciting performance of a very high standard and it is wonderful to see such talented brothers performing together. A big thank you to Mr Jesse Gold who accompanied the students on bass. Well done!

Instrumental Lessons

All instrumental lessons are up and running. Some tutors are still fine-tuning various groups into levels of experience which may lead to some minor timetable changes. Tutors will inform students of any changes. If a student feels as though he has been omitted from a timetable, he will need to see Mr Kirkwood in Room K205 as soon as possible.

Mr Tim Kirkwood, Director of Music


SEC Swimming

Invitational Meet at St Peter’s Lutheran College - 21 February 2020

For the first time this season our 33 students arrived at St Peter’s in time to warm up before the meet started. It was imperative for the swimmers to post their best times as team nominations needed to be finalised by Monday 23 February. Knowing that individual races were up for grabs, the students competed in every possible event and posted competitive times.

I congratulate Riley Hayes and Joshua Manning as dual recipients of the swimmers-of-the-meet, who competed with enthusiasm and tenacity.

SEC Swimming Captain and Open Team

I congratulate Tom Chandler on being the 2020 Swimming Captain. He has been training consistently and will assuredly lead the team by example. The 56-member squad has been announced and the Open Team was recognised at Friday’s assembly. The team will assemble on Friday afternoon (28/2) for relay practice, followed by a sausage sizzle.

2020 AIC Swimming Championships - Monday 2 March

The squad will meet Monday morning for a team barbecue breakfast then leave the College at First Break.

We are looking forward to the new twilight format for the AIC Championships on Monday. I know that the students will give 100% on the day and are proud to represent St Edmund’s.

Ms Natalie Henness, SEC Swim Coordinator

AIC Australian Rules Results - 21/22 February 2020

Round 3 Vs St Patrick's College

Opens – Loss 3.1(19) – 15.10.100 Round 3 of the AIC season saw the First XVIII finally take the field against an experienced St Pat’s outfit. Both sides set the tone in the opening quarter and the next three produced a physical and competitive match. St Pat’s were quickly out of the blocks being the first to score and holding the lead for the entire match. The Eddies team needed a spark and this was found in the form of a quick goal from broken play. Coming into the quarter time break, they needed to execute their skills more cleanly. More importantly though, to be first to the ball. A renewed team ran out and kicked the first two goals of the second quarter building confidence from that point. To St Patrick’s credit they steadied and quickly asserted dominance on the scoreboard. The scoreboard did not reflect the true nature of the game; however, the Eddies team continued to toil hard until the final siren. Highlights of the match were Ethan Moore winning the centre bounce, and our half backline of Samuel Caprioli, Logan Costello and Zane Kaatz working hard against a quick St Pat’s forward line.

Years 8/9 – Loss 1.1(7) – 16.14(110). With the weather setting the 2020 competition start date back and also impeding our training sessions, the players were certainly eager to go in to battle for the first official match of the season. A much taller and stronger St Patrick’s outfit got the jump on us in the first quarter, despite some good work around the stoppages from Julian Cruice and Tafito Falaniko Ah-Ki. We matched St Patrick’s for most of the second and third quarters, hitting the scoreboard after some great pressure acts from Bryce Meloury and Benjamin Watson. We were soundly beaten in the final term despite good signs from Robert Brown, Aedan O’Brien and Jamison Wilson. Our focus is sticking to the task moving forward, and focusing on the little wins, as we look for improved performances in the weeks to come.

Year 7 – Win - SPC forfeited.

AIC Volleyball Results - 22 February 2020

Round 3 Vs St Patrick's College

First VI – Win 3 – 0. The players were challenged to enjoy the thrill of playing at home and in front of a huge crowd; however, they can be proud of being on the centre stage and letting this reflect their standard of play. The team delivered on all fronts and put in a dominant performance against St Patrick’s. Thomas Albury continues to execute with pinpoint precision; Liam Kember set well throughout – snatching points from bad passes and setting up our attack. Byron Williams and Thornton Hendry had standout performances on the day. Well done, men!

Second VI – Win 2 – 1. After a slow start leading to the loss of the first set, the players picked up in the second, started playing as a team, resulting in our first win of the season. Everyone played well, and our standout performers were Ethan Appleby and Liam Kember.

Third VI – Loss 0 – 2. Great serving by Noah Farrow helped our comback in the first set after being approximately ten points down; however, not enough could be done to hang on to the game. In the second, we did well to stick close early, but SPC was able to win points at vital junctures to finish comfortably.

11A – Win 2 – 0. An inconsistent performance where we made the first set more difficult for ourselves than it needed to be, with significant service errors and taking the set deep into the ‘bonus points’ after 25. The second set was riddled with errors also; however, we were more clinical in our approach to continuing points and transition. Kylan Rickards made spectacular attacks while Byron Williams was strong in defence and Jass Wood passed well when positioned in the backcourt.

10A – Win 2 – 0. The 10A team played well and were able to introduce aspects of the game into play that we had been working on at training. More variety in attack kept the opposition on the back foot.

10B – Win 2 – 0. A great game from the players. Strong play in the first set allowed us to break out of our comfort zone throughout the second and for various members of the team to play out of position. Samuel Caprioli and Tyler Murray stepped into different roles and played exceptionally.

10C – Win 2 – 1. Another solid win. The first two sets were extremely close due to fundamental errors on our behalf. We played well in the third set to win it convincingly. Christopher Baker was solid at the net and Zedekiah Melling’s encouragement was outstanding.

9A – Win 3 – 0. A great win despite a lethargic first set. To St Patrick’s credit, they made us work for the early lead in sets, but the Eddies’ players refocused and quickly showed what they are capable of. Great serving from Jack Cairns.

9B – Win 2 – 1. A good win for the team. All played their part and did what was expected of them in a good team win.

9C – Loss 1 – 2. A tough loss for the team. After a tight first set we bounced back to win the second on the back of consistent and determined serving by Edward Carter and Clay Baker. We fought hard in the third with Nicholas Brown setting the tone of never giving up.

8A – Loss 1 – 2. A disappointing result despite improving our level of play from previous weeks. St Patrick’s did not appear to be as skilled or as well spaced as Eddies; however, a significant height difference accounted for many of SPC’s points in the match. Our players were consistently getting to the right spots on court and did well to construct hitting opportunities across the second and third sets but we could not account for one tall player from St Pat’s who was simply able to play shots above our blockers. We covered his tip-shot well but when he varied his attack and added a deep push, we struggled to cover all areas of the court and St Pat’s created a points advantage. Credit should go to one other player from St Pat’s who was an excellent pass-hitter. It was clear that the Eddies’ players were a classier team. I am confident that we will be able to overcome this team in future encounters.

8B – Win 2 – 1. A slow start to the game; however, we lifted the energy in the second and third sets to bring home the result. Wyatt Paulsen was superb in the third set, Ashton Peek made some smart plays, and Lochlan Ruhl called the ball well from back court.

8C – Loss 0 – 3. An excellent first set saw SEC compete well against an undefeated SPC. Although dropping the set 23-25, serving, communication and court movement looked excellent. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the second set had the feel of pre-season, with many errors and a lack of energy on court. There is much to improve at training. Well done Jed Wilson and Liam Tierney for effort and commitment.

7A – Win 2 – 1. A come-from-behind win 16-14 in the third and deciding set summed up the game. A lack of composure in crucial points was our undoing after a comfortable first set. When we needed to stand up, we managed well. A great first-up win in the blue and white.

7B – Win 3 – 0. A great improvement this week on energy, talk and service percentage, and the win came. Kahyle Stanley, Jake Precians and Koda Cuthbert-Hough had strong service games. Let’s keep this momentum going, team!

7C – Win 2 – 1. A great win despite a lapse in concentration in the second set. Too many service errors were our undoing, allowing St Pat’s back into the game. However, the players regrouped and quickly accounted for their errors to win the third set. Great games from Archie Moore and Zane Steinhardt.

7D – Win 3 – 0. An improvement in serving meant we were able to challenge the opposition using our passing and communication skills.

AIC Cricket Results - 22 February 2020

Round 3 Vs St Patrick’s College

Firsts – Loss 93 to 151. We started well to have St Pats 5/35 and then 9/80; however, a last wicket stand of 71 stretched their total to 151. We could not rise to the occasion with the bat. Some positive signs on display as we look forward to next week.

Second XI vs SPC ThirdXI – Win 127 to 110. The team won the toss and elected to bat. Although we lost a few early wickets we managed to make 127. Batting highlights were Isaac Jordan making 38 and Thomas Biddle 18. The players dug deep in the field and managed to bowl St Pats all out for 90. Thomas Biddle took the fielding spotlight with 4/7 off 7. All players put in a great effort for a good team win.

10A – Loss 186 to 5/210. After a rain affected start to the 2020 season, the players were keen to get underway against St Patrick’s. Winning the toss, Eddies chose to bowl first. Play did not go to plan as wayward bowling and errors in the field let the team down. St Pat’s ended their innings at 5-210. Eddies started their run chase well with Connor Sampson and Dominick Morgan putting on over 50 for the opening stand. The players kept the run rate within reach but wickets were the enemy, losing them at crucial times. Eddies were bowled out for 186.

9A – Loss 3/138 to 3/185. Two out of three areas were very good in the day’s play. We batted and bowled well but our fielding cost us dearly. Lachlan Allwood bowled well with 1/37 off 7 and Ben Naish bowled well with 1/27 off 7. Our batsmen Christopher Costello (15), Lachlan Allwood (28), Ben Naish (50 Not Out) and Mitchell Wade (14) all dug in.

8A – Loss 5/113 to 3/250. The 8A team played valiantly. St Patrick’s scored 230 runs and in reply, St Edmund’s made 130 runs off 30 overs. This was the first time the team has scored over 100 runs in a game. The team needs now to work on bowling consistently, with a line and length that is full and on off stump.

8B Vs Padua 8C – Loss 7/46 to 8/48. Padua scored the winning runs off the second last ball. In a much improved performance Patrick Tydd top scored with nine and Jake Coyne claimed three wickets.

7A – Loss 79 to 0/83. The 7As first AIC season game started shakily losing two early wickets before Patrick Albion and Samson Noffke steadied the ship. Both players went on to make double figures. Tyler Dionysius wagged SEC’s tail on his way to a well-deserved 22. One of St Pat’s opening batters scored a quickfire 46 and led his side to victory in the thirteenth over. SEC must learn to be more patient and less casual in the crease when batting, while being more focused in the field to prevent the bleeding of runs.

7B - Vs SPC 7C – Loss 115 to 8/161.There was much work to be done with the bat if we were to come away with the win after St Patrick’s put 160 on the board. Whilst we fell short of the target there were some stand out performances: a 12 not out from William Schreiber who opened the batting and some explosive batting from Harry Durham and John Clark though out the middle order. Figures of 1/4 from Riley Wilkins and a great catch from Cameron O’Loughlin are worth mentioning.The players have improved greatly and we look forward to seeing what else each can bring to the game.

AIC Australian Rules Fixtures - 28/29 February 2020

Round 4 Vs Marist College Ashgrove









Coorparoo Football Club, Field 2, 33 Birubi St, Coorparoo




Coorparoo Football Club, Field 2, 33 Birubi St, Coorparoo


Bus for Years 8-12 Australian Rules players leaves the College at 2:30pm and returns at approximately 7:30pm






Year 7



Coorparoo Football Club, Field 2, 33 Birubi St, Coorparoo


Bus for Year 7 Australian Rules players leaves the College at 8:30am and returns at 11:45am

AIC Volleyball Fixtures - 29 February 2020

Round 4 Vs Marist College, Ashgrove




Marist College Ashgrove, Court 1, Champagnat Centre, 142 Frasers Road, Ashgrove




Marist College Ashgrove, Court 1, Champagnat Centre, 142 Frasers Road, Ashgrove




Marist College Ashgrove, Court 1, Champagnat Centre, 142 Frasers Road, Ashgrove




Marist College Ashgrove, Court 1, Champagnat Centre, 142 Frasers Road, Ashgrove




Marist College Ashgrove, Court 2, Champagnat Centre, 142 Frasers Road, Ashgrove




Marist College Ashgrove, Court 2, Champagnat Centre, 142 Frasers Road, Ashgrove




Marist College Ashgrove, Court 2, Champagnat Centre, 142 Frasers Road, Ashgrove


12:15 pm


St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend




St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend




St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 2, Woodend




St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend




St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend




St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend




St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 2, Woodend




St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 2, Woodend




St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 2, Woodend




St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 2, Woodend

Please be advised that the Volleyball Court boundary lines are in close proximity to the surrounding wall.


Bus for 10C, 10B, 10A, 11A, Thirds, Seconds and Firsts departs SEC at 7:30am and returns at 2:30pm approximately.

Volleyball Photo Schedule - Saturday 29 February 2020

Years 7 to 9 - Venue: St Edmund's College

Photos taken in the Siberia meeting area at St Edmund's College

7:40am - 7C

7:50am - 8C

8:40am - 7B

8:50am - 8B

9:40am - 7A

9:50am - 8A

10:40am - 7D

10:50am - 9B

11:30am - 9A

11:40am - 9C

STUDENTS: Please make sure that you are on time and your FULL playing uniform is neat and tidy

AIC Cricket Fixtures - 29 February 2020

Round 4 Vs Marist College Ashgrove









Marist College, McMahon Oval, MCA Fields, 142 Frasers Road, Ashgrove





Marist College, Cameron Oval, MCA Fields, 142 Frasers Road, Ashgrove





Marist College, Cameron Oval, MCA Fields, 142 Frasers Road, Ashgrove





Tivoli Sporting Complex, Field No 1, Church Street, Tivoli





Tivoli Sporting Complex, Field No 1, Church Street, Tivoli





St Edmund’s College, Morgan Oval, 16 Mary Street, Woodend





Tivoli Sporting Complex, Field No 2, Church Street, Tivoli





St Edmund’s College, Morgan Oval, 16 Mary Street, Woodend


  • Players must be ready for warm up 30 minutes prior to start time
  • Firsts players must arrive 1 hour prior to start time


Tuckshop Roster - Week 6

Week commencing 2 March 2020

Monday 2 March: L Ash, J Just

Tuesday 3 March: K McKew, A Harding, S Vince

Wednesday 4 March: C Sammut, D Schmidt

Thursday 5 March: K Cooper, M Albion

Friday 6 March: J Marsh, N Precians

School News

St Edmund's Twilight Tours - Wednesday 18 March 2020

5.00 to 7.00pm

Uniform Shop


Maths and Science Tutoring

Term 1, 2020 Schedules

St Edmund's Parents and Friends Association ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Thursday 5 March 2020, 5.30pm

The Annual General Meeting of St Edmund's College Parents and Friends Association will be held on Thursday 5 March, 5.30pm, in Pender House, 5 Arthur Street, Woodend. (St Edmund's College campus, above the College Uniform Shop.)

The Annual General Meeting will be followed by the General Meeting.

All St Edmund's parents/caregivers are welcome to attend.

St Eddies Dance - Friday 6 March 2020

Fully supervised - Invited Schools Only

St Edmund's College GALA DINNER

Saturday 27 June 2020 - St Edmund's College Hall

Blue Ribbon Motors Demo Sale

Triton GLX+ Double Cab Pickup

Ipswich City Council Notification of Road Works - Mary Street Closure

5 March to 31 March 2020

Elizabeth Street, Woodend (Timothy Molony Park)

On behalf of the Infrastructure and Environment Department, I wish to advise you that Ipswich City Council will shortly commence work in your area.

Council will be carrying out pipe relining work to the storm water main that runs under Timothy Molony Park at Elizabeth Street, Ipswich.

To allow works to be completed safely a section of Mary Street will be closed with access available for local traffic only, a map showing the location of the road closure is provided below.

Work is expected to commence Thursday, 5 March 2020, and will take approximately four weeks to complete, weather permitting.

The work involves:

  • Cleaning of the underground stormwater system; and
  • Relining of the underground stormwater system.

Construction activities may affect residents/businesses in the following ways:

  • Increase in noise associated with machinery movement;
  • Closure of a section of Mary Street to allow the work to be completed safely; and

· Traffic control will be used to control traffic.

The Project Manager for these works will be Derek Durocher. Please direct any enquiries to Council’s Infrastructure and Environment Department on 07 3810 6666 during office hours (8:00am to 4:30pm) or

As the completed works will be of benefit to residents and the community at large, your co-operation and patience will be greatly appreciated.

Road Closure: Mary Street, Woodend


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