Newsletter - 21 September 2018

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The Principal

The Path of a Student

Dear St Edmund’s College Family and Friends,

How do we support our young Eddies’ men to choose the path of a student? This is the path where they encounter opportunities and challenges as a learner and ultimately leads to the fulfillment of their academic goals. Down this path students are more engaged in their learning. This is where they discover their passion and interest in certain subject areas. It is where they flourish and shine. It is where they conquer obstacles and overcome difficulties while on their way towards a bright future. It is a path where they learn about who they are and who they can be. In our Catholic tradition, we would say that it is the same path that Jesus invites us to take. Yet for some of our students this is not the path that they choose to take.
Recent events at the College highlight that some of our students choose different paths. These paths are not the path of a student and ultimately lead to a place that is diametrically opposite. So how do we help them to get off this path and back on the right path? There are many things that we can do together to achieve this. Teaching through consequence builds within our young men a moral compass. Giving them projects where the focus is on helping others teaches them the power of gratitude. Giving them explicit feedback on how they are going in their studies helps them to understand and apply the attributes of a successful learner. Acknowledging where they have shown improvement validates within them that they are on a journey of self-discovery where the destination is less important than the journey itself. Championing them with a balance of tough love and compassion confirms in their heart that they are worthy and have dignity. This is the task of educators – to be unrelenting in our efforts to guide our young men to choose the path of a student.

Staffing Term 4

Please be advised of the following staffing changes in Term 4.

- We welcome back Mr Mark Currie and Mr Sam Sprenger who were on leave in Term 3. During Mark’s absence Ms Madelyn Hall has been performing in the role of Careers Guidance Counsellor and we thank her for the excellent contribution she has made while in this acting role.
- Mr Ray Celegato (Deputy Principal) will be taking leave in Weeks 1 and 2 while recovering from surgery on his eye. During this time Mr Wayne Warren will step into the role as Acting Deputy Principal.
- Mr Shannon Lee (Assistant Principal Students) will be away in the first week of the term attending the Rural Service Project with Mr Dave Baxter and Mr Murray Sutton. In Week 1, Ms Simone O’Shea will step into the role as Acting Assistant Principal to support the House Deans and continue in the role as Acting Assistant Principal for the second week to oversee timetable administration in the absence of Mr Celegato.
- Mr David Mills will be in China with the Eddies Shanghai exchange group and will take another four weeks leave. Mr Dan Meehan will be in the role as Acting Morgan House Dean up until the end of Week 5 to replace Mr Mills.
- Mr Tim Hill and Mr Nick Devin will be away in Week 1 with the Shanghai exchange students as well.
- Mr Max Luxton will be on leave for the first two weeks of Term 4.
- Ms Khyl Domrow will be on leave in the first week of Term 4.
No Carols on the Green for 2018 – The College is still supporting St Vincent de Paul

St Edmund’s College would like to thank all involved for their ongoing support of Carols on the Green. It has been a fantastic community event that has, over the past nine years, contributed to raising approximately $300,000 for St Vincent de Paul.
The College wishes to thank Brothers Ipswich Leagues Club for being the major sponsor of this event over this time. Their sponsorship secured all the costs involved with the hiring of the stage, sound and lighting. We extend our gratitude to the staff at Brothers Leagues Club from the management, groundsmen, through to the hospitality staff.
Moving forward, the General Manager and Board of Directors have felt they needed to make a heartfelt decision to not continue with this event, and they also wish to extend their sincere thanks to the College community.
St Edmund’s College will continue to support St Vincent de Paul with our Skool2Skoolies fundraising, Parents and Friends Association contribution, and the donation of goods and funds raised throughout the year.
We will look at other options for 2019 to see if we can bring back Carols on the Green.


Over the September vacation period Mr Dan Meehan is getting married. We keep Dan and his fiancée, Katie, in our prayers at this very special time for both of them.

Live Jesus, in our hearts, forever.

Diarmuid O’Riordan, Principal

The Deputy


Mission and Community

Blessings for the holidays

Holiday Blessing and Meditation

As you pray, draw your focus and place your hand where the prayer is centred.

May you be blessed with hope
With confidence in what awaits you,
And strong trust that all shall be well during the break.

May you be blessed with love
With time, joy of renewed friendship,
And ever deepening love of the Holy One.

May you be blessed with graced surrender
To let go of what keeps you from growing,
To learn from the obstacles that have arisen
And to live in the new term with a spirit of openness.

May you be blessed with courage
To stand strong and seek adventures anew,
To wait with patience for what you need,
And to look forward to the growth awaiting you after the rest.

Go in peace with love and gratitude alive as you depart for holidays. Amen.

Thank You

We have come to the end of another busy term. Term 3 has been filled with a variety of events and actions that provide opportunities for our students and staff to acknowledge significant role models, learn about current social justice issues and grow as a strong Catholic community.

These Mission and Community moments enrich and enliven our College community, engaging members in a variety of ways. It is important to recognise that there have been a variety of staff who have helped in an assortment of ways to ensure the success of these events. I would like to personally thank Ms Kath Creedy, Ms Megan Edkins and members of the Events Team: Mr Scott Carroll, Mr Dennis Hall and the grounds and maintenance teams; many of the teaching staff, especially Ms Adrianna Rimland, Mr Tim Hill, Ms Anne Artesi, Mr Frank Byrnes and Ms Sallyanne Freney; and finally, the Assistant Principal Mission assistants: Ms Robyn Walker and Ms Claire Currey for their energy and support given to the range of activities that have occurred throughout this term.

Let us hope that everyone enjoys a rest over their holidays, and that Term 4 is as successful and rewarding as the one we have completed.

Term 4 Highlights: Be Prepared

St Vincent de Paul (SVDP) Christmas Hampers: Throughout Term 4

It is our goal in Term 4 to provide St Vincent de Paul with fifty Christmas Hampers. These hampers will support families in our community who are most in need of our care at Christmas time.

Each of our forty-eight Homerooms, along with our Heads of Department, Deans and Support Staff will collect items to create these hampers. The specific list of items required for the hampers will be provided in the first week of next term. Students will all be asked to bring in one item from the list, as agreed upon in each Homeroom. Thank you in advance for your support of our Christmas Appeal.

Year 11 Leadership Election Day and Social: Friday 2 November 2018

This will be the final day in the series of leadership formation days for our Year 11 students. Students will need to arrive at the North Ipswich Reserve by 8.30am. The day will conclude at 11.30am and students will be allowed to depart the venue to prepare for their Year 11 Social.

Walk to Remember: Friday 9 November

Prior to Remembrance Day, St Edmund’s and St Mary’s Colleges will participate in the Walk to Remember which will be held before school on Friday 9 November. More information will be provided in Term 4 and all students are encouraged to participate in the Walk to Remember.

Year 12 Valedictory Mass and Dinner: Tuesday 13 November

Part of our farewell ritual for the Senior students will be the Valedictory Mass held at St Mary’s Church on Tuesday 13 November, 5.30pm. This is a special event for our community. If you have a son in Year 12, please place this date in your diary. All are welcome to the Year 12 Mass, however places are restricted for the Valedictory Dinner. For further clarification please ask your son to see his House Dean.

Stay safe over the rest period.

Live Jesus in our hearts… forever!

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Mission and Community

The First Harvest

Social Justice Committee Initiative

Last week, only seven weeks after the St Edmund’s vegetable garden was planted, the Social Justice Committee completed the first harvest. A large volume of lettuce and a few tomatoes were collected and sold for a gold coin donation.

The garden is an initiative that aims to create conversation about sustainability and embraces Pope Francis’s call for Stewardship. The College Social Justice Committee is taking an interest in organic gardening and how it can point our community towards other practices that pursue the goal of sustainability through conserving resources.

Ms Adrianna Rimland, Acting Director of Student Leadership and Service

Learning & Teaching

Teaching and Learning - Week 10

Exams and Reports

Exams are complete, and marking and results will be finalised over the holidays. Reports will posted to the SEC Web on Friday 12 October (Week 1, Term 4). An email and SMS message will sent at the time of report publication.

Year 11 Queensland Core Skills (QCS)

Our Year 11 students began their journey towards QCS in earnest this week. They demonstrated immediately that they understand the importance of the QCS Test in conjunction with their school work. The students were fully present and undertook the practice session with maturity. I sincerely appreciate their attitude, and the support of all parents in this important aspect of the Year 11s Senior schooling.

I wish all students and families a relaxing and safe holiday.

Best wishes.
Carmel James, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning

Year 11 QCS Practice, 20 September 2018

Carmel James, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning

Senior School

Middle School


Pastoral News

Postcard from China

Greetings from Xian.

All the boys are doing well and have had some wonderful experiences over the past five days - climbing the Great Wall of China, ancient sites in Beijing, sampling local foods to which they have taken a liking, and walking in the rain to see the Terracotta Warriors.

Thursday we are exploring the city of Xian, walking the City Wall before boarding a train to Shanghai on Friday (21/9).

We hope that everyone has an enjoyable and restful break over the next two weeks and we will see you in the new College term.

Mr Tim Hill, Mr Nick Devin and Mr Dave Mills

Career News

Careers - Week 10

Auto Apprenticeships - Tax File Numbers - 20 Top Jobs - Elite Athlete Entry - How to Be Competitive for Jobs

Vantage Automotive - taking applications now for 2019 apprenticeships

Applications are being taken now from Year 12 students interested in a career as an automotive technician, parts interpreter or body repair technician. Candidates from around Australia are invited to apply for the apprenticeship program and, if selected, will be flown to Sydney for training and will be offered full time employment at a location closer to home. This is a funded program with minimal cost for the student.

Go to for further information. Brochures are also available in the Careers Office.

A reminder for Year 12 students about Tax File Numbers

Prospective university students are encouraged to apply early for a Tax File Number (TFN). Students who gain entry to a university course must have a TFN to be able to defer their fee payment through HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP or a VET Student Loan. These loans are made on the basis you pay it later through the tax system. So if you don’t have a TFN, you won’t be able to finalise a government loan for study. There are several ways to apply for a TFN. Visit the Australian Tax Office website for details. You need to apply early as it will take some time to receive your TFN.

The Year13 website

Year13 is an online resource for post school options. It provides information on Jobs, Gap Year Programs, Job Vacancies, Studying, Money Advice, Internships and more. The site has a ‘Get Advice’ section with many articles you might find interesting and informative. Visit the ‘Study’ section for useful information about industries and occupations.

Skillsroad website for career exploration

The Skillsroad website allows you to do a career quiz, explore occupations and industries, and learn about study and training pathways. The ‘Apply for Jobs’ section provides information about job search skills including job search techniques, how to write resume and cover letters, preparing for a job interview, as well as a jobs board. The ‘Life Hacks’ section also has valuable life skilling information.

How to be Competitive for Jobs

The Australian Government’s JobJumpstart initiative has put together videos to help guide you on how to be competitive in the job market:

  • Part 1: Get to know yourself – the first step is to essentially know yourself when it comes to your work preferences and your understanding of what’s out there
  • Part 2: What do Employers Want – the second step is to have the ability to demonstrate your skills to an employer. This includes letting them know your job-specific skills, personal qualities and strengths, and you knowledge of their business
  • Part 3: You Got This! – the final step is to take action. Asking for feedback, setting goals and asking advice will help you tailor your approach to make you a standout applicant.

The top 20 jobs that are most in demand in Australia

According to a recent article, there are many jobs in Australia that employers are finding very difficult to fill. This statement is based on an analysis of Indeed’s (an online employment site) database of more than 170,000 Australian job listings, identifying jobs that have remained unfilled for 60 days or more. Hospitality positions top the list with 70% of the jobs listed for ‘crew members’ and ‘shift managers’ remaining unfilled after 60 days. The top 20 jobs in demand were:

  • Crew member
  • Shift manager
  • Pizza cook
  • Beautician
  • Glazier
  • Massage therapist
  • Plasterer
  • Carpenter
  • Driver
  • Hair stylist
  • Panel beater
  • Installer
  • Shop assistant
  • Detailer
  • Veterinarian
  • Cabinet maker
  • Plumber
  • Tutor
  • Maintenance electrician and
  • Air conditioning engineer.

Do you have a business idea but don’t know where to start?

The SelfStart website provides an online hub created to support young people in exploring and developing their ideas into a successful business. The site can help you connect to existing services and programs and provide you with the information you need to set up your own business. SelfStart is one of four strategies in the Department of Employment’s Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment Initiative. For more information about the Department’s strategies for helping young entrepreneurs, visit the Department’s website.

Additional criteria for teaching applications

Students applying for teaching degrees are required to complete an online questionnaire and 2 x 500-word personal statements in addition to meeting subject prerequisites. The ‘Fact Sheet’ on the QTAC website will help students with their statement by showing them how to reflect on why they would make a good teacher. Students upload their completed personal statements to their QTAC application. See page 20 and 21 of the 2019 Year 12 Guide for due dates for submitting on time documentation..

What is allied health?

According to Allied Health Professions Australia, allied health professionals comprise the following:

Arts therapists, Audiologists, Chiropractors, Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists, Genetic Counsellors, Music Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Optometrists, Orthopedicians, Orthotist/Prosthetists, Osteopaths, Perfusionists, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Psychologists, Rehabilitation Counsellors, Social Workers, Sonographers and Speech Pathologists. Read more about allied health professions here.

To learn more about a specific allied health profession, do a search on the myfuture website (you can ‘Sign up’ for free or ‘Log in’ if you have previously visited this site). You can also visit the My Health Career website (click ‘Resources’ and ‘Pathways to a career in health). You can also access information about many of these professions on the University of Queensland Health website.

Specialties in psychology

There are many specialties in psychology. Some of the specialties include:

  • Psychologists with general registration
  • Clinical psychologists
  • Clinical neuropsychologists
  • Community psychologists
  • Educational and developmental psychologists
  • Forensic psychologists
  • Health psychologists
  • Organisational psychologists
  • Sport and exercise psychologists
  • Counselling psychologists

Read about these specialist areas on the Australian Psychological Society website.

ICT careers resource

The ACS Foundation has a Careers Foundation website with an interactive career wheel. Using this wheel, you can explore careers in ICT sectors involving the following sectors:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Security
  • Specialties
  • Digital Design
  • Content
  • Industry and
  • Marketing/Consulting sectors.

For example, Cloud Computing is in the Specialities sector. When you click on Cloud Computing you will find a list of jobs and courses you could do to gain entry to the jobs.

Educational Access Scheme (EAS)

The EAS provides OP or rank adjustments for applicants who have experienced circumstances negatively affecting their studies. When applying for this scheme, it is important to be aware of the following:

  • You can choose to lodge your documents for this scheme either electronically or by mailing hard copies to QTAC
  • A relevant cover sheet must be completed for each EAS category you apply for
  • In the Financial Hardship category, where a current financial year’s Income Tax Return is required, this means for the 2017/2018 financial year
  • Applicants who have experienced disruption due to leaving foster care/out-of-home care are encouraged to apply in the ‘Home Environment and Responsibilities’ category. There is now a separate tick box on the cover sheet for this situation, with an additional section to indicate that the applicant is willing to be contacted by institutions about available support.

Visit the EAS site for more details.

Elite athlete entry bonus schemes for students applying to university

Elite athlete programs recognise sporting excellence. Successful applicants have usually competed at the state, national or international level in their chosen sport. While many universities are recognised as ‘Elite Athlete Friendly’ institutions and offer sports scholarships and support to athletes, the following universities offer entry bonuses (or an ‘adjustment’) for elite athletes:

Open Days

USQ: School holiday campus tours at the University of Southern Queensland

A campus tour is a great opportunity for you to check out the USQ campuses at Toowoomba, Springfield and Ipswich. The tours will be led by current USQ students. The tours are available 9 am – 3 pm, Monday – Friday. Bookings must be made with at least 2 days of notice before the desired date. Visit the website for more details and who to contact for the tour.

Endeavour College of Natural Health: Open Day

Endeavour College of Natural Health will hold their Open Day event from 10 am on Saturday 6 October 2018 at all its campuses (Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney). The day will give you an opportunity to speak to lecturers and current students, explore the degree courses available and find out if a career in natural health is for you. For more information and to register, visit the Endeavour website.

MedView: Medical Experience Day

Student consulting organisation MedView will be hosting ‘A day in the life of a doctor’ for parents and students in years 10 – 12 wishing to gain entry into medical school. This medicine experience day will allow guests to learn medical skills, talk face-to-face with some of Queensland best surgeons and physicians, and receive firsthand tips for when applying for UMAT, GAMSAT, Multiple Mini Interviews. The event will run from 8:30am – 4:00pm on Saturday 29 September 2018 at the University of Queensland, St Lucia campus. Read more about the event and book your spot on the event website here.

Billy Blue College of Design: A Day in the Life of a Designer

Billy Blue College of Design will be holding a free half-day workshop at its Brisbane campus on Saturday 6 October 2018. The workshop is designed for those interested in a creative career. During the workshop you will be involved in your registered area of interest, meet current students and see what it is like to work in that area. Areas of interest include:

  • Photography;
  • General Design;
  • Graphic Design;
  • Interior Design;
  • Communication Design;
  • Post Graduate Design;
  • 3D Design & Animation;
  • Branded Fashion Design; and
  • Digital Media / Media Design.

Places are strictly limited, so visit the website for more information and to register.

Ms Madelyn Hall, Acting Careers Guidance Counsellor


Music and Cultural


Sports News - Week 10

AIC Sport - Final Round Summary

Basketball and Tennis

The Basketball and Tennis seasons concluded last Saturday with fixtures against St Peter’s Lutheran College. Our Basketball sides had a strong finish to the season, winning eight of the twelve aggregate games. Our Tennis players found it tough against strong opposition however they competed well and never gave up.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Coordinators, Mr Dan Meehan (Years 7 to 9 Basketball), Mr Mark Aiken (Years 10 to 12 Basketball) and Mr Frank Byrnes (Tennis) for the work they have put in throughout this term and during preparation in Term 2.

Congratulations to our Seconds Basketball side who won the AIC Premiership for 2018 (sharing with Iona College). We also had very respectful finishes from our Firsts Basketball, 10A and 10B Basketball who achieved second place.


Last weekend we had two teams compete in the Nitro Schools Challenge at the University of Queensland. Both sides performed extremely well, with our Junior Boys winning a Bronze Medal, behind Brisbane Boys’ College in first place, and Marist College Ashgrove in second place.

Our Intermediate athletes finished in fourth place after Ipswich Grammar School, Brisbane Boys’ College and Marist College. We are hopeful of receiving an invitation to the National Schools’ Challenge in Cairns in December.

Important Athletics Dates

3 to 5 October – Athletics Camp (for invited athletes)
Friday 12 October - AIC Practice Meet
Thursday 18 October - AIC Practice Meet
Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 October – AIC Track and Field Championships .

Mr Max Luxton, Director of Sport

Firsts Basketball Presentation for Samoa

Mr Brian Kerle visits SEC for final AIC Round

Mr Brian Kerle with St Edmund's College First Basketball Team, 15 September 2018

On behalf of St Edmund’s College, our Firsts Basketball team presented Mr Brian Kerle with basketballs, singlets and sporting gear, which Brian will take on his Immersion Trip to Samoa this week.

Thank you to Brian Kerle, former Australian Basketball player and coach who was our guest at the Basketball and Tennis presentation assembly earlier this term, for making a visit to the College on Saturday 15 September for the final AIC round against St Peter’s Lutheran College.

AIC Basketball Results - 15 September 2018

Round 8 Vs St Peter's Lutheran College

Firsts – Win 66-28 The First V returned to form with a convincing win. Led by five Seniors playing their final AIC game, the team executed well throughout to take control from the beginning. St Peter’s offered little resistance and were unable to handle the team’s high-pressure defense. Arop Anguik and Cooper Ward dominated at both ends. This quality team performance offers positive anticipation towards the State Championships next week.
Seconds – Win 51- 25 Determined play by our Year 12 students in their final game secured the Premiership. Our full-court press mounted immense pressure for St Peter’s guards, allowing the team to create scoring opportunities. Charlie Vince was on the break throughout the game and was well supported by Luke Thorne, who displayed great footwork and the ability to score in the lane. It was commendable that our Year 11 players graciously allowed the Seniors extra court time in their final game. Thank you for a great season gentlemen - congratulations.
Thirds – Loss 18-38
Fourths – Win 13-12 Renowned for low scoring with a very defensive game style, the team was allowed freedom for their final game wearing the blue-and-white. Low scores marked the contest and were level with seconds to play. Samuel Hockings nailed a free throw with seven seconds remaining to split the deadlock. A fantastic result to finish the season.
11A – Loss 22- 32 The players fought hard to avoid the wooden spoon, despite being the better team for a large portion of the game. We had a 16-10 lead going into the final minutes of the second quarter, then lack of focus and attention to detail brought the score to 17-16 at half-time, from which we were unable to recover. Although the team was deprived a win this season, all players contributed 100% effort each week. This great group of young men made coaching enjoyable, even if the losses were disappointing. Thank you gentlemen.
11B – Loss 6-45 Good points from Morgan Haynes and Lachlan Papas although we were outplayed by the more experienced St Peter’s team. Blair Suthers and Sam Kross battled on gamely.
10A – Win 55-32 The team was hungry for a pizza party as they started the game with a defensive shut-out. Leading 12-0 at quarter time, we continued to confuse our opponents, swapping our defensive strategy and amassing the points. A dominant performance allowed the team a 30-point lead during the third quarter, scoring at will and stifling every opposition move. Benicio Hortle challenged St Peter’s players throughout the game, finishing with 25, while Samuel Burling’s ability at both ends was reminiscent of a prime Scottie Pippen. Well done on a great season, with AIC second placing on six wins, and a narrow loss to a classy Villanova team.
10B – Win 96-29 An epic point-scoring display by the team, finishing with a staggering 96 points. We scored 56 in the first half after using our full-court press, then fell into a passive zone during the second half. Liam Kember and Noah Farrow displayed good footwork and muscle down low, while Kane Sherman, Noah Ryan and Nicholas Mallet were smooth in transition. Bryden Redding continues to improve and hit some appealing floaters while Hayden Johnson and Declan Battensby gave St Peter’s match-up problems the whole time. A strong season overall, narrowly falling short of a premiership. This team could be 11A premiership contenders next year through application at training.
10C – Win 27-26 A well earned victory for the team through hard work in defense and smart offense. Daniel Schulze-Prenzler and Jacob Bell controlled the tempo with intelligence. Ryan Halvorsen and Kerryn Ryan worked hard at both ends. Keagan Patterson won the consistency award.
9A – Loss 36-53 Fundamental passing and dribbling errors and a lack of intensity in the first half allowed St Peter’s a jump to an early lead. Jackson Crocker-Garlepp and Akim Deng were strong players.
9B – Win 57-32 A great all-round effort from the players, with the team finishing the season with their best display of basketball. Excellent games from Bailey Lyon and Caeden Hockings allowed us to dominate in the key which proved vital to the victory.
9C – Win 40-15 A great first win for the team against St Peter’s. Our players passed the ball around, finding open ‘looks’. Great pressure defense allowed scoring on the fast break.
8A – Win 76-21 An outstanding performance from all players. Shanden Stokes and Lukas Jackson were relentless in defense, Fletcher Rahn had a great game, while Nathaniel Grace and Nathan May were lethal in the lane.
8B – Loss 38-39 An overtime heartbreak where our least favourable performance was left to the last. Poor ball control, rebounding and boxing out were the difference, also many layups were missed. Lessons can be learned for the future by doing the simple things well.
8C – Win 35-16 After a very slow start that saw the team failing to capitalise on opportunities, we managed to regain our previous season form in the last half and make easy work of St Peter’s. Matthew O’Brien found the hoop for a great three-pointer, and Aiden Hansen played a good game of basketball. An excellent way to finish the season.
8D – Win 29-20 A solid all-round game from both ends of the court to finish the season. Shots started falling through an excellent showing on defense.
7A – Win 48-11 A great way to finish the season. All players applied pressure, playing with solid intensity to the end. Undoubtedly these boys will perform even better next season.
7B – Loss 11-18 The game was there to be won however a lack of concentration halfway through the third quarter led to several quick St Peter’s baskets. Rex Quince, Lochlan Nguyen, Phoenix Clarke and Jack Chandler were strong players.
7C – Loss 23-29 An unfortunate end to the season, with play not to our advantage. An excellent run at the finish closed the gap, however a win was not within our grasp. A commendable performance from the players to finish a solid first season of AIC Basketball.
7D – Loss 9-15 Early missed chances led to the team being on the back foot throughout the game. A commendable effort from the players who have achieved an impressive improvement since their first game of the season. Kaleb Brady and Liam Parfitt were awesome in defense.
7E – Loss 26-28 v Villanova In anticipation of a warrior-like walkover, our players came out of the gate overconfident, thereby falling to an early 12-point deficit. The team showed true Eddie’s spirit through a demanding comeback, to gain the lead during the fourth. Xavier Wighton and Harrison Baldry displayed qualities akin to Tracy McGrady and a prime Kawhi Leopard, with their quick baskets and stifling defense. A great all-round season was wrapped up however through a quick basket from Villa, taking the lead with seconds on the clock. An awesome season for our players. Hope to see you all next season.

AIC Tennis Results - 15 September 2018

Round 8 Vs St Peter's Lutheran College

Firsts – Loss 0-8 A tough finale to the season with all players sustaining the fight against a seasoned opposition. Nichalous Petryszyn was the most successful player in terms of winning games. Joshua Smith and Nathan Meier engaged the opposition in long rallies, and Barry Pillado displayed glimpses of his talent.
Seconds – Loss 1-7 The close losses in doubles and singles did not reflect the eventual result, with two doubles and three singles matches having an even chance. All players displayed determined spirit throughout the season.
11A – Loss 2-6 Sebastian Howie won his singles match six games to four, then paired with Jeremy Suthers, defeating the number one seeding, four games to three, in their doubles.
The scores did not always favour the 11As this season. The team played many good games and there were instances when they were unlucky not to have won their matches. A commendable effort and best wishes for the future.
10A – Loss 0-8 All players met the challenge against quality opposition. Connor Cash engaged his opponent in long rallies. The team finished the season on a high note due to their determined attitude.
9A – Loss 1-7 While the scorelilne favoured St Peter’s, they did not have it all their way. Connor Kennedy and Mitchell Vesper won one of their doubles, then narrowly lost their second match. The games were closely contested, however St Peter’s had the edge.
9B – Loss 0-8 St Peter’s dominated the day’s play, however the team tried their hardest. Jacob Ivanovic provided the most resistance, although losing 6 -3 in his singles. It was encouraging to witness the improvement our players have made over the season and I look forward to working with the team next year.
8A – Loss 1-7 A very competitive round against St Peter’s. All players are commended for their excellent attitude and commitment to winning their games. Special mention to Adam Hammant on a fantastic 6-4 singles match, displaying excellent skills and persistence. All players are congratulated on a commendable season of Tennis.
8B – Loss 0-8 A great round against a strong St Peter’s team. All players are commended for their positive attitude and commitment. Team spirit has risen over the season and doubles partnerships proved excellent spectator matches. Special mention to Liam Wallis and Connor McFarlane on a great doubles match, despite being closely defeated 4-3. All players are congratulated on a great season of Tennis and for their improvement in all areas.
7A – Loss 0-8
7B – Loss 0-8 Tough final season matches, with a tally of three games.St Peter’s provided a great example of dedication and skill, challenging our players to bring their best games to the court. All players should be proud of their effort and their grace in defeat. On-court demeanour over the season has improved and we are developing our team-building skills. Tennis can be a lonely game: mentally and physically tough, with the players winning the mental battle in this instance. Congratulations to all on your first AIC Tennis season. Thank you to the parents who came to support their sons throughout the season.


Tuckshop Roster - Week 1, Term 4

Commencing 8 October 2018

Mon 8 Oct: T Williams, K Schuh, J Just, T Rogers.

Tue 9 Oct: A Robertson, N Callaghan, D Smith, J Preston.

Wed 10 Oct: J Roberts, D McGuire, T Costello, S Atuatika.

Thu 11 Oct: M Low, C Page, J Cass.

Fri 12 Oct: A Costello, V Albury, F Sippel.

School News

Year 12 Baby or Toddler Photo

Reminder to Year 12 Parents

A reminder that we require one of your son’s baby or toddler photos (baby to 4 year-old) to be emailed for inclusion in an audio-visual presentation to be used at the Senior Valedictory event being held on Tuesday 13 November at the College.

Please email your son’s photo to Mr Mills at with “Valedictory Photo” in the subject line.

If you have a hard copy only of a photo, this should be submitted in an envelope marked “Valedictory Photo”, including your son’s name, and handed into the Deans’ Room for scanning, before being returned to your son.

It would be appreciated if photos are submitted as soon as possible as Valedictory draws near. If any queries, please direct to Mr Mills (3810 4496) during school hours.

Skool2Skoolies Raffle Winner

$300 Trek Ipswich Sponsorship

Uniform Shop



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