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Unveiling our 2018 Improvement Goals

Dear St Edmund’s College Family and Friends,

Unveiling our 2018 Improvement Goals

I am delighted to unveil our 2018 Annual Improvement Plan Goals, which are included in this week’s newsletter.
These goals were derived from our Strategic Directions and Priorities 2018 – 2020. Since this was launched earlier in the year, the College has set about discerning our goals for the year ahead with an overall focus on growth and development across our three strategic areas of Identity, Improvement and Community.
You will see that some of the goals are quite prescriptive in setting measurable and explicit value-added targets in academic excellence, extra-curricular opportunities and community engagement. These goals will be discussed with your son throughout the year and will form the basis of our end of year evaluation and renewal processes.
I hope that you agree that the goals reflect the aspirations of our wider College community, to ensure we support your son to thrive in his learning, and to experience positive growth opportunities in his secondary education as he journeys from boyhood to manhood.
We continue to strive to partner with you in offering a unique Catholic education in the tradition of Blessed Edmund Rice in Ipswich.

Final chance to let us know – EREA Parent Choice Survey

Please take the time to complete the EREA Parent Choice Survey by clicking on the link below. The survey takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete and all information shared is unidentifiable, although we are able to see our summary data. Questions in the survey will help the College to know vital information about parent choices and their level of satisfaction including;
Parents’ relationship with the College
The religious background of parents
Reasons why parents’ have chosen St Edmund’s College
A general measure of student wellbeing at the College
Parents’ overall satisfaction with the College

The survey will remain open until Monday 18 June. I am hopeful that we can have a response rate of close to 50%, which will ensure that our summary data accurately reflects the views and beliefs of our families. Thank you to the many families who have already completed the survey.

EREA Principals' Conference – Improving Wellbeing

Over the last three days I have been in Adelaide attending the annual EREA Principals’ Conference. Held at Rostrevor College the focus of the Conference was Principal Wellbeing. While I absolutely love being the Principal of St Edmund’s College it was interesting to learn that statistically I am in a profession that experiences high stress levels and burn out. For this reason our four keynote addresses were based on how to manage stress and improve wellbeing. Our first session was all about how we can feed and nurture the three dimension of our brain – our wild brain, emotional brain and smart brain. Basically it all hinges on our wild brain getting plenty of sleep, exercising regularly and eating healthily. The second session looked more specifically at how we could reduce stress by some simple daily practices such as stretching, breathing slowly and most importantly being in relationships with others. Our third session looked at how meditation and contemplative prayer can drastically reduce stress levels and increase the prevalence of personal and professional fulfilment. Lastly we were given insights into the habits of high achievers and how they maintain effectiveness in their work life while still enjoying personal wellbeing.
These helpful guides and insights will undoubtedly hold me in good stead. Thank you for supporting me in my role as Principal.


We keep in our prayers the Christian Brothers’ Community on the passing of Brother Victor Larkin. A short biography of Br Vic and his very full and faithful life:

Br Leo Victor Larkin (1929 – 2018)

Brother Victor Larkin was born in Brisbane and began his teaching career in 1950 with an international trip – to New Zealand, where he joined the staff at the Christian Brothers’ College in Dunedin. Br Larkin made his final profession at the end of his time in Dunedin on Christmas Day 1955. In 1956, he was transferred to St Patrick’s College Mackay and stayed there until his appointment in 1962 as Principal of St Joseph’s College Toowoomba. There are clear memories from families associated with the school of Br Vic being appreciated for his pastoral sense and for his willingness to be fully involved alongside the parents in all their endeavours to support the growing school. Br Larkin’s next appointment was in 1968 to Warwick.

The regard in which Br Larkin was held was seen in his next transfer in 1970 as Socius to the Novice Master, Br Regis Hickey, at Helidon in Queensland. He was invaluable in that role, not the least for his knowledge of the nearby Toowoomba region and of the Helidon Parish Priest, Fr Underwood. In 1972, Br Vic was appointed Superior of the Brothers’ Community at Helidon, and also was placed in charge of the Juniorate students living there who attended Years 11 and 12 at St Mary’s College Toowoomba, where Brother Larkin also taught. This appointment was followed in 1974 when he was appointed Superior of Xavier Teachers College at Indooroopilly in Brisbane, where he was also Director of the young Brothers in their second and third years of Formation.

After Indooroopilly, Brother Larkin moved to St James College in 1977, and then was appointed to St Laurence’s College in 1978 as Superior. During 1978, Victor returned to the Christian Brothers Xavier Province, Indooroopilly, but this time having been appointed Deputy Provincial of St Francis Xavier Province (Qld and NT). In 1984, after another Chapter, he was re-appointed Deputy Provincial. If one aspect comes through the many stories shared about Brother Vic, it is his pastoral care and concern for the individual.

After his twelve years in Province Leadership, Br Vic Larkin was able to return to normal Community life when he was transferred to Nudgee Junior College in 1990. In 1991 he was appointed Superior of the Community there. In 1993, Br Vic was appointed Principal of St James Christian Brothers School, where he oversaw the Centenary of the Brothers in that school, and the 125 years of Catholic education on that site. He also was part of the transition of the old St James to the new St James Prac in 1994, when he handed over to Br Luke Quinn during 1994. Some years later the name changed further to St James College. In 1995, Br Vic was transferred to St Patrick’s College Shorncliffe, and in 1998 to Charters Towers to the newly amalgamated Columba Catholic College (formed from the Brothers’ boarding college Mount Carmel College, the Diocesan girls’ St Mary’s College, and the St Columba’s parish primary school). Founding Principal there, Mrs Althea Norton, wrote about Victor and his support to the whole College community during the complex first years of amalgamation, “What a wonderful person – always compassionate, humble and forgiving”.

After five years in North Queensland, Br Vic moved to Nudgee College. In 2003 he was part of Treacy Community at Nudgee. In 2009 he relocated to another part of the College campus, to the Mary Ring Drive Community, and then in November 2012, he moved into the newly opened Holy Spirit Viridian Retirement Community, next to Nudgee College.

Br Larkin kept in close contact with the Nudgee College staff, students and families, including serving on the College Board for many years, and assisting students in the Learning Support area. He was also acknowledged when the “Br Vic Larkin Student Centre” was named in his honour, an extension from the Art and Music areas.

Br Ted Magee summed up much of Br Larkin’s life in these latter years...Known and admired by all; never allowing himself to be slowed; always the joyful, gregarious presence in the lives of young men and staff who sometimes struggle with the burdens of their age. They see a man who overcomes difficulties and is heartfelt in caring, generous and gentle....

Br Victor Larkin is remembered as Terrace Old Boy, Christian Brother, Teacher, Mentor, Friend......A giant of a man, but above all a Gentleman, strong, loving, forgiving - when he looked at you, you sensed he looked into your heart and knew you better than many others could or ever will.

What is remembered most of Br Vic is a man of faith. A man convinced of God’s love for him; he committed his life to the service of that God: A life poured out for the God who loved him.
A life lived in the footsteps of Edmund
Presence - Compassion – Liberation

Live, Jesus, in our hearts…FOREVER!

Diarmuid O’Riordan, Principal

The Deputy


Mission and Community

Being a sister and brother to another in stressful times

Being a Sister and Brother to another in stressful times.

As we come towards the end of term and people become tired, weary and overwhelmed, it is an appropriate time to take a moment to stop, reset and consider the perspective of others. It is a time in the term when tempers can fray easily and understanding can run thin. This is when compassion for others in our family and community is most needed and often hardest to find.

As part of the recent combined Colleges’ Winter Sleepout, a student anonymously put together the following prayer. At a time when many people in our community are most weary, I was moved by the plea and insightfulness of this student’s words:

“Lord, let me be the voice of reason to those around me, calling on them to show their compassion, too. Let me be the example of You to them. Let me be the light that they see so that You come through. When we see someone in need, help me to hold that person in my heart.

Open the hearts of those around me to create a better world by providing for those that cannot care for themselves. Amen”

I encourage all members of our community to take some inspiration from the insight of this student. Find ways to greet with compassion, all who we meet over the next few weeks. In my household we have a tactic we use with our 8-year-old boy: when he gets wound up or makes a poor choice, we ask him to “stop and reset”. This simply means he stops and counts to 10 or 20, then restarts again. A simple technique that works well for our young man, that we may also employ to help us to find the necessary compassion.

Prayer For Preparation To Study

Lord, I know you are with me and love me.

Give me peace of mind as I prepare for this time of study.

Help me to focus on my books and notes,
keep me from all distractions so that I will make the best use
of this time that is available to me.

Give me insight that I might understand what I am studying,
and help me to draw to mind knowledge when the time comes.
Above all, I thank you for the ability to be able to study
and for the many gifts and talents you have given me.
Help me always to use them in such a way
that they honour you and do justice to myself. Amen

(Prayer by the Salesians of Don Bosco Ireland)

Hymba Yumba Community Hub Visit

Recently ten of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students experienced a day at the Hymba Yumba Community Hub to mark Sorry Day. Hymba Yumba Community Hub is a school that offers an educational experience that embeds traditional practices and cultures of Australia’s First People. Throughout the day the students engaged in conversation with Elders, participated in Aboriginal language and dance classes, and spent some time in Bandji, which is men’s business. The students who attended, returned having gained some new knowledge. They were excited and grateful to have had the opportunity to make connections with other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. We would like to thank the staff and students at the Hymba Yumba Hub for their hospitality and look forward to hosting them at St Edmund’s College.

NAIDOC Week 8 to 15 July

As we move towards NAIDOC Week which falls during the holidays on 8 to 15 July, St Edmund’s College acknowledges and pays deepest respect to the Traditional Owners of the land on which the College is built. The 2018 NAIDOC theme, “Because Of Her We Can”, has significant links to our belief that ‘Eddies’ Men Can’ and celebrates the essential role that women play as active and significant role models at the community, local, state and national levels. At St Edmund’s College we continue to commit ourselves to walking together with all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People on the journey towards reconciliation and justice.

Upcoming Events

I have included below a number of events that are happening throughout the coming term. There are many events and service opportunities that take place around the College. These activities enrich the lives of the students and the wider community. We strongly encourage all our students to get involved in community activities throughout the year.

Mission and Community Dates and Events - Term 3

Parents, Families and Friends - mark these dates in your diary. We would love for you to join in our community events throughout Term 3.

Monday 23 July: Heritage Mass, 8.45am
The College community will celebrate Mass together. We will mark the leader into Catholic Education Week (29 July to 4 August), acknowledging the diversity and richness of our community and sharing the celebration of Mass.
Wednesday 25 July: Year 11 Leadership Gathering, Day 1
A compulsory day for our Year 11 students to engage in team-building, development and reflection in preparation for their role as Senior Leaders of the College in 2019.
Wednesday 1 August: Year 8 Arts Faith Day
A compulsory day of activity and experience for our Year 8 students to engage with each other and the Mission of the College through creative and engaging activities.
Friday 3 August: Years 10 to 12 Combined College Social Justice Movie Night
Students will have the opportunity to share a meal, watch a movie and engage in conversation that may lead to action. A social evening of enjoyment with an interesting twist. Movie to be confirmed. Watch for more details.
Wednesday 15 August: Year 11 Leadership Gathering, Day 2
A compulsory day for our Year 11 students to engage in team-building, development and reflection in preparation for their role as Senior Leaders of the College in 2019.
Friday 24 August: Final Rookies Afternoon
The last opportunity for the Year 7s of 2019 to gather and experience some time at Eddies.

Sunday 26 August: Parish Mass at St Mary’s Church Ipswich 6.00pm
All are welcome to share in the Eucharistic Celebration and stay for a cuppa and a chat following Mass.
Friday 31 August: Dads ‘n’ Lads Evening 6.00pm
An invitation to Dads and significant men in the lives of our students, to come along with your son for an evening of fun to mark Father’s Day.
Wednesday 5 September: Year 10 Rite of Passage Challenge Day and Ceremony
The culmination of a term of reflection, activity and development: the Year 10 students will participate in activity, challenge and reflection throughout the day. This will end in the evening with the Rite of Passage Ceremony. All parents are invited to attend. More information will be provided.
Friday 14 September: Mothers’ Mass and Dinner
Beginning with Mass, celebrated at St Mary’s Parish Church, followed by Dinner at Brothers Ipswich Leagues Club, all Mothers and women connected to the College are invited to share in this event. More information to come.

Live, Jesus, in our hearts, forever

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Mission and Community

We are HOOKED on the Idea!

Gone fishin’ ……Not Yet...but we hope to next term!

We are HOOKED on the Idea!

Gone fishin’ ……Not Yet...but we hope to next term!

Our St Eddie’s Service Learning and Activities group is looking for any old and / or no longer loved fishing rods, reels and tackle that we can refurb and use next term.

...Happy to come and collect.

Please contact Mr Mike Hudson at the College, 3810 4400, or

Thank you.

Mr Mike Hudson, Director of Student Leadership and Service

Learning & Teaching

Teaching and Learning

Staff Professional Development, Exams, Reports, Parent-Teacher Interviews...

St Edmund’s College – Professional Development Conference

Last week I included The Principal’s Opening Address from the Conference Program. The Conference Logo appears below. This logo reflects the College Strategic Directions logo and the Edmund Rice Education AustraliaTouchstones of Inclusive Community, Liberating Education, Justice and Solidarity and Gospel Spirituality. It also encompasses some of the themes of the Conference – different types of intelligence needed in the 21st Century; Marzano’s pedagogy that underpins the syllabus documents in the new Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) system in Queensland; and The Adolescent Learner which is a focus of one keynote address.

Conference Workshops

Staff will participate in a combination of keynote addresses, Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) Unit Planning, Junior School Unit Planning and Concurrent Workshops conducted by St Edmund’s College staff. Workshops include:


Personal Wellbeing - Mr Sam Joseph – St Edmund’s College Strength and Conditioning Coach
Working Smart – Library Resources - Ms Karen Callaghan – St Edmund’s College Librarian
Flipped Classroom - Ms Lesley Fleming and Mr Dan Meehan – St Edmund’s College Teachers
Career Development – 21st Century Skills - Mr Mark Currie – St Edmund’s College Careers Counsellor
Coping With Stress - Mr Murray Sutton – St Edmund’s College Counsellor
Marking on EDE (the College Learning Management System) - Mr Drew Semple – St Edmund’s College teacher
OneNote - Ms Debra Whyte ( Head of Department – Business and eLearning) and Ms Vanessa Bell – St Edmund’s College Rice House Dean
Wellbeing – Dealing With Doubts - Ms Marysia Rice – Assistant Principal Mission and Community
Making Adjustments - Ms Carmel Seng – Head of Department Exceptional Learning
Using Data - Ms Anne Mulkerin – Middle Leader Student Performance and Tracking
Creativity Through Drawing - Mr Peter Kemp – St Edmund’s College Art Teacher
Using Excel Mr Frank Byrnes – St Edmund’s College Mathematics Teacher
EDE Best Practice and EDE Progressive Feedback - Ms Debra Whyte – Head of Department – Business and eLearning

Staff Keynote

In addition to the two external keynotes from Mr Tony Ryan – Educational Futurist, and Ms Angela White – Adolescent Success, Ms Jean Yates ( Head of Department: English ) and Ms Clare Stead ( Middle Leader: Literacy and Numeracy) will present a keynote address Writing Across the Curriculum.
I thank all staff who will share their professional skills during this exciting week. The connection between successful teaching and learning is an important aspect of the conference.


Exams have commenced and this week I spoke with Year 11 students about their approach to their first End of Semester exam block. Each student in every pathway will have a one-on-one interview next term to discuss their progress. Ms Mulkerin will track and analyse results to determine how students are progressing towards their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

Below are some tips for all students for exam preparation:

- Know what topics you have to study for the exam
- Know the types of questions to expect – short answer, multiple choice, extended responses, drawing diagrams, etc.
- Show all steps of working in Mathematics
- Practise Mathematics problems repeatedly to improve speed on routine questions thus allowing - more time for complex problem solving
- Be active in revision – write, write, write
- Learn how you learn best – by writing, saying things out loud, putting information on an iPod to listen to it, having someone hear you etc.

The main point of this is that active revision is required! Simply reading over material, particularly Mathematics problems, will not ensure success.


Reports will be posted to the St Edmund’s Web on Thursday 19 July from 3.45pm.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher interviews will be held on Thursday July 26. Bookings will be available on Parent Teacher Online. Information regarding Login will be emailed to parents. Please mark this date on your calendar so that you can have this time with your son’s teachers.

Best wishes.

Carmel James, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning

2018 World Skills National Competition - Sydney

Congratulations to St Edmund's Gold Medallist - Riley Tear

2018 World Skills National Competition - Sydney

St Edmund’s College Year 12 Automotive student, Riley Tear, and Mr Nigel Raddie, SEC Automotive Teacher, travelled recently to the Sydney International Convention Centre where Riley represented St Edmund’s College and the State of Queensland against the best from other states. Riley was entered into the Automotive, School Age, Non-Apprentice section. Riley won the Gold Medal, a clear eight points ahead of the NSW entrant in second place, an unusual occurrence in a top level competition such as the World Skills Competition. All judges and convenors who were in contact with Riley could not speak highly enough of Riley’s attitude and demeanour, a testament to St Edmund’s College. Riley was ecstatic on winning the Gold Medal in the 2018 World Skills National Competition - well deserved.

On another note, Keagan Sandison, St Edmund’s student of 2015, who also won the Gold Medal in the 2016 World Skills National Competition, progressed through to the Open Automotive category in this 2018 Competition. The Open Automotive is a highly competitive section whereby the winner joins the Skillaroos in the International Competition in Russia in 2019. Keagan was the youngest entrant in the 2018 competition by a long margin, being the only Apprentice (First Year), while all other competitors were fully qualified technicians. Keagan gained seventh place from thirteen. This impressed the judges, who have encouraged Keagan to apply for the 2020 National Skills Competition to be held on the Gold Coast.

Riley Tear, SEC Year 12 Automotive Student - 2018 World Skills Gold Medallist

Keagan Sandison, former St Edmund’s Automotive student, a 2016 World Skills Gold Medallist, currently a First Year Apprentice and finalist in the 2018 National World Skills event

Senior School

Middle School


Pastoral News

Career News

Careers - Week 9

Tertiary Scholarships

Tertiary News


QUT Undergraduate scholarships

Some scholarships are not awarded each year because there are not enough applicants applying. Don’t miss out on a scholarship because you didn’t do your research! Now is the time to start to plan, write and submit your scholarship applications. QUT have several categories of scholarships available including (remember you can apply for more than one scholarship):

  • Low income and social disadvantage – scholarships for students who have been disadvantaged
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship program – scholarships for outstanding academic, creative and sporting achievers.
  • START QUT – Studying university while you are still in high school through the START QUT program.
  • Academic performance – Find scholarships for high achievers
  • Indigenous scholarships – Scholarships for Indigenous Australian students
  • All scholarships – here you can search all QUT scholarships to find support for your university study

Visit the QUT website for more information and scholarships within each of these categories.

SAT resources on the USA College Board website

The College Board website is important for students wishing to apply for tertiary courses in the United States of America (USA) as this is where you register to sit for the SAT, a test required for entry to many USA universities and colleges. The following information is available on the website: (the Twitter page is also useful)

  • SAT International Test Dates and Deadlines - Scroll down to 2018-19 ‘International Dates and Deadlines’. Note that the next Queensland test will be held on 6 October 2018. You can register from this site or from the College Board website home page. To register, you need to first sign into a free College Board account.
  • Find Test Centres – Select the ‘6 October 2018’ date and ‘Australia’ to find centres in Queensland.
  • SAT Test Day checklist

Open Days

Tertiary Studies Expo (TSXPO) Brisbane – 1st weekend in Term three

This is an important event for students in South-East Queensland. It is an opportunity to talk to representatives from Queensland and interstate universities, TAFE Queensland, private colleges, the Defence Force, the Queensland Police Service, Gap Year programs and other education and training organisations about their courses and career pathways. The expo will be held from 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 July 2018 at the Royal International Convention Centre, RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane. The website provides information about the exhibitors, the seminar program and competitions.

You will be able to go into the draw to win a $500 JB Hi-Fi gift voucher by downloading the form and putting it in the entry barrel at the QTAC stand during the expo.

Year 10, 11 and 12 students with a passion for social media can register to be a 2018 TSXPO Student Ambassador and help promote the expo. Students Ambassadors will have a chance to win a $100 Myer voucher or a $50 Event Cinemas Voucher. Click on for more information about this and other competitions.

TAFE Queensland

TAFE Queensland will be holding a Higher Education Open Day on 29 July 2018 from 10.00am – 4.00pm at their South Bank Campus. You will learn about the study options TAFE Queensland offers that will further your education. Visit their website for more information about Degree courses and university pathways.

ACU - University Experience

Places are filling fast for this event for students in Years 10 – 12 which will be held in the school holidays from 9.30 am – 1.45 pm on Thursday 5 July 2018. If you’re considering tertiary study for next year or in the future, University Experience provides the perfect chance to explore your study options by living a day in the life of an ACU student. Visit the ACU University Experience website for more information and to register.

Griffith University Subject Adjustment Factors

Griffith also awards subject adjustments for Senior subjects and university courses successfully completed in high school that require a high level of skill and knowledge.

As a current Year 12 student, you can be awarded an adjustment of 2 ranks per subject, including GUESTS courses, up to a maximum of 6 ranks. This includes Year 12 applicants currently undertaking their External Senior studies.

The senior subjects included in this program are:

  • Accounting
  • Aerospace Studies
  • Ancient History
  • Biology
  • Business Communication and Technologies
  • Business Management
  • Business Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • Engineering Technology
  • Film, Television and New Media
  • Geography
  • Health Education
  • Information Processing and Technology
  • Information Technology Systems
  • Languages other than English (LOTE)
  • Legal Studies
  • Marine Science
  • Maths C
  • Modern History
  • Physics

Click here to find out more information on these adjustment factor opportunities.

QUT – Bachelor of Design International

QUT has introduced a new degree in Design – Bachelor of Design (International). It is a four year program which includes one year at a partner international institution. Depending on your choice of major, you will be eligible to apply for membership with the respective peak industry bodies. As part of this course you must choose a major from the following:

Mr Mark Currie: Head of Department: Careers Guidance


Music and Cultural

Music News

Combined Colleges' Musical - 18 to 20 July - Book your tickets!

As the school holidays approach, the Performing Arts Ensembles are looking forward to a well-earned break. I would like to congratulate all students involved in these ensembles for the outstanding work they have done this term.

A number of students will be at school during the holidays rehearsing for our annual Combined Colleges’ Musical ‘Rock of Ages’. It will take place at the Ipswich Civic Centre from Wednesday 18 July to Friday 20 July. Tickets can be purchased from the link below. Be sure to get in early as these shows will sell out fast.


Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental lessons finished this week for the term. I would like to thank our tutors for their hard work this term and wish them a restful holiday period.

As another term wraps up we look forward to a break and then the challenge of a even busier Term 3.

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday break.

Mr Tim Kirkwood, Director of Music

You Wanna Rock?

ROCK OF AGES - 18 to 20 July - Ipswich Civic Centre

St Edmund's and St Mary's College Present - ROCK OF AGES

Ipswich Civic Centre - 7.30pm
Wednesday 18 July
Thursday 19 July
Friday 20 July 2018

The 2018 Musical is fast approaching! St Edmund’s and St Mary’s students have been rehearsing for a number of months, putting together one of the most exciting Musicals we have ever presented.

With a cast and crew of over 80 young all singing, all dancing performers and famous 80s rock songs like ‘Here I Go Again’, ‘The Final Countdown’, ‘Dead or Alive’ and ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ to name just a few, this show is sure
to be a hit with audiences young and young-at-heart. This may even be an opportunity for you to don your 80s gear and party like it is 1987! (In fact we would encourage this!)


Adult $25.00
Concession $20.00
Child (13-15 years) $15.00

Tickets are on sale and literally rocking out the door!

2018 Combined Colleges' Musical - ROCK of AGES

18th, 19th, 20th July - Ipswich Civic Centre

Inter-House Choir Competition - 8 June 2018

Congratulations to all Houses

2018 Inter-House Choir Competition - 8 June

1st Rice
2nd Morgan
3rd Finn
4th Treacy
5th Ignatius
6th Ambrose
7th Callan
8th Elliott

AIC Chess Results - 8 June 2018

Round 7 Vs St Peter's Lutheran College

Open SEC 0 SPLC 1 Loss
Senior A SEC 8 SPC 8 Draw
Senior B SEC 14 SPC 2 Win
Intermediate A SEC 0 SPC 16 Loss
Intermediate B SEC 7 SPC 9 Loss

A better week at St Peter’s for our final round, with Senior A recording a draw and Intermediate B finishing with the narrowest of losses at 9-7. Senior B came away with their seventh victory of the year, finishing the competition by winning all their matches and as outright AIC Premiers. Congratulations to Mitchell Vesper, Kobie Low, Ekachai Adams and Daniel Fordham for this outstanding performance this year. A final special mention once more to Ekachai Adams who won every single match in the 2018 AIC competition.

Well done to all Chess players for an enjoyable competition. Our students have represented the College well and been praised for their sportsmanlike attitude, along with their overall good behaviour at every school we have visited.

Ms Stead, Mr Currie, SEC Chess Coordinators


Sports News - Week 9

AIC Sport

Rugby and Football

Many teams finished the season with a win on Saturday against St Peter’s Lutheran College after a tough round against Marist College the previous week.


On Saturday we were undefeated in six Rugby games at Tivoli and our 10As had a win at St Peter’s.

Highlights included our 7As winning 54-0 where Jack Strick and Reegan Van Der Weston had great games. The 8Bs also had an excellent game, scoring a try in the final minutes to snatch a victory.

Other games at St Peter’s saw the 9As go down 12-10 in a close one, the Seconds were defeated 35-7 and the Firsts 53-15.

All students should be congratulated in their efforts with Rugby in 2018. It was great to see six teams across Years 7 and 8 and I hope this high participation continues in the years to come.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all coaches and managers for the work they did with Eddies Rugby teams this year. Thanks also to our Coordinators Mr de Waard, Mr Gardner and Mr Meehan for their dedication and passion for Rugby.


On the Football pitch the Firsts side finished off the season with two strong wins against quality opposition, defeating Marist 3-0 and St Peter’s 5-0 to finish the season with five wins from seven games. Hayden Whyte had a great game on Saturday scoring two goals. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Montgomery for the work he has done with our side throughout this year and the Football Firsts of the past three years.

In other games the 7Bs, 7Cs, 8As, 10Bs and Thirds also had wins against St Peter’s to finish off the season, and in Round 6 the 7As and 9As had good wins against Marist College.

Thanks to all the coaches and managers for the work they did this year. Our players really do appreciate staff giving up their time on a Saturday so the students can represent the College. Thanks also to our Football Co-ordinators, Mr Warren and Mr Manttan for another great year of Football.

Tennis Trials / Training

We are now in full swing with our Tennis trials and training. Further information can be found on the EDE Page or the College App.

Basketball Trials

It was pleasing to see strong interest at the Basketball trials this week for Years 7 to 9, especially Years 7 and 8. A reminder that trials for students in Years 10 to 12 will occur in the first week of Term 3. See the Basketball EDE Page or the App for further details.

Hockey Trials

We held our first Hockey trial on Monday afternoon. We will have one more trial afternoon this Monday 18 June before the team is finalised for their competition next term.

Representative Sport

Congratulations to Charlie Vince who has been selected in the Queensland Under 19 Schoolboys’ Volleyball side. Well done Charlie.

Events over the June/July Holidays

Saturday 30 June to Saturday 7 July – Confraternity Carnival (Charters Towers)
Wednesday 11 July to Friday 13 July – Cross Country Holiday Clinics
Thursday 12 July to Sunday 15 July – Gold Coast Invitational Basketball Tournament

Mr Max Luxton, Director of Sport

AIC Football, Rugby, Chess Season

AIC Final Placings - Term 3

AIC Rugby, Football and Chess Season

The final points tables for AIC Rugby, Football and Chess were released this week.

Final Placings
Rugby – Agg 7th

1sts 8
2nds 8
10A 6
10B 6
9A 8
9B 7
8A 4
8B 5
8C 6
7A 4
7B 5
7C 4

Football – Agg 8th

1sts 3

2nds 5

3rds 5

4ths 8

5ths 4

10A 8

10B 5

9A 7

9B 8

8A 5

8B 8

8C 7

7A 5
7B 5
7C 7
7D X

Chess – Agg 8th

Open 8

Snr A 8

Snr B 1

Int A 8

Int B 7

Thanks to the following Coaches / Managers who supported our teams in Term 2 and in particular, thanks to the Coordinators, Mr de Waard, Mr Gardner, Mr Meehan, Mr Manttan, Ms Stead and Mr Currie for their efforts in developing our Rugby, Football and Chess programs.

Rugby Coaches

Senior Coordinator Mr C de Waard
Junior Coordinator Mr N Gardner/Mr D Meehan
1st XV Mr David Hall and Mr Neil Ryder
Mr D Mills (Manager)
2nd XV Mr C de Waard/Mr D Robinson,
Mr S Joseph
10A/B Mr D Robinson, Mr D King and
Mr J de Beer
9A/B Mr C de Waard, Mr Nicholas Pender and Mr S Joseph
8A/B Mr N Gardner, Mr S Sprenger and
Mr Nick Rees
Ms N Teitzel (Manager)
8C Mr Thomas MacDonald
7A/B/C Mr D Meehan, Mr Shane Reinke
and Mr Declan Wellings

Football Coaches

Senior Coordinator Mr W Warren
Junior Coordinator Mr N Manttan
1sts XI Mr A Montgomery
2nds XI Mr L Wilson
3rds XI Mr P Reeves
4ths XI Mr J Broadbent
5ths XI Mr T Bryden
10A Mr W Warren
10B Mr Tom Sotiriadis
9A Mr L Wilson
9B Mr Nelson Hurry/Mr E Webb
8A Mr N Manttan
8B Mr M Luxton
8C Mr W Pointing/Mr E Webb
7A Mr T Schad
7B Mr P Dadds
7C Mr Sebastian Scaroni Ms C Grieve (Manager)
7D Mr Kye Goatham

Chess Coordinators

Ms C Stead and Mr M Currie

AIC Rugby Results - 9 June 2018

Round 7 Vs St Peter's Lutheran College

AIC RUGBY Vs St Peter’s Lutheran College, Round 7, 9 June 2018

1sts – Loss 15 - 53 A committed effort for the last game of the season. Seth Setu, Samuel Hockings and Frazier Ginn scored tries in their final Rugby games for the College. Campbell Twigg gave a man of the match performance, being strong in all aspects of the game. He was well supported by Lachlan Payne, Ethan Bauer and Ryan Holden. Well done to all the Senior students who played their last game of Rugby for the College and gave their best performances.
2nds – Loss 12 - 35 Charlie Vince scored two strong tries in a game that was there for us to take. Nathan Martin tackled strongly and Alan Cooper played well.
10A – Win 22 - 5 A wonderful way to end the season. More creativity in attack and more stoicism in defence led to a win. Luke Marsh scored a hat-trick, playing an excellent game. Bryden Redding was strong across the pack.
10B – No Game
9A – Loss 10 – 14 A better effort from the team in these final few weeks. Strong games from Caeden Hockings, Jackson Crocker-Garlepp and Brayden Waddle who picked up two tries.
9B – No Game
8A – Drew 19 - 19 We rallied and led 12-0 at half time. In the second half SPLC scored three tries to our one in a very close game. Blade Gourley, Blayke Saggus and Larry Siala were our best players.
8B – Win 29 - 27 A fantastic finish to the season with an exciting win against SPLC. Although strength and persistence were demonstrated throughout the game, with the most incredible efforts seen at the final 15 minutes of play. The team made a return from 14 – 27 halfway through the second half to win in over-time. It is difficult to record special mentions from this game as it was truly a team effort with brilliant performances noted all round. A special thank you to the Captain, Darcy Penfold for his leadership and commitment all season.
8C vs ATC 8C – Win 24 - 5
7A – Win 52 – 0 An outstanding team performance showing some brilliant catch and pass skills leading to tries to Bailey Ward, Ben Puller, Tafito Falaniko Ah-Ki, Oskar Capp, Jayme Polkinghorne, Liam Wilkinson, and a double to Jack Gleeson. All playeres put their bodies on the line in defence, particularly Phoenix Clarke and Rex Quince with some punishing contact. Special mention to Jamison Wilson for backing up from the Bs to play close to a whole game.
7B – Win 24 – 0 We played a very strong game, showcasing many of the skills developed throughout the season. Strong structure in the forwards and backs allowed us to put on some fantastic tries and keep the opposition to nil. Outstanding games from Brisland Saipele Manutai, Aidan Thorley, Harrison Woodruffe and Jamison Wilson.
7C vs ATC 7C – Win 34 - 17 A great game from the team. Hard defence and awesome attack were rewarded with points. A late surge from Ambrose Treacy College pressured the team, however the players kept cool heads and moved on. Outstanding defence by Jack Strick van Linschoten and Lytrelle Lemalu, and two first-class tries by Brayden Owens and Reegan Van der Westen.

AIC Football (Soccer) Results - 9 June 2018

Round 7 Vs St Peter's Lutheran College

AIC FOOTBALL Vs St Peter’s Lutheran College, Round 7, 9 June 2018

1sts –Win 5-0 (Dylan Vit, Ronald Kamba Batal, Marco Rose, Hayden Whyte 2)
Played in tricky conditions, we saved the best until last, providing one of their best team performances for 2018 to finish off a strong season in style. A physical and disorganised start to the game swung positively for us when captain Dylan Vit scored off a well-constructed corner kick. Shortly after, a fluent team move, originating from the right side of their defensive half, concluded with wonderful link-up play between strikers Hayden Whyte and Ronald Kamba Batal for the latter to coolly slot away and double the advantage. Much the same was on show after the break and it was not long for the third goal to be achieved, with Marco Rose finding space in the box to finish. Following this, man-of-the-match Hayden Whyte scored two expertly finished goals to kill off the game. The first, and strong contender for our goal of the season, came via an audacious three-touch juggle and volley on the edge of the 18-yard box, which had the crowd in awe and left the opposition bamboozled, with the second via a cheeky dink over the advancing keeper - consecutive clean sheets and a massive away game victory. An excellent squad of gentlemen who represented the College admirably in 2018.
2nds – Draw 0-0 Probably a fitting way to end our season. Missed opportunities were the order of the day. We were competitive enough to win the game however spent the last few moments of the game defending deep in our own half.
3rds – Win 3-0
4ths -Loss 4-1 The team was 1-0 up in the first 10 minutes following a great start, however missed chances let SPLC back into the game. A great effort in the middle by Michael Korhecz.
5ths vs ATC – Win 3-1 In a game in which we were clearly the stronger and more consistent side. From the outset, we ran the ATC defence in circles resulting in three early goals. It was a great way to finish off a good season for the team.
10A – Loss 1-2 A heartbreaking loss to end the season with SPLC winners, coming inside the last minute. Ethan Whyte scored in the first half after a neat passage of play. Ryan Whelband and Tom McIntyre were solid at the back while Declan Jolly battled gamely in the midfield.
10B – Win 4-0 An outstanding game from start to finish. Fantastic defence and attack left us at 2-0 at half time. In the second half, we came out firing and slotted another two goals. Solid games by all players.
9A – Loss 5-0 We put in our most consistent performance against the premiership winning team. Turning over the ball in transition exposed our vulnerability. Nevertheless, this was a season of tremendous improvement for all players. Excellent team attitude and application to the end.
9B – Loss 4-1 A slow start and lax passing let us down in the first half allowing the opposition ahead 4-0 at half time. However, improvements in the second half allowed quicker movement, resulting in a great goal by Caleb McGregor. Good games by all players in the second half.
8A – Win 2 – 1 A hard-fought victory in a game where Angus Chisholm made countless saves early on, to quite literally keep us in the match in a pressured opening 15 minutes. We rallied to find our rhythm, and Austen Hurry showed excellent composure to round the keeper and finish a counter-attacking passage of play to put us ahead at the break. After the scores were levelled mid-way through the second half we were under pressure again, however the players persisited, and Dustan Colliss scored to seal victory with just seconds remaining in the game.
8B –Loss 4 - 0 A tough loss in a game where we played well in patches and the players can hold their heads high. Strong games from Zedekiah Melling and Riley Mills.
8C –Loss 7 – 1 The team started well with scores level for the opening 20 minutes. However, careless mistakes combined with clinical finishing from the visitors saw us concede numerous goals. Highlight of the game was Arnell Curtis and Kane Parsons combining for a well worked goal.
7A – Loss 1 – 0 A tight and evenly contested game to finish off the season. SPLC scored a classy goal that proved to be the difference. A great season, and all players should be extremely proud of their efforts!
7B – Win 3 – 0 A fantastic all-round performance that resulted in a dominant win. The scores were level at the half time interval, however the team came out firing in the second half to finish off what has been an excellent season.
7C –Win 4 – 2 What a win, what a team, what a fine bunch of Eddies’ Men. A brilliant strong performance to finish off the season, with all players coming off the field smiling after their superb efforts.
7D vs ATC –Win 5 – 1 An awesome way to finish off the season. Everyone should be very proud of their efforts, and indeed during the entire season. A well-deserved win after many weeks of hard work and effort in training. Standout performances from Sam Rotar, Jack Malcolm and Jarryd Valiente.


Tuckshop Roster - Final Week Term 2

Week 10

Term 2, Week 10

Mon 18 Jun: T Williams, K Schuh, J Just, T Rogers.
Tue 19 Jun: : N Callaghan, A Robertson, D Smith, J Preston
Wed 20 Jun: J Roberts, D McGuire, S Atuatika, T Costello.
Thu 21 Jun: No tuckshop helpers required Thursday.

School News

Unnamed Property Waiting for Collection - Student Office

Watches, Jumpers, Shoes, Lunchboxes...

Unnamed Items Waiting for Collection at Student Office

There are a number of watches, unnamed jumpers, lunchboxes and shoes in the Student Office awaiting collection. If your son has lost a watch or any items which may be unamed, please send him to the Student Office to collect as soon as possible.

Named items are kept behind the desk in the Student Office and placed on the daily student notices to be collected.

Any items remaining in the Student Office at the end of term, Thursday 21 June, will be donated to St Vincent de Paul.

Uniform Shop


Skool2Skoolies 2018 Sponsorship

The St Edmund’s College “Skool2Skoolies” initiative was created by St Edmund’s students in 2003 to highlight the positive contributions that young people can make to their community and give back to the community that has done so much for them over the past five years of their lives.

Skool2Skoolies 2018

The St Edmund’s College Skool2Skoolies initiative was created by St Edmund’s students in 2003 to highlight the positive contributions that young people can make to their community and to give back to the community that has done so much for them over the past five years of their lives.

Each year, Year 12 students from the College are given the opportunity to live out the College ethos and continue their ‘gentlemanly’ behaviour by committing themselves to raise funds for three charities which encapsulate the spirit of social justice within the Ipswich community, Australia and worldwide - The Ipswich Hospice, St Vincent de Paul and the Christian Brothers’ Immersion Programs.

Last year, through the dedication of students and charitable donations from local Ipswich entities, we were able to raise in excess of $20,000: a donation of $7500 to each of the previously mentioned groups. These donations assisted in creating a tangible change in the work carried out by these life-altering support networks. Approximately thirty students embarking on the 2018 Skool2Skoolies ride are continuing the legacy through raising funds for this worthwhile cause.

Our sincere thanks to the following generous sponsors of the 2018 Skool2Skoolies.

  • Apprenticeships Queensland
  • Fallu McMillan Lawyers
  • Gibson Architects
  • Limestone Dental Group
  • Mallets Carpet Choice
  • St Edmund's College Old Boys' Association
  • Strybos and Sons Electrical
  • Potter Landscapes

Breakaway Sponsors

  • Hutchinson Builders
  • Kelleher Builders
  • McNamara and Associates
  • PM Landsapes
  • TAE Aerospace
  • Trek Ipswich

Peloton Sponsors

  • Brothers Ipswich Leagues Club
  • G.J. Walsh
  • Grandview
  • Hello World Travel
  • Ipswich Dental
  • NBA Electrical Engineering
  • Off Peak Water
  • Options Cabinets
  • PhysioActive
  • Sammut Bulow
  • Surreal Signs
  • Tridan Electrical

Saddle Sponsor - $2500

    This is a unique opportunity for interested businesses to become the sole sponsor of the cycling knicks (shorts) for the ride. Your business logo would feature prominently on the outside of the leg on all riders.

Any support that can be offered for this meaningful cause would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like further information regarding the St Edmund’s College 2018 Skool2Skoolies fundraising project, please contact Mr Michael Podolak at St Edmund’s College, E:


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