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Principal’s Valedictory Speech – 13 November, 2018

Dear St Edmund’s College Family and Friends

“Tonight, we celebrate an important milestone. It is the culmination of 12 or 13 years of formal education and specifically the fulfilment of the senior years of secondary education. This year we have 168 Eddies’ young men graduating. Soon they will farewell a familiar life here at St Edmund’s College and begin a new chapter in their life. Whether it be further study at University or TAFE, employment in a trade or within an industry of their choice, or an interim next step that is a combination of both, we wish them well as they approach a new horizon in their life.

At the beginning of the year the Year 12 Seniors gifted us the College theme – Run with the Eddie’s Wolfpack – Dig a Little Deeper. The second part of the theme - Dig a Little Deeper – is a deliberate reference to the Aussie Diggers of World War I and the fact that 2018 marks the 100th anniversary when the War ended in 1918. A snapshot in time of Australia in 1918 tells us that the population then was just over 5 million, the average life expectancy was around 55 years of age, and an average day’s pay was about 11s and 6d or the equivalent of $1.40. This was the year when Brisbane Lord Mayor Clem Jones was born, South Sydney Rabbitohs won their fourth NSW Rugby League premiership, South Melbourne Swans won the VFL and Nightwatch won the Melbourne Cup.

And of course, in 1918 The Great War ended and for many Aussie Diggers and service personnel it meant they could at last return home after three long years of fighting on the Eastern Front in Turkey and the Western Fronts in Belgium and France. Sadly 65,000 Diggers would never return which would equate to 5 in every 100 adult Australian males living in Australia today. The Great War dominated the lives of Australians and especially so when the soldiers and service personnel returned.

We know that the wounds and scars that the returned soldiers carried did not dampen their desire to rebuild their world and make something of their lives for the betterment of others. The camaraderie, mateship and brotherhood that sustained them in the trenches and on the battle fields came home with them and would become characteristic of our Australian identity. They were adventurers when they signed up and they were still adventurers when they returned. Their frontier now was their homeland, where they would recommit to their community as a civilian rather than as a soldier. It is this spirit, a yearning to be good citizens, shaped by mateship and an adventurous heart, encapsulated in the theme created by our Year 12 students, that speaks to us about their character and the gift they have been to Eddies in 2018.

Their character can be further understood in the re-telling of three innocuous encounters this year. Earlier in the year Dylan McColl politely asked me why nicknames could not be emblazoned on the back of their Year 12 jerseys. I asked Dylan what nickname he wanted on his jersey. He said without blinking – ‘Big Dyl - that’s my nickname, Sir’. Once I explained why it was unsuitable, Dylan was okay and thanked me. Here is revealed a kind of likable larrikin innocence that is a common trait of our Seniors of 2018.

On another occasion during our ANZAC assembly, a Year 12 student penned a thoughtfully worded email to me about my address to the assembly. He rightly pointed out an error in how I described the horrors of war, which I corrected at the next assembly. Here is revealed a feistiness for truth and justice that we have often seen among our Seniors of 2018.

And lastly, during the Term 3 Dance, towards the end of the evening a concerned parent came to ask me to come into the hall to see what was happening on the dance floor. I did not know what to expect and thinking the worst, was totally unprepared for what I saw looking down from the mezzanine. Below were over 500 students, being led by Cooper Ward, in a huge circle dancing the Hokey Pokey. Here is revealed an inclusiveness based on having fun together and not worrying about being too cool. This is so true of our Seniors of 2018.

Year 12 - we will remember you as the likable larrikins with a passion for truth and justice who know how to include others and have fun together. We ask you to remember that from this day on your heart will bleed blue and white and that you never forget that to have an Eddie’s heart means:

- Having a heart for those in the shadows, those who have fallen on tough times and those who have been treated unjustly
- Always being a chum to your Mum and a lad to your Dad
- Belonging to a brotherhood and knowing that to be a brother to another is a noble and good thing
- Pursuing excellence in all endeavours and seeking to be challenged and open to learning new skills, hungry for new knowledge, to be well informed and in-touch with your world.
- Knowing to be a strong man means being kind and gentle
- Understanding the importance of community and the powerful role you have in serving your community
- Being guided by ‘The Golden Rule’ - to treat others as you would like to be treated
- Feeling part of something bigger and knowing that you can and do have an integral role in contributing positively to your world
- Knowing that you have received an education in a place of faith and glory, where God who made you mighty makes you mightier yet
- Always being a child of the Edmund Rice family, defined be the four Touchstones of Liberating Education, Gospel Spirituality, Inclusive Community and Justice and Solidarity
- Living a life with a belief that ‘I can’ because you see you can.

Year 12 – Graduating Class of 2018 – your year of graduation will forever be enshrined as the 100th Anniversary since the end of The Great War. Never forget that you are an Eddies man, that you are among a fellowship of brothers, and that in the words of Blessed Edmund Rice himself – ‘One thing you may be sure of, that while you work for God whether you succeed or not, he will amply reward you.’

Congratulations Graduating Class of 2018.”

Live Jesus in our hearts, forever.

Diarmuid O’Riordan, Principal

VALE Seniors of 2018

May the road rise to meet you.

May the wind be ever at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

The rains fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

May God hold you,

May God hold you in the Palm of His Hand.

The Deputy


Mission and Community

The Final Rite of Passage at St Edmund’s College

On Tuesday evening we gathered around the Word and around the Table as our Year 12 Graduating Class celebrated with their families at the Valedictory Mass. At the celebration, we acknowledged that the Year 12 young men have enriched our community by their presence. We are proud of them, knowing that they leave the College carrying great potential.

As a part of the evening and to acknowledge the final Rite of Passage at St Edmund’s College, our Aboriginal Elder, Uncle Joe Kirk, spoke to the Senior students about their final initiation in becoming a man. Acknowledging that in the Aboriginal Australian culture, young men would receive symbols from their Elders to mark them as a warrior and a man. It was fitting then, that Uncle Joe Kirk presented each of the graduating students with a message stick, hand painted in their House colours. This message stick carried the symbol of the boomerang to remind them that they would always be a part of the community and they can come back to this bond. The Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) Touchstones were also included, to remind the men to carry with them what they had gained from their time at our College.

When our young men were called by name, Uncle Joe Kirk acknowledged each by presenting them with split emu feathers. These feathers, worn in the breast pocket, symbolise the final step in their initiation from boy to man. In the Aboriginal culture, the feathers are a sign of spirituality and once you are presented with the feathers the recipient becomes an adult and a warrior.

On behalf of the College, I would like to thank Uncle Joe Kirk and his wife Sarah for hand-painting these message sticks. They also both took time to gather and bind the emu feathers for the evening. The symbols of the message sticks and the emu feathers added a depth and richness to the graduation ceremony, as well as to the culture of our College. We are grateful for the wisdom and creativity of Uncle Joe and Sarah Kirk.

The Final Prayer for the Seniors of 2018

Lord, we ask you to grant the Seniors of 2018 the gift of Compassion.
That they may have the tender and empathetic heart of a servant.
Lord, we ask you to grant the Seniors of 2018 the gift of Kindness.
That they may always look for opportunity to do good and use words to build others up.
Lord, we ask you to grant the Seniors of 2018 the gift of Humility.
That they may be grateful for the grace and mercy of God and can rejoice with others.
Lord, we ask you to grant the Seniors of 2018 the gift of Gentleness.
That they may be strong enough to be humble, selfless and generous.
Lord, we ask you to grant the Seniors of 2018 the gift of Patience.
That they may be able to endure frustration and discomfort, allowing them to demonstrate generosity and self-control.

Lord, we ask you to grant the Seniors of 2018 the gift of Love.
That they may continue to develop the kind of unconditional love extended by Jesus to us.

God, as this chapter in the lives of the Senior class closes, so a new one begins. May each of the students present themselves like an open book before You. Come and fill their minds with Your thoughts and fill their hearts with Your strength and love.

May they always carry with them the blessings we offer them today.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

St Vincent de Paul (SVdP) Christmas Hampers: DUE MONDAY!

We are nearing the end of our goal to provide SVdP with 50 Christmas Hampers which will support families in our Ipswich community who are most in need of our care at Christmas. Each of our 48 homerooms along with our HODs, Deans and Support Staff have been collecting items to create these hampers. Students were asked to bring in one item from their homeroom list and these are due on Monday. Thank you for your support of our Christmas Appeal.

Best wishes and safe travels to the Senior Class of 2018.

Live Jesus in our hearts… forever!

Ms Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Mission and Community

Learning & Teaching

Library News

Have your say on Ipswich Council’s Libraries Strategy Review Survey

Ipswich City Council is currently undertaking a Libraries Strategy Review. They invite you to have your say about what you value and think is important about your local libraries. The survey is for people aged 18 and over.

The survey is anonymous, however you can provide your details if you would like to be kept up-to-date about activities at Ipswich libraries and receive the results of this survey.

All completed survey respondents go into a draw to win a $50 Coles voucher.

Please click on the link to complete the survey: Ipswich Libraries Strategy Review Survey

Ms Karen Callaghan - Teacher Librarian

College Book Hire - FINAL REMINDER

Text Book Return Dates

St Edmund’s College operates a text book hire scheme for the benefit of all students at the College. The success and viability of this scheme is contingent upon the timely return of texts in good condition that allows for their redistribution to students for use in subsequent years. Unlike other schools, we do not charge a levy or require students to purchase texts separately. Often these costs are in the vicinity of $250 to $400. To assist us with the maintenance of the scheme we require your support in ensuring that your son’s texts are returned in good condition and in accordance with the timelines set out below:

Dates for return of textbooks NOT needed for exams

Years 7, 8 and 9 - Friday 16 November
Year 10 and 11 - Friday 16 November

Textbooks needed for exams

On the day of the timetabled exam – textbooks should be returned to the library before the exam or entry to the exam.

Final dates for return of items

Years 7, 8 and 9 - Wednesday 28 November

** All textbooks must be returned or paid for before going on the House outing on Thursday 29 November.
Year 10 and 11 - Wednesday 28 November

As you would understand we require students to return all textbooks before the end of term or their departure from the College to allow for cleaning, bagging and replacement arrangements to be made for next year.

Ms Christine Roche, Book Room Coordinator

Senior School

Middle School


Pastoral News

Date Claimer

Years 7, 8 and 9 House Outing

The Year 7, 8 and 9 House Outing letters were distributed on Wednesday 14 November.

Full details are on EDE

Student Lockers - FINAL REMINDER

End-of-Year Clearance and Collection of Spare Keys - Unclaimed Property in Student Office

- Students are required to remove all items from their lockers before the end of term - Friday 30 November.

- Your spare locker keys must be collected also from the Student Office.

- Any spare locker keys remaining when school finishes will be destroyed, and any items not cleared from lockers will be donated.

- If lockers are left locked, the locks will be cut.


There is a significant amount of unclaimed property in the Student Office, including lunch boxes, water bottles, sports bags etc - please check. Any items remaining after 30 November will be donated to Vinnies.

Career News

Career News

The Future of Work - 6 Essential Jobs

6 Essential Jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago

SEEK have looked at six jobs that did not exist in 2008 but have now become integral roles within organisations. Details of these 6 jobs along with their pay and required skills are set out below:

  1. SEO Specialist – Someone who optimises websites using strategic text that increases its exposure in search engines, for an average salary of $82,120. The key required skills include being adaptable, a good problem solver and excellent at communication.
  2. Cloud architect – Business process role that is responsible for overseeing a company’s strategy for internet-based computing, for an average salary of $145,527. The key skills required include excellent technical skills, strong problem solving capacity and good planning and organisational skills.
  3. Data scientist – Analyses the growing availability of data to draw meaningful conclusions to assist in how to grow sales and identify problematic areas, for an average salary of $123,030. The key required skills include computer science skills, communication skills and problem-solving capacity.
  4. Digital Marketing specialist – Responsible for driving brand awareness into the digital space for businesses, for an average salary of $78,761. Key required skills include a methodical workflow, data analysis capability and creativity.
  5. User Experience Designer – Ensures that the overall experience of a website, product or application is easy and pleasing for customer interactions, for an average salary of $103,237. Key required skills involve being an effective researcher, excellent visual communication and information architecture skills.
  6. Content creator – Creates information that audiences want to consume, most often to help businesses attract new customers, for an average salary of $64,977. Key skills include excellent communication skills, social media knowledge and strong analytical skills.

Read the full SEEK article for more information.

Most jobs will be soft skills intensive by 2030

An article on the HRM site refers to several reports that support the prediction that soft skills will be in demand in the future job market. The article lists the following soft skills that will be in demand:

  • Communication
  • Friendly/Approachable
  • Self-motivated/Ambitious
  • Driven by outcomes
  • Positive and enthusiastic

Mr Mark Currie, Careers Guidance Officer


Music and Cultural

Music News

Remembrance Day - College Choir Performance

Last Sunday the College Choir performed for the Remembrance Day Ceremony at Amberley Air Force Base. Congratulations to all students involved in this performance and thank you to Ms Frances O’Sullivan for preparing the Choir for this event. I would also like to thank Ms Sallyanne Grennan on accompanying the Choir for this performance.

College Choir - Remembrance Day Performance, 11 November 2018, Amberley RAAF Base

Valedictory Mass

The Choir lead the singing also at the Valedictory Mass on Wednesday night. Their voices filled St Mary’s Church and many parents were amazed at their wonderful sound. Once again, thank you to Ms Frances O’Sullivan for her direction and also to Mr Jesse Gold and Mr Eamon Webb for joining me on the bandstand to play the music for this special Mass.


Next week will be the final week of instrumental lessons. Students are reminded that is an expectation that you attend this last lesson. You will need to contact your tutor or myself should you have an exam or class assessment during your instrumental lesson time.

Mr Tim Kirkwood, Director of Music


SEC Co-Curricular Photos


  • Events & Extra Curricular Photos
  • St Edmund’s College
  • Co-Curricular
  • (Password - all upper case)EDDIES


Can you help? Tuckshop 2019

Calling for Tuckshop Volunteers

Are you able to assist at the tuckshop for two hours, once a month? We are seeking helpers to enable a roster to be organised for 2019. Please direct your offer of assistance to: with your preferred day, or phone Narelle Rea or Gina Weight (Tuckshop Convenors) during school hours on 3810 4486.

Tuckshop Roster - Week 7

Commencing 19 November

Mon 19 Nov: P Smith, L McPherson, M Rose.
Tue 20 Nov: G Weier, L McLean, M Towne.
Wed 21 Nov: S Walker, K Kovacs, K Jackson.
Thu 22 Nov: D Morris, V Valiente.
Fri 23 Nov: J Lacey, B Keats.

School News

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop 2018 and 2019

Current Year 11 Students - Blazer Pockets Due

St Edmund's College Uniform Shop open

MONDAY – 8:00 am to 12:30pm
TUESDAY – 8:00am to 3:30pm - CLOSED: 12:30pm to 1:30pm
WEDNESDAY – 8:00am to 3:30pm - CLOSED: 12:30pm to 1:30pm
THURSDAY – 8:00 am to 12:30pm
P: 3810 4489

YEAR 7/2019

It is necessary for all new students requiring uniforms to make an appointment. You can purchase uniforms at the time of fitting. Dates and times are shown on the website.

YEAR 11/2019

An email was sent out recently regarding information on Senior Blazers for 2019 Year 11 students. Cost of a new blazer is $205 with a deposit of $100. Deposits are now DUE, and the balance can be paid before or on the day of arrival of blazers in March 2019. Payment can be made via email, phone or in person.


Blazer Pockets for embroidery are due to be handed in for all Year 11 students entering Year 12 next year. Please make sure your NAME and HOME ROOM is pinned onto the pocket before handing them into the Uniform Shop or Student Office. Blazer pockets are to be handed in no later than Thursday 29 November. If there are any late pockets, it will be up to parents/caregivers to arrange them to be embroidered by Ipswich Embroidery.


Back to School and 2018 Uniform Shop Times

November 2018
Normal Uniform Shop trading until Thursday 29 November 2018
Saturday 24 November: 8:00am to 12:00pm

Back to School 2019 Uniform Shop Times

The Uniform Shop will trade as normal commencing Monday 14 January 2019
Saturday 19 January 8:00am – 12:00pm

Visit the SEC Website for all Uniform Shop information including an updated Price List -


Ipswich Catholic Parish News

End-of-Year Youth and Parish Events


Our final youth night of the year will be on Friday 23 November from 6.30pm to 9.00pm at Mater dei Church, Sadliers Crossing. This will also be our Christmas celebration and we are so excited to celebrate a wonderful year with you! We are extending an invitation to ALL CURRENT YEAR 6 STUDENTS to come along to this last event to see what The Hive is all about so you can join in next year!! Please bring a plate of food to share!


The next Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will be held on Wednesday 21 November in St Mary’s Church from 7.00pm. All are welcome.

End of Year Barbecue

We would like to invite all parishioners to our last Hive Youth Mass of the year on Sunday 9 December, 6.00pm at St Mary’s Church. Following the Mass, there will be a free community barbecue to say ‘thank you’ for all of the love and support and to celebrate a wonderful Year of Youth. Everyone is welcome!

Boonah Parish Youth Group

Year 4 to Year 12 and Young Adults


Skool2Skoolies Ride

Good Luck to our Skool2Skoolies Riders today!

2018 Skool2Skoolies Golf Day

Culmination of Skool2Skoolies Fundraising

Last Sunday, seventy-six players took part in the fifth edition of the Skool2Skoolies Golf Day, raising almost $2400 for the Skool2Skoolies initiative.

The event was the culmination of the Skool2Skoolies 2018 fundraising effort, which has raised over $25,000 for Ipswich Hospice, St Vincent de Paul and the Christian Brothers immersion programs. The support from the community was overwhelming. In such a short space of time and from extremely humble beginnings, this event has grown at an incredible rate to become a permanent fixture on the College calendar.

Sincere thanks must go to all of the players and sponsors who have made the 2018 Skool2Skoolies Golf Day such a success.

We will be back next year on Sunday 10 November 2019 with an altered ‘shotgun’ format. I look forward to seeing everyone out there once again.

Mr Lucas Wilson, Treacy House Dean

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