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Year 12 Valedictory Mass and Dinner Speech - 12 November 2019

On such an historic occasion as this, the achievement of a significant milestone, celebrating the culmination of thirteen years of education, I take this opportunity to say a few words to acknowledge the St Edmund’s College Graduating Class of 2019.

History has followed you since the year you were born which were the immediate years following the new millennium - 2001 and 2002.

Who was the Prime Minister of Australia at that time? - John Howard.
How many Australian Prime Ministers have there been since? Six – Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison.
Who was our Queensland Premier back then? – Peter Beattie. John Howard would go on to be our second longest serving Prime Minister since Federation – twelve years, four terms. Peter Beattie would go on to serve ten years as Queensland Premier, the fourth longest for a Queensland Premier.
You were born into a time of relative stability and confidence in our political leaders which is so different from our current times.

And which of these movies hit the cinemas at the same time when you entered the world? - Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring and Shrek. All of them. And despite their overwhelming popularity at the time, I’m surprised that we do not have boys named Albus Dumbledore, Frodo or Lord Farquaad.

All these popular movies at the time took us to places of fantasy and fiction where likeable characters, surrounded by trusted friends, did heroic things. With friends by their side they were able to overcome challenges that appeared overwhelming and resist temptations that would lead to ruin. By their actions they restored our faith in the goodness that lies within each of us and our untested capacity to deal with the obstacles that we inevitably encounter in life.

What about some of the sporting highlights around then? Who can forget Steven Bradbury’s last-man-standing heroics to win the speed skating at the 2002 19th Winter Olympics at Salt Lake City. Steven of course was a former guest speaker at our Foundation Dinner a few years ago, so there is a link there with our Eddies community.

Graduation Class of 2019, you were born into a world where the politics, popular culture and sporting events around you promoted
• Trust and confidence in Leadership
• Goodness triumphing over wrongdoing – and the importance of friendship in getting the best out of us...and that
• Anything; however insurmountable, is possible if you can remain standing while others around you are falling down.

In a very real way these features help us to understand you and define who you are as a group. Trustworthy, sticking by your mates to face the challenges that inevitably come your way, and still standing strong while others around you may trip up and fall down. As you are now about to embark on the world as the 2019 Graduates of St Edmund’s College, what can we glean from the politics, popular culture and sporting events of today that may assist you in knowing the world you are entering?

Politically, 2019 was the year of the Australian Federal Election which will become known as the unloseable election that Labor lost, and the now Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison declaring on election night ‘I have always believed in miracles … and tonight we’ve been delivered another'.

In popular culture, the Marvel’s superhero movies have dominated in 2019 with Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel among the top grossing movies. The remake of The Lion King, twenty-five years after the original, also one of the top three contenders.

There is a theme emerging here, because in sport undoubtedly the most significant event in 2019 was the return, after twenty-five years, of the mighty Raiders to the theatre of a Rugby League Grand Final. Though we won’t talk about the result or the ‘six-again’ call.

What can be deduced from these contemporary political, popular culture and sporting highlights that may inform you about the world you are entering in 2019?
• Beware the unloseable challenge – No doubt that is the lesson that former Labor leader Bill Shorten has learnt. When it seems that it’s there for the taking, a shoe-in as we say, that’s when life can dish up some unexpected surprises. But don’t be disheartened, as we know that surprises actually add spice and taste to the banquet of life.
• To use an Avenger metaphor: treasure those six Infinity Stones – those precious gems that, if in the wrong hands like Thanos, can destroy lives and worlds. These are the things that are ours to cherish or, at our peril, to relinquish. They are – power, responsibility, relationships, reputation, health, and the last and most important - soul. These are our ‘infinity stones’ that if left unnurtured, taken for granted or forgotten, will lead ultimately to wayward outcomes; where we may find that we’ve lost our way and purpose in life. Especially, nurture your soul – that inner space where we encounter God.
• Despite the Raiders losing the Grand Final, they got there and showed they were true champions by genuinely congratulating their opponents and not wanting to whinge or complain about decisions that may have gone against them.
These are marvellous take-aways.

My departing words to you tonight, Graduating Class of 2019, echo the sentiments passed on to the former graduands who have walked a similar path since the College was founded in 1892.

Know that from this day forth, like others before, you will:

- Have an in-built bias for blue-and-white – and possibly the lime green
- Never take for granted the motivational power of the two words - OWN IT
- Have a heart for those in the shadows, those who have fallen on tough times and those who have been treated unjustly
- Always be a Chum to your Mum and a Lad to your Dad
- Have an unique appreciation of the importance of brotherhood. Knowing that to be a Brother to Another is a noble and good thing
- Pursue excellence in all endeavours, seek to be challenged, open to learning new skills and hungry for knowledge
- Be a strong man when you are being kind and gentle
- Understand the importance of community and the unique role you have in serving your community
- Feel that you are part of something bigger and that your life has immeasurable worth and dignity
- Know that you have been schooled in a place of faith and glory, where God who made you mighty makes you mightier yet
- Always be a child of the Edmund Rice family, defined by the four Touchstones of Liberating Education, Gospel Spirituality, Inclusive Community and Justice and Solidarity
- Live your life with an unrelenting belief that - You can because you see you can.

Congratulations St Edmund’s College, Ipswich Graduating Class of 2019.


Vale Seniors of 2019

Live Jesus in our hearts - Forever

Diarmuid O’Riordan, Principal

The Deputy


Identity News

“Let your light shine as only Eddies’ Men Can”

On Tuesday evening we gathered around the Word and around the Table as our Year 12 Graduating Class celebrated with their families at the Valedictory Mass. At the celebration, we acknowledged that the Year 12 young men have by their presence, enriched our community. We are indeed proud of them knowing that they leave the College carrying great potential.

As a part of the evening, Blair Chisholm, one of the graduating students offered the following reflection.

"For the last five years we, as a cohort, have undertaken a holistic education centred on the integral ideas and values from the Bible, as demonstrated by Edmund Rice. His life and actions exemplified the example set by Jesus and have inspired generations of young men to be educated in the Edmund Rice Catholic tradition. Edmund Rice became a shining light of love, hope and inspiration to those neglected and marginalised by poverty and disadvantage.

Throughout our time at the College we have upheld the mantra of Eddies’ Men being strong, kind, gentle men. These values have firmly established St Edmund’s College as a well-respected educational institution within the Ipswich and wider community. As we prepare to embark on our future endeavours we should strive to maintain the philosophies of Edmund Rice, by acting as beacons of strength, compassion and kindness in the wider world.

The Gospel of Matthew, within the New Testament of the Bible, consistently makes reference to light and the empowering properties it possesses. The extracted line “You are the light that shines for the world to see”, is symbolic and representative of the good, both witnessed by God, and those who observe our actions within the wider community. It encourages each of us to live a life that shines brightly to those around us, as we display our qualities in our everyday lives that will mark us out as followers of Christ and Eddies’ Men.

This reading also encourages each of us to be risk-takers and be willing to stand out. It implores followers to willingly share their gifts and talents, not just within our own circle of friends, but to step out of our comfort zone and share with the wider community and world in which we live. This philosophy encourages each of us to make the most of the gifts and talents given to us and make a difference within our own sphere of influence. As we allow our own unique light to shine for the world to see through our actions, words and lives, we will bring honour to God and recognise the countless blessings He has bestowed upon us. At the same time we will honour our parents, teachers and mentors, who have tirelessly supported us throughout our spiritual and educational journey.

We all have individual strengths and talents; no two lights will shine the same. As we develop as people on our journey through life, the light we possess will continue to brighten and inspire the lives of those we already know and those we are yet to meet. Whether it is displaying common courtesy with strangers in public places, utilising our own personal knowledge and skills to mentor others, or acting as a dry-driver for our friends, you become an inspirational light for others to follow. We become a living likeness of Christ’s teachings who is the ultimate example of love, care, compassion and selflessness.

Finally, I believe that the theme of “Own It” is particularly relevant to us as Seniors as we prepare to leave the College. Each of us needs to own our decisions, choices and futures and we should endeavour to confidently stride forward into the next chapter of our lives; whether it is undertaking tertiary studies, an apprenticeship or employment. In doing so, we must remember to proudly display the qualities and skills that have shaped us over the last five years, ensuring they continue to remain visible.

So classmates of 2019, I encourage you to be fearless in all your future endeavours and let your light shine as only Eddies’ Men Can."

The Final Prayer for the Seniors of 2019

Lord, we ask you to grant the Seniors of 2019 the gift of Compassion.
That they may have the tender and empathetic heart of a servant.
Lord, we ask you to grant the Seniors of 2019 the gift of Kindness.
That they may always look for opportunity to do good and use words to build others up.
Lord, we ask you to grant the Seniors of 2019 the gift of Humility.
That they may be grateful for the grace and mercy of God and can rejoice with others.
Lord, we ask you to grant the Seniors of 2019 the gift of Gentleness.
That they may be strong enough to be humble, selfless and generous.
Lord, we ask you to grant the Seniors of 2019 the gift of Patience.
That they may be able to endure frustration and discomfort, allowing them to demonstrate generosity and self-control.
Lord, we ask you to grant the Seniors of 2019 the gift of Love.
That they may continue to develop the kind of unconditional love extended by Jesus to us.

God, as this chapter in the lives of the Senior class closes, so a new one begins. May each of the students present themselves like an open book before You.
Come and fill their minds with Your thoughts and fill their hearts with Your strength and love.
May they always carry with them the blessings we offer them today.
We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Best wishes and safe travels to the Senior Class of 2019.

Live Jesus in Our Hearts - Forever

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Identity

Vale - Seniors of 2019

An Irish Blessing

May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

The rains fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Walk to Remember 11/11

We will remember them. Lest We Forget.

On Monday we remembered the men and women who served and who continue to serve our nation. In their honour, we participated in the Walk to Remember with St Mary’s College and St Mary’s Primary School. Wreaths were laid in a closing ceremony at the Woodend Honour Stone.

We paused to remember the men and women of the Australian Defence Force who have made the ultimate sacrifice. It was lovely to see so many students and families come together on this very special day, along with Defence personnel, Wounded Heroes and Mr Cyril Wheeler.

We will remember them. Lest We Forget.

Thank you to staff member Frances Mills who made and donated 100 crocheted poppies. Our Defence students sold poppies during the week leading up to Remembrance Day for their chosen charity Wounded Heroes.

Students raised approximately $200 which was presented on Remembrance Day to Peter Riches from Wounded Heroes following the Walk To Remember.

Kind regards

Ms Kylie Biddle, Defence School Mentor

Learning & Teaching

Learning and Teaching - Week 6

Year 12

As we farewell our Year 12 students, I wish them every blessing, health and happiness for their futures. It has been a pleasure to work with them during the year in the classroom, at QCS practices and to mingle with them on campus. They have finished well and I wish them a relaxing break and happy Christmas with family and friends as they move on to new and exciting adventures. Vale Year 12.

Years 10 and 11

Years 10 and 11 students commence exams Friday 22 November. Year 10 students are in normal classes for the duration of the exam period and as such must attend each day.

Year 11 students have an Exam Block on Tuesday November 26, Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28. The remainder of the time Year 11 are in normal classes.

Years 7, 8 and 9

Years 7, 8 and 9 will have their exams in class times and must attend school at all times.

Any student - Year 7 to Year 11 - who is absent must have a parent contact the College (3810 4400) as soon as possible.


Marking and reporting will be finalised after the students finish on Friday 29 November. Reports for Years 7 to 11 will be posted to the SEC web on Friday 6 December.

Year 12 students are not issued a Term 4 College report as they will receive a Senior Statement from the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA).

QCAA will post Year 12 Senior Statements to designated student home addresses on Friday 13 December 2019, and final results will be available in QCAA student learning accounts from 9.00am, Saturday 14 December.

Best wishes.

Carmel James, Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching

Library News

...Libraries...precious examples of renewable energy...

Morris Gleitzman, author and Australian Children’s Laureate posted recently about school libraries http://www.childrenslaureate.o...

In his post he stated that “School libraries, those most precious examples of renewable energy, lighting up young minds and imaginations, powering every part of education, are doing it tough. We’d always assumed their life-giving energy would be renewable forever, but across the land too many school libraries are dimming and some are already dark.”

Many schools are unfortunately closing their libraries or not employing Teacher Librarians.

ParentingPatch [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Here at St Edmund’s College we are fortunate to have an administration that values the school library and the role it plays in students’ academic achievement. Research shows a clear link between school libraries and library staff to improvements in reading and academic success.

School libraries are fundamental to developing engaged readers, helping students learn and to find and use the information they need to succeed now and in the future.

St Edmund’s College Library is a busy, dynamic and vibrant place that offers many different programs and services and it has never been more important than it is today for schools to have a school library that employs qualified staff.

Ms Karen Callaghan, Head of Department Information Services and Learning Resources

Textbook Hire - RETURNS

2019 – Textbook Return Dates

St Edmund’s College operates a text book hire scheme for the benefit of all students at the College. The success and viability of this scheme is contingent upon the timely return of textbooks in good condition which allows for their redistribution to students for use in subsequent years. Unlike other schools, we do not charge a levy or require students to purchase texts separately. Often these costs are in the vicinity of $250 to $400.

To assist us with the maintenance of the scheme we require your support in ensuring that your son’s textbooks are returned in good condition and in accordance with the timelines set out below.

Dates for return of textbooks NOT needed for exams:

Year 11: See below

Textbooks Needed for Exams:

On the day of the timetabled exam – textbooks should be returned to the library before the exam.

Final Dates for Return of Items:

Years 7, 8, 9 and 10: Thursday 28 November

Year 11 Students

Units 1 and 2: Textbooks to be returned immediately.
As requested by Heads of Department, Year 11 students studying Units 3 and 4 are required to keep textbooks for study and revision over the holidays.

Return dates for these texts will be 3 September 2020.

As you would understand we require students to return all textbooks before the end of term, by their due date or before student departure from the College. Their prompt return allows for cleaning, bagging and replacement arrangements to be made for the next year.

Ms Christine Roche, Book Hire Coordinator

Senior School

Middle School


Pastoral News

Career News

Career News - Week 6

Apprenticeship Information - Scholarships - International Study - Tertiary Updates

Apprenticeship Information

A resume for the Construction Industry

The following tips come from Construction Skills Queensland and are still current for construction resumes:

  • Your resume should be written in a clear, readable format. It should include your employment history (including paid and unpaid work experience), education, achievements (even those unrelated to the construction industry), certificates and contact details.
  • When listing your work experience, mention the project/s you worked on, the tasks you participated in and the tools you used.
  • Job seekers are expected to provide an up-to-date resume that is tailored for each job application. Have a few versions of your resume to submit for the different jobs you apply for.

Looking for work? Here are some tips

Two articles on the Year 13 site may be of interest to students looking for work, full-time, part-time or casual work. Read the articles:

Also visit the Year13 website for information on apprenticeships, gap year programs, job vacancies, studying, money advice, internships and the fun of life after school.

Ideas for Careers

Have you thought about – Jeweller, Medical Imaging Professional or Corporate Services Manager?

  • Jeweller: Jewellers make and repair jewellery such as rings, brooches, chains and bracelets, craft objects out of precious metals, and cut, shape and polish rough gemstones to produce fashion and industrial jewels. Specialisations include Diamond Cutter, Faceter, Gem Setter, Goldsmith, Lapidary, Opal Polisher, Ring Maker, Silversmith. You can work as a Jeweller without formal qualifications, however, they may be useful. VET and university are both common study pathways for Jewellers. Click here to find out more.
  • Medical Imaging Professional: Medical Imaging Professionals operate X-ray and other radiation producing and imaging equipment for diagnostic, monitoring and treatment purposes under the direction of Radiologists and other Medical Practitioners. A formal qualification in a relevant field is needed to work as a Medical Imaging Professional. Many Medical Imaging Professionals complete postgraduate studies. Click here to find out more.
  • Corporate Services Manager: Corporate Services Managers plan, organise, direct, control and coordinate the overall administration of organisations. They are also known as Business Services Manager or Administration Manager. Extensive relevant experience is needed to work as a Corporate Services Manager. Formal qualifications might be useful but aren't essential. Corporate Services Managers often have university qualifications. Click here to find out more.

Scholarships Available

QUT Academic and sporting scholarships

Apply by 15 November for QUT’s Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships for academic merit and elite athletes. Scholarships range in value from $1,000–$20,000. Recipients are also eligible for membership of the College of Excellence, an experiential and immersive program offering opportunities to connect with other high-achievers, develop your personal and professional skills such as leadership and entrepreneurial thinking and enhance your global outlook.

QUT Scholarship plus internship in business:

Would you like a $36,000 scholarship plus two 15-week internships with corporate partners? The Corporate Partners in Excellence program is a unique industry-linked program for students who aspire to be future business leaders. As part of your three-year degree, you will complete two semesters of internship placements in your chosen discipline with QUT corporate partners. Apply by 8 November 2019.

QUT Scholarships and other opportunities in business and technology

Scholarships often provide advantages in addition to financial support, such as work experience and access to professional networks. Find out more about the broad opportunities with QUT business scholarships and the Westpac Young Technologists Scholarships. Applications are now open and close on 15 November, 2019.

International Study

Compare US colleges and universities

When researching US colleges and universities, you can open an account on the CollegeBoard website to save all your college planning activities. The website has a Compare Colleges page where you can compare up to three colleges. It can help you organise your research.

Tertiary Updates for Year Twelves

Tertiary application reminders

Have you put important dates in your phone or diary? Include:

  • Scholarship application due dates (see the scholarship page on institution websites)
  • QTAC offer-round dates (check the Course Offer Dates on the QTAC website)
  • When Year 12 results are mailed and when you can access them on the Student Connect website (click on ‘Years 11 and 12’ for ‘Key dates for Year 12 students’)
  • The last date you can change preferences for the offer rounds on 15 November, 23 December 2019 and 15 January 2020 (see Key Dates and Fees on the QTAC website).
  • Date that you have to have submitted any required documentation for each offer round.

Do you have all QTAC documents and numbers in a safe place? Include:

  • Your 2020 Year 12 Guide
  • A copy of your QTAC preferences
  • Your QTAC password
  • Your QTAC reference number
  • Your LUI and Learning Account password.

If you are going overseas during the Christmas holidays, you should take these items with you.

Year 12 - Monitor your emails and SMS

From 15 November 2019 (your last day at school) until you accept an offer of a course place, you must monitor your emails and SMS as QTAC will use these to inform you of an offer. You then must respond to QTAC by the due date (which may be only four days from your offer date). If you don’t respond by the due date, your offer will lapse and you will not be considered for any other offer rounds. If, for some reason, your offer does lapse, contact QTAC ASAP. QTAC may be able to reinstate your offer.

University information sessions after you receive your Year 12 results

Most universities hold information sessions in December for students who have received their Year 12 results and are reviewing their QTAC preferences and/or deciding on their future direction. The following are a selection of these sessions in 2019:

  • Australian Catholic UniversityKnow Your Options Information Session from 11am – 2 pm on Saturday 14 December 2019 at the Brisbane campus at 1100 Nudgee Road, Banyo. Please register.Register to attend.
  • CQUniversityChange of Preference Information Sessions from 9 am – 1 pm on Monday 16 December 2019 various CQU locations. Please register to keep up to date with new information about these events and to confirm your attendance.
  • Queensland University of TechnologyReal Decisions at the Gardens Point campus from 9 am – 1 pm on Tuesday 17 December 2019.
  • University of QueenslandOP Results Advice Event from 10am – 1 pm on Sunday 15 December 2019 at the St Lucia campus.
  • University of Southern Queensland Virtual Open Event – QTAC Change of Preferences from 10am – 11.00 am 15 December 2019, USQ online live stream.
  • Griffith University Explore Your Options from 9am – 2 pm on 14, 16, 17, 18 or 19 December 2019

YEAR 12 Questions


Q Will I get an offer for all the courses I applied for through QTAC?

A No. You will only receive one offer for your highest eligible course. Therefore, it is essential to order your courses according to your preference, putting the course you most want first.

Q Will I get a letter in the mail from QTAC with my offer on it?

A No. If you have an offer QTAC will notify you by email or SMS. You need to log on to your application on the QTAC website for details of your offer and to respond to your offer. Because there are numerous offer-round dates (see Course offer dates), you must monitor your emails regularly.

Q Is there anything I can do if I don’t respond to an offer by the due date?

A Yes. Contact QTAC immediately. QTAC may be able to reinstate your offer.

Q What happens after I have accepted an offer of a course place?

A You enrol at your institution by the due date. Most institutions will have an ‘Enrol here’ link on the QTAC website. If there's no enrolment link, your university will contact you directly.

Q I have applied for courses that start in Semester One and Semester Two 2020 on my QTAC application. Is this OK?

A Yes, if the Semester One courses are listed before the Semester Two courses. However, a better strategy is to put only Semester One courses on your application in the first instance. After the major offer-round for Semester One courses on 15 January 2020 (see page 20 in QTAC book), you can put Semester Two courses on your application if you have not received your preferred offer.

Q What should I do if I don’t get an offer?

A First check your application on the QTAC website. You may be ineligible for the courses you applied for. This will be indicated on the Preferences page of your application beside each course preference. Reasons for not receiving an offer may include:

  • Quota restrictions (that is, your OP/rank did not meet the minimum threshold)
  • Failure to satisfy minimum entry requirements (prerequisite subjects, audition, etc.)
  • Failure to pay QTAC processing fee
  • Preferencing your courses incorrectly (e.g. putting semester two courses before semester one courses; not including a ‘good’ pathways option for your 5th and 6th preferences)
  • Applying after the due date for the offer-round
  • Not submitting required documents
  • Not responding to an earlier offer.

Q What do I have to do when I receive an offer?

A You must respond to QTAC by the due date. You usually have four days to respond. If you don’t respond by the due date, your offer will lapse, and your application will become inactive. When you respond to your offer, you have two main options:

  • Make an outright acceptance, deferment or rejection OR
  • Conditionally accept, defer or reject your offer so you can be considered for higher preferences in future offer rounds. If you choose this option you must go back into your QTAC application and put your preferences back into your application.

See more information about responding on the Offers page on the QTAC website.

If you were ineligible for the courses you applied for, you can change your course preferences for consideration in any subsequent offer-round if further offers are made. QTAC usually publishes remaining course vacancies on its website after a major offer-round. You can also contact QTAC by phone, email or Facebook for advice.

Mr Mark Currie, Careers Guidance Counsellor/Adviser


Music and Cultural

Music News - Week 6

Cultural Showcase - 8 November 2019

Last Friday night our final major Performing Arts event for 2019 was hosted by St Mary’s in their College hall. The annual Combined Colleges’ Cultural Showcase was a wonderful success again this year.

I would like to thank the students who performed in the various Performing Arts Ensembles from both Colleges. I make special mention of Year 12 students Deakin Jennings, Kristian Williamson and Jackson Barker who presented solo pieces for the final time at the College. I would like to thank them for their hard work as members of various ensembles during their time at St Edmund’s and wish them well for their future endeavours.

Thank you also to Mrs Courtney Fook (St Mary’s Cultural Leader) and her team for organising the showcase this year. A big thank you to my team of Mrs Frances O’Sullivan, Mr Jesse Gold, Ms Sandra Randall (String Ensemble Director) and Mr Chris Barton (AV Officer) for all their efforts in preparing students for the night.

Year 12 Valedictory Mass - 12 November

The Year 12 Valedictory Mass was celebrated on Tuesday evening in St Mary’s Church. I always enjoy playing for this Mass as it marks the special occasion of our Year 12 finishing their schooling. Thank you to the College Choir who led the singing under the direction of Mrs Frances O’Sullivan.

Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental students are reminded that you must let your tutor know if you have an in-class assessment item preventing you from attending your lesson.

Mr Tim Kirkwood, Director of Music



Tuckshop Roster - Week 7

Week commencing 18 November 2019

Mon 18 Nov: P Smith, M Rose, R Bakkiet

Tue 19 Nov: G Weier, L McLean, M Towne

Wed 20 Nov: S Walker, K Jackson, L Bennett

Thu 21 Nov: D Morris, K Elliott

Fri 22 Nov: J Powell, T Williams

School News

Uniform Shop


YEAR 7, 2020

All new students requiring uniforms must make an appointment. Uniforms may be purchased at the time of fitting. Dates and times are shown on the SEC website and listed below.


Blazer Pockets must be embroidered before students commence Year 12 on Wednesday 29 January 2020. Your NAME and HOME ROOM should be pinned to the pocket before handing to the Uniform Shop or Student Office no later than Thursday 28 November. It will be the student’s responsibility to have his blazer pocket embroidered if handed in after 28 November. Please contact the Uniform Shop if further information is required.

2020 Uniform Shop Times

The Uniform Shop will trade as normal commencing Monday 13 January 2020 and will be open on Saturday 18 January 2020 from 8.00am to 1.00pm.



The Uniform Shop will trade as normal until Thursday 28 November 2019
Open Saturday 30 November 2019 - 8.00am to 12 noon


The Uniform Shop will commence normal trading on Monday 13 January 2020
Open Saturday 18 January 2020 - 8.00am to 1.00pm


There has been a small increase in prices on some Uniform Shop items. Please see the new Price List and updates on the College Website and App for information regarding Uniform Shop updates.


MONDAY – 8:00am to 12:30pm
TUESDAY – 8:00am to 3:30pm (Closed 12:30pm to 1:30pm)
WEDNESDAY – 8:00am to 3:30pm (Closed 12:30pm to 1:30pm)
THURSDAY – 8:00am to 12:30pm

P: 3810 4489
Visit the SEC Website-


Ipswich Catholic Community Celebration

An Invitation to Our Community - Sunday 1 December 2019

Christmas and New Year Masses

Ipswich Catholic Community

CHRISTMAS EVE — Tuesday 24 December - Vigil Mass

4.30pm—Immaculate Heart, Leichhardt

6.00pm—St Brigid’s, Rosewood

6.00pm—St Mary’s, Ipswich

6.00pm—St Joseph’s, North Ipswich

8.30pm—Our Lady of Miraculous Medal, Eastern Heights

MIDNIGHT MASS - St Mary’s, Ipswich

CHRISTMAS DAY – Wednesday 25 December

7.30am—St Joseph’s, North Ipswich

8.00am—St Brigid’s, Rosewood

8.30am—St Mary’s, Ipswich

* There will be no evening Mass in the Ipswich Catholic Community on Christmas Day

NEW YEARS DAY - Wednesday 1 January 2020

St Mary’s, Ipswich 9.00am

St Brigid’s, Rosewood 9.30am


This week