Newsletter - 24 April 2020

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Principal's Office

The Principal

The Beating Heart of Eddies

Dear Members of the St Edmund’s Community,

I believe the sound of an Air Force C17 take-off is ear- splittingly loud. Huge as they are, these aircraft are easily matched by the sound of the young men who play handball underneath the Calopedis and Horan buildings on most days. Cheers of delight, cries of indignation and pointed exchanges of information punctuate these games; you can hear them rumble far and wide. Incidentally, this week the yard was very quiet.

Yet, even though our staff wander the silent grounds forlornly missing face to face, in person engagement with our young men, I also notice the beating heart of Eddies is still alive and well, albeit online.

Spending some time on one EDE Homeroom page, I was able to stare at the uneventful yet strangely engaging “Lion Cam”, witness a good natured back and forth on the social steam application about “big Woodsy” beating “big Larry” and spend a few moments taking a “Bubble Journey” — a guided mindfulness exercise — that had been wedged underneath an oversized picture of Shia LaBoeuf.

A visit to an English page greeted me with a pleasant lilac colour scheme and a text box outlining learning goals, success criteria, and learning activities. For our young men these will mean, what to learn, what it looks like if you have learned what to learn, and the things you will do to actually learn what to learn. A course outline box is followed by an application that allows the class to view a film adaptation of the play they are studying, while further down the page the social stream greets with a cheery post informing the class their teacher is online and available for questions.

For a change, the Sports Performance Centre page creates a virtual gym, posting daily workout challenges, the choir page sits waiting and ready for submissions to bring our virtual choir to life and all in all our young men, our parents and caregivers and our staff come together at school, at home and online to create a virtual school. A no less real Catholic school that is formed by our Eddies team, Ipswich to the core and that beats with the heart of real Eddies men.


Saturday sees us continue to view the world from a different perspective by reimagining how we commemorate ANZAC Day. We are calling on our Eddies men to follow the call from the RSL and stand at the end of their driveway at 6:00am on Saturday morning. More information can be found on the College App. In this way we acknowledge the contribution of all in our armed services as well as remembering those who served and died in all theatres of conflict.

Lest we forget


Sadly, the current guidelines for non-essential gatherings have prevented us from welcoming the Rookies Class of 2020 to the school. Until we are able to be on site for our many activities, to stay connected, we have presented our young Rookies with the Principal’s Challenge.

The first Challenge is to find and make, decorate and fly, not just a paper plane, but the best paper plane. Flights are filmed and submitted to the College and will be included in the Rookies movie to be released on May 1.

So far, we have seen some very exciting submissions. Well done Rookies!


Next week Term 2 fee invoices will be issued to the College Community. The College continues to operate under the current Government mandated home learning arrangements to provide learning continuity.

I understand that there may be some families who are experiencing financial stress at this time as a direct result of the COVID-19 virus. Please let me assure you that no child will be disadvantaged in our school where a family finds themselves under financial duress.

If there are concerns regarding the Term 2 fee payment, I would encourage parents and caregivers to contact the College to discuss how you may be supported through this difficult period.

Ray Celegato, Principal

The Deputy


Identity News

Touchstone: Justice and Solidarity

The Touchstone of Justice and Solidarity is an invitation to become actively involved in creating a better world for all people, especially those who are marginalised. Our challenge this term is how to live this Touchstone while we isolate from the world. Throughout the term we will make a conscientious choice to develop an awareness of and response to some of the injustices affecting our local, national and global community.

In this time marked by COVID-19, justice and solidarity is unlike anything we have ever known before. People have been encouraged to practise “social distancing” by avoiding public interaction as much as possible, in order to care for themselves and those most vulnerable. While “social distancing” is in itself an act of justice and solidarity, Catholic Social Teaching reminds us that we must always advocate for people and communities who find themselves at the margins. As I have previously shared, Dr Philip Metres, reminds us: “Keep in mind that the most vulnerable of our society and of the world will bear the worst brunt [of the crisis] in times like this, as they always do”.

Our faith calls us to care for those with the greatest need, and we cannot forget other communities at the margins who are also vulnerable due to social, economic and political factors. Take a moment to remember the unique challenges some of our neighbours face and let us try to take actions to support them during the global pandemic.

This is our call to respond to the Touchstone of Justice and Solidarity in new and different ways. I encourage you to start by staying connected with those closest to you and then to look beyond to people in our wider community; as did Blessed Edmund Rice, through opening your window and responding to the needs of our community.

ANZAC Day Commemorations

While public commemoration services for ANZAC Day have been cancelled nationwide, RSL Queensland is encouraging people to consider ways in which they can show their respect for those who have served our country during war, armed conflict and peacekeeping. Our St Edmund’s College Defence School Mentor, Kylie Biddle, is encouraging students and families to Light up the Dawn by gathering in their driveway, on the deck, or in their lounge room at 6.00am on Saturday for a shared dawn service:

Students are invited to take a photo that shows how they commemorated ANZAC Day and email to - and post this to Instagram with the hashtags #AnzacDaySEC #lightupthedawn2020. Some of these images will be published in our next newsletter and re-posted to the College’s social media streams. This information has been shared on our Eddies’ Men Can Care Package along with a number of other activities for ANZAC Day.

On ANZAC Day, St Edmund’s community joins with the global community to offer this prayer of peace and remembrance.

Prayer for ANZAC DAY

God of love and liberty, we bring our thanks this day for the peace and security we enjoy, which was won for us through the courage and devotion of those who gave their lives in time of war. We pray that their labour and sacrifice may not be in vain, but that their spirit may live on in us and in generations to come. That the liberty, truth and justice which they sought to preserve may be seen and known in all the nations upon earth. This we pray in the name of the one who gave his life for the sake of the world, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Eddies Mother’s Day Cookbook

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year we have decided to put together an Eddies Mother’s Day Community Cookbook. You can include recipes from your Mum, Nanna, Great Grandmother, Aunty, Sister or any other significant ‘Mum’ figure in your life.

We would love to receive recipes from as many of our Eddies community as possible. These recipes will be collated and made into an electronic cookbook, which we will make available to all.

To be included in our community cookbook we ask you to complete the form on the Mission page through EDE. - or email

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Identity

Light Up The Dawn On ANZAC Day

Announcement from RSL Queensland - 27 March 2020


This year, we are asking Australians to stand at the end of your driveway, on your balcony or in your living room, to remember all those who have served and sacrificed.

From 6.00am, we will be streaming a short commemorative service, comprising The Ode, The Last Post, a minute’s silence, and Reveille. Come back for more details as we get closer to ANZAC Day.

Please join us and the rest of Australia in this special moment. #ANZACspirit #lightupthedawn>

RSL Queensland calls on Australians to honour the service of our Defence Forces, past and present, by standing at the end of their driveways for a minute’s silence this ANZAC Day.

We are calling on Eddies Men to follow the call from the RSL and stand at the end of their driveway at Dawn on ANZAC DAY.

Take a photo and email to: or

Learning & Teaching

Learning and Teaching

Middle School News

Welcome to Term 2.

I would like to offer a big thank you to all our students, parents, and other members of the community for your patience and support during these times. St Edmund’s College is committed more than ever to continue to provide a holistic education for our students. As Mr Celegato has said many times: we are all part of the wonderful team that is Eddies, and together we will come out the other end much better.

With our Remote Learning Plan now in full effect I thought I would outline some basic tips to help you and your sons to achieve the most from our new learning platforms.

• Morning Homeroom – Check in every morning with your Homeroom teacher between 8.30am and 9.00am as expected and to participate in House activities.

• Subject Expectations – familiarise yourself with class expectations such as: the amount of work that you need to complete each week, due work and your weekly teacher conference times.

• Class Pages – through EDE – should be checked regularly. Teachers are constantly uploading new work for each week as well as feedback for completed tasks.

• Reflect and act upon teacher feedback. Make the recommended changes to your work, remember: close enough is not good enough.

• Check your student email on a regular basis - at least twice daily - for important information from your subject teachers.

• Ask for Help – use the Social Stream of subject class pages to ask questions or clarify any issues you might have. You can email your teachers directly to clarify any issues or to ask questions.

• Study Groups – virtual groups are a great way to keep in touch, for you to give each other feedback, and to clarify questions you might have.

• Do your best, keep calm and remember that this is new for all of us.

If at any point should your son feel anxious please encourage him to talk about his feelings.

God bless.

Mr Luis Marin, Director of Middle School

Online Learning

Online Learning commenced this week and I thank parents, students and teachers for the spirit of endeavour and cooperation that has permeated the SEC Online community. Whilst I have enjoyed communicating with my own class through the Social Stream on EDE and via email, there is that sadness that we are not face to face. I hope the environment in your homes has been calm as together we have navigated some glitches in the various systems. The students are learning an entirely new set of skills including independence in organising their time and their workload. The College provided several documents to support parents and students for Online Learning.

Parent Teacher Student Evening

On Wednesday 22 April, a letter about the College Parent Teacher Student Evening arrangements was emailed to all Years 7 to 10, and Year 12 Parents and Caregivers. In lieu of the evening at the College, parents have two options if they wish to seek feedback about their son’s progress.

Parent requesting an interview:

1. Email the teacher
2. Email the teacher and request a phone interview

Teacher requesting an interview:

- Teachers will contact the parents with whom they have requested an interview.

Feedback on assessment completed to date will be available on EDE by Tuesday 28 April for parents to view and discuss with their sons. The infographic on how to access the feedback and a clip on where to go to watch the instructional videos on EDE are included below.

Year 7

A letter was emailed this week to all Parents and Caregivers of Year 7 as they commenced their first Term 2 at the College in a unique learning environment. Please check your emails and contact the College if you have any concerns regarding your son and his Online Learning.

Year 12

Our Year 12 students find themselves in a unique situation for their final year of schooling. A letter sent to Parents and Caregivers this week outlines changes made by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) to Internal Assessment. Additionally, there is information for all Year 12 students studying certificate courses, as Online Learning provides an opportunity to complete more work in theory, earlier, in readiness for practical learning when students return to school.

Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority – Confirmation Process

This week St Edmund’s Senior School staff have participated in the Confirmation of Year 12 results for Internal Assessment 1 for General Subjects. This is excellent professional development and is most important for our Year 12 students. Staff being involved in this process ensures that we are at the forefront of current practice for assessment in the new Queensland Certificate of Education system. I thank all staff involved.

Years 9, 10 and 11

Letters to Years 9, 10 and 11 will be emailed to Parents and Caregivers next week.

A Final Note

I saw this on a noticeboard in a classroom and it caused me to stop and pray for our world for a few moments. The beautiful colours of the cranes surrounding the prayers helped me to simply appreciate being in that moment. I hope they do likewise for you.

Best wishes.

Carmel James, Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching

Library News

Home Schooling

The St Edmund’s College Library is committed to continuing to assist your son in learning from home.

Our Library has e-books and audio-books available for download to enable students to continue borrowing and reading during this period of self-isolation and home schooling.

To log in to the ePlatform, students use their student ID (eg. s12345) and the password is: Library1
If you do not wish to download the app just go to:
If you have any queries please speak with the Library staff or email us at


Your son has access to thousands of reference e-books, magazines, newspapers, journals, peer-reviewed articles and encyclopedias so he can continue researching for assignments while home schooling. The Library’s databases can be accessed through EDE on the Library page.


Students can also access and view all of the Library’s educational videos on ClickView. Access to ClickView is through the Library page on EDE.

Infiniti – Pick up Service

Students are still able to access and search the Library’s Management System – Infiniti from home. If your son finds a hard copy book that he would like to borrow while learning from home, then email the library at with his name and the title of the book and we will make it available for pick up from the College Reception.

Access to Infiniti is through the Library page on EDE. To log in the Username is the student’s ID number (eg. s12345) and the password is the same password for logging onto his laptop.

If there is anything that the St Edmund’s College Library can do to support you and your son with online learning please do not hesitate to contact us on 3810 4475 or

Ms Karen Callaghan, Head of Department: Information Services and Learning Resources

Senior School

Middle School


Pastoral News


Opportunity for Senior Students

Each year St Edmund’s College offers our Senior students the opportunity to undertake a driver training program through Safe Drive Training. With the current restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 many learn-to-drive schools have stopped training and in some states learners cannot practise unless it links with essential travel.

The course that our boys experience covers:


Whilst this course cannot be currently offered, Safe Drive Training are making a series of eight training videos designed to help parents to teach a novice driver, before driving lessons can recommence.

Safe Drive Training has forwarded these videos to St Edmund’s College so that we can share them with our Senior students and their families.

The first two videos have been launched. Click on the images below to access these videos.

If you want to share this video, the link is

If you want to share this video, the link is

St Edmund’s College has a date booked with Safe Drive Training to offer a day of practical experience. This will be reviewed when the current restrictions are lifted and life returns to “normal”. The College will need to consider how this merges with the finalisation of the 2020 Year 12 study. Information will be provided when available.

In the meantime, we trust that you might find this a valuable resource to assist in this important aspect of your son’s broader education.

Mr Dave Mills, Morgan House Dean

Career News

Careers - Week 1

Defence News



TIME: 6:00PM


Register to attend here -

Please note: Spaces for each event are limited. As we can only take a total of 40 lines at a time, consider using one device to dial in. Registering more than one person will stop others from having the opportunity to also join the call.

To speak to a member of our team you can contact or call 3016 2300.

Career Exploration

While students are at home undertaking remote learning, they may like to think about exploring possible careers. Listed below are some good websites to undertake quizzes and read or watch information on different occupations.

  • Skillsroad – a career exploration website
  • CAREERinsite

Skillsroad has many activities that can help you get started on your career exploration. They include:

  • Career quiz – learn more about yourself, your strengths and talents and the jobs you might be attracted to
  • Job fit Test – are you job ready? Get an idea by doing this test
  • Explore careers – comprehensive information on over 350 jobs
  • Industry videos – listen to the stories of people already on the job
  • No Experience No Worries – No matter where you are at in your career journey you will have at the ready information to help you sort through your options.

CAREERinsite is a Canadian website that has several free career planning tools. A way to use this site and tie it into Australian occupational information is:

  • Scroll down and click on 'I'm a high school student' and read the information
  • Scroll down and click on ‘Know yourself’ (right hand side of page) and start to build your profile by completing the quizzes. The quizzes can help you identify the job activities you like. The report at the end of the quiz summarises your current personal and job preferences.
  • Research your job options through Job Outlook to get an Australian perspective

Try out these activities and others on the site including:

Careers Spotlight

Warehouse Administrators administer and coordinate storage and distribution operations within organisations. You can work as a Warehouse Administrator without formal qualifications; however, they may be useful. A VET (Vocational Education and Training) course in warehousing operations might be helpful. Traineeships may be available. Click on the link to find our more.

Web Administrators design, build and maintain websites, and provide web technology solutions and services. Either extensive experience or a formal qualification in information technology is needed to work as a Web Administrator. VET (Vocational Education and Training) and university are both common study pathways for Web Administrators. Click on the link to find our more.

Workplace Relations Advisers assist in resolving disputes by advising on workplace relations policies and problems, and representing industrial, commercial, union, employer or other parties in negotiations on rates of pay and conditions of employment. Specialisations include: Industrial Relations Officer, Trade Union Official, Union Organiser. Industry experience is needed to work as a Workplace Relations Adviser. Formal qualifications might be useful but aren't essential. VET (Vocational Education and Training) and university are both common study pathways for Workplace Relations Advisers. Click on the link to find our more.

Best jobs for animal lovers

Thinking about working with animals and think that a job where you get to hang out with all sorts of fur balls would be heaven! There are all kinds of purrrfect opportunities out there if you’re looking for a career that involves working with animals – from veterinarians to marine biologists. If you’re an animal lover, read a list of top jobs including veterinarian, animal carer or trainer, marine biologist and farmers and shearers.

Tertiary News

Griffith University Online Chat

Do you have questions about their study options? Student Recruitment Advisers have the answers, and are available to assist via online chat. They can help with:

  • subject pre-requisites and alternative pathways to Griffith University
  • degree information
  • how to apply
  • getting the most out of QTAC preferencing
  • studying online
  • and much more.

The team is available to chat one on one every weekday from 10 am - 12 pm. » For more details or to start chatting, visit

Parent and Student Information Seminars

Designed for students from years 9 - 12 and their families, our Parent and Student Information Webinars will give your students the information they need to make an informed decision about their future. We'll cover topics like the change from OP to ATAR, how to choose subjects that keep their options open and how to find a university degree that's right for them. Students can chat with our expert study advisers and get a great start to their university journey. Event Details Year 9 & 10 Webinar Wednesday 29 April 5 pm - 7 pm (AEST) Year 11 & 12 Webinar Thursday 30 April 5 pm - 7 pm (AEST) » For more information or to register, visit

2021 Study Guides Now Available

Griffith University’s 2021 Undergraduate Study Guide for high school students is now available online. Your students can explore our extensive range of degrees, entry requirements, admission pathways and support services, and find out about global study options, work placements and internships, and other opportunities for career development. » View and download our 2021 guides at

Mr Mark Currie, Careers Guidance Officer/Adviser


Music and Cultural

Music News

Welcome Back to Term 2

Virtual Band and Choir

I am pleased to announce the launch of our Virtual Band and Choir Program. I invite all students to dust off their instruments and warm up their vocal chords to participate in the program. Students will be required to download their choral or band part, learn the part and record a video of themselves playing or singing. They should then submit this video via the Band or Choir EDE page. Ms O’Sullivan and myself will then collate our Virtual Band and Choir group videos. There is more information on the EDE pages in the co-curricular section. Please contact me if you have any questions about this program:

Band students are reminded that the Music Room is open to collect your instrument if you did not collect it before the holiday break.

A reminder that all Cultural co-curricular activities have been put on hold until further notice. This includes the Instrumental Program.

Mr Tim Kirkwood, Director of Music



School News

Uniform Shop



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