Newsletter - 14 August 2020

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Principal's Office

The Principal

A Thousand Stories

Ta-dum! Your ears are regaled with the sound of two muted strikes overlaid by a tone slowly swelling in volume. Simultaneously you see a black field that is interrupted by a bright red swish. Commencing low, slightly to the left of centre on the screen, with pinpoint precision it moves straight up then turns back down, diagonally right. Finally, it sweeps upward clarifying itself as a large “N”. Triumphantly, the surging tone begins its final flourish and as if by magic the prominent red letter begins its disappearance, erasing itself from the point where it ended, growing and breaking into multi-coloured glowing battens; fade to black.

Anyone who has looked forward to the guilty pleasure of an afternoon or evening of binge TV watching will be familiar with the Netflix sound and logo. This is the standard prelude as the streaming service prepares to deliver its many offerings. Period dramas, police sagas and medical traumas; rom-coms, sitcoms and movies that bombed, iconic, it links us to hundreds if not thousands of stories. What we see in this visual and sonic logo is carefully fashioned, the result of tight teamwork. Almost impossible to comprehend, the part we hear is a blend of four very different happenings: the muted sound of a wedding ring knocking on a bedside cabinet, the slowed sound of a strike on an anvil and the sound of a guitar stretched out and reversed. Amazing!

At Eddies we do not need to rely on such carefully crafted visual and sound logos to represent our stories. Our College crest, our colours, this place our home, all represent the components of the journey that is life at St Edmund’s. Our stories are very real. There are dramas, sagas and sometimes medical traumas but these lay the basis for a holistic education in the Edmund Rice Tradition.

A thousand stories a week chronicle Eddies life.

The excellent win and premiership — along with the associated near heart attack suffered by the College Principal — achieved on the buzzer last Friday night by our First Basketball team. The near capacity afternoon in the Lynch Building last Tuesday where young men sift through adventure manuals, active imaginations and twenty-sided dice, reliving a bygone age, playing Dungeons and Dragons (D & D for those of us in the know). The wonderful interactions last night of Years 10, 11 and 12 students as they greet prospective Rookies — how hard is it to not shake hands? — with a “How are ya mate? How was your day?” at Twilight Tours.

Our young men experience lessons and subject selections, study afternoons and external exams, Saturday sport and evening concerts. All these experiences, framed with faith and service, make a holistic education and make an Eddies man. Our journey allows for the development of skills needed in modern life. Recently I read some articles that expounded the importance of 21st Century skills in 21st Century life. Skills such as critical and creative thinking, communicating, collaborating, working in teams, leadership, citizenship and cultural awareness. Skills listed as essential for young people to succeed in a changing future. All these skills are cemented and developed in the stories and experiences of everyday life at Eddies. The opportunities are there for the taking.

If we have a carefully crafted visual and sound logo for our holistic journey it starts with the sound lessons and engaged classrooms, overlaid with noises that emanate from sporting fields and concert halls and resolved with the sounds of faith and service in action. On our screen, from a blue and white background, we see a smiling and welcoming face, an active and agile mind a strong and resilient character, an Eddies man.

Ray Celegato, Principal

The Deputy


Identity News

Touchstones Reflection App

At St Edmund's and in all Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) schools, we are supported and challenged by the Charter for Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice Tradition. This charter features four 'Touchstones' which help us to enhance our core business of forming young men to know and live the wisdom of serving their God.

As a way of exploring the Touchstones, each week EREA shares a reflection on their Touchstones smartphone app with a focus on an aspect of one Touchstone. Each reflection begins with a focus on ‘Awareness’. This allows us to connect with the Touchstone as it relates to aspects of our global community. The reflection then moves into ‘Deepening’ -guiding us into a more personal understanding of the Touchstones at work in our lives. Finally, the reflection closes with ‘Responding’ - providing questions to consider and an opportunity to share a response with the wider EREA network.

This week the featured Touchstone is ‘Gospel Spirituality’ and the theme is ‘Cultivate and Care’. The reflection calls us to consider our connection to and responsibility for our common home. It draws attention to the United Nations International Day of the World’s Indigenous People.

I personally find these weekly reflections not only an opportunity to stop and be still, but also challenging in a way that moves me forward towards a more liberated, inclusive community. I have included images from this week’s reflection and I encourage you to download the app and engage with the meditations.

Touchstones Smartphone App

Search for the ‘Touchstones App by Fraynework’

Apple App Store:

Google Play Store:

Online link:


Please keep in our prayers the people of Lebanon. Pope Francis has called for all of us to keep those who have been affected in our prayers.

“Let us pray for the victims and their family members, and let us pray for Lebanon so that with the effort of everyone in society – political and religious – it may face this tragic and painful moment and, with the help of the international community, overcome the serious crisis it is experiencing.” (Pope Francis)

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Identity

Learning & Teaching

Learning and Teaching

YEARS 8 and 9 SUBJECT SELECTION for Years 9 and 10, 2021

Years 8 and 9 Subject Selection for Years 9 and 10 in 2021 is in the College Calendar for Tuesday next week, August 18. Due to COVID-19 restrictions we cannot conduct this event at the College with parents/caregivers in attendance. A letter was emailed to parents/caregivers Wednesday 12 August to explain that a Subject Selection video will be available on Parent Portal: EDE - Curriculum - Subject Selection - Middle School Curriculum from 3.00pm on the day, August 18. Supporting materials will be there as well.

Please watch the video with your son and download the Subject Selection Book. Mr Marin is meeting with Year 9 students on Tuesday next week (18 August) regarding Transition Subjects in Year 10. Year 8 Core teachers will speak with Year 8 students about their Subject Selection. Selections can be made via Web Preferences and a video explaining this will be in the same location. Web Preference forms are due Friday August 28.

YEAR 10 SUBJECT SELECTION for Year 11, 2021

Year 10 Subject Selection for Year 11, 2021 is in the College Calendar for Wednesday next week, August 19. Due to COVID-19 restrictions we cannot conduct this event at the College with parents/caregivers in attendance. A letter was emailed to parents/caregivers on Wednesday 12 August to explain that a Subject Selection video will be available on Parent Portal: EDE - Curriculum - Subject Selection - Senior School Curriculum from 3.00pm on the day, August 19. Supporting materials will be there as well. Please watch the video with your son and have the hard copy of his Subject Selection Book with you.

Ms Henness has spoken with the Year 10 students about the process and Ms O’Shea has met with them about Web Preferences. Each student must have a Senior Education and Training interview (SET Plan) on Microsoft Teams. Information regarding SET Plan bookings via PTO on EDE will be emailed on Wednesday August 19. Interviews commence on Saturday August 22 from 8.00am to 3.00pm and then from Monday August 24 until Thursday August 27 from 4.00pm to 8.00pm on Microsoft Teams. Further information about how to set this up will be provided next week.

Middle School Academic Awards

Middle School Academic Awards for Years 7, 8 and 9 will be conducted Friday next week August 21. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, parents/caregivers cannot attend the College; however, the assembly will be live-streamed. A video of the assembly will be provided to parents as well as photographs of the students.

Year 12 External Exam Preparation

This week all Year 12 students sitting an External Exam had a workshop for three periods to support and motivate them. They learnt study strategies, exam strategies and motivational tips. We are forming study groups and there will be a holiday workshop on Tuesday September 22 with Ms Henness and myself to further prepare the students.

A Final Note

This week I had the absolute pleasure to visit the Dungeons and Dragons group after school. Room L202 was a hive of activity and enthusiasm with students of all ages through to Year 12 participating in the session. Their passion and enjoyment were infectious! I was grateful to Mr Tom Skippington and Ms Cassie Boughen for welcoming me to the group.

Best wishes.

Carmel James, Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching

eSports – Week 5

SEC Glaciers Vs Forest Lake 3

The Glaciers went up against a newer team who had been moved between brackets all season and with some misplays they were able to slow the game. Despite this SEC were able to win the game convincingly.

All around the board there was a good effort by all team members.

In summary the Glaciers won the game swiftly with good teamwork and cooperation leaving us undefeated and tied at top of the table.

Alex Mansell, Team Captain

Library News - Week 5

Entries Now Open: The 2020 KYD School Writing Prize

KYD is looking for fiction or non-fiction writing by Australian secondary school students which responds to a social political issue. The prize will be judged by award-winning writer Alice Pung. The winner will receive a $500 cash prize, editorial support and publication in KYD.

KYD is an online magazine that St Edmund’s College Library subscribes to for our students. It can be accessed on the Library page on EDE or on the Infiniti page on the College network.

National Science Week is 15 to 23 August 2020. The theme this year is The Deep Blue: Innovation for the future of our oceans. The Library will be running a number of activities next week to celebrate. Students can book in for a VR underwater experience of swimming with sharks, there is a Deep Blue Kahoot where students can compete as individuals or in a team and we will have our popular elemental cupcakes competition again.


What will your future career look like? Explore exciting future workforce opportunities with these interactive webinars for high school students, led by BOP Industries.

Limited spaces, bookings required for each workshop. Zoom links will be issued prior to each session. Attend as many as you like:

• Week 1: The 100 Jobs of the Future (19 August 2020)

• Week 2: Entrepreneurship (26 August 2020)

• Week 3: Sustainable Futures (2 September 2020)

• Week 4: Community Leadership (9 September 2020)


Event to share via social media:

Ms Karen Callaghan, Head of Department: Information Services and Learning Resources

Senior School

Middle School


Visits to Local Primary Schools

Thank you to Mr Kurt Dutney, Principal of Immaculate Heart Primary School, Leichhardt, for welcoming Mr Celegato, Wayne the Wolf and a group of Eddies students to chat about the great things happening at St Edmund’s College.

Thank you also to Mr Duane Wann, Principal of St Brigid’s Primary School, for welcoming the St Edmund's group to Rosewood to chat about the great things happening at our College.

Pastoral News

Student Photo Day - Monday 24 August 2020

Years 7 to 12 Home Group Photos

A reminder that all students must be neatly attired in correct, full College Uniform with polished shoes.

Winter Uniform, including tie, applies for Years 11 and 12.


- Order online at

- Enter School Code EDDIES20

Once the Pack selection has been made, please enter the Student ID Number

For Sibling orders please include SIB in front of the individual ID

(If the student ID is unknown please enter KIRBY & type in the student name and class in the required field)

** Codes are case sensitive **

- All orders placed after midnight Friday 11 September 2020 will automatically incur an $18 late fee **

2020 Skool2Skoolies

Thank you

Thank you to our sponsors of the Skool2Skoolies Charity Ride:

Trek Ipswich
OPAT Painters
Karalee Play and Learn
Strybos Electrical
Apprenticeships Queensland
DV Electrical Services
McNamara Law
St Edmund’s College Old Boys’ Association
Choices Flooring by Mallets
Brothers Ipswich Leagues Club – P & F
Blue Ribbon Motors – P & F
Potter Landscapes
Gibson Architects
PM Landscapes
McCarthy Education & Childcare
Greena Business Solutions

Career News

Careers - Week 5

Want an apprenticeship in 2020? Begin your search now! - Upcoming QTAC closing dates – Don’t miss out!

Year 12s, don’t wait until you finish school in November to start looking for an apprenticeship. Start now as many employers begin to recruit for 2020 from this time of the year. The first thing you need to do is decide on the type of apprenticeship you want. The Queensland Training Information Service website has a list of apprenticeships currently available in Queensland.

Click on the apprenticeships you are interested in for more information about the job. You can also talk to people already in the job and/or do work experience to help you with your decision. The following websites have useful steps to gaining an apprenticeship:

Defence News

Australian Defence Force (ADF) Gap Year

Applications for the 2021 ADF Gap Year are still open for several roles. These positions are demand-driven and may fill up soon. You can register to receive Gap Year updates and lodge your application for positions of your choice on the ADF Gap Year website.

Career Spotlight

Occupational Therapists assess functional limitations of people resulting from illnesses and disabilities and provide therapy to enable people to perform daily activities and occupations. You'll need a bachelor's degree in occupational therapy and some Occupational Therapists complete postgraduate studies.

Operating Theatre Technicians prepare and maintain operating theatres and their equipment, assist the surgical team during operations and provide support to patients in the recovery room. You usually need a certificate III or IV in health services assistance and traineeships may be available.

Job Outlook - a place to start looking

The Australian Government’s Job Outlook website is a great place to start when deciding about the sorts of study or training you would like to pursue. If you don’t know how to start using the site, do the Career Quiz to develop your job profile. This will narrow down your options by suggesting jobs that match your job profile. You can also check out the Skills Match section which will match up your skills with job options for you to consider. The Explore Australia section is where you will find Labour Market information and trends by State. The Future Outlook section has information about the industries that are expected to grow in the future and the skills they'll require. ‘Resources for you’ at the bottom of the home page has links to other useful websites.

Interested in being a police officer?

Visit the Queensland Police Recruiting website to begin your exploration. Click on Entry Pathways and them New Recruit for information about the entry requirements and how to prepare yourself for a police career. When they start up again, attending an information session is also very useful (click on Info Sessions & Events) as you get an opportunity to ask questions about the job. The FAQs will answer many of your questions.

Tertiary News

Griffith University scholarships and awards

Griffith Uni have more than 600 scholarships that help make university a reality. You could be eligible for different scholarships based on your background, chosen study area, hardships you’ve experienced or your achievements so far. You can apply for multiple scholarships using one application form. Explore available scholarships to see what you may be eligible to apply for. It's important to understand that applying for a scholarships is separate to applying for a place at university. You can find out more about Griffith scholarship applications here. They also have a number of awards and academic prizes, which are presented at the end of each academic year to outstanding students..

QUT scholarships

QUT offer a wide range of scholarships with applications now open. Click on the links below for more key information about the scholarship, eligibility, application process and closing dates.

QUT Excellence Scholarships (Academic) valued at $10,000 and up to $30,000. For high achieving school leavers with outstanding academic performance (ATAR 98.00 and above).

QUT Excellence Scholarships (Elite Visual and Performing Arts / Creative Industries) valued at $10,000 and $30,000. Awarded to the highest performing students in audition or portfolio courses.

QUT Budding Entrepreneur Scholarships valued at up to $24,000. Aimed at innovative individuals who are engaged in their passion for entrepreneurial action.

QUT Sport Scholarships valued at $5,000, $10,000 and $20,000. Open to sportspeople representing in sports verified by Sport Australia

QUT Esport Scholarships valued at $5,000. Awarded to players who demonstrate abilities to perform and progress within an online esports game environment.

Westpac Young Technologists Scholarships valued at $15,000. Awarded on academic performance (ATAR 92.00-99.00) and potential for leadership.

QUT STEM Scholars Academic Scholarships valued at $3,000 (plus possible $1,500 relocation bursary). Awarded to eligible students who have participated in either the STEM Camp or High School STEM Internship program with QUT and achieved an ATAR 92.00-99.00.

SAE Kickstarter scholarships for 2021

SAE has 6 Kickstarter grants for students graduating Year 12 in 2020! Partial tuition grants to the value of $15,000 are on offer to students who excel in Audio, Animation, Film, Design or Games Development. Students work on real projects in the studios on the latest equipment and learning the latest software.

SAE also offers two full tuition scholarships – The Excellence in Creative Media and the Creative Indigenous Scholarships are available for students displaying excellence in creative media and commencing 2021 into a Bachelor program offered at their other campuses. Click here for more information with SAE accepting applications up until 30 October 2020.

Scholarships offered by organisations and Australian Government departments

USQ have put together a list of scholarships offered by other organisations and Australian Government departments that you may be eligible and interested in applying for. Click here to find a list of these scholarships and if you have any questions contact the organisation offering the scholarship directly.

Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarships

Griffith University is offering a new scholarship initiative designed specifically to assist high-achieving Year 12 students who are looking towards university study in 2021 and likely to receive an ATAR of at least 95.5. Valued at up to $24,000 each, these scholarships are specifically designed to recognise academic excellence and demonstrated qualities including:

  • leadership
  • civic responsibility, and
  • social awareness.

The closing date for nominations has been extended to 5 pm Friday 14 August. See your Guidance Officer or School Careers counsellor if you feel you are eligible to apply.

TAFE Queensland Scholarships

To assist you in achieving your career goals consider a TAFE Queensland Scholarship. There are two types of scholarships available:

  • Merit scholarships are awarded to students who can demonstrate outstanding academic merit or demonstrate strong work performance along with the demonstrable desire to secure ongoing employment within the industry to which they applied for the scholarship.
  • Access and equity scholarships provide equitable access to study at TAFE Queensland. They are awarded to students who can demonstrate a genuine interest in and commitment to their chosen career as well as on the basis of specific equity criteria.

Click here for further information and applications close on 27 August for study in Semester 1, 2021.

Tips for applying for university scholarships

The following are tips to help you maximise your chance of gaining a scholarship:

  • Apply for all the scholarships you are eligible for
  • Read the information on the university's scholarship web page
  • Follow the directions exactly and answer all parts of each question
  • Include all documents requested
  • Ensure that written applications are readable and provide examples to back up attributes and achievements
  • Start preparing your application early
  • Keep a list of personal achievements, extra-curricular activities you are involved in, both at school and in the wider community and any awards you have received
  • Collect ideas for your application over time – start with dot points
  • Do drafts of your application – get feedback (see your school Guidance Officer/Counsellor)
  • Ask referees for supporting statements early, not at the last minute.
  • When required, include examples of personal attributes and achievements such as:
    • Awards gained
    • Leadership (including coaching)
    • Volunteering and other community participation
    • Teamwork (sport, work, etc.)
    • Initiative
    • How you may give back to the university.
    • Include your career aspirations and how the university course can help you achieve them
    • Submit your application by the due date.
USQ School leaver Executive Dean's Scholarships

In 2021, USQ will offer a number of Executive Dean's Scholarships. The scholarship is to reward and support high academic achievers who have completed Year 12 in 2020 and are commencing their studies in any bachelor's degree at USQ in 2021. Each scholarship will have a maximum value of $6000 (4 year degree), or $4500 (3 year degree). To be considered you must:

  • be an Australian Citizen or have permanent resident status
  • have completed Year 12 in 2020
  • with results at or above ATAR 84
  • be commencing full-time study at USQ in any bachelor's degree in Semester 1 2021
  • be enrolled in a minimum of 3 study units in each of Semester 1 and Semester 2 of each year of study
  • be enrolled in on-campus mode at any USQ campus.
Upcoming QTAC closing dates – Don’t miss out!

QTAC fixed closing dates for some courses are as early as 31 August 2020. Make sure you check your QTAC book (p 26 - 27) or the QTAC website to see if a course you are interested in has a fixed closing date. Fixed closing date means you MUST have you QTAC application submitted by that date and you may need to also submit a portfolio, audition or interview application to the institution.

Mr Mark Currie, Careers Guidance Officer/Adviser

Queensland Government Survey of Early School Leavers

The Next Step – Early School Leavers survey is a state-wide destination survey of all students who left school in Years 10, 11 and before completing Year 12 during the previous year.

Information from the survey helps schools to understand the pathways young people follow after leaving school and support student transitions into study or employment.

This year’s survey of early school leavers in 2019 will commence in August 2020 and your support once again in promoting participation in the survey is greatly appreciated. The assistance of parents and brothers of early leavers from St Edmund’s College in the school community in asking these early school leavers from last year to participate in the survey is encouraged.


Music and Cultural


Rugby Union Trial Games - Friday 14 August 2020

Vs St Peter's Lutheran College

Football (Soccer) Trial Games - Friday 14 August 2020

Vs St Peter's Lutheran College

Covid-Safe Plan - Tivoli Playing Fields

Rugby/Soccer Trials - 14 August 2020

AIC Tennis Results - Finals

8 August 2020


Second IV vs Villanova - WIN 5 – 3. The Seconds SEC tennis team were victorious against the Villanova team. Connor Cash and Scott Morrice had convincing wins in their doubles and singles sets. This was a satisfying end to a successful season for the Seconds. Congratulations to all players who have shown great commitment to training and when competing.

11A vs IONA - WIN 6 – 2. Daniel Fordham defeated his opponent 6-3. Kai Baker and Daniel Fordham won their doubles match 4-2, and Haydon Caunce and Hugh Tyne won their reverse doubles in a tie-break 4-3. All players have trained and played well throughout the season to finish in 7th place.

11B vs VILLA - LOSS 1 – 7. Lachlan Norton and Samuel Callaghan had a strong beginning with a 4-0 win in their reverse doubles. Raspen Beer and Lachlan Norton had narrow losses, 5-7, in their singles matches. Connor Shaw joined the team for this match and competed well in the number four position. The players showed great determination in all their matches.

10A vs VILLA - LOSS 1 – 7. The final game was against a team with a depth of players. Connor Sampson completed a marathon set for the only win of the day.

10B vs VILLA - LOSS 2 – 6. Riley Mills had a good day with two from three sets; his singles win was especially hard fought. Luke McFarlane was unlucky with a close loss in his match. Ethyn Vit showed much improvement in his second only match.

9A vs VILLA - LOSS 3 – 5. A close game for the fifth and sixth play-off. The players started well with Marcus White and Clay Baker winning their doubles. Clay also won a long set 6-3. Flynn Anstey came close in his singles and played well.

9B vs VILLA - LOSS 0 – 6. A close game where 6-0 did not reflect the battle. The game score was 34 to 22 with many sets going over an hour. Owen Cass and Bailey Spencer were unlucky to go down in tie-breaks in their singles.

8A vs VILLA - LOSS 1 – 8.

8B vs VILLA - LOSS 2 – 6.

7A vs St Patrick's College (SPC) - LOSS 1 – 7. A tough morning of tennis against a competitive St Patrick’s team. The players rallied well in their games. Special mention to Archie Moore and Oliver Di Giorgio on their win in a doubles set. Congratulations to all the players on a great season; improvement was shown, and skills are being developed.

7B vs VILLA - LOSS 1 – 7. An enjoyable morning of tennis against a great Villanova team. Both teams displayed great sportsmanship. Our team played very well with exceptional rallies in all games. Special mention to Kyan Daly who won his singles in a close set. The players have developed their skills over the season and are congratulated on a wonderful season.

AIC Basketball Results - Finals

Friday/Saturday - 7/8 August 2020

First V vs Villanova - WIN 62 – 57. The First V completed their clean sweep of the AIC competition, defeating Villanova in the Grand Final 62-57. After trailing from the close of the first quarter until the final minutes, the players showed the spirit of the ANZAC, digging in and finishing the game on a 12-0 run. Resilience, self-belief and ‘tikka’ were the order of the night, and all members of the squad should be proud of the culture they have created, which proved the difference on the night. Benicio Hortle and Merrick Small led the team offensively, while Max Banditt and Samuel Burling worked tirelessly for rebounds and stops. Sixth man, Toby Patrick is to be commended for his game-changing impact from the bench.

Second V vs VILLA - WIN 49 – 45. The Seconds began the game slightly flat after the elation of the previous night’s First V victory. Villanova were quick to capitalise and went to their two best players for offense, and before long we were fighting an uphill battle. During the first half, we took quick shots and did not defend as a team. Our communication was poor, and Villa were rolling - we found ourselves 6 points down at the break, at which time we spoke about our philosophy of play – moving the ball, playing great team defense and talking to each other on court. We began the second half with five players ready to demonstrate these principles and Villa could do nothing but watch their lead disappear. As the game clock entered the final minute, we were ahead 9 points and despite a furious finish from Villanova, we held them off and finished as victors 49-45. Great games by Byron Williams and Thornton Hendry.

Third V vs St Patrick's College (SPC) - WIN 29 – 20. A great effort from the five players who displayed great character to persevere against a quality side. The defensive efforts by the SEC team turned the game in their favour, backed up by good shots down the stretch to achieve the win.

Fourth V - NO GAME

11A vs St Peter's Lutheran College (SPLC) - WIN 46 – 33. Consistency was the key and it brought our first win of the season. We were first scorers for the first time this season and the players did not slow down from that point. The team were 46-33 victors, despite injured and missing players. Bailey Lyon was dominant inside, scoring at will, while Lachlan Skull put the team on his back early and had a stellar defensive game.

11B vs SPLC - LOSS 29 – 35. The team played a hard-fought game right up to the last second. A high number of fouls early in both halves led to several free throws for St Peter’s. Credit to all the players for the season; each one showed incredible improvement.

10A vs VILLA - WIN 47 – 42. Villanova started well, getting into the lane and converting on easy scores. Zane Kaatz and Nathan May were the first to spark our team, playing great defense and pushing the tempo on offense. Nathan drew attention from Villanova as he faced a double team on the wing each time he gained possession. Daniel Mavunda provided a boost to our defensive end, taking rebounds. Fletcher Rahn and Nathaniel Grace battled Villa’s inside players which led to better team basketball – spacing the court and great decision-making on both ends. Nathan May was too much for Villanova, despite playing the majority of the second half on four fouls, many of which he gained from attacking the offensive glass. Lukas Jackson hit the go-ahead basket late in the game, and Nathan May was clutching from the free-throw line, connecting on four straight attempts to seal the team premiership.

10B vs SPLC - WIN 36 – 33. After a slow start and 14 points down, the team found their energy and good basketball followed. Clancy Reberger had a good first half in attack and defense, and Lachlan Kable was on form in the second half. A good team effort achieved a 29 – 29 full-time score. Five minutes of extra time allowed the pressure to continue and the team ran away with a narrow win, and the bronze medal. Well done gents.

10C vs SPLC - WIN 37 – 17. Despite the small number of fixtures this year, the game brought out the best in the players with numerous different scorers. All were well involved in defense or offense which encompassed the team spirit and spurred on the win. Ethan Sadler was immense, with his hard work all season paying off with clever moves and shots at the right time. Linc Bentley was an industrious, therefore valuable team player, and Regan Payne keeps improving. All team players showed ‘ticka’ and displayed a competitive spirit during this season. Well done team for executing a well-earned win.

10D vs SPLC - WIN 39 – 21. Dominance from start to finish gave the team confidence to win. Benjamin McCarroll potted several points showing that when all players contribute, the defense is spread. Zedekiah Melling’s confident attitude overflowed, positively engaging the whole team. Strong displays from Matthew O’Brien and Travis Lake - simply a great team effort. Well done on a convincing win.

9A vs VILLA - LOSS 35 – 44. A strong first half saw the players take the lead heading into the second half. The whole team were executing on offense and generating many quality ‘looks’ at the basket, supported by sharp-shooting from the three-point line by Xavier Wighton. Villa’s full court press was challenging, and the team were unable to hold at key moments. Mitchell Wade, Phoenix Clarke and Kai Anderson-Emslie played well throughout.

9B vs VILLA - LOSS 20 – 38. A disappointing finale, going down in the final dance. A streak of hot shooting to close the first half saw Villa take a 7-point lead that was ultimately the difference at the final buzzer. We performed well against a skilled side and showed flashes of brilliance. The team is commended for their sizeable improvement from season to season and congratulated for making the final. Rex Quince and Tyson Golding were strong down low, with Ethan Ketelhohn displaying his skills in a massive game.

9C vs SPLC - WIN 41 – 22. An outstanding performance achieved the first win of the season. The team’s hard work paid off and every player should be extremely proud of their efforts. Special mention to Owen Fourmile, Jack Treagle and Jack Thomas for great performances.


8A vs SPC LOSS 38 – 62. After an excellent start led by Brodie Bettiens on defense, and accurate shooting from Joshua Affleck, the team were in the lead during the first half. However, full court pressure and a decent sized advantage allowed St Patrick’s to gain the upper hand going into half time. The players clawed their way back in the second half on the back of relentless offensive rebounding and driving to the rim by Ryan Smith; however, we could not close the gap.

8B vs SPLC - WIN 47 – 4. The sun may have been shining outside Marist’s Champagnat Centre, but it was raining points inside. Mayson Carter did his best Shaq impression, punishing players in the low post and on the offensive boards as the team built an insurmountable early lead against St Peter’s. In the second half, the team continued to dominate with every player contributing at both ends. Bayley Alonso and Jett Preston added to the score sheet for a team win.

8C vs SPLC - WIN 25 – 23. A slow start on the offensive end saw St Peter’s get the jump; however, good defense curbed the opposition from pulling a big early lead. Strong inside defense from Lucas O’Connell and Josh Avenell kept the St Peter’s big men from scoring too many points in the paint. The players set about putting good possessions together that converted into points, taking the team to the lead in the second half. They kept their noses in front with good defensive stops that thwarted the come-back run by St Peter’s, and managed to hold on by 2 points in a nail-biting finish. A great team win.

8D vs SPLC - WIN 68 – 14. The 8D men came to play in the early hours of Saturday morning, rested and prepared for their final match. Facing a side of four men, the match became a 4v4. From the jump the team were switched on, snatching easy steals, finishing fast break lay-ups with consistency. Season-highs in scoring for all our players, notably: Joel Edwards 24 points and Ryder Rundell 16. Lochlan Ruhl had a breakthrough game, turning defense to offense, closing the season with a bomb from 3-point land. A great finish to the season and well-earned ear-to-ear grins. Been a pleasure, lads. Keep on hooping.

7A vs SPLC - LOSS 31 – 42. A very entertaining game saw St Edmund’s with a narrow lead at half time; however, pressure was unable to be sustained in the second half due to fouls and fatigue. Kaelan McNamara scored 7 points and Cooper Martin with 6. Best players were Mitch Sutton, Cooper Gifford, Cooper Martin and Kaelan McNamara, who never gave up.

7B vs SPC - WIN 46 – 31. Our final game against St Patrick’s saw a win for the team. Gabriel Shirley top-scored with 10 points, followed by Nicholas Jackson and Benjamin Gillis on 8 points each. Defensive pressure from Jace Taylor and rebounds from Patrick Albion and Nicholas Jackson allowed the players to score from fast break opportunities. Good team effort broke a full court press and passed the ball up the court. A great way to end the season!

7C vs SPLC - WIN 35 – 5. An awesome win to finish the season. The lads were able to see their hard work at training pay off. Less turnovers and great offensive plays resulted in good points on the scoreboard; while our defense limited St Peter’s scoring opportunities. A 20-point scoring spree by Cooper Cross and a tenacious display of great defense from Brooklyn Signall resulted in a well-deserved win.

7D vs SPC 7E - LOSS 17 – 21. A tight game from the starting whistle to the final shot. The Eddies team played good possession basketball, but the St Patrick’s defense meant the majority of our shots were from the perimeter, forcing turnovers. When the ball was worked inside, we were more competitive and slowly pegged back St Patrick’s early lead. Time was our enemy in the end.


Tuckshop News - Term 3

UPDATE - Tuckshop Helpers

We do not require tuckshop helpers at this time. The situation will be reassessed in early August.

Ms Narelle Rea and Ms Gina Weight - Convenors

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Calling for Members of St Edmund's Community - Current Positions Available

Community positions available for QCAA 2020 Senior External Assessment

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) is calling for Invigilators for the 2020 Senior External Assessment. Members of our St Edmund’s Community are encouraged to apply. The 2020 external assessment period will run from October to November.

The QCAA appoints members of the Queensland community to observe and report on the administration of external assessment sessions at secondary schools throughout Queensland.

Invigilators play an important role in promoting public confidence in the new Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) system and ensuring that proper and fair administrative procedures are implemented.

Applications from Queensland community members for invigilator roles are now open and close on 30 September, or when all positions are filled.

Role summary: Invigilators are required to:

  • Attend allocated assessment sessions at assessment venues
  • Observe and report on the administration of assessments and the collection, counting and packing of materials at the end of assessments.

Payment: $29.00 per hour. [A 1.5-hour session will be paid as 3 hours ($87.00). A 2-hour session will be paid as 3.5 hours ($101.50).]

Eligibility: Community members must

  • Hold a blue card or an exemption card
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be eligible to work in Australia
  • Have photographic identification
  • Have a personal email address
  • Have a mobile phone
  • Have access to a computer, the internet and a printer
  • Supply names and contact details of two referees.

Members of our St Edmund’s College Community are encouraged to apply for these positions. Allocations will be to a secondary school/assessment centre within the vicinity of your home address.

Position Description: Invigilators and Invigilator FAQs are available at


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Commencing Monday 27 July 2020


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