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The "Aaah" Moment

The “aaah” moment, I hope, is one that most people would feel in their lifetimes. The “aaah” I’m talking about is not the “aaah” that is followed by an exclamation mark. It is not the short, sharp, sudden explosive realisation of something that was not clear but now comes into focus — the penny drops. Nor is it this “aaah”, the longer, slower response that starts low then moves to a higher pitch and finishes where it began. This “aaah” is normally accompanied by a nodding of the head. You might also smile and agree with an interesting point, in doing so, uphold your part of an intense discussion or conversation.

No, the “aaah” I am thinking of is a gentle breathing out that can be heard. Sometimes it may only occur internally. It happens after a long day of gruelling work when you are physically and mentally spent. You have been drawn to your limit and it is time to stop. That instant as you gently lower yourself into a comfortable chair or onto a welcoming bed, that instant as each part of a tired body surrenders itself, that instant where all the tension needed to keep your mind and body working has the chance to melt away. In that instant, without realising it, the “aaah” moment happens. Whether internally or out loud that “aaah” happens and there is a sudden appreciation of slowing down from the expressway of each day to the simple comforts of home.

This term has been one for the history books. So much has happened that has required all of us in the Eddies community to dedicate every resource, mental, physical and spiritual to dealing with seemingly daily alterations, modifications and changes to the rules and understandings of daily life. Learning from home, working from home and social spacing; hand sanitising, cardboard cut-out crowds and inter-state border closures. These are just a few of the hall marks of the new normal, and it has been hard work adjusting. There has been tension, frustration and no doubt exhaustion. I have been so proud our young men have adapted to this new playing field that is COVID-19. They have been ably sustained by the Eddies team to keep going.

A fridge magnet I observed recently proudly proclaimed, “Keep calm, the end of term is near”. As the end of term is upon us, I would hope these next two weeks are an “aaah” moment for our young men and hopefully all our Eddies families. This time is a chance to relax into the comfort of a different routine and slowdown from the expressway of daily school life, perhaps to prepare for the rest of the year and certainly to anticipate the opportunities ahead.

Ray Celegato, Principal


The end of term sees us bid farewell to Mr Tom Schad and Mr Timothy Hill. Both young men have lived up to our College vision in that they have made a difference in our community and they will be missed. They leave us to pursue and advance their careers at other schools, but I am certain that they will take a little bit of Eddies with them, making their new schools just a little bit bluer and whiter. We wish both Tom and Timothy all the best for the future.

The Deputy


Identity News

A Chance for Our Souls to Catch Up and Rest

This has been a term of many ups and downs. I have heard staff reflect that it almost feels like we did not stop at the end of Term One; we carried on working as we prepared to take on remote online learning. It seems for many, that the two weeks ahead are greatly needed for students and staff alike. It is a chance for our souls to catch up; an opportunity for us to truly be human ‘beings’ rather than just human ‘doings'. It is an opportunity to stop and reflect.

The COVID-19 pandemic encouraged many of us to stop and pose basic questions about what it means to be human and to live a flourishing life. It put our settled ways of doing things in crisis and provoked the need to reflect on what we are doing and why we are doing it. Crises force us to reflect upon what is valuable. At the point of crises, our assumed ways of doing things no longer fit the world in which we live; we are challenged to try to discern whether we are on the right path or if we need to re-calibrate.

In the busyness of school life and in the way we ploughed ahead into remote learning, it seems that many of us missed the opportunity to stop and reflect. We certainly felt the loss of connection with the community. We missed the gatherings and the check-ins, we felt the absence of the Easter rituals and celebrations and we held our breath in hope that it would all return quickly. We mourned the loss of connection, but in the world of education we missed the time for discernment.

And so now we come to an opportunity to slow down, pause and reflect, in prayer or meditation. We can take a moment to ask ourselves: What was difficult for us in this time? and Where was God in this experience?

On Wednesday, in the Pope’s final general audience before the summer break, Francis spoke on prayer and a reflection on the life of King David. King David is an example of being consistent in prayer no matter what life throws at you or what good or bad you do. “Prayer is able to ensure the relationship with God, who is the true Companion on our journey, in the midst of the many hardships of life: good or bad… always prayer: ‘Thank you, Lord. I’m afraid, Lord. Help me, Lord. Forgive me, Lord’.”

Earlier this term the students were so excited upon their return to reconnect. The Student Leaders set about organising activities that would build connection and relationship with the brothers they had missed. God was in these moments. Just as Jesus sat with his disciples, so our students gathered again in hospitality and Eucharist. They celebrated and valued the time together and reflected upon the importance of these relationships. This is part of our faith in action and as we head into the holidays we can continue to reflect and take time to do the inner work. We now have the time to build our relationship with God. We can take time to pray.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of our community. Thank you for the strength there is to be found in relationships with those in our community. Help me now to stop and reflect. Help me to discern how I can be a better brother or sister to others. Keep me safe over this holiday period and help me to know your ever-loving presence in my life through all the ups and downs. Live Jesus in our hearts. Forever.

Living our Touchstones

As previously mentioned, last week the Year 11 students began their Leadership Program and had the opportunity to explore their role as Seniors and Leaders of the College in 2021. In the program the students consider the importance of student leadership and their responsibility as role models in the College.

An aspect of this program is gaining a better understanding of our Touchstones. To do this, the students had some time to take a quiz. The aim was to discover their area of strength in demonstrating the Touchstones. The quiz asked them to consider some answers and select a response that was most relevant to them.

I would like to share this quiz with our wider community. While the questions are really targeted at our students, it promoted some wonderful conversations and gave us the opportunity to consider how we might continue to live our Touchstones more authentically.

Follow this link to try the quiz for yourself:

Associated Independent Colleges (AIC) Winter Appeal

The Winter Appeal provides an opportunity for the AIC communities to be united. Throughout Winter our students and families are encouraged to respond to the issue of social isolation. We hope to have a positive impact in our local communities, strengthened in the knowledge that we are not alone in working towards a peace-filled world.

In Term 3 at Eddies we are holding activities that aim to build positive relationships within the school and the wider community. We will educate and inform ourselves around the causes and impact of social isolation (including homelessness). We will stand in solidarity with those experiencing homelessness through participation in the Winter Sleepout.

Finally, we are also committed to a practical response which is a combined effort across all eight AIC schools. We are collecting donated items in support of St Vincent de Paul, Emmanuel City Mission (formally Blindeye Ministries) and Rosies. We will be collecting these items until the end of Winter. Please ask your sons to bring these items to their Homeroom or the Foundation Room in the Edmund Rice Building.

  • Tea, Coffee, Milo
  • Noodles-in-a-Cup (not a packet)
  • Biscuits
  • Warm clothes and blankets (new or carefully pre-loved)

Donations can be made at school and there will be collection points at the AIC games throughout Term 3.

Our Winter Appeal will begin this week and run through till August, with the aim to make a number of donations to the local community groups throughout Winter.

Live Jesus in our Hearts - Forever

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Identity

Thank You from Edmund Rice Foundation Australia

Once again, thank you to the St Edmund’s College community for your support of ERFA’s work. It is a testing time globally and with the support we have received, people and programs have been in a position to deal with the challenges as best they can. Please find a letter of thanks attached.

All the best

Mr Jarrod Turner, on behalf of Edmund Rice Foundation Australia

Learning & Teaching

Learning and Teaching

Exams, Reporting and Parent Teacher Student Evening

Thank you to Parents and Caregivers for your ongoing support of the students during this Semester. Marking will be completed over the holidays. Parent Teacher Student interviews this term were conducted via email or telephone call. For this reason, the College is offering two nights for Parent Teacher Student Interviews at the commencement of Term 3. The interviews will be conducted via Microsoft Teams and instructions will be communicated to parents early next term. The dates for the release of Reports and for Parent Student Teacher interviews appear below.

Reports Years 7 to 11 – Released to EDE Parent Portal on Friday July 17 (Week 1)
Reports Year 12

This week Parents and Caregivers will have received a letter explaining important information pertaining to Year 12. Year 12 students received an Academic Result in Term 1 which coincided with the conclusion of Internal Assessment 1. Parents and Caregivers are reminded that the Year 12 course does not follow Terms or Semesters but follows Units. The next Academic Report for Year 12 will be at the beginning of Term 4 when results for any Internal Assessment have been finalised.

Parent Teacher Student Interviews via Microsoft Teams – Thursday July 23 - as per the College Calendar
Parent Teacher Student Interviews via Microsoft Teams – Tuesday July 28 – additional evening

Each Parent Teacher Student evening will operate from 3.00pm to 8.00pm, allowing for more time allocations for Parents and Caregivers to access.

Year 7 Electives and Parent Teacher Student Interviews

Year 7 electives will not be included in the Parent Teacher Student interview process due to the number of elective subjects for the Semester. Parents and Caregivers of students who wish to pursue an elective offered in Year 7 into Year 8 are encouraged and are welcome to email subject teachers and Heads of Department.

I wish all families a relaxing break. I hope that you all have the opportunity to recharge, soak up our beautiful Winter weather and enjoy a rest.

May God’s blessings be with you all.

Best wishes.

Carmel James, Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching

Year 10 Visual Art

Discovering the Music of Cubism in Art

Year 10 Transition to Visual Art

Once again, our Year 10 Visual Art students have produced beautiful work. Despite the extended time away from face-to-face teaching, these students, under the guidance of Ms Purcell and Ms Pozzias, have created their interpretation of an artwork based upon Cubism in the final four weeks of Term 2. It is obvious that time constraints played no role in the quality of the work produced. Well done, boys and again, many thanks are extended to Ms Purcell and Ms Pozzias as a constant source of inspiration to the students. The Creative Arts Department wishes you all a safe and restful holiday break.

Ms Frances O’Sullivan, Head of Department: Creative Arts

“Music Calms the Beast” – Discovering the Music of Cubism in Art

This semester the Year 10 Transition to Visual Art students have been studying the art form Cubism. Their unique focus this term was using musical instruments as drawing stimulus (their choice of violin, cello, double bass or guitar), adding gem-like colours to enhance the musicality feeling and finally a personal piece of sheet music that resonated with their individual style. Musical instruments often appeared in Cubist paintings due to their uniquely geometrical designs.

Cubism, founded in Paris during the beginning of the Twentieth Century, grew out of frustration with the more realistic forms of art of the late nineteenth century.

Georges Braque, who developed the Cubist style alongside Picasso, was a trained musician. He said, “the distinctive feature of the musical instrument as an object, is that it comes alive to the touch”.

Cubists were also fascinated with organically shaped subjects and used familiar, curvilinear lines which helped to employ a lot of angular forms. These in turn gave emphasis and significance to their particular brand of abstraction.

Congratulations Year 10 students on creating many beautiful artworks over this entire semester. It has been hard but rewarding work and has also enhanced a growth in your personal art technique.

Ms Purcell and Ms Pozzias – Creative Arts Staff

Library News - Week 10

Jamie Durie's Groundswell Schools' Competition 2020

Senior School

Middle School


St Edmund's 2021 Enrolments

URGENT REMINDER for enrolments in Year 7, 2021

During COVID-19, enrolment applications have been accepted, interviews conducted on-line and progressed to the final stage of sending Letters of Offer to families.

Our numbers are very good for Year 7 in 2021 and 2022.

This is an urgent reminder to our families: if you have a son currently in Year 6, please enrol him as soon as possible. Orientation Day this year is in Term 3, 2020.

Please contact Enrolments on 3810 4448 or 0403 269 955 for further information.

OPEN DAY Online - 22 July 2020

Register Now

Pastoral News

Eddies Men Can

Week 10 Program

We are constantly making history and this week’s lesson asked all year levels to reflect on the history made thus far in 2020. Via a collage of pictures students were reminded of events that have taken place this year both within and outside of our community. The first picture was of Australia Day 2020 celebrations in Brisbane when we had no idea of what was to come. Whilst we had the devastation of the bushfires and COVID-19 there have been many things to celebrate. In 2020 at St Edmund’s we celebrated/marked occasions such as inducting our Senior cohort, Term 1 sport getting underway, the cricket match for DanDaLions, The Rite Journey beginning for our Year 10s, commemorating Anzac Day with ‘Light up the Dawn’ and marking Edmund Rice Day. We celebrated Mother’s Day in isolation, marked Reconciliation week, enjoyed the Year 12 Retreat, saw Skool2Skoolies training and fundraising kick off, loved crazy tie day which marked the day when our Senior Formal should have taken place, and we welcomed back our community to resume face-to-face learning through a Smoking Ceremony and barbecue.

People live in the present. They plan for and worry about the future. History, however, is the study of the past. Given all the demands that consume us when living in the present and anticipating what is yet to come, why bother with what has been? We bother because we can learn from it. By looking back, we are able to move forward. Understanding and appreciating our past is invaluable as we consider what to do in the future. One day we will look back and say ‘we lived through COVID-19’. This is your very own ‘primary source’. Primary sources help students relate in a personal way to events of the past and promote a deeper understanding of history as a series of human events.

Students were introduced to the ‘Dear Australia’ Project which is an initiative of Australia Post and the National Archives of Australia and then asked to either write a personal entry in their EMC journal about their experiences during the pandemic, or a letter that will become part of our College’s archives.

Reflection activities and journaling are beneficial activities for our young men, and I am looking forward to reading some of their responses.

Ms Vanessa Bell, Director of Students

Career News

Careers - Week 10

Government Apprenticeships - Defence News - Scholarships

Government Apprenticeships in Information Technology

2021 Australian Government Digital Apprenticeship Program

The Australian Government Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Apprenticeship Program targets students who are currently completing their Year 12 studies. As an apprentice, you will complete an ICT qualification as well as work within an Australian Government agency in ICT related areas such as:

  • user research
  • cyber security
  • interactive media
  • software engineering
  • infrastructure support
  • big data
  • data analytics
  • applications development
  • networking
  • programming
  • web development
  • systems testing
  • systems analysis and design
  • help desk

Applications for the 2021 Program are now open and close Monday, 29 June 2020. Visit their website for more information about:

  • Who it is for
  • What you’ll get to work on
  • Locations
  • Who you’ll be working for
  • Benefits
  • Support and coaching
  • How to apply
  • Three stages to success
Defence News

Australian Defence Force information sessions

Attend a virtual Australian Defence Force information session and find out:

  • if the Defence Force is a good fit for you
  • if they have a job that you are interested in doing
  • how to enlist

Below are upcoming information sessions. For details about these events and information on the Army Reserve Information Sessions, visit the Defence Jobs Australia Facebook site. (it can take time to download page)

22/06/2020 Queensland: Trade Careers Dial In Information Session

10/07/2020 Careers for Indigenous Australians Virtual Information Session

Tertiary News

Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre Important Dates

Additional admissions requirements for Education Degrees

There are additional entry requirements when competing for a place in an Education degree. Year 12 students need to complete the QTAC online assessment tool as well as two written statements outlining your suitability for teaching. The holidays are a good time to get these tasks done without the pressure of school work. Visit the QTAC website for more information.

Key Dates for 2020/2021



UCAT final registration deadline


UCAT testing begins



TAC applications open for 2021 courses

ATAR account registration opens (Qld Yr 12s)

Some audition and portfolio applications close


Early closing dates for some courses


Reminder to get EAS and supporting documents submitted



Last day Qld Yr 12

Offer rounds continue



Due date to apply & submit documents for December offer round


Due date to apply & submit documents for January offer round


Qld ATAR and QCE released


12pm Due date for change of preferences prior to next offer round


Offer round



Offer round Further offer rounds February Further offer rounds


Offer rounds

Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarships

Griffith University is pleased to announce a new scholarship initiative designed specifically to assist high-achieving Year 12 students who are looking towards university study in 2021 and likely to receive an ATAR of at least 95.5. In 2021, the University is reallocating 80 Sir Samuel Griffith scholarships exclusively to high achieving Year 12 students. Valued at up to $24,000 each, these scholarships are specifically designed to recognise academic excellence and demonstrated qualities including leadership, civic responsibility and social awareness. Applications will open on Monday 13 July. Click here for more information.

Applying for courses interstate

If you wish to apply to a university outside Queensland, you need to apply to the relevant tertiary admissions' centre. Students can have multiple applications running at the same time and in the case of high demand courses such as medicine, veterinary science and dentistry, students often apply nationally. The different tertiary admissions' centres are:

  • UAC New South Wales and ACT
  • VTAC Victoria
  • SATAC South Australia and Northern Territory
  • TISC Western Australia
  • UTAS Tasmania (you apply directly to the University)
SAT resources on the USA College Board website

The College Board website is important for students wishing to apply for tertiary courses in the United States of America (USA) as this is where you register to sit for the SAT, a test required for entry to many USA universities and colleges. The following information is available on the website: (the Twitter page is also useful)

Why Years 9 and 10 Matter - Pathways to Harvard, Oxford and Beyond

Wondering what it takes to get into a world leading uni? The journey starts by picking the right curriculum, subjects and extracurriculars! Learn what these top unis look for and more in this webinar on June 20. Register here.

ACU Open Day Update

Due to current social distancing practices, ACU will be moving their Open Day to a virtual format. Over a series of weekends, students can virtually visit the campus, hear from academics, chat to current students and participate in live Q&A webinars and have their questions answered. Open Day dates are:

  • Saturday 29 August, 9am-3pm
  • Saturday 5 September, 9am-3pm
  • Saturday 12 September, 9am-3pm

Register your interest to get important updates regarding Open Day 2020.

InspirED - Virtual Expo

USQ is part of InspirED Virtual Expo being held 17 - 21 June 2020. Get one on one advice from our virtual booth where experts and current students can answer all your future study questions. Watch expert-led webinars on the ATAR, application process and entry pathways. Year 10 students can also get advice on subject selection. Also hear from exciting presenters including Nick Vujicic and Ally Mclean. Register here.

QCE and Beyond virtual expo

All QCE and Beyond Expo live sessions and chats sessions will be held from 4pm - 8pm each day. You will be able to join in after school finishes. It is a great opportunity to hear from the Queensland universities regarding what opportunities for 2021.

QUT Virtual Open Day

The QUT Virtual Open Day will be on Saturday 29 August and Sunday 30 August. Get your questions answered online about QUT courses, careers and uni life. Register now for event updates and resources to help you make decisions about your future.

TSXPO 2020 Cancelled

Due to the current threats of COVID-19 and the government's decision to cancel all gatherings with over 500 people, the organisers have had to cancel the TSXPO 2020. TSXPO 2021 dates will be announced soon!

Mr Mark Currie, Careers Guidance Counsellor/Adviser


Music and Cultural


Sports News

Term 3 Information

It has been an highly unusual time for Sport at the College since the completion of Cricket, Volleyball and AFL Fixtures on 14 March. Many things have happened from a planning point of view throughout this term to ensure our students can return to sport in Semester 2 this year.

Basketball and Tennis

The revised AIC Calendar for 2020 is published on the College App and I encourage students and parents to check these dates. We will start with four Saturdays of Basketball and Tennis when Term 3 commences (Monday 13 July).

  • Saturday 18 July Vs Marist College Ashgrove
  • Saturday 25 July Vs St Laurence’s College
  • Saturday 1 August Vs Padua College
  • Finals Games – Saturday 8 August at various locations. ALL teams will play this day no matter how many games they have won or lost in the pool games.
Rugby Union and Football

This will be followed by our Rugby Union and Football season on the following dates:

  • Friday 14 August Vs St Peter’s (Trials) – (Brisbane Show Holiday)
  • Saturday 22 August Vs Marist College Ashgrove
  • Saturday 29 August Vs Padua College
  • Saturday 5 September Vs St Patrick’s College
  • Finals Games – Saturday 12 September at various locations. ALL teams will play this day no matter how many games they have won or lost in the pool games.
AIC Cross Country and Track and Field

In addition to the above sport, we will be training for Cross Country throughout the first half of the term to prepare for the Championships on Wednesday 12 August. The focus will then shift towards Track and Field preparations with the AIC Track and Field Championships to be held early Term 4.

AIC Rugby League

Finally, AIC Rugby League will be held as a Carnival style format on the following dates:

  • Friday 18 September (Year 6 Rookies)
  • Monday 21 to Wednesday 23 September (Years 7 to 12 teams)

All in all, this makes for a very busy few months until we hit the middle of October. I would like to thank those students who have re-engaged with the sports program at the College. It is great to see healthy numbers at Basketball trials. The College can field down to D teams in year levels 7 to 10 and a Fourths team in the Opens.

Tennis numbers have also been good. At this stage we are still struggling to field a Thirds team. Students in Years 11 or 12 who are interested in playing Tennis need to see myself or Mr Byrnes as soon as possible.

AIC Fixtures will look a little different next term, certainly for Basketball and Tennis. The following rules will apply for the first four Saturdays of Term 3.

  • All fixtures from Years 7 to 11 - no spectators permitted
  • One parent or caregiver spectator per player is permitted for the following teams: Firsts and Seconds Tennis AND Firsts, Seconds, Thirds and Fourths Basketball
  • Players must come fully dressed and ready to play
  • Players will not be able to watch games before and after their fixture – Get In, Play, Get Out

I would like to thank our Coordinators for their work over the past few weeks to ensure we have teams ready to roll for AIC Sport next term for Basketball and Tennis. It looks as though we will field 22 Basketball teams (approximately 220 Students) and 12 Tennis teams (approximately 50 Students) in the first block of sports next term.

Finally, I would like to encourage students to attend the Cross Country sessions on offer over the holidays. All details can be found on the Cross Country EDE Page or on the College App.

Mr Max Luxton, Director of Sport

AIC Sporting Competition - STATEMENT

From AIC Management Committee

SEC Co-Curricular Photos


Please note co-curricular groups are now available for parents to purchase online, link and password below:

Password: EDDIES


Tuckshop News - Term 3

UPDATE - Tuckshop Helpers

We do not require tuckshop helpers at this time. The situation will be reassessed in early August.

Ms Narelle Rea and Ms Gina Weight - Convenors

School News

Term 3 Important Dates

Term 3 - Brisbane Show Holiday changed

Term 3 commences - Monday 13 July 2020 - Years 7 to 12 students

Brisbane Show Holiday - Friday 14 August 2020 (moved from Wednesday 12 August by Qld Govt due to COVID-19)

Term 3 concludes - Thursday 17 September 2020

Uniform Shop


2020 Non-Government School Census

Australian Government Collection Notice


2020 Skool2Skoolies Sponsors

Thank you to the sponsors of our Skool2Skoolies Charity Bike Ride

Apprenticeships Queensland


Blue Ribbon Motors – Parents and Friends

Bremer Valley Realty

Brothers Ipswich Leagues Club – Parents and Friends

Choices Flooring by Mallets

Clift Pearce Accounting

DV Electrical Services

Dylan Palmer - Donation


Gibson Architects


Greena Business Solutions

Hitec Fluid Power

Karalee Play and Learn

Macarthy Road Education and Childcare

McDonalds Yamanto – Donation

McNamara Law

OPAT Painters

Options Cabinets

Pender Accounting


PM Landscapes

Potter Landscapes

Sammut Bulow Accountants

Savco Vegetation Services

St Edmund’s College Old Boys’ Association

St Mary’s Parish – Donation

Strictly Coffee - Ipswich

Strybos and Sons Electrical

Surreal Signs - Donation

Terri's Early Education and Care - Donation

Trek Ipswich

Tridan Electrical

Walker Pender Group

Yallaroy Business Solutions

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