Newsletter - 2 November 2018

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The Principal

Congratulations to our Award Recipients

Dear St Edmund’s College Family and Friends,

Last night we celebrated the outstanding achievements of students from Years 7 to 12 for their academic excellence and service to the College in 2018. On Tuesday we celebrated the gifts and talents of students from Years 7 to 12 for their sporting and cultural contributions throughout the year. Both evenings were wonderful occasions to acknowledge the fruits of their hard work, commitment and passion to achieve at the highest level. Congratulations to all who received awards over the two nights.

Last night was also an opportunity to reflect on the 2018 school year and highlight the people, events and initiatives that have made this year so memorable. We started the year with our Strategic Directions and Priorities which has enabled us to set a course for the next three years. In this, we named Identity, Improvement and Community as our focus areas and around each of these we articulated goals and aspirations for the year ahead.

Looking back it has certainly been a year of opportunity and challenge as we have journeyed together to enrich the lives of the young Eddies’ men in our care. Our Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) Touchstones have kept us on the true path and we continue to draw inspiration by the life of Blessed Edmund Rice who taught us that through Jesus our unfolding story will flourish.

Each day I am humbled by the dedication of the staff at Eddies to carry on this legacy. Their work in partnership with our families is what makes our College a place where our students can shine.

Associated Independent Colleges (AIC) Management Committee

As AIC marks the end of their first twenty years, the Management Committee would like to update you on significant factors that will shape the third decade of the association. Please refer to the attached letter from the AIC Management Committee.

College Captains' Address, Awards Night 1 November 2018

Tasman Pearl, Kyle Jones, Philip Cen and Jacob Cash.


Please keep in your prayers, the family of Mr Peter Dadds whose son-in-law, Simon, passed away this week.

Live Jesus in our hearts, forever.

Diarmuid O’Riordan, Principal

The Deputy


Mission and Community

Acknowledging Service to the College and Community

This week we honoured students who have actively been involved in the life of the College. They were acknowledged not only for their involvement with co-curricular activities, but for demonstrating a commitment to service. With students giving a total of 1,952 recorded hours, and countless more unrecorded hours throughout the year, the actions of these young men have shaped the identity of our College. It is true that “Eddies’ Men Can”, and what they can do, is inspiring. Our students not only enrich our school community through service to the College, but they also improve the lives of people throughout Ipswich by serving their local community.

The ways that students serve is varied and diverse. Each of the activities below represents events that took place during lunch breaks, before school or afternoons, weekends and even public holidays. These events may have required commitment over multiple days and challenged our young men to be organised and reliable.

All the students who have committed to service this year should be commended and I encourage every student to consider what they can do to be a ‘Brother to Another’ in 2019.

Service to the Community

Little King's Door Knock Appeal
Little King’s Musical Performances
Ministries at Sunday Parish Masses
Walk for Justice
Ipswich Cancer Morning Tea
Junior steward volunteers Ipswich Show
Queensland Special Schools Athletics Carnival
Rosies Van
Green Team - environmental group
Social Justice Group
Soft drink fundraiser
Winter Appeal and Winter Sleepout
Homework Help after school at Immaculate Heart
Tutoring at the Learning Hub
Advocacy for Social Justice issues
ANZAC Day March

Service to the College

Foundation Dinner Service
Car Club Dinner Service
Altar Servers, Communion Ministers at College Masses
Set-up, preparation and pack-up for Assemblies and Masses
Celebration and support through Acknowledgment of Country and through Music
Anzac Liturgy Breakfast
College Open Day
Twilight Tour Evenings
Rookies Afternoons
Facilitating Mums ‘n’ Chums events
Facilitating Dads ‘n’ Lads events
Pre-Formal Helpers
Valedictory Helpers
Year 12 Final Day Breakfast Barbecue Helpers
Service to Music events
Service to Sports events

All Saints Day and All Souls Day - 1/2 November

Traditionally within the Catholic calendar, November is the month that we remember those who have departed. At a year level assembly this week, students were asked to recall people close to them, who may no longer be with us. We took a moment to consider why they were important in our lives and the legacy they left. For them we pray:

Eternal rest grant to them O Lord. May perpetual light shine upon them and may they rest in peace… AMEN.

In the same reflection we also recalled the people who inspire us everyday. Our mentors and loved ones who support us. These are ordinary people who make a difference in the lives of those around them.

May all the Saints, pray for us and for all those whose lives we touch.
May God, who loves and holds us all, let the Spirit guide all our days in the ways of compassion and justice. May we reflect the heart of God, sure in faith, strong in hope, built on love and become all that we are called to be. And may our journey lead us into God’s gentle and almighty Presence, our God whom we will one day see face to face. Amen.

Term Four Highlights:

St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hampers
Our goal in Term Four is to provide Vinnies with fifty Christmas Hampers. These hampers will support families in our community who are most in need of our care at Christmas time. Each of our forty-eight Homerooms along with our Heads of Department, Deans and support staff will collect items to create these hampers. The specific list of items required for the hampers has been published. Students are asked to bring one item from the list as agreed upon in their homeroom. Thank you in advance for your support of our Christmas Appeal. A box is also available at College Reception for Christmas Hamper donations.

Walk to Remember: Friday 9 November 7.30am, RSL Memorial.
Prior to Remembrance Day, St Edmund’s and St Mary’s Colleges along with St Mary’s Primary will complete the Walk to Remember before school on Friday 9 November. Those attending are asked to meet at 7.30am at the RSL Memorial, Nicholas Street Ipswich and walking to the Woodend Memorial on the Roseberry Parade. We would love to see lots of families come out to honour Remembrance Day with our community next week.

Year 12 Valedictory Mass and Dinner: Tuesday 13 November
Part of our farewell ritual for the Year 12 students and Year 12 Parents is the Valedictory Mass being held at St Mary’s Church on Tuesday 13 November at 6.00pm. The Year 12 group photo will be taken outside St Mary’s Church at 5.30pm. The Valedictory Mass and Dinner is a significant occasion for Year 12 Parents and their sons. Places are restricted for the Dinner. Further clarification is available from your son’s Dean.

Year 12 Final Assembly
On Friday morning, 16 November, the Year 12s will have their last roll call and assembly where staff and the rest of the students will have a chance to bid them farewell. Year 12 Parents and close family are invited to attend the assembly and space will be limited. Seating for Year 12 parents and family eg: siblings and grandparents will be available from 8.00am when St Edmund’s staff will invite parents to move in. Please help us in this situation by ensuring that attendance at this final Year 12 assembly is for immediate/direct family members only. In the past it has been hot, so please bring a water bottle and dress appropriately for the conditions.

Live Jesus in our hearts… forever

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Mission and Community

Walk to Remember

Friday 9 November 2018 - 7.30am

Defence News

Walk to Remember - Defence Students' Lunch

Walk to Remember - Friday 9 November

St Edmund’s College, St Mary’s College and St Mary’s Primary will again participate in the Walk to Remember. Students, parents, staff and Defence members will be walking to honour our service men and women, reflecting on those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The Walk to Remember will take place on Friday 9 November with participants meeting at the RSL Memorial Gardens at Nicholas Street, Ipswich for a 7:30am start. We will walk to Woodend Memorial where a brief ceremony will be held followed by a light refreshments.

Defence Lunch

Defence lunches will be held on Wednesdays at First Break. The weekly gatherings give students the opportunity to interact with one another, develop support networks, make connections and share experiences of Defence life.

Ms Jodie Dunning, Defence Transition Mentor

Learning & Teaching

Teaching and Learning

Special Project

Year 10 student, Harrison Midgely, has hand-crafted his own Didgeridoo in his Engineering class. This is a true reflection of bringing together the Touchstone of Liberating Education and our Indigenous Heritage. Well done Harry!

After School Learning

Extended library hours continued this week until 5.00pm with afternoon tea provided. As we move into exam block, I encourage students to take this opportunity to have a tutor assist them with their exam preparation.

Year 12

This week I met with the Year 12 students to check their final details for the QCAA and to wish them well for the exam block. I remind parents and students that the boys must arrive approximately twenty minutes prior to an exam and that if they wish to study at school, a study room will be available.

Exam Preparation for All Year Levels

What do you do in the few days before an examination?

At least a few days before the exam, make sure you do the following:

- Plan out how much time you should spend on each section of the test.
- By looking at past papers, get a feel for the types of instructions that will be on your paper.
- Do some exercise so you can burn off the pent-up stress that can come before exams.
- Look after your body – lots of water to juice up your brain, healthy food, decent sleep.
- To calm nerves, make mental pictures of yourself sitting down and doing well in the test.
- Purchase any equipment you may need, extra calculator batteries, pens, rulers etc.
- Ensure you know what equipment is allowed in the test or exam.
- Focus on reviewing the key points, perhaps a condensed version of your summaries.
- Practise as many past test papers as you can get your hands on.
Check the timetable to ensure you have a clear picture of when each exam is being held.

The night before the test or exam:

- Pack your bag with everything you will need for the next day, ensuring you have all necessary equipment.
- Plan what time you need to leave to ensure you have plenty of time for unexpected delays.
- Don’t go to bed too late – you need to make sure your brain is fresh and alert.
- Don’t ring friends and discuss your preparation or the examination.
- Just before you go to sleep, look through your notes briefly.
- If you have a number of exams, check the timetable to doubly confirm the date, time and location of the exam.

The morning of the test or exam:

- Visualise success. Before you get out of bed close your eyes and picture yourself going into the exam, doing well and coming out pleased with your efforts.
- Review your notes. You are not doing intense study at this stage, just looking through and reminding yourself of the main things you want to remember.
- Eat breakfast. Your brain needs fuel so eat a hearty breakfast so you can focus and concentrate in the exam.
- Be on time. Make sure you leave enough time for contingencies so you won’t be late.
Avoid negativity. Don’t stand around in the group discussing what you did and didn’t study.

You can learn more about exam techniques at by logging in with these details:

Username: stedmunds

Best wishes.

Carmel James, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2018 Academic and Special Prize Winners

Awards Night 1 November

Library Learning Hub

Tuesday to Thursday - 3.00 to 5.00pm

This term is flying by. We have had steady numbers over the last two weeks at “The Hub”.
It is Week 4 already and with assignments being due this means we are kept busy.
Remember the Library Learning Hub is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3.00 to 5.00pm in the SEC Library.
All the tutors and I would like to wish the Year 12 students well as they prepare for final exams.

Ms Louise McNamara, After Hours Learning Coordinator

Text Book Hire - RETURN DATES

End-of-year return of books

As you would be aware St Edmund’s College operates a text book hire scheme for the benefit of all students at the College. The success and viability of this scheme is contingent upon the timely return of texts in good condition that allows for their redistribution to students for use in subsequent years. Unlike other schools, we do not charge a levy or require students to purchase texts separately. Often these costs are in the vicinity of $250 to $400. To assist us with the maintenance of the scheme we require your support in ensuring that your son’s texts are returned in good condition and in accordance with the timelines set out below:

Dates for return of textbooks NOT needed for exams

Years 7, 8 and 9 Friday 16 November
Year 10 and 11 Friday 16 November
Year 12 Thursday 1 November
***All textbooks must be returned or paid for before going on the Year 12 outing on Wednesday 14th November.

Textbooks needed for exams: On the day of the timetabled exam – textbooks should be returned to the library before the exam or entry to the exam.

Final dates for return of items

Years 7, 8 and 9 Wednesday 28 November
** All textbooks must be returned or paid for before going on the House outing on Thursday 29 November.
Year 10 and 11 Wednesday 28 November
Year 12 Monday 12 November

As you would understand we require students to return all textbooks before the end of term or their departure from the College to allow for cleaning, bagging and replacement arrangements to be made for next year.

Ms Christine Roche, Book Room Coordinator

Senior School

Middle School


Pastoral News

KEY DATES for Year 12 Students and Parents

Final Year 12 Events

Monday 12 November - Compulsory Attendance - Red Frogs Presentation - Valedictory Mass Rehearsal - 11.00am - seated in Ambrose Place followed by St Mary’s Church.
Tuesday 13 November - Valedictory Evening - Senior Class Photo 5.30pm, St Mary’s Church. Valedictory Mass - 6.00pm St Mary’s Church. Following Mass: Valedictory Dinner - St Edmund’s College Hall.
Wednesday 14 November - Gold Coast Outing - 8.30am - Ambrose Place.
Thursday 15 November - Safe Drive Training Course for students who have booked and paid - 7.45am - Meet at the College outside St Edmund’s IT Department - Arthur Street Driveway.
Friday 16 November - Final Assembly - Breakfast from 7.30am for Year 12 students. Assembly will begin at 8.45am.

Career News

Career News - Week 4

QTAC and Tertiary Entry - Prerequisites - Scholarships - What happens when you defer?

QTAC and Tertiary Entry

All Year Twelve students who applied to QTAC for 2019 have been given feedback on their preferences to assist them with any changes that may be necessary with their applications going forward.

If students need further assistance after they finish school, particularly when OPs are released, they should email Mr Currie at or phone him on 38104472 for advice.


Q. I applied for the Financial category of the Educational Access Scheme (EAS) when I applied to QTAC. I put my Centrelink number on the application. Do I need to provide any additional information?

A. QTAC will let you know if more information is required. Consequently, it is important to monitor your emails.

Q. If I get an OP 1, will subject bonus ranks improve my chances of getting into a course?

A. No. The rank schedule is on a 1 – 99 (highest) scale. When you receive bonus ranks, your OP is converted to a rank. OP 1 is comparable to rank 99. This is the top of the rank scale so further ranks CAN’T be added to it.

Q. I didn’t apply for the Educational Access Scheme (EAS) when I applied to QTAC. Can I still apply for EAS?

A. Yes. Download the relevant cover sheet (or sheets) from the EAS page on the QTAC website. Complete all the requirements listed on the cover sheet. Attach supporting documents if required. You can upload, mail or deliver your completed EAS application to QTAC. Some cover sheets may require a school statement. QTAC would like Year 12 students to submit their EAS applications by the end of October.

Q. I am totally confused about offer rounds. According to the 2019 Year 12 Guide, the offer-round for my courses is 25 January 2019. Now I hear that I could get an earlier offer.

A. Institutions may give offers to eligible applicants (i.e. applicants who have met all the entry requirements). Visit the Course Offer Dates page on the QTAC website for dates when institutions might give offers. Offers will be made on all offer-round dates. It is essential that you monitor your emails as this is how QTAC will let you know you have an offer. This is critical as you must respond to an offer by the due date or your offer will lapse and you will not be considered for any other courses in future offer rounds.

Q. I applied for a university course that requires an audition but didn’t do the audition. Will I still be considered for entry to this course?

A. You should contact the university. However, the answer will probably be ‘No’.

Q. My school gives out OP estimates and mine is currently 9 – 12. The Pathways (preferences 5 and 6) courses on my QTAC application have previous cut-offs of OP 11. Is this a good enough safety net?

A. No. It is advisable to select Pathways courses (especially your 6th preference) that have been cutting off at least three or four OP points below your estimated OP to provide you with a good safety net.

Q. Where can I get help with my QTAC application after I leave school?

A. Your best source of help at this time of the year is QTAC. First look at the ‘How do I’ questions on the QTAC homepage. If this doesn’t help, ring (1300 467 822) or email QTAC. Email is probably best, as the QTAC phone is very busy at this time of year and you need to be patient as you will be on a queue.


Universities have many scholarships available and have many have streamlined to process for application. For a little bit of your time, you could get some real financial assistance.

UQ: Scholarships for 2019

UQ invites future students of 2019 to apply for a wide range of scholarships that would assist in making the transition to university. Scholarships are categorized as either Academic and Equity, Sporting, Residential College or faculty-based. Offerings change frequently so view the full list of opportunities here. Closing dates vary for each scholarship. The deadline for academic scholarships for 2019 are closing Friday 16 November 2018. These are open to both Year 12 and gap year students. Click here to read more about the scholarships and to apply.

USC: Scholarships closing soon

Scholarships and bursaries aren’t just for high academic achievers or if you are struggling financially. They’re also available for students demonstrating sporting achievement or community involvement such as volunteering, fund raising or taking on a leadership role. Visit the Scholarship web page to see what is available before applications for Semester One 2019 scholarships close on 30 November 2018.

QUT: Scholarship Reminders

Remember that QUT’s Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships applications will close on 16 November 2018. Each scholarship is work $30,000 paid over the duration of your degree.

CQU: Sonography at CQUniversity

Medical Sonography is a diagnostic medical procedure that uses high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to produce visual images of organs, tissues, or blood flow inside the body. This field of work is in-demand nationally. CQU offers a four-year B Medical Sonography/Graduate Diploma of Medical Sonography which leads to accreditation with the Australasian Sonographer Accreditation Registry. In Queensland the course is offered at CQU's Brisbane and Mackay campuses. During the course, students study anatomy, physiology, health science and sonographic skills and undertake extensive clinical placements. You apply for this course through QTAC.

GU: Admission pathways to your preferred degree at Griffith University

Griffith Uni’s admission pathway options can help you improve your selection rank, upgrade to your preferred Griffith undergraduate degree or satisfy subject prerequisites. They also have access schemes that can help you gain entry to Griffith.

Making the most of your preferences when you apply can also help provide an admission pathway to your preferred degree. Click here to find out more.

QUT: Deadline for written statement for education courses

Students applying for entry in education courses at QUT (and other institutions) for 2019 must, as part of their QTAC application, complete an online questionnaire covering the student’s suitability for the course. This will include writing statements. The questionnaire will be emailed to the student after they have submitted their initial QTAC application for a teaching course. Current Year 12 students who would like to be considered for an offer from QUT in the 17 December 2018 offer round should submit their statement and complete the questionnaire by 7 December 2018. Visit the QTAC website to view a Fact Sheet explaining what is required for the written statements and the online questionnaire.

QUT: What happens when you defer?

If you've applied through QTAC and been offered a place in a QUT undergraduate course, you can defer your offer (usually for one year). This means that you begin your studies in the following year. You will receive an email from QUT several months before orientation and the start of classes to invite you to take up your deferred offer. If you have changed your mind about what you want to study, you can apply through QTAC again for a different course. For more information about deferring offers visit the QUT Deferment page.

UQ: Prerequisite courses through UQ College

UQ College is offering a short 4-week intensive program from 20 November 2018 – 15 December 2018 for applicants who need to complete a prerequisite subject in time for the QTAC January 2019 offer round. Prerequisites can be taken in Mathematics B, Biology and Chemistry. Results will be made available in time for the January 2019 offer round. Applications close 9 November 2018. Click here for more information and to sign up.

Career Spotlight

Project manager – an occupation for all industries

This occupation is known by several different titles including project administrator, program manager and contract administrator. The title can also be different in different industries e.g. Construction manager in the construction industry, Health administrator in the health industry, Production manager in the manufacturing industry.

Project managers are responsible for ensuring that projects are designed and completed on time and within budget. They work in both the public and private sectors across all industries. Visit the Project Manager website to view project management profiles.

There are different levels of training available for this occupation, from VET qualifications (e.g. Certificate in Project Management) to post graduate qualifications (Graduate Certificate in Project Management, Graduate Diploma in Project Management, Master of Project Management). A good foundation for postgraduate courses would be a degree in Business, Commerce, Economics, Engineering, Regional and Town Planning or Information Technology. Some degrees that provide project management skills are specific to an industry e.g. B Construction Management and B Hospitality Management.

Mr Mark Currie, Careers Guidance Officer


Music and Cultural

Music News - Week 4

Major Performances this week

This week was extremely busy week for the Performing Arts Department with three major events. The first was the Sporting and Cultural Awards held on Tuesday night. I would like to congratulate all award winners in the Performing Arts and Musical categories.

Wednesday night saw the annual St Mary’s College Awards take place in the McAuley Centre. As part of this, the Combined Colleges’ Concert Band performed the ‘Theme from Avengers.’

The last event for this week was the College Academic Awards on Thursday night. The Jazz Band provided some pre-show entertainment as well as performing the hit song ’Horse with No Name’ later in the program. The College Choir performed ‘The Power of your Love’.

Thank you to all of the students who performed in any of these ensembles throughout the week. I would also like to thank Ms Frances O’Sullivan for conducting both Choirs and Mr Jesse Gold for playing in all three ensembles.

Last Friday’s Assembly performance showcased Year 12 student Asher Kunde singing to the College cohort for the final time. He delivered a flawless performance of David Bowie’s classic ‘Space Oddity’. Asher has performed many times on assemblies throughout his five years at the College and always gives a heart-felt performance that could rival that of a professional musician. I would like to thank Asher for the time and effort he has put into the Performing Arts and wish him all the very best for his future musical endeavours.

Instrumental Lessons
All students are reminded to check their instrumental lesson times on the noticeboard outside K205. Please be prompt for your lesson.

Mr Tim Kirkwood, Director of Music


Congratulations to Jack Murray - Year 9

Australian Representative

Jack Murray in Year 9 was selected earlier this year to represent Australia at the 7th International Tae Kwon Do Federation (ITF) World Cup which was held in September 2018 in Sydney. There were thirty-five countries and over 1000 competitors in attendance and it was an honour for Jack to compete against the best the world has to offer.

Jack participated in Sparring and Patterns and fought hard against competitors from Uzbekistan and Russia. Jack is to be congratulated on representing his country, and although he did not receive a medal he was a proud representative of his country, and sport.

2018 AIC Golf - Balhally Shield

Congratulations to James Sammut - AIC Champion

On Monday 29 October, Jack Wojcicki, Jai Weatherhog, Ryan Kaczuk, Regan Griffiths and James Sammut represented the College in the annual AIC Golf Championship held at Indooroopilly Golf Club.

As usual the course layout was challenging on the day, with the front nine proving very demanding for the players. Accurate driving from the tee was a necessity if players wanted to access the difficult pin placements. The undulating and grainy greens played havoc with the roll of many putts, often forcing players to recover from precarious positions. The players also had to contend with damp conditions, with intermittent showers throughout the day.

Despite the conditions the Eddies’ men acquitted themselves well, eventually securing a second place finish behind Martist College, Ashgrove.

James Sammut proved his qualities by shooting a two over par 74 to take out individual honours as the AIC Champion. Jack Wojcicki also featured in the individual competition, placed third in the Nett competition with a score of 68.

All students should be congratulated on the way they conducted themselves throughout the day. We look forward to going one better next year as St Edmund’s hosts the 2019 AIC Balhally Shield Championship.


Tuckshop Helpers Christmas Party

Highlights....Thank you for your generosity throughout this year

Calling for 2019 Tuckshop Volunteers

Can you help?

Are you able to assist at the tuckshop for two hours, once a month? We are seeking helpers to enable a roster to be organised for 2019. Please direct your offer of assistance to: with your preferred day, or phone Narelle Rea or Gina Weight (Tuckshop Convenors) during school hours on 3810 4486.

Tuckshop Roster - Week 5

Commencing 5 November 2018

Mon 5 Nov: T Williams, K Schuh, J Just, T Rogers.

Tue 6 Nov: N Callaghan, A Robertson, D Smith, J Preston.

Wed 7 Nov: J Roberts, D McGuire, S Atuatika, T Costello.

Thu 8 Nov: C Page, M Low, J Cass.

Fri 9 Nov: V Albury, A Costello, F Sippel.

School News

Skool2Skoolies GOLF DAY

Sunday 11 November 2018

Uniform Shop



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