Newsletter - 16 February 2018

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Principal's Office

The Principal

Dear St Edmund’s College Family and Friends

"I want to be a better writer."

Over the past few weeks we have been conducting enrolment interviews for Year 7, 2019. At a recent interview I asked one of the boys how he thought coming to Eddies may help him to improve his learning. As quick as a flash he said, ‘I want to be a better writer’. I enquired further about how we could help him to be a better writer and he said that he was not happy because his handwriting is untidy and he has difficulty translating his ideas into written form. I was impressed with his self-reflection. Earlier in the interview he explained one of his favourite hobbies is riding his motorbike. I could sense his Mum’s rising anxiousness at this point as he talked about his feats on a motorbike and some of the tricks he could perform. We then discussed how his improved skills as a motorbike rider was the result of lots of practice and years of training. I asked would he be prepared to do the same to improve his writing. We spoke further about the many opportunities available to him at Eddies to become a better writer. He seemed genuinely excited about the prospect of coming to the College for this reason. He was also excited about the many sporting and extra-curricular opportunities at Eddies such as Tennis and Rugby Union, although it was clear that improving his writing was the main attraction spurring him on. Having conducted many interviews it is evident that his motivation is shared by many families seeking an enrolment place for their son at Eddies. A focus on learning and doing well in their studies is consistently held up as the primary goal, while the opportunity to excel in sport and extra-curricular activities is an added bonus in offering a holistic education for their son. I look forward to welcoming this young man to Eddies in 2019.

Former Student, Blaise Cooper, Guest Speaker at College Academic Assembly

At today’s Academic Assembly we acknowledged the achievements of our OP 1 to 5 graduating class of 2017 who returned to the College to be presented with a College medallion. We also celebrated the academic achievements of our Years 10, 11 and 12 students who received Honours, Merit and Improvement awards. To help us celebrate the occasion we welcomed back Blaise Cooper, an Eddie’s Old Boy from the graduating class of 1989.

Last year Blaise accepted an invitation to be a Mentor for one of our Year 11 students in our Mentoring Program. Blaise spoke about his journey from Eddies to the present day and how his life has been shaped by the values he was taught during his school days.

Detective Sgt Blaise Cooper

Currently Blaise is a Detective Sergeant with the Ipswich Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) with the Queensland Police Service. He worked for the Commonwealth Bank from 1990 to 1993 and then Warner Brothers Movie World from 1993 to1997 appearing in more than 3,500 shows including the Police Academy Stunt Show and the Maverick Western Show.

Blaise went to Sydney in 1997 to 2001 where he appeared in Feature Films, national TV commercials and guest roles in TV shows including Water Rats, Heartbreak High, Wildside and Big Sky. In 2001, he moved to Canberra and completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Broadcast Media) working in breakfast radio for SSS Canberra and 2CC radio stations as the Sports Presenter.

From 2003 to 2005, Blaise worked for Channel 9 in Orange NSW as the Sports Presenter and continued to work in Canberra radio as a broadcast journalist. In April 2005, he worked for the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service in Canberra as a Flight Intelligence Analyst before joining the Australian Federal Police in Canberra as an Investigator in November 2005.

In 2009, Blaise moved to Queensland and joined the Queensland Police Service working in both uniform and plain clothes functions. He has been a Police Negotiator since 2012. We thank Blaise for his insightful story and for the time he has given back to Eddies both as a Mentor and as an Old Boy returning to share his life experiences.

Solidarity and Justice

On Wednesday, February 14, the whole College assembled briefly for an Ash Wednesday liturgy followed by a blessing with ashes. Each Homeroom Teacher blessed the students in their class with ashes by making a sign of a cross on their forehead. It is an ancient ritual that upholds a special time in our Church calendar marking the first day of Lent.

Lent is a time when we pray, reflect, fast and give to the poor. It represents the 40 days when Jesus wandered the desert and fasted after he was baptised. Throughout the season of Lent each Homeroom will be asked to raise funds for Caritas Australia Project Compassion. You can find out more about how schools across Australia are contributing to this worthy charity via the website:

The act of giving to the poor, reflecting on our own capacity to make a difference to improve the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves, and acting compassionately and empathetically to understand the injustices that our fellow brothers and sisters endure in our own community and abroad, is to uphold one of our EREA Touchstones; Solidarity and Justice. During this season of Lent we will be inviting our Eddies’ young men to pray, reflect, fast and give to the poor.

Diarmuid O’Riordan, Principal

The Deputy


Mission and Community

The Season of Lent

This week, the St Edmund’s Community gathered on Ash Wednesday to mark the start of the season of Lent. During the Wednesday liturgy, the students heard that Lent is a time for internal reflection, community renewal and compassion towards others. Throughout Lent the Catholic community across the world will focus on three core actions: Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.

Interestingly, although Lent is observed predominantly by Catholics, it does not exclude non-Catholics from taking part. As the Lenten Season is about renewal, it is a wonderful opportunity for all of humanity to stop and reflect on their lives. I would like to encourage all members of our community to use this season of Lent to find time for mindfulness and reflection; an opportunity for a fresh start.

Recently, the Catholic Bishop Rt Rev Seamus Cunningham released the statement that anyone can be blessed by the ashes on Ash Wednesday and participate in Lent. "Whether Christian or not, to express (your) desire to grow spiritually and to turn away from failings, areas of weakness and brokenness, in favour of seeking the healing and wholeness that God can give is necessary the entire community."

Three ways to re-think Lent:

Prayer: Each day take 15 minutes away from ‘Screen Time" to refresh.

This is a wonderful opportunity to give your brain, eyes, mind and heart a break. Take a walk, sit outside in a park or find a quite space at home. Take some deep breaths and centre yourself. You might use this time for prayer or just to simply ‘be present’.

Fasting: Commit to an action that has a positive effect on your community.

Reducing the amount of red meat you eat can reduce your carbon footprint. This might be as simple as having one "MFD" (meat free day) a week. Alternatively, you could commit to not buying a take away coffee unless you have your ‘keep cup’ or you could collect all your plastic bags and soft plastic items throughout Lent and return them to the collection bins at the supermarkets.

Almsgiving: Perform one random act of kindness each day in Lent.

Hold open a door, offer assistance, give some change to Project Compassion, help someone trying to get a stroller down the steps, or any action that places the needs of others before your own. Every small interaction with someone is an opportunity to have a positive impact on both of your lives.

Walk for Justice:

St Edmund’s College is uniting with the schools on the hill to walk for justice. We are raising awareness about the reality for thousands of women and children around the world. Each day they need to cover many kilometres to fetch water, obtain food, get to school or to simply survive.

Year 7 students, together with their Year 10 buddy are invited to walk two kilometres in solidarity with women and children around the world. There is an option to carry buckets of water or bricks to symbolise some of the items carried by our brothers across the globe.

The Walk for Justice will start from Timothy Molony Oval (opposite St Mary’s Church, Elizabeth Street) and travel up through St Mary’s Primary, St Mary’s College and down Mary Street. It will take place during First Break and we encourage students to get involved. Cost is a gold coin donation per person.

Prayer for the Start of Lent

Most humble Lord, we need you in our lives. As we travel through Lent, we are reminded of our need for forgiveness. May we experience your forgiveness and love each day making us better people to serve others. We pray that we will see the suffering of others and respond to their needs, recognising that we are all one human family.


Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Mission and Community

Learning & Teaching

Teaching and Learning

Academic Assembly - Friday 16 February 2018

This week we acknowledged our academic prize winners from Semester 2, 2017 as well as our Overall Position (OP) 1 to 5 recipients from the graduating class of 2017. It was a pleasure to congratulate these young men and particularly OP 1 recipient, Brandon Caunce.

Years 11 and 12 Conferences and Parent Evenings

This week our Year 11 and Year 12 students attended their "Learning to Succeed" and "Touch the Future" Conferences at the University of Southern Queensland, Ipswich Campus. The Year 11 students undertook workshops including: Success in Senior School, Senior Matters, Wellbeing in Senior School and a Careers Workshop where each student received a St Edmund’s portfolio to collect all of their important documents over the next two years.

I thank Mr Currie, Ms Yates, Ms Mulkerin, Ms Hall, Mr Hay and Mr Sutton for their work on the day. We also thank the University of Southern Queensland for their ongoing support of the College.

Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Feedback

Year 12 students sitting the QCS Test received feedback from their markers in the Short Response Item test paper and participated in a Writing Task workshop. The students will sit a complete two day set of papers for the QCS Test at the conclusion of this term. The Integrated Pathway (IP) students not sitting the QCS Test completed a First Aid course. I thank Ms Yates, Ms Artesi, Ms Grieve and Mr Semple for their assistance on the day.

Thank you to all parents who attended the information evenings as a tangible sign of our working in partnership for positive outcomes for your sons.

Use of Student Data for Improvement

This week in the allocated Eddies’ Men Can time, Years 11 and 12 students worked with their Junior School ‘brothers’ to set Academic Goals for improvement for Term 1 and Semester 1. Following this, on Tuesday the Year 11 students set their detailed goals for the semester and the year at their "Learning to Succeed" Conference. One-on-one interviews with Year 12 students begin this Friday. Each student will have an interview with a Middle Leader, either Dean or Head of Department, to discuss his results at the end of Year 11 and to set goals for his improvement in Year 12.

Best wishes.

Carmel James, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning

Academic Assembly 16 February 2018

Senior School Academic Awards - Semester 2, 2017

Legal Studies Conference

Last Friday, the Year 12 Legal Studies cohort attended an excursion at Griffith University, Nathan Campus.

The aim of the conference was to provide those students currently studying Legal Studies with insight into Law at a university level as well as Law in Society. The day began with a keynote address, featuring guest speaker Debbie Kilroy, who is the founder and CEO of Sister Inside Inc, an organisation that provides support to women, particularly Indigenous women, inside the prison system. Debbie also shared her fervent views on abolition and a de-colonial justice system. Her presentation was both profound and eye-opening. The day proceeded with a number of workshops in an array of legal areas such as ‘are animals objects’ and ‘even wars have laws’. Each workshop gave insight into each sector of law, giving students an idea of possible study paths for the future as well as the day-to-day presence of law in our lives. Overall the day was incredibly insightful.

Oliver Klose and Max Ivanovic (Year 12 Legal Studies students)

Senior School

Middle School


Pastoral News

Career News

Careers News

Defence News Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Education Award

If you are interested in completing a university degree as well as training to be an officer in the Defence Forces, consider applying for the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) in Canberra. Applicants to ADFA are eligible to apply for the ADFA Education Award. Up to 50 awards are presented to Year 12 students each year on behalf of the Navy, Army and Air Force in recognition of the leadership potential and academic and sporting achievements these students displayed during Year 11. The award includes a tablet device (or similar) and certificate, along with a plaque for your school. Applications for the award open on 1 May each year and close on 28 February in the following year. Current Year 12s have until 28 February 2018 to submit their applications and current Year 11 students can start their application on 1 May 2018. Visit the ADFA Education Award on the ADFA website for more information, including:

  • Key Dates
  • Award Eligibility
  • Assessment
  • Obligation of the Recipient
  • Presentation

Occupation Spotlight

Architectural, Building and Surveying Technicians perform technical functions to assist Construction Managers, Architects and Surveyors by supervising and inspecting construction sites, estimating time, costs and resources, inspecting plumbing work, and collecting and evaluating survey data and preparing maps and plans.

Related occupations include:

  • Architectural Draftsperson
  • Building Associate
  • Building Inspector
  • Construction Estimator
  • Plumbing Inspector
  • Surveying or Spatial Science Technician

Main tasks performed:

  • assisting Construction Managers, Architects and Surveyors in planning and organisation
  • interpreting plans, regulations and codes of practice
  • preparing preliminary sketches, working drawings and specifications
  • preparing, editing and revising plans, maps, charts and drawings
  • coordinating works programs
  • inspecting work and materials for compliance with specifications, regulations and standards

Tertiary Information

Why do I need a Tax File Number?

A Tax File Number (TFN) is a unique number issued by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). It is required for:

  • Starting work (including part-time and casual jobs)
  • Lodging a tax return
  • Applying for Commonwealth Government financial assistance such as pensions and other benefits
  • Applying for the Higher Education Loan Program (e.g. HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP) and VET Student Loans when you start your university, TAFE or college study.

The easiest way to get a TFN is to:

  • Complete an online application form from the ATO website
  • Print a summary of your application which includes your application reference number
  • Make an appointment for an interview at a participating Australia Post Office
  • Take the summary of your application and proof of identity to the interview within 30 days of completing your online form

Visit the ATO website for details about this process.

Year 12 students intending to apply for tertiary study in 2019 should apply for their TFN this year to avoid any delays early next year.


If you are studying at a public funded university or an approved private university or college, you will be offered either a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) or a fee-paying place. A CSP is a Commonwealth Government subsidised place. Students with a CSP (called Commonwealth supported students) only pay a ‘student contribution’ instead of the full cost of their course.

The Commonwealth Government has several financial assistance programs to help students meet the cost of their tertiary education. The HECS-HELP scheme is one of these programs. It is a loan scheme to for eligible Commonwealth supported students. Through this scheme, students can defer payment of their student contribution until they are earning a specified amount (called the compulsory repayment threshold). They then repay their loan through the taxation system.

For more information about HECS HELP, visit the Australian Taxation Office website or Study Assist website.

VET Student Loans – a new program

VET Student Loans commenced 1 January 2017, replacing the VET FEE-HELP Scheme. In the past, students undertaking diploma and advanced diploma courses at TAFE and other approved colleges could defer paying their tuition fees through the VET FEE-HELP scheme. There are strict requirements for the new VET Student Loan program including:

  • Students must meet specific criteria to be eligible for a VET Student Loan
  • Students can only access VET Student Loans for approved courses provided by approved providers
  • Eligible students will be entitled to loans up to a capped amount (the cap might be $5,000, $10,000 or $15,000, depending on the course)
  • If the course tuition costs more that the loan cap, the student is required to pay the difference.

Visit the Australian Government, Department of Education and Training to download the VET Student Loans information booklet. Students are required to repay the loan through the taxation system when their income reaches the repayment threshold. See the Study Assist website for threshold information.

From 1 January 2018, loan caps for all VET Student Loans will be indexed. If you accessed a VET Student Loan in 2017 and intend to continue doing so in 2018, the indexed cap amount will apply to the remaining units of your course. If you are enrolled in a course in which the tuition fees are equal to or lower than the loan cap, you should not be affected by the indexation. However, if you are enrolled in a course in which the tuition fees are higher than the loan cap, you will be able to use the extra amount for the remainder of the course. For more detailed information on how indexation may affect you, please refer to the VET Student Loans information booklet. There is a list of approved courses and their capped amounts in the legislation document. Eligible courses and approved providers, will also be available on the MySkills website. You can access student fact sheets on the VET Student Loans from the Australian Department of Education and Training website.

Career Exploration - Industry Profiles

The Graduate Opportunities website has the profiles of key industries in Australia. Each profile includes the key jobs in the industry, trends, opportunities for graduates, qualification requirements and salary statistics. A scan of this information will help you learn more about industries you are likely to work in one day. It will also make you aware of industries and jobs you didn’t know about including:

  • Accounting
  • Agriculture
  • Building and Construction
  • Consultancy Services
  • Economics
  • Education & Training
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Fast-moving consumer goods
  • Finance
  • Government & Public Service
  • Health
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology & ICT
  • Law & Paralegal
  • Logistics, Supply Chain & Transport
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Communications
  • Minerals & Energy
  • Property & Urban Development
  • Retail
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Science
  • Social Work
  • Telecommunications

Mr Mark Currie, Head of Department, Careers


Music and Cultural

SEC Cultural

Performing Arts Night - Wed 28 Feb - 6.00pm

Our first Performing Arts Night (Week 6) is rapidly approaching. Performing Arts Ensembles are madly rehearsing in readiness for this event. It will be a wonderful night giving the audience a taste of the talented students we have here at the College.

Choir Rehearsals - This Sunday 18 February

Our first musical event will take place this Sunday, February 18. This will be a choir rehearsal for the College Choir (10:30am to 12:30) and the Combined Colleges’ Choir (1:30pm to 3:30pm) It is very important for all students attend these rehearsals as we will be working on 2018 repertoire which will be performed at various College events. All students involved in either of these ensembles have received information.

Assembly Presentation - 9 February

Thank you to Mr Scott Barker (DJ Bacon) who gave a demonstration of DJ techniques at last Friday’s assembly. Scott has been DJ’ing professionally around Australia for over twenty years. We are privileged to have him as a tutor for the Instrumental Program and look forward to hearing students performing behind the DJ decks at College events throughout the year.

Mr Tim Kirkwood, Director of Music


Sports News


Last Saturday we competed in Round 2 of the AIC Cricket and Volleyball season and our swimmers continued their preparation for the AIC Swimming Championships by competing in a Friday night meet at the Centenary Pool.

Our Cricketers found it tough against strong opposition in the heat however many teams put up a good fight in their fixture. Our Volleyball teams performed well to take away many aggregate wins.

This Saturday we look forward to competing against Villanova in Round 3. In what is set to be another very hot Saturday can I remind all students to stay hydrated and be prepared for Saturday sport. Place a few water bottles in the freezer on Friday night and be sure to bring them along on Saturday (especially the Cricketers).


A friendly reminder that Western District has now replaced the old Ipswich Independent District or Ipswich District. Students need to ensure they keep themselves informed of upcoming trials and see the Sports Office in sufficient time to receive paperwork to attend trials for Western District.

All the information can be found on the ‘District and Regional Sport’ page on EDE under Co-Curricular. Many students have already been successful in making a Western District Team in 2018.


Congratulations to Zeb Townsley, Oliver Schmidt, Dylan McAteer and Billy Sheppard who have been selected in the Metropolitan West Under 19 Cricket team.

Mr Max Luxton, Director of Sport

Inter-House Swim Carnival - Monday 26 February 2018

The annual Inter-House Swim Carnival will be held on Monday 26 February at Bundamba Pool

This is a normal school day and all students are expected to attend the Carnival.

All students will compete in year levels (Years 7 to 12) with both championship and non-championship events being conducted. Swimmers will compete in at least three events on the day. While there is an emphasis at the Carnival on participation and involvement regardless of swimming ability, our better swimmers are also entered in the Championship events.

Parents are most welcome to attend the Carnival at Bundamba pool which will start at approximately 9:45am and finish at 2:30pm.


  • All Students report to school at normal time
  • Students wear full sports uniform OR full College uniform
  • Students will travel by bus to and from the Bundamba pool under the supervision of staff
  • Please keep bags to a minimum size, certainly NO laptops
  • All students are to bring their own lunch and drinks
  • Shade, sunscreen and fluids will be provided but students are expected to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP
  • Paint, zinc cream, etc. must not be used
  • The Carnival will finish at 2.30pm and those students who do not need to go back to the College for transport may leave the pool at 2:45pm.

AIC Sport, Round 2, Term 1, 2018

Sport Reports - Volleyball and Cricket

AIC VOLLEYBALL vs Padua College, Round 2, 10 February 2018

Firsts – Loss 2 – 3 A much improved performance from the team, falling just short of victory in the final set. Padua proved a difficult opposition with their incredible size and leaping ability. We were able to fight through difficult patches of play and take the game to them in each set. Ultimately, the deciding factor came down to a miraculous stretch of defensive play from the Padua middle who unleashed a string of devastating blocking. Lachlan Payne controlled the backcourt, Charlie Vince and Ethan Robinson attacked well from the antennas, while intelligent setting from Cameron Kelland and Lachlan Swincer allowed them to put balls away through the middle. Seconds – Loss 0 – 2 Thomas Brennan and Jeremy Leite served well throughout the game, both having good service runs. Isaac Washington and Matthew Smailes used their height well at the net to block out the Padua attack and provided some good attack in return. Seth Setu, Kalil Vaele and William Day controlled the game well with their setting.

Thirds – Loss 1 – 2 It was great to see us keep fighting. We will improve through better communication. James Blomfield, Christian Rijkaart, Alex Davies and Sam Kross had excellent games

11A – Win 2 – 1 A game we somehow made more difficult than it needed to be. We were totally dominant in the first set, well and truly out-enthused in the second and then pensive but clinical in the third to seal the game. Jordan Hudspith played very well while Blair Goatham continues to develop his game to be adaptive and versatile.

11B – Loss 0 – 2 A lacklustre affair where we started too slowly allowing Padua to take the first set very easily. We lifted the intensity slightly in the second set to narrowly go down 25-23, however far too many simple errors were made.

10A – Loss 0 – 2 The first set was played hard – point for point – with a slight lapse in concentration, costing us the first set. The second started poorly and the fightback was solid, however the deficit was too great. Most valued player was Samuel Burling.

10B – Loss 0 – 2 After a promising week at training, practising serving and passing, we could not convert this into our game, handing Padua several easy points. Players are encouraged to stay committed and focus on improving core volleyball skills at training. William Cruice and Nathan Curr had strong games.

10C – Loss 0 – 2 A great improvement on last week’s game, however a much improved all-round performance, losing the first set by 3 points. The second set saw a return of simple errors. Great blocks from Will Fullarton were a highlight.

9A – Win 2 – 1 An exciting game that we eventually won. A 27-25 first set was followed by a 25-23 second set, however we found our mojo and comfortably won the tie-break 15-3. Great serving by Mitchell Vesper and Ryan Wolff.

9B – Loss 0 – 2 A tough day for the team with many 50/50 balls not going our way. Basic errors cost us ground against a well drilled opposition.

9C – Loss 1 – 2 9C The players showed good skills and are improving in their court awareness. More time in placing our serves and reacting to freeball will aid us in future matches.

8A – Win 3 – 0 Too many service errors in the first set allowed Padua to keep a tight game. We pulled away and were too strong from there. Nathaniel Grace intimidated the opposition at the net, as did Daimon Bell’s serve. Regan Payne was brilliant all game.

8B – Win 2 – 1 Great fightback to win a deciding set. Saxon Curr served well along with Tyler Cuthbert-Hough. Cohan Patrick hustled all game.

8C – Loss 0 – 3 A much improved effort with some exceptional Volleyball. Lapses in concentration at key moments in the game proved costly.

7A – Win 2 – 1 An impressive win with consistent serving and depth of pass allowing us to control the game and put pressure on Padua’s backcourt. Great game from Jack Cairns and brilliant serving by Tyson Golding.

7B – Win 2 – 1 After a particularly slow start, we found ourselves down a set in very quick time. A much improved effort in the next two sets saw us record our first ever AIC victory. Flynn Helland passed well, while Corbin Walker was very effective in attack.

7C – Loss 1 – 2 The team dug deeper this week and won the first set with good game play. The third set was close.

7D – Loss 0 - 3

AIC CRICKET vs Padua College, Round 2, 10 February 2018

Firsts – Loss 149 – 3/151 We did not score the runs on the day. A partnership of 79 between Zeb Townsley and Oliver Schimdt was the highlight with Zeb scoring 63 runs and Oliver 39. Good bowling, fielding and field placings were insufficient to defend the low score. Billy Sheppard was the best bowler, bowling 10 overs and taking 1 wicket for 30 runs.

Seconds – Loss 116 – 7/118 A game between two teams with great field dynamics. We were able to defend our wicket well although found it difficult to score in the middle, with Justice Kennedy batting long into the innings with 37. Riley Long bowled at an exceptional pace to keep the early wickets flowing. A small total to defend with the result going down to the wire.

Thirds – Loss 7/45 – 7/213 The players put in a great effort. There was some stand-out fielding and some quality spells of bowling. Zehan Gerber with figures of 2-27 off 5 was the bowler of the day.

9A – Loss 88 – 5/94 A tight game that saw Padua pass our score in the 30th over, however we were probably 30 to 40 runs short with the bat. Good positive batting from Jake Kerkin, Jed Lacey and Caleb McDonald and good tight bowling from Patrick Schmidt, Hayden Bacon and Kynan Baartz.

8A – Loss 7/81 – 5/123 Tight bowling from Zane Kaatz and Connor Sampson restricted the opposition to 2/38 after 15 overs, however a lapse into the second half of the innings allowed Padua to finish on 5/123. Samuel Caprioli led the run chase with an impressive 35 not out, however the opposition was just too good keeping us to 7/81. The players are to be commended on showing great maturity and sportsmanship during a tough day of cricket.

8B – Loss 13 - 14 An uncharacteristic batting display left the team with a big task in the field for the second session. We put up 13 runs against a strong Padua bowling group however we were quick to put it behind us as they started strong in the field. Dominick Morgan’s wicket in the first over was a sign of things to come, soon followed by a classic catch by Benjamin Suthers in the slips. More catches and wickets followed by restricting a competitive Padua to 48 runs in an even over match (15 overs each). The positive teamwork shown by every single member of the team is assurance they will put together strong performances for the remainder of the season.

7A – Loss 105 – 6/106 We won the toss and elected to bat. The team set two batting goals for the innings: bat through 30 overs and score at least 3 runs/over to reach a minimum of 100 runs. We achieved both on the back of some solid performances from Ben Naish (28 n.o.), Ethan Dinsdale (14) and Lachlan Allwood (12) to score 105 runs. We knew that we needed to be efficient, both in the field and with the ball in hand. Whilst leaking a few runs through misfields and missing a few wicket chances with dropped catches, we restricted Padua to just under 4 runs/over. Ryan Pickering missed a hat-trick opportunity after rattling the stumps of two Padua batters to finish with 2/13 from his 3 overs.

7B – Loss 7/52 - 149 After the loss of a few early wickets, the players were able to put 52 runs on the board with Samuel Rotar and Hudson Bertram digging in and doing their best to amass runs. With 52 to defend this was going to prove too much for the team. Special mention to Lawson Holland for his great effort with the bat and in the field.

7C – Loss 36 – 6/49 We were beaten narrowly (13 runs) by Padua. The team showed significant improvement in their bowling. The player of the match was Owen Cass who took 4 wickets.

AIC Fixtures - Round 3 Vs Villanoval College - 17 February 2018

Fixture times - see below

AIC VOLLEYBALL - Round 3 vs Villanova College Date: 17 February 2018

FIRSTS 12:15pm Home St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Show Court, Woodend

SECONDS 11:15am Home St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend

THIRDS 9:15am Home St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend

11A 10:15am Home St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend

11B 8:15am Home St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 1, Woodend

10A 11:15am Home St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 2, Woodend

10B 10:15am Home St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 2, Woodend

10C 9.15am Home St Edmund’s College, College Hall, Court 2, Woodend

9A 12:15pm Away Villanova College, Goold Hall, Court 1, Eighth Ave, Coorparoo

9B 11:15am Away Villanova College, Goold Hall, Court 1, Eighth Ave, Coorparoo

9C 11:15am Away Villanova College, Goold Hall, Court 2, Eighth Ave, Coorparoo

8A 10:15am Away Villanova College, Goold Hall, Court 1, Eighth Ave, Coorparoo

8B 9:15am Away Villanova College, Goold Hall, Court 1, Eighth Ave, Coorparoo

8C 8:15am Away Villanova College, Goold Hall, Court 1, Eighth Ave, Coorparoo

7A 10:15am Away Villanova College, Goold Hall, Court 2, Eighth Ave, Coorparoo

7B 9:15am Away Villanova College, Goold Hall, Court 2, Eighth Ave, Coorparoo

7C 8:15am Away Villanova College, Goold Hall, Court 2, Eighth Ave, Coorparoo

7D 8:15am Away Villanova College, Goold Hall, Outdoor Multicourt, Eighth Ave, Coorparoo


Bus for 7D, 7C, 7B, 7A, 8C, 8B, 8A, 9C, 9B and 9A departs SEC at 7:00am and returns at 2:00pm approximately.

AIC CRICKET - Round 3 Vs Villanova College Date: 17 February 2018

FIRSTS 9:30am Home Tivoli Sporting Complex, Field No 1, Church Street, Tivoli Turf

SECONDS 1:00pm Home Tivoli Sporting Complex, Field No 2, Church Street, Tivoli Turf

THIRDS 1:00pm Home St Edmund’s College, Mulkerin Oval, Woodend Turf

9A 8:15am Away Villanova Park, Andrew Slack Oval, Manly Road, Tingalpa Turf

8A 1:00pm Away Villanova Park, Andrew Slack Oval, Manly Road, Tingalpa Turf

8B 1:00pm Away Villanova Park, No. 3 Oval, Manly Road, Tingalpa Turf

7A 1:00pm Away Villanova Park, Fr John Seary Oval, Manly Road, Tingalpa Turf

7B 8:15am Away Villanova Park, No. 3 Oval, Manly Road, Tingalpa Turf

7C 1:00pm Away Whites Hill Reserve, Field 1, Boundary St, Camp Hill Syn

AIC Sport Fixtures

There are a number of sign-on days for various sporting clubs being held in the near future and it is timely to remind students that St Edmund’s College sporting commitments take priority over all outside sporting bodies. Students are expected to explain this situation to outside sports coaches.

Students need to be aware that fixture details will be posted on:

  • the Sports Notice Board (outside the Student Office) by Tuesday afternoon
  • EDE and College App
  • then repeated in the Newsletter

All students are reminded of their commitment to College sport, even in doubtful weather conditions. It can be raining here in Ipswich and perfectly fine in Brisbane or vice versa.

In some instances, particularly with Cricket it may be necessary to travel to the venue only to find that the game has been shortened or cancelled. AIC Cricket rules indicate that only half of the overs have to be completed to constitute a game.

As a general rule of thumb, Cricket is ON until it is called off.

AIC SPORT – School vs Club

There are a number of sign-on days for various sporting clubs being held in the near future and it is timely to remind students that St Edmund’s College sporting commitments take priority over all outside sporting bodies. Students are expected to explain this situation to outside sports coaches.


Tuckshop Roster

Term 1, Week 6

Mon 26 Feb: No tuckshop helpers required due to Inter-House Swimming Carnival at Bundamba Pool.

Tue 27 Feb: N Callaghan, A Robertson, D Smith, J Preston.

Wed 28 Feb: J Roberts, D McGuire, S Atuatika, T Costello.

Thu 1 Mar: C Page, M Low.

Fri 2 Mar: V Albury, A Costello, F Sippel.

School News


After-School TUTORIALS

After-School TUTORIALS

  • Chemistry: Monday s 3.00pm to 4.00pm
  • Wednesdays 3.00pm to 4.00pm
  • Biology: Thursdays 3.00pm to 4.00pm

MATHS Tutorials


School Parking and Student Safety

School Parking and Student Safety

With the high volume of vehicles competing for limited drop-off and pick-up areas, our school zone is experiencing illegal parking behaviours associated with this congestion.

In particular, parents and visitors to St Edmund’s College are reminded NOT to park across driveways, in loading zones, or indeed the College Staff Car Park.

Ipswich City Council will be actively patrolling our school zone in partnership with the Queensland Police from the start of 2018 to ensure people park safely and legally.

Five tips for safer school zones

1. Allow enough time to take your child to school safety and without rushing.

2. Always observe parking signs and speed limits in and around the school zone.

They are designed to keep your child safe.

3. Talk about parking signs, school crossings and traffic lights with your child. Identify and

discuss places where it’s safe to get in and out of the car and to cross the road.

4. Teach your child to cross the road where there are traffic control lights or designated pedestrian crossings,

where generally there is a crossing guard supervising traffic.

5. Park a few streets away and walk the rest of the way - its great exercise and helps teach

your child road safety rules.

Loading Zones

At drop-off times, students should be ready to get out of the car and if possible have their school bag with them in the car to avoid needing to open the boot and potentially place the student between your vehicle and another vehicle.

At pick-up times, if your child is not ready at the loading zone, DO NOT PARK. Keep the process flowing and move to a parking area nearbly or simply leave the loading area and come back in a few minutes.

Loading Zones are designed to keep things flowing. You cannot stay in a loading zone for any longer then 2 minutes (only 120 seconds) if you are picking up or dropping off passengers. If everyone obeys this law, everything will work so much better.

Term 1, 2018 SCHOOL FEES

Term 1 School Fee Statements were emailed Thursday 8 February, and are due for payment by Thursday 22 February.

If you have not received your Fee Statement or have a query regarding your school fees, please phone the Finance Office on 3810 4458 or email:

Student Procedures

Uniform Shop


Old Boys' Association BOWLS DAY

Annual Bowls Day

St Edmund’s Old Boys’ Association

Annual Bowls Day

Sunday 18 March 2018

8:00am for 9:00am start

Ipswich Bowls Club

Merle Finimore Avenue, Queen's Park, Ipswich

Four-person teams

Everyone is welcome to join us and play

You do not have to be a member of the Old Boys

Come and enjoy a great morning of social bowls

Cost: $15.00 per person


Mark Potts - 0401 250 841, or

Andrew McGrath on 3389 6858 or 0438 164 452

Skool2Skoolies 2018 Sponsorship

The St Edmund’s College “Skool2Skoolies” initiative was created by St Edmund’s students in 2003 to highlight the positive contributions that young people can make to their community and give back to the community that has done so much for them over the past five years of their lives.

Skool2Skoolies 2018

The St Edmund’s College Skool2Skoolies initiative was created by St Edmund’s students in 2003 to highlight the positive contributions that young people can make to their community and to give back to the community that has done so much for them over the past five years of their lives.

Each year, Year 12 students from the College are given the opportunity to live out the College ethos and continue their ‘gentlemanly’ behaviour by committing themselves to raise funds for three charities which encapsulate the spirit of social justice within the Ipswich community, Australia and worldwide - The Ipswich Hospice, St Vincent de Paul and the Christian Brothers’ Immersion Programs.

Last year, through the dedication of students and charitable donations from local Ipswich entities, we were able to raise in excess of $20,000: a donation of $7500 to each of the previously mentioned groups. These donations assisted in creating a tangible change in the work carried out by these life-altering support networks. Approximately thirty students embarking on the 2018 Skool2Skoolies ride are continuing the legacy through raising funds for this worthwhile cause.

Our sincere thanks to the following generous sponsors of the 2018 Skool2Skoolies.

  • Apprenticeships Queensland
  • Fallu McMillan Lawyers
  • Gibson Architects
  • Limestone Dental Group
  • Mallets Carpet Choice
  • St Edmund's College Old Boys' Association
  • Strybos and Sons Electrical
  • Potter Landscapes

Breakaway Sponsors

  • Hutchinson Builders
  • Kelleher Builders
  • McNamara and Associates
  • PM Landsapes
  • TAE Aerospace
  • Trek Ipswich

Peloton Sponsors

  • Brothers Ipswich Leagues Club
  • G.J. Walsh
  • Grandview
  • Hello World Travel
  • Ipswich Dental
  • NBA Electrical Engineering
  • Off Peak Water
  • Options Cabinets
  • PhysioActive
  • Sammut Bulow
  • Surreal Signs
  • Tridan Electrical

Saddle Sponsor - $2500

    This is a unique opportunity for interested businesses to become the sole sponsor of the cycling knicks (shorts) for the ride. Your business logo would feature prominently on the outside of the leg on all riders.

Any support that can be offered for this meaningful cause would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like further information regarding the St Edmund’s College 2018 Skool2Skoolies fundraising project, please contact Mr Michael Podolak at St Edmund’s College, E:

Twilight Tours

Our Twilight Tours are coming up on Wednesday 7 March

Foundation Dinner

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