Newsletter - 12 October 2018

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The Principal

Welcome back to Term 4

Dear St Edmund’s College Family and Friends,

Welcome back to the final Term of 2018. A special welcome to our new students and families who join the St Edmund’s College community this Term. You are now part of a wonderful story that has been unfolding in Ipswich for 126 years. We also welcome Ms Beatrice Tsang who joins our teaching team in Mathematics, Science and Religious Education.

I hope you had a restful and joyful break over the September holiday period. It was a very special time for me and my family with the wedding of our eldest daughter. The occasion was a beautiful reminder of the importance of family and friends and the power of love in our lives. It was particularly special to have Fr Stephen Bliss preside as the marriage celebrant.

The start of a new Term is the perfect opportunity to reset goals and start afresh with a sense of renewed purpose. This week, teachers will be reminding students of classroom rules and the behaviour expectations we have of them as learners. This includes

- arriving punctually to class prepared with the right equipment,

- engaging in the learning experiences with an open and inquisitive mind,

- contributing to the creation of a positive learning environment through active participation and collaboration,

- respecting the rights and responsibilities of other students so they too can access the learning opportunities provided by their teachers,

- seeking feedback or clarification about the content and ideas they are learning about, and
being an active listener.

These are the attributes of a good learner that we strive to nurture and develop in all of our Eddies’ young men as they journey towards realising their dreams and aspirations.

Island of Competencies

When Dr Michael Carr-Gregg was here earlier in the year he presented research findings into how adolescents develop resilience. He said that the ability for young people to show resilience in their adolescent years is identified as a key indicator for happiness later in life. He added that one of the ways in which young people develop resilience is by experiencing what he calls an ‘island of competence’. This is where young people demonstrate through experience an aptitude in a skill, task or problem-solving challenge. The more opportunities young people have in applying themselves to activities such as sporting and cultural endeavours, he says, the greater the likelihood they will experience an ‘island of competence’, and the greater the chance that they will develop the ability to be resilient.

That is why our Twilight Tour next week is solely focused on showcasing our diverse array of cultural and sporting opportunities we have on offer. At Eddies there is something for every young man. If you have friends or family who have sons in Years 4 or 5, please let them know that next Wednesday October 17 from 5.00pm to 7.00pm, we will be conducting tours, demonstrations, performances and presentations about our many cultural and sporting programs.

As stated in a previous email we have a waiting list for Year 7, 2019 with enrolment places quickly filling for 2020. Families are still invited to submit their enrolment application for their son to secure a place on the waiting list for next year.


We pray for the victims and survivors of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. May help and comfort come to the tens of thousands of Indonesians who are rebuilding their homes and livelihoods amidst the destruction and ruins left behind.

Live Jesus, in our hearts, forever.

Diarmuid O’Riordan, Principal

TWILIGHT TOURS - Wednesday 17 October 2018 - please refer to attachment

The Deputy


Mission and Community

Christmas Hampers for St Vincent de Paul

Prayer for Teachers

As we begin Term 4 we recognise the wonder, joy and beauty that teachers bring to a world full of struggles. Our teachers enlighten, challenge, engage and strengthen the resolve of our students to become better learners and most importantly strive to be better human beings.

A Teacher’s Prayer (by Olga De Juana)

Help me to be a fine teacher, to bring peace to the classroom,
peace between my students and myself,
to be kind and gentle to each and every one of my students.
Help me to be merciful to my students,
to balance mercy and discipline in the right measure for each student,
to give genuine praise as much as possible,
to give constructive criticism in a manner that is understandable to my students.
Help me remain conscientious enough to keep my lessons always interesting,
to recognize what motivates each of my students,
to accept my student’s limitations and not hold it against them.
Help me not to judge my students too harshly,
to be fair to all, to be a good role model,
but most of all Lord, help me to show your love to all of my students.

World Teachers Day was celebrated on 5 October 2018. The Queensland College of Teachers and Education Queensland will celebrate this day on 26 October.

Term Four Highlights

St Vincent de Paul (SVdP) Christmas Hampers: Throughout Term 4

It is our goal in Term four to provide SVdP with fifty Christmas Hampers. These hampers will support families in our community most in need of our care at Christmas time. Each of our forty-eight homerooms, along with our Heads of Department, Deans and Support Staff will collect items to create these hampers. The specific list of items required for the hampers will be provided in the coming week. Students will all be asked to bring in one item from the list as agreed upon in each homeroom. Thank you in advance for your support of our St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal.

Year 11 Leadership Election Day and Social: Friday 2 November

This is the final day in the series of leadership formation days for our Year 11 students. Students should arrive at the North Ipswich Reserve by 8.30am. The day will conclude at 11.30am and students will be allowed to depart the venue to prepare for their Year 11 Social.

Walk to Remember: Friday 9 November

Prior to Remembrance Day, St Edmund’s and St Mary’s Colleges will take part in the Walk to Remember on Friday 9 November before school. More information will be forthcoming and we encourage all students to participate.

Year 12 Valedictory Mass and Dinner: Tuesday 13 November

Part of our farewell ritual for our Senior students is the Valedictory Mass. This will be held at St Mary’s Church on Tuesday 13 November. (The Year 12 cohort photograph will be taken in front of the Church at 5.30pm, followed by Mass commencing at 6.00pm.) This is a special event for the community, therefore if you have a son in Year 12, please place this date in your diary.
All are welcome to the Valedictory Mass, however, places are restricted to Year 12 parents for the dinner. For further clarification please ask your son to see his House Dean.

Live Jesus in our hearts… forever!

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Mission and Community


A Successful Crossing

During Week Ten of Term Three, a group of students and parents made a successful crossing of the formidable Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The group consisted of five students, four parents and two teachers. Departing Brisbane early on Saturday 15 September, the group arrived at Port Moresby to a warm local welcome. Given it was PNG’s Independence Day and the country was also preparing for the upcoming APEC meeting, the atmosphere was colourful and the locals were happy to have us in their country. Our first day ended with a comfortable bed at the Gateway Hotel. This would be the last comfort for nine days.

On Sunday morning we rose at 0330 (a shock for the boys), and headed back to the airport with our packs weighing between 18 to 22 Kgs. In heavy rain, we flew across the mountain ranges in a small aircraft, landing at Popondetta Airport. From Popondetta we had a four-hour drive along an extremely rural track to Kokoda Station, where the Kokoda Track began. As a treat, the locals made us as much pizza as we could eat before waving us off on the Track through the iconic Kokoda arches. There would be no fresh water, sanitation, electricity, phone signal, or pizza, for the next nine days.

On days one to three, we ascended and descended eight mountain ranges, gradually climbing to the Kokoda Gap, which sits 2200 metres above sea level. At this level the days were steamy and hot, yet the nights were quite cold. Along this part of the Track the participants grew to know the feeling of walking in a hot, humid jungle whilst it was raining, with grip underfoot being non-existent in places. As the change of diet took effect, tiredness began to set in along with stomach upsets. Everyone was in bed by 1930 each night to make the 0430 rises more palatable. However, everyone was coping well with no blisters or complaints, and the bond with our guides was more evident each day.

Although we were now heading down in elevation, the roller-coaster up and down another nine major mountain ranges had to be endured. It was these very ranges and their severity that slowed the Japanese forces into an eventual retreat. The rivers were getting deeper and wider, the swamps bigger, and each mountain range was higher and steeper than the previous one. This section of the track can be very demoralising as you walk up 1000 metres only to walk back down a similar height, then walk through a swamp for two hours only to find another mountain. Each climb was a minimum of 3 to 5 hours up, and the same back down the other side. The rain was getting heavier and the mud literally ran past your feet. Wet boots and feet were a constant issue at this point and blister control became a priority, with night times spent around the fire drying equipment from dripping wet to slightly wet. There was no respite, you simply pulled your damp boots on each morning and continued walking. To add to the stress, a planned air drop of our remaining food failed due to the intensity of the rain. To combat this, the locals walked the supplies in from Port Moresby to meet us. Rations became critical at the end of day six, but in true Fuzzy Wuzzy tradition, the locals appeared out of the jungle (wearing thongs) with our food. The Japanese forces suffered a similar fate during the Kokoda Campaign, which, along with the terrain and the resistance of the Australian Diggers, was ultimately their downfall.

With new food supplies and the support of the guides, everyone was gaining confidence. We were wet, our legs were constantly tired, blisters were ever-present, but we were happy. We could see the lights of Port Moresby at night, whilst the locals sang us songs accompanied by their ukuleles. The locals sang each night, not only for our pleasure, but as a way of relaxing themselves. Unbeknown to us, as we slept listening to their tunes, they were also working on wood carvings that were presented to us on the final night’s camp. On this last night we had speeches, presentations of gifts and Australian bush songs.

On our final day we climbed one last hill, we had photos and goodbyes and headed back to civilisation as our guides waved us goodbye. On that day we spent a short time at the Bomana Commonwealth War Cemetery before heading to Port Moresby for a quick shower before flying home the same day.

In nine days our group had completed a significant mental and physical challenge: we walked in the footsteps of the Diggers and alongside the descendants of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels. We experienced life in the remote villages of Papua New Guinea, witnessing first-hand how happy the villagers were despite having very little in comparison to ourselves. We shall always remember the time we had together and our lives will be forever connected through this experience.

Mr Nigel Raddie, Kokoda Coordinator

Typical Morning View

Isurava War Memorial

Resting in the Jungle

Bomana War Cemetery

Typical River Crossing

Defence News

Defence Lunches - Wednesdays

As Term 4 is very busy and the weather is starting to warm up, instead of the Defence breakfasts, we will be holding weekly lunches this term for our Defence students. The weekly gatherings give students the opportunity to interact with one another, develop support networks and share experiences of Defence life.

Defence Lunches will be held every Wednesday at First Break.

The role of the Defence Transition Mentor at St Edmund’s College is to support secondary students and their families who are members of the Australian Defence Force, particularly during their transition into and out of a school and during parental absences due to deployment, exercise
or courses.

This program is funded by the Australian Defence Force and the program operates best through open lines of communication between students, parents and the Defence Transition Mentor. Any communication is welcomed and will enable the best support services to be provided to your son and ensure they have a happy and productive school experience at St Edmund’s College.

Walk to Remember - FRIDAY 9 NOVEMBER - 7:30am

Commencing at Nicholas St, Ipswich at 7:30am, we will walk in solidarity, reflecting on those who served and acknowledging the significance of ‘remembrance’ when World War I officially ended. The Walk to Remember will conclude at the Woodend Memorial, (corner Roseberry Parade and Macgregor Street) where we will gather for a brief ceremony.

Ms Jodie Dunning, Defence Transition Mentor

Learning & Teaching

Teaching and Learning

Reports - Year 12 and Reporting - Year 10 Academic Integrity Course

Welcome to Term 4. I hope that all students and families had a relaxing holiday and everyone is refreshed. A new term brings new opportunities and goals and now is the time to think about these.


Reports for Term 3 are complete and reports have been posted to the College Web. Please take the time to discuss your son’s progress with him. Topics to speak about could include:
- Where have you done well? (Celebrate these successes)
- Academic goals for Term 4
- Areas where improvement is needed
- Strategies for improvement – writing notes, practising questions, having a parent hear questions about the work
- What your son would like his Term 4 report to look like.

Year 12 and Reporting

Year 12 parents and students need to note that the results for Authority Subjects on their reports for Term 3 are an indication of your son’s achievement at this time. These results are subject to the External Verification and Panel process that takes place in October for Authority Subjects. As such, results may change. I have sent an email today to parents explaining this.
Year 12 students need to be mindful of the last piece of assessment in their Authority and Authority Registered subjects this term. For Overall Position (OP) students results can move up or down, based on the last assessment piece, and the boys need to be working hard to the end, to ensure their best results. Integrated Pathway (IP) and Employment Pathway (EP) students need to ensure that they complete their Certificates. I have spoken to all students this week about their need to finish well.

Year 11

This week Year 11 students commenced one-to-one interviews about their progress in their academic work. OP students have been discussing their progress towards their OP. Interviews with IP and EP students will continue when Mr Baxter returns. IP students will have similar discussions about their Authority Subjects and Certificate courses, and EP students will discuss their Work Placement and Certificates. The aim of these conversations is to focus on improvement as the students move towards the end of the year, and into Year 12 in 2019.

Year 10

Next week Year 10 students will commence an Academic Integrity course in preparation for the new Queensland of Certificate of Education commencing in 2019.

Learning Hub

The Learning Hub opens again next week from 3.00pm to 5.00pm with two tutors in attendance and afternoon tea provided. The link below is to a short Youtube clip about the benefits of studying in a group. I encourage students to attend the Learning Hub.

Best wishes.

Carmel James, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning

Library Learning Hub - Term 4

Commences Week 2

The Library Learning Hub resumes next week - Week 2. Our tutors are ready to help out with assignments, homework and study for all subjects.

Who: Years 10, 11 and 12

When: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Where: SEC Library

When: 3.00 to 5.00pm

Afternoon tea and tutors provided.

Ms Louise McNamara, SEC After-Hours Learning Coordinator

Senior School

Middle School


Pastoral News

Year 12 Safe Drive Training - RSVP 30 October 2018

Course - Thursday 15 November 2018

YEAR 12 - Safe Drive Training - Thursday 15 November 2018

The course covers:

A practical day of Driver Training which is invaluable for all who attend; unfortunately it is limited to 60 participants, maximum. All who attend must have the ability to drive a car and at least possess a Learner’s Permit. It is not a learn-to-drive course but a course designed to instruct participants on how to more effectively control a motor vehicle.

The St Edmund’s College Parents and Friends Association has kindly offered to subsidise half the cost of the course for the participants. Students will be collected by bus from the College and taken to and from the training facility. The course date is THURSDAY 15 November (Week 6, Term 4, second last day for Year 12 students).


Year 12 students can collect an enrolment form and a brochure with more information from the Deans’ Room.

Students who wish to participate need to complete the enrolment form and enclose this with a payment of $90 in an envelope and submit this to the locked box in the Student Office. ($90 is half the cost of the course.) Cash, cheque and EFTPOS payments can be made at the College Reception, via credit card over the phone, or using the Qkr App. Cheques to be payable to “St Edmund’s College”.

RSVP for payment and forms is Tuesday 30 October 2018.

Again we thank the Parents and Friends’ Association for their generous support and encourage as many of our Senior students as possible to participate in the Safe Drive Training program.

Should you have any further questions please contact Ms Vanessa Bell on 3810 4400 / 4491 or email:

Ms Vanessa Bell, Rice House Dean

Year 12 Parents - Reminder

Baby or Toddler Photo required

A reminder to Year 12 Parents that we are asking for one of your son’s baby or toddler photos (baby to 4 year-old) to be emailed for inclusion in an audio-visual presentation to be used at the Senior Valedictory event.

Please email your son’s photo to Mr Mills at with “Valedictory Photo” in the subject line.

If you have a hard copy only of a photo, this should be submitted in an envelope marked “Valedictory Photo”, including your son’s name, and handed into the Deans’ Room for scanning, before being returned to your son.

It would be appreciated if photos are submitted as soon as possible. If any queries, please direct to Mr Mills (3810 4496) during school hours.

Career News

Careers - Week 1

QTAC Tips - How to Respond to an Offer - QCAA Questions Answered - EAS Applications - Defence News

Tertiary Applications

Applications for tertiary courses through Queensland tertiary Admission Centre are now open. Any Year 12 student intending to apply for a tertiary course at a university or TAFE needs to do so now. Early offers begin soon.


Changing preferences before you receive an offer

You have three free preference change sessions. During each session, you can change the order of course preferences, delete preferences or add new preferences (except for courses with fixed closing dates that have expired). Once you save your changes, you have used one of the three free preference change sessions. Your forth (4th) or more change sessions will incur a $43 fee/change session. View the How can I change my preferences? video for more information about changing preferences.

Check your emails regularly

QTAC will usually communicate with you using the email address on your application (this should be your personal email - not your school email). This is also how QTAC lets you know you have an offer. Get into the habit of checking your emails regularly … think of linking your emails to your smart phone to make it easy for you to regularly check.

Connect with QTAC

You can check for updates as well as ask questions using social media. QTAC is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Educational Access Scheme (EAS) applications

If you indicated on your QTAC application that you intended to apply for the EAS, it is important that you submit your EAS cover sheet and supporting documents to QTAC by uploading directly into your online application, mail or hand deliver as soon as possible - preferably by the end of October. See your Guidance Officer/Counsellor if you require assistance with your EAS application. You can apply for EAS after you have submitted your QTAC application. Ring QTAC to tell them this is what you are doing. Download the relevant cover sheet from QTAC’s EAS webpage, complete it, attach the supporting documentation if required and submit it to QTAC.

Have you submitted your QTAC application?

If you are still yet to apply, consider applying ASAP before Term Four becomes totally hectic (as it will). The absolute final date to apply for courses commencing in Semester One, 2019 is:

Round Offer Due date to apply and submit documents Final change to preferences

16 November 2018 9 November 2018 not applicable

20 December 2018 7 December 2018 17 December 201816

16 January 2019 14 December 2018 8 January 2019

Click here for a list of the QTAC deadlines. However, you need to be aware that by these dates, many of the courses with fixed closing dates are no longer available and that many Year 12 students have already received early offers.

How to Respond to an offer

Visit the Offers webpage for specific information about responding to your offer. It is essential that you respond by the due date (within four (4) days of receiving your offer). If you don’t, your offer will lapse and you will not be considered for any other offer rounds. When you receive an offer you have three options to choose from:

  • Outright accept
  • Conditional, with no change of preferences
  • Conditional, with change of preference

For each of the response options you can accept, reject or defer your offer. If you do miss a due date, contact QTAC ASAP. Also, it may not be wise to reject an offer. If you are considering doing this, first contact QTAC on 1300 467 822 to discuss this move. For more information about responding to offers visit the QTAC website.

Interact with your application

After you have lodged your application, it is a good idea to use Application Services to go back into your application from time to time to check:

  • If you have received any correspondence from QTAC about your application
  • If you are meeting the entry requirements
  • To find out your OP ineligible rank (if applicable) in late December.

There is also a Q&A section that will answer many of your questions.

QTAC application number

You may need this number when applying for scholarships. This number was on the last screen of your QTAC application after you paid the application fee. It is also in your application confirmation email. This number has nine digits and starts with ‘19’.

Review your course preferences when you receive your results

QCAA will mail your Year 12 results on Friday 13 December 2018. You can access these results from your Learning Account on the Student Connect Website from 9 am Saturday 14 December 2018 instead of waiting for the mail to arrive. It is important to review your QTAC preferences, particularly your ‘Pathway’ preferences (5th and 6th) based on your results to ensure you have included a good safety net in case you do not receive an offer in your higher preferences.

Updating contact details on your application

After you have lodged your application, you can use the Application Services webpage to change your postal or home address, email address, phone number, password, security questions, or authorised person details. You need to phone QTAC on 1300 467 822 to change your name, date of birth, citizenship status, gender, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status or qualification details (this includes if you want to submit and an Educational Access Scheme (EAS) application after you have already submitted your QTAC application).

Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority - Year 12 questions answered

When will I get my Queensland Core Skills Test result? – You will be able to access these results from your Learning Account on the Student Connect website from 9 am on Wednesday 14 November 2018.

When will I get my Year 12 results? – The QCAA will mail your results on Friday 13 December 2018 to the address your school has for you (so make sure your school has your current mailing address). You can access your results before the mail arrives from your Learning Account on the Student Connect website on Saturday 15 December 2018.

How do I login to my Learning Account? - You will need your LUI and password to login to your account. You can get Login Help from the Student Connect website if you encounter any problems with this. You can also download the ‘Student learning accounts user guide’ from this site. Ask your school for your LUI number if you can’t find it … before you leave!

Defence News

Australian Defence Force (ADF) Information Session Date Claimer


Defence Careers Information Session Brisbane

Interested in the Australian Defence Force Academy - In Year 11 now?

The optimum time to apply for entry into the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) is Semester two of Year 11. Year 11 students who are interested in an attractive salary while studying Arts, Business, Engineering, Information Technology, Science or Technology at the ADFA are encouraged to commence their application this year. You can explore life at ADFA and start your application on the ADFA website, or ring 13 19 01. Before you do this, read about the ADFA Education Award.

Career Spotlight

Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physiotherapy – How are they different?

In an article on the My Health Career website, Professor Susan Brandis from Bond University talks about the history, similarities and differences between Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. Both occupations have ancient beginnings and throughout history have worked together to improve the health and wellbeing of their clients.

Over time physio has had a core focus on mobility, physical development and the use of a variety of treatment methods such as exercise, manipulation and massage. OT has a core focus on occupation and the use of functional activities to restore a person to their full potential in the areas of work, leisure and self-care. Both professions aim to improve quality of life. Read the article for more information about these occupations which remain in high demand. Degree courses for these careers in Queensland include:

Occupational Therapy


Mr Mark Currie, Careers Guidance Officer


Music and Cultural

Music News - Week 1

Twilight Tours Performances - Combined Colleges' Cultural Showcase

Welcome back to the final term for 2018! It is a very busy term again with five performance events taking place. These include the Twilight Tour performances, Combined Colleges’ Cultural Showcase, Sporting and Cultural Awards, St Mary’s College Awards and our College Academic Awards. An information sheet has been handed this week to all students involved in these performances.

Two of these performances will take place next week with the Twilight Tour Performances on Wednesday (17 Oct) and the Combined Colleges’ Cultural Showcase taking place on Friday night (19 Oct).

Cultural Showcase - Friday 19 October 2018

This year our Annual Combined Colleges’ Cultural Showcase will be held in the McAuley Centre, St Mary’s College, across the road from St Edmund’s, Friday 19 October. This will give our students one last chance to showcase their talents this year. Student artworks will be on display in St Mary’s Art Room from 6.00pm with the concert starting at 7.00pm. Make sure you come along and support our talented students. It is sure to be an amazing evening - not to be missed!

Instrumental Lessons

Some instrumental lessons recommenced this week with the remainder resuming next week. Students must keep checking the notice board outside of Room K205 for their lesson times.

Mr Tim Kirkwood, Director of Music



Tuckshop Roster - Week 2

Commencing 15 October 2018

Mon 15 Oct: K Bilyj, M Glen, K Horsfall, M Sugden-Ware.

Tue 16 Oct: K McKew, A Harding.

Wed 17 Oct: J D Schmidt, C Sammut.

Thu 18 Oct: D Sanders, T Suthers, A Antonio.

Fri 19 Oct: L Wesener, H Marsh, J Marsh.

School News

Australian Government Notice

2018 Student Residential Address and Other Information Collection Notice - ATTACHMENT

Westside Bus Company - 2019 Information

Fare Calculation Update

Westside Bus Co is currently updating all students’ information with TMR’s fare calculation system for bus passes.
As a result they have found that this will have an impact on many students with a change in the fare prices they may need to pay in 2019.
Please direct all queries to the Westside Bus Depot or visit their website:

Uniform Shop


From Sacred Heart Parish - TRIVIA NIGHT

Friday 19 October 2018 - Booking details attached


This week