Newsletter - 19 October 2018

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Principal's Office

From the Principal

The Eddie's Difference

Dear St Edmund’s College Family and Friends,

What make’s Eddies different? Yes, we are the only all-boys Catholic Secondary College in Ipswich. We are also steeped in history having served the Ipswich community for 126 years. Our story is intricately linked to the person of Blessed Edmund Rice who was inspired by Jesus to educate the poor children of Waterford in Ireland. This has shaped our values and beliefs and continues to inform our vision and mission. Our motto, Possunt Quia Posse Videntur, translates to – They Can Because They See They Can – is uniquely ours. We have endeavoured to unearth the hidden layers of meaning in our motto with the simple catchcry – Eddies’ Men Can. Our commitment to partner with families to help grow Strong Men, Kind Men, Gentlemen, Eddies’ Men has been integral in the development of our academic, cultural, sporting, social justice, immersion, service learning and student formation programs which are distinctly ours.

In recent years we have named Identity, Improvement and Community as our focus areas for the next three to five years. These factors are certainly what makes the Eddie’s difference, but without the dedication and passion of the staff who turn up each day to deliver for the Eddies’ young men both in and outside the classroom, our difference would not be anywhere near as exceptional as it is. It is a joy to be part of this unique community.

2019 Staffing News

I am pleased to announce the following Middle Leadership appointments commencing in 2019:

- Director of Senior Schooling – Ben Litchfield
- Director of Middle Schooling – Luis Marin
- H
ead of Department Enterprise Studies – Georgina Delpaul

Congratulations to Ben Litchfield and Georgina Delpaul who are current staff members, on their respective appointments to these new leadership positions.

We welcome Luis Marin to St Edmund’s College. Luis is currently the Head of Curriculum Humanities at Carmel College, Thornlands. He has previously held leadership roles at St Patrick’s College, Shorncliffe as Acting Head of Curriculum English and Acting Head of Curriculum SOSE. Luis is currently studying a Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership at ACU and holds a Master of Business Administration at Griffith University and a Bachelor Secondary Education at QUT majoring in English and Social Geography.

I am also pleased to announce the following teacher appointment to commence in 2019:
- Learning Support Teacher – Emma Ehrich

We welcome Emma Ehrich to St Edmund’s College. Emma is currently working as a Support Teacher Inclusive Education at All Saints School, Boonah. Emma has previously worked at Ipswich Girls Grammar School, Edmund Rice Flexible Learning Centre, Townsville and St John’s Secondary College, Nambour. Emma has a Graduate Certificate in Special Education at Griffith University and a Bachelor of Arts and Education at the University of Queensland majoring in Special Needs, Modern History/SOSE (HASS).

Australian School Boys' Rugby thanks St Edmund’s College

During the September break St Edmund’s College families were thanked and acknowledged for their generosity and hospitality for hosting and billeting Australian School Boy Rugby players, who were competing in the Australian Schools’ Tri-Nations campaign held in Brisbane between Australia, New Zealand and Tonga.

St Edmund’s College was again featured when former Wallaby legend and St Edmund’s College Old Boy, Paul McLean did the tie presentation and spoke to the players about the honour of being an Australian Rugby Union player representative. The group was also taken on a tour of Ipswich during their time here including a visit to our College.

I especially wish to acknowledge and thank Noel Gardner who coordinated the billeting arrangements. He also organised many of the host activities while also performing his role as one of the managers of the Australian School Boys’ teams. Noel continues to serve as the representative for the Associated Independent College’s for Queensland School Boys Rugby Union and has been a long-term member of the Australian School Boys Rugby committee in various roles including assistant coach and manager.


We pray for the Villanova College families and staff who are mourning the tragic passing of one of their students. May the comfort of God’s immeasurable love and mercy be with them at this time of grief and loss.

Live Jesus, in our hearts, forever.

Diarmuid O’Riordan, Principal

The Deputy


Mission and Community

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students’ Graduation

Nationally, Census data indicates the proportion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders aged 20 to 24 years who have achieved Year 12 was 65.3% in 2016. By comparison, in the same period the Year 12 attainment rate for non-Indigenous Australians was 89.1%, highlighting the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Although Australia is on track to meet the Year 12 attainment target to halve the education gap by 2020, a significant number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students across the country continue to face barriers to Year 12 completion. Here at Eddies we value all students and continue to support and advocate for those who face barriers to education.

Eddies Christmas Hamper Appeal

This week we officially launched our Christmas Hamper Appeal. We have set a goal of at least 50 Family Hampers, as well as collecting items for several Personal Care Hampers. Each student has been asked to bring at least one item for his homeroom hamper. These hampers will support families in our community most in need of our care at Christmas time.

The list provided to students, highlights the basic items that need to be included in each ‘Family Christmas Hamper’. However, all students are encouraged to give generously and feel free to add multiples or extra items to their hamper. If you wish to make extra donations, items for the ‘Personal Care Hamper’ would be gratefully received by the College.

Family Christmas Hamper Goods

Butcher’s voucher - Provided for each Hamper by St Edmund’s College
Christmas cake/pudding
Long-life custard
Fruit mince pies
Packet of cake mix
Sweet biscuits: e.g. shortbread, tin family assorted cream biscuits
Savoury biscuits: e.g. Jatz, rice crackers
Jelly crystals x 2
Christmas Sweets e.g. fudge, packets of lollies (NO chocolate)
New packets of tinsel
Bon Bons (Christmas “crackers”)
Tea - Coffee - Milo
Long Life Milk
Pancake mix
Muesli bars
Sandwich spreads
Breakfast Cereal
Nuts or Trail Mix
Tinned vegetables e.g. diced tomatoes
Tinned fruit e.g. fruit salad
Tin of tuna or salmon
Pasta Sauce
Rice or Cous Cous
Powdered or long-life gravy

Personal Care Hamper Goods

Washing powder
Washing up liquid detergent
Tooth brushes
Dental floss
Deodorant (unisex)
Shampoo and conditioner
Tea towels
Personal soap/shower gel
Twin pack toilet paper

A Prayer for World Mental Health Day

Tender God,
Your gentle and kind-hearted love
waits for us in the darkness and shields
us from the light when it feels too overwhelming. We remember today all those who
live in the depths of depression. Continue to cherish us all when we find it so difficult
to cherish ourselves. Enable us to discover companions of compassion who will abide
with us, as you abide in all things and in all places where the heart and mind aches for
peace and a place of rest from the storm.
We ask this in the name of our brother and
friend, Jesus Christ. Amen

Term Four Highlights

Year 11 Leadership Election Day and Social: Friday 2 November
This is the final day in the series of Leadership formation days for our Year 11 students. Students should arrive at the North Ipswich Reserve by 8.30am. The day will conclude at 11.30am and students will be allowed to depart the venue to prepare for their Year 11 Social.

Walk to Remember: Friday 9 November
Prior to Remembrance Day, St Edmund’s and St Mary’s Colleges will take part in the Walk to Remember on Friday 9 November before school. More information will be forthcoming and we encourage all students to participate.

Year 12 Valedictory Mass and Dinner: Tuesday 13 November
Part of our farewell ritual for our Senior students is the Valedictory Mass. This will be held at St Mary’s Church on Tuesday 13 November. (The Year 12 cohort photograph will be taken in front of the Church at 5.30pm, followed by Mass commencing at 6.00pm.) This is a special event for the community, therefore if you have a son in Year 12, please place this date in your diary.
All are welcome to the Valedictory Mass, however, places are restricted to Year 12 parents for the dinner. For further clarification please ask your son to see his House Dean.

Live Jesus in our hearts… forever!

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Mission and Community

2018 Shanghai Exchange Program


The 2018 Shanghai Exchange Program saw students and staff from the College embark on another memorable trip to China. Ten Year 10 students were accompanied by staff members Mr Mills, Mr Hill and Mr Devin.
After a long plane trip, the Eddie’s group arrived in the capital of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing. The City was very impressive with its wide streets and rich culture. Four days in Beijing saw the group take in the Forbidden City, Tian’anmen Square, The Temple of Heaven, a tri-shaw tour of the hutong (older traditional living areas), shopping in the Silk Markets, exploring the Night Food Markets, attending the Chinese National Acrobatic Troupe show and, of course, climbing on the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu.

Leaving Beijing the group embarked on the train trip to Xi’an. This was an adventure in itself, as an overnight train is not something most of the boys have experienced before. Sleeping in compartments of four bunks with the rocking motion of the train is a must in China!

The next day the group arrived in Xi’an and went off to see the Terracotta Soldiers, one of the historical wonders of the ancient world. The following day included a visit to the Bell Tower, the Drum Tower and the city wall where the boys hired bikes and some were able to ride around the 14 kilometre loop of the wall. That night, the students enjoyed the noisy, crowded Muslim Quarter markets, after which they were glad to retreat to the relative peace of their hotel rooms.

Another train journey brought the group to the vibrant, bustling and modern city of Shanghai. They experienced a memorable time in Shanghai, with the boys being treated like members of the family by their homestay families and experiencing fantastic hospitality from South West Weiyu Middle School. There are many things they will remember from Shanghai including travelling on the subway, shopping and bargaining at the markets, visiting such diverse attractions as the Shanghai Zoo, the Longhua Buddhist Temple, the Bund, the water town of Zhouzhuang and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. The three-day trip to Nanjing allowed us to understand some of the 20th Century history of China at the Zhongshan (Sun Yat Sen) memorial and the Anti-Japanese War Memorial dedicated to the 300,000 estimated to have perished in Nanjing during the invasion in 1937.

All in all, it was a great trip. The group formed close bonds and shared many laughs. This experience is one which will stay with all of the boys and staff always.

Mr Mark Currie, China Immersion Coordinator

Learning & Teaching

Media Immersion Madness

Year 9 and Year 10 Media Challenge

This week the Years 9 and 10 Media students participated in a full day of Media Madness.

Year 9 brief was to design, film and edit a YouTube tutorial based on a skill in which they excel. Ideas such as ‘How to make Nachos’ to ‘Shoe Shining Tips’ were filmed against a green screen so students could learn professional industry visual effects techniques.

The Year 10 challenge was to script, film and edit a short detective film. Their day was spent on location filming intricate dialogue scenes that required group negotiation and problem-solving skills. Add a touch of (Alfred) Hitchcock suspense and a dash of (James) Cameron creativity and you have the makings of award-winning film productions, made right here at Eddies.

Special thanks to Mr Craig Wilkinson (Optikal Bloc) who explained the behind-the-scenes of film-making by demonstrating lighting and visual effects.

Also, I would like to especially acknowledge the students who took part in this workshop. Parents, be proud of your sons - they rose to the challenge and exceeded my expectations of professionalism.

Ms Sallyanne Freney, Head of Department: Creative Arts

The Learning Hub

A good Hub turnout for our first session of the Term

Day 1 of “The Hub” for this term was Tuesday and we had 34 students - a good turn up for our first day of term.

Our tutors Josh and Tom were kept busy with assignment help - particularly Maths A and B.

Hoping to see our numbers increase over the next few weeks as students prepare for end of year.

Ms Louise McNamara, SEC After Hours Learning Coordinator

Senior School

Middle School


Pastoral News

Year 12 Parents - Final Reminder

Your Son's Baby or Toddler Photo

A final reminder to Year 12 Parents that we are asking for one of your son’s baby or toddler photos (baby to 4 year-old) to be emailed for inclusion in an audio-visual presentation to be used at the Senior Valedictory event.

Please email your son’s photo to Mr Mills at with “Valedictory Photo” in the subject line.

If you have a hard copy only of a photo, this should be submitted in an envelope marked “Valedictory Photo”, including your son’s name, and handed into the Deans’ Room for scanning, before being returned to your son.

It would be appreciated if outstanding photos are submitted urgently.

Career News

Career News - Week 2

Resumes - Cover Letters: What employers are looking for - Job Interviews: 7 Things That Make a Bad First Impression

Year Twelve Information

Many students apply for tertiary courses at this time, but most seek full-time and part-time employment after Year 12. It is important to be well prepared with a current resume and letter of application to get your foot in the door for an interview.


Update your resume with current contact details, school results and any recent work experience.

Cover letters: What employers are looking for

There are five things employers are looking for with cover letters. The five things to keep in mind should be:

  1. While it’s not likely the first thing employers look at, it will be the thing that gives you an advantage
  2. Keep the cover letter brief – four to five short paragraphs
  3. Get to the point of why you’re the right fit for the job
  4. It’s a separate document for a reason–don’t just regurgitate your resume
  5. Address it to the right person – if it’s unclear, stick with ‘To whom it may concern’ despite not being ideal

Job interviews: 7 things that make a bad first impression

SEEK research has set out the top seven sins committed by those lucky enough to land a job interview, but blow their opportunity to make an excellent first impression. The top seven most common pitfalls include:

  1. Not showing passion or any interest in the role – Showing enthusiasm was rated by 20% of hirers as the most important aspect
  2. Being late – 19% of hirers rate this as the most potent way to make a negative impression. 10 minutes before is early, 5 minutes early is on time, and on time is too late.
  3. Bad-mouthing your previous employer – Speaking negatively about your past employer makes you look like you avoid responsibility. Professionals phrase the answer positively.
  4. Failing to research the company – Research allows you to tailor your examples to the role at hand, arms you with relevant questions, and acts as a point of difference from other competition.
  5. Appearing untidy – The decision to hire you will include deciding whether you can represent their organisation. Poor clothing shows a lack of respect and a forecast of your work ethic.
  6. Being on your phone – Another pitfall that shows a lack of respect for the organisation. Interviewers are giving their time for the interviewer and are expecting the same from you.
  7. Bringing food or drink to the interview – Unless you are interviewing at a café, avoid all consumables apart from water. It is distracting.

Read more about these pitfalls on the seek website.

Interested in joining the Queensland Police Service?

Young people can apply for entry to the Queensland Police Service at the end of Year 12 once they turn 18 years of age. Other pre-application requirements are listed on the QLD Police Recruiting website and in the H.I.R.E.D flyer you can download from this site. Interested students should also visit the Prepare yourself for a Police Career web page. The Queensland Police Recruiting Unit holds information seminars in Brisbane and regional centres throughout the year. The next Brisbane session will be held from 6:30pm on Tuesday 16 October 2018 at the Queensland Police Headquarters, Ground Floor Conference Room, 200 Roma Street, Brisbane.

Tertiary News

Year 12 Subject Adjustment Schemes

Some universities offer adjustment factors when you successfully complete specific subjects in Year 12. Adjustment factors are additional points that may be used in combination with an applicant’s OP or other rank to derive their adjusted selection rank. Adjustments only change OPs or ranks for a particular course or courses. Each university has its own scheme. You don’t have to apply for these schemes as adjustment factors are automatically given when you apply for courses through QTAC. Adjustment factors only apply to Year 12 qualifications (e.g. OPs, IB and OP ineligible ranks) not VET certificates/diplomas and other qualifications you may have completed during Years 11 and 12. The following information is a summary of Year 12 Subject Bonus Schemes at universities that offer them:

Australian Catholic University – A maximum of 5 bonus points can be allocated through ACU’s Year 12 Subject scheme. Subject adjustment factors are based on results in Year 12 subjects relevant to the course you are applying for at ACU. For more information, see the ACU website (Scroll to ‘Year 12 Subject’).

Griffith University – A maximum of six points can be allocated under Griffith University’s adjustment scheme for the successful completion of over twenty Year 12 subjects as well as university subjects. The maximum bonus points that a student can receive under all Griffith adjustment schemes is capped at 8. Some courses are exempted from this scheme, including B Medical Science (MD Provisional Entry for school leavers) and B Dental Health Science. For more information, see the Griffith website.

Queensland University of Technology – A maximum of 8 adjustment factors can be allocated for the successful completion of Maths C, a language other than English, Physics, Engineering Technology and Aerospace Studies (for Engineering single and double degrees only) and university subjects (ie. Through START QUT). Adjustment factors do not apply to courses with additional entry requirements, Dean’s Honours and Dean’s Scholars programs and scholarships that require a minimum OP. If you qualify for adjustment factors in all subject areas, you can receive the maximum of 8 adjustment factors. For more information, see the QUT website.

University of Queensland – Through the Subject Incentive Scheme, a maximum of five adjustment factors can be allocated for the successful completion of Maths C, a language other than English and university subjects (ie. The Enhanced Studies Program). Adjustment factors do not apply to scholarship applications but do apply to Doctor of Medicine (Provisional Entry applications). For more information, see the UQ website.

University of Southern Queensland – Subject adjustments are applied automatically to current year 12 students who successfully complete study in Maths C (2 points), Chemistry (2 points), Physics (2 points), a language other than English (2 points) and/or university subjects (1 point). For more information, see the USQ website.

University of the Sunshine Coast – A maximum of 2 adjustment factors are applied for successful studies in Maths C and a language other than English. For more information, see the USC website.

Note that adjustment factors are not OPs. They are QTAC selection ranks. To allocate adjustment factors, your OP is converted to the QTAC 1-99 (highest) selection rank scale to which the adjustment factors are applied. You are then considered for admission based on your new rank. For a table that compares OP with QTAC selection ranks, visit the QTAC website (click on ‘Applying interstate’ and ‘View the OP, ATAR and QTAC selection rank conversion tables’).

The five most common university myths debunked

There are popular myths about university study some of which are:

First year uni doesn’t count – False. At most universities, first year results contribute to your final grade point average (GPA). Your GPA is of interest to future employers. Furthermore, your first year GPA (if good enough) can be used to be competitive for entry to your preferred course if you didn’t get straight into it from school. You can apply for scholarships once you get to Uni and your GPA is important when applying for these scholarships.

I’ll be paying off my HECS-HELP debt for the rest of my life – False. The HECS-HELP loan scheme helps you pay your part of the cost of the course you are studying (called ‘Student contribution’). You begin paying it through the Australian Tax Office as part of your income tax once you have completed your course and are earning a threshold amount ($51,957 for 2018-19). You don’t pay interest on your debt but it is indexed each year to reflect changes in the Consumer Price Index.

I’ll never find a job after graduation – Competition for jobs is high. However, you can increase your employability while you are studying by gaining work experience in the field in which you want to work. This not only looks good on your resume, it gives employers a chance to see what sort of worker you are. Don’t wait until your final year at uni to start looking for jobs. Access the uni Careers and Employment services and programs early during your studies.

If I don’t make friends during O Week, I never will – For those who don’t know, O Week is Orientation Week which is usually the week before lectures begin. This is an important week as the information you receive will introduce you to the support services and other activities available. You will have many additional opportunities to make friends during your uni studies. If you’re not particularly comfortable starting up a conversation with a random in class, get involved in a university club or two.

Lectures can be skipped – Yes and No. Lectures are usually recorded and made available online, so technically, you don’t need to attend in person. However, there are a few reasons why you should get in the habit of going to every class. Attendance might form part of a percentage of your final mark. You’re paying to sit in that lecture theatre, so you might as well show up and enjoy it. Lectures provide an opportunity to make new friends and of course, impress a lecturer or two. Lecturers are great contacts for future employment.


UQ: Academic Scholarship applications due next month

There are three categories of academic scholarships –Vice-Chancellor's Scholarships, Excellence Scholarships and Merit Scholarships. You apply for all three through the one online application. You must provide scanned copies of supporting documentation with the online application form. The application due date is midnight on 16 November 2018. Details of the application process and FAQs are available at UQ Academic Scholarship Program.

UQ: Sport Scholarship applications due this month

Applications for the following scholarships are due on 31 October 2018:

  • Clem Jones Sporting Scholarships are awarded based on financial need, sporting achievements to date and potential to perform in your chosen sport at a high level. The award is valued at $18,000 over three years.
  • UQ Sport Scholarship Ambassador Program is awarded to professional and/or elite athletes. It is valued at $1500 in support services per athlete per year.
  • UQ Sports Achievement Scholarships are awarded to outstanding new and continuing students who have demonstrated exceptional ability in their chosen sport. It is valued at $3,000 - $10,000 for one year.

USC: Reminder about scholarships at USC

Check out the Scholarships website for the range of university (academic, sporting and equity) and external scholarships available. The application due date for Semester 1 2019 for many (but not all) of these scholarships is 30 November 2018.

Mark Currie, Careers Counsellor


Music and Cultural

Music News

Combined Colleges’ Cultural Showcase - TONIGHT - Friday 19 October

Twilight Tours - Wednesday 17 October

It has been a very busy week for the Performing Arts Department with two events taking place. On Wednesday night the College Twilight Tour performances took place in the Doody Colosseum. Students in the Senior and Junior Contemporary Ensembles and the College Choir performed for the families of potential students touring the College. This was a wonderful demonstration of the outstanding talent we have. Many of the families were impressed by the expertise level of these ensembles.

Thank you to all the students involved in these groups and a big thank you to Mrs Frances O’Sullivan (Choir), Mr Jesse Gold (Junior Contemporary Ensemble) and Mr Chris Barton (Sound Production) for their preparation of the groups and hard work for this performance.

Combined Colleges’ Cultural Showcase - Friday 19 October

Our second event for this week is the Annual Combined Colleges’ Cultural Showcase. This year it will take place tonight in the St Mary’s College McAuley Centre, across the road from St Edmund’s. This will give our students one last chance to showcase their talents for the year.

Student artworks from both schools will be on display in the St Mary’s Art Room from 6.00pm with the concert starting at 7.00pm. Make sure you come along and support our talented students - it is sure to be an amazing evening not to be missed!

Instrumental Lessons

All instrument lessons have now resumed for the term. Students must keep checking the notice board outside of Room K205 for their lesson times.

Mr Tim Kirkwood, Director of Music


AIC Athletics Carnival - Code of Conduct

Tuesday 23 October 2018

The Annual AIC Athletics Carnival will be held at QSAC, Mt Gravatt on Tuesday 23rd October starting at 9.00am.

All Year 7, 9 and 11 students and some Senior Leaders will be going along to support our athletes. Spectator buses will leave the College at 8.40am and return at approximately 2.45pm. Students are to wear full school uniform including College cap in a neat and tidy manner.

Unfortunately, there cannot be any drop off points on the way home for these spectator buses.

Students are requested to bring their own lunch and drinking water where possible. Canteen facilities at QSAC are available for a short period of time and students are reminded that our first priority is to support our athletes.

The AIC has developed a Code of Conduct for all Carnivals and sport events. As such I remind all students about the high standard of behaviour and dress that is expected.

Code of Conduct

1. Good sportsmanship and fellowship must prevail at all sporting venues and situations at all times.
2. At Swimming and Athletics carnivals in particular, but at all sports, no student may use musical instruments or noise-making devices in their cheering. The only exception is a non-electric megaphone for leading students.
3. No students may enter other schools’ areas in grandstands or provoke students from other schools at any time.
4. At Swimming and Athletics Carnivals, staff members from the various Colleges will be designated OFFICIALS by some specific marking or mode of dress. Students from all schools will follow the directions given by any such Officials.
5. Keep our cheering positive and focused on OUR school’s achievement and NEVER against others. Booing or harassing other schools is never acceptable. Avoid arrogance in cheering at all times.

Mr Wayne Warren, Assistant Principal Activities

Australian Schoolboys Rugby Union

Thanks to St Edmund's Families

Over the holidays the following students' families billeted members of the Australian Schoolboys Rugby Union teams, who were in camp to play test matches against New Zealand and Tonga:
Christopher Bramham, Samuel Callaghan, Patrick and James Towne, Patrick Cavanagh, William Paddison, Ethan Whiteside, Joshua Murphy, Connor Murphy.

Many thanks to these families for their hospitality. It was really appreciated by the players.

A further St Edmund’s connection was Mr Paul McLean (Ipswich Legend, former St Edmund’s College and then Nudgee College student, Wallaby, World Rugby Hall of Fame, President of the ARU) presenting the ties to the players.

This photo commemorates the occasion.

Back Row – Mr Paul McLean, Zach Perrin, Archer Holz, David Tejcek, Lachlan Dring, Tom Lambert, Lachlan Illias, Daniel Ala
Front Row – Vincent Creagh, John Connolly, Joey Walton
(Absent – Donny Freeman – Injured and went home to Orange, and Angus Bell – went home to attend his graduation from St Ignatius College Riverview NSW.)


Tuckshop Roster Week 3 & Christmas Break-Up RSVPs

Reminder: Tuckshop Christmas Breakup - Thursday 25 October - Brothers 6.30 for 7.00pm - Please RSVP to Tuckshop ASAP

Mon 22 Oct:P Smith, L McPherson, M Rose.
Tue 23 Oct: G Weier, L McLean, M Towne.
Wed 24 Oct: S Walker, K Kovacs, K Jackson.
Thu 25 Oct: D Morris, V Valiente.
Fri 26 Oct: J Lacey, B Keats.

Calling for Tuckshop Volunteers 2019

Can you help?

Tuckshop volunteers for 2019

Are you able to assist at the tuckshop for two hours, once a month? We are seeking helpers to enable a roster to be organised for 2019. Please direct your offer of assistance to: with your preferred day, or phone Narelle Rea or Gina Weight (Tuckshop Convenors) during school hours on 3810 4486.

School News

St Eddies DANCE - Years 7 to 11 - Invited Schools Only

Friday 26 October 2018 - 7.00 to 10.00 pm

Please see flyer for full details

Skool2Skoolies GOLF DAY

Sunday 11 November 2018 - Sandy Gallop - All Welcome

Skool2Skoolies Raffle Winner

$300 Trek Ipswich Sponsorship

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop - 2018/2019 Holiday Trading

Year 7, 2019 Fitting Appointments - Year 11, 2019 Blazer Information

YEAR 7/2019

A reminder that it is necessary for all new students requiring uniforms to make an appointment. You can purchase uniforms at the time of fitting. Dates and times are shown on the website. Thank you.

YEAR 11/2019

An email was sent out recently regarding information on Senior Blazers for 2019
Year 11 students. Cost of a new blazer is $205 with a deposit of $100.
Deposits are due on Thursday 8 November, and the balance can be paid before or on the day of arrival of blazers in March 2019. Payment can be made via Email, Phone or in person at the Uniform Shop only, not College Reception.


The Uniform Shop will trade as normal up until Thursday 29 November 2018

Saturday 24 November 8:00am to 12 noon

Back to School 2019 Uniform Shop Times

The Uniform Shop will trade as normal commencing Monday 14 January 2019

Saturday 19 January 8:00am to 12 noon

Visit the SEC Website for all Uniform Shop information including an updated Price List -

Trading Hours

MONDAY – 8:00 am to12:30pm

TUESDAY – 8:00am to 3:30pm (CLOSED – 12:30pm to 1:30pm)

WEDNESDAY – 8:00am – 3:30pm (CLOSED – 12:30pm to 1:30pm)

THURSDAY – 8:00 am to 12:30pm

P: 3810 4489



Blue Ribbon Motors - Mitsubishi Run Out Sale

Our thanks to St Edmund's College Sponsors - Blue Ribbon Motors Yamanto


This week