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Stop and Think

There are many things we do without really knowing why. These experiences of every day reveal themselves but often the reasons for doing them do not. Sitting at a desk, deep in the throes of a problem to be solved, suddenly the realisation hits that the pen in our hand is clicking. Rhythmically, a thumb presses down, it marks the beat of our thoughts. Perhaps as we sit in a waiting room, the seconds ticking away before an appointment we notice the world vibrating. As the view before us bobs up and down we notice our leg bouncing at high frequency, pivoting through an ankle off a foot carefully balanced on toes set on the floor. I personally often find myself arranging pens on my desk. The coloured pens I use to check items off my “to do” list. Red pen, job not done, do it tomorrow — or perhaps the day after that — green pen, job done, well done and blue pen, keep working on it. I find myself aligning three colours with strict protocols, razor-sharp accuracy and no idea why.

Conversely, crystal clarity can associate itself into the routine of every day. Below is an answer posed by one of our Year 10 men about Inclusive Community.

Inclusive Community: SEC believes in inclusive community. We accept those from ages 7-12, no matter their looks or abilities, we try and allow those among us to shine in the way only they can, displaying their talents for others to admire. We try to bring out the unique side that everyone has but can’t always show. This can be reflected in our school choirs, our extracurricular sport, our occasional mass or religious ceremony, we try and embrace the cultures around us, and in turn create a new one. That is the culture of St Edmund’s, a fusion of all our beliefs and rituals, students and teachers. As written in John, “do not judge by appearances, but judge by right judgement”.

The clicking pens, shaking legs and arranged markers all come into flawless focus with the reasons why. This young man confirmed our purpose, why we do what we do in this community, lesson by lesson, day by day, year by year. In an often reasonless, thoughtless and pointless world where we see injustice and harm, here is a reason for doing what we do. These words, “we accept…no matter their looks or abilities…allow those among us to shine in the way only they can”, can and should be the hallmarks of who we are.

This morning some of our young men ― young men of First Nations, Pacifica and African heritage ― presented to our assembly with, authenticity and pain, how they have felt voiceless in a community that prides itself on inclusion. This voicelessness has not been due to any plan or intention or, I hope, malice. Sometimes not knowing why we do something can affect those around us in ways we do not foresee. For these young men, their friends, companions and peers have, taken their voice. With names, words and actions they have, in a community where “we accept”, made them feel not wholly accepted. This powerful presentation finished with simple words “this is our reality – stop and think”.

At Eddies, the Blue and White covers us all, regardless of colour, heritage or origin. For all of our Eddies’ men, taking time to stop and think, to look beyond themselves and know why what they say or do affects others, strengthens us. In becoming aware of who they affect with words and actions our Eddies’ men can, through a simple act, make all the difference in making Eddies a place where “we accept…no matter their looks or abilities” and “allow those among us to shine in the way only they can”.

Ray Celegato, Principal

The Deputy


Identity News

Making Space to Listen

Last week, staff members Mr Tim Hill and Mr Tim Fergus met to discuss how our students of colour might be processing the movement, focused on the value of lives of people of colour, which is gaining attention worldwide, They discussed the problems that students would be facing and wondered how they might respond. This is a reflection from Mr Tim Hill, sharing his experience of listening to the voices of our students.

In attempting to understand the experience of the students, Mr Tim Fergus first contacted his good friend Atem, as well as Logan Atkins, our College Captain from 2019. Both of these gentlemen expressed that seeing people’s words on Facebook, in news articles, or hearing conversations at school which would definitely be having a negative effect on the boys. Logan and Atem both felt that the boys may want to have an opportunity to respond. Furthermore, both were firm in describing that these issues are not a one-off, it is always hard for them.

Logan offered to come in and gather the students who’d be interested in having a conversation around this. Students from Years 7 through to 12, along with the cultural group, gathered on Tuesday to share their experiences. From the back of the room, it was clear to me, Mr Fergus and Mrs Rice that our students echoed the sentiment that this isn’t a recent struggle as the result of a movement – it is a lived reality for them day in and day out. They were eager to respond, eager to be heard and eager for others to listen. They alone came up with the video reflection that was played during assembly today. It is their voices and stories of experiencing racism which is heard.

The video they’ve created is uncomfortable. It’s honest, it is real, and it is raw. Most importantly, it is vital that you understand that this response comes from the students. They were not given a plan, a script, told what they could say, or even an overview of what could be done. They asked to be heard, and it is our turn to listen. We were all shocked by the stories that these incredible young men shared. What they deal with daily, on the way to school, during and after hours. The stories are challenging and deeply saddening, but worth hearing. It's vitally important that we allow them this moment and focus on the words that they’re saying to the school community. In the words of one of our boys, ‘we need you to listen and not speak, this is our reality, stop and think’.

I would like to thank Mr Hill and Mr Fergus for their support of our students. As they have expressed, it starts with us listening, being authentic, truth-seeking and being present to each other. We should encourage each other to read and educate ourselves further to be more aware and be present to those experiencing discrimination in our community. I would encourage you to access the following as a starting point:

We cannot expect perfection – we are perfectly imperfect beings, but we can challenge each other to be the best we can be.

Assembly Prayer 12 June 2020

Holy Father, God of Love

Help us to acknowledge the times when we have hurt others.

Forgive us for the times when we have failed to listen.

Give us the courage to accept the realities of our past so that we may build a better future for all.

We pray for your strength and grace to forgive,

and to love one another, as you love and forgive us.

Teach us to respect all cultures,

And to listen to the wisdom of the stories they share.

May we be blessed with courage as we attempt to live out the gospel values.

Let us bring your love to all people.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord and our friend.


AIC Schools’ Winter Appeal

The Winter Appeal provides an opportunity for the AIC schools to be united. Throughout Winter our students and families are encouraged to respond to the issue of social isolation. We hope to have a positive impact in our local communities, strengthened in the knowledge that we are not alone in working towards a peace-filled world.

At Eddies we are holding activities that aim to build positive relationships within the school and the wider community. We will educate and inform ourselves around the causes and impact of social isolation (including homelessness). We will stand in solidarity with those experiencing homelessness through participation in the Winter Sleepout.

Finally, we are also committed to a practical response which is a combined effort across all eight AIC schools. We are collecting donated items in support of St Vincent de Paul, Emmanuel City Mission (formally Blindeye Ministries) and Rosies. The following items will be collected until the end of Winter:

  • Tea, Coffee, Milo
  • Noodles-in-a-Cup (not a packet)
  • Biscuits
  • Warm clothes and blankets (new or carefully pre-loved)

All donations can be brought to homerooms or the Foundation Room in the Edmund Rice Building. There will also be collection points at the AIC games throughout Winter.

Our Winter Appeal is underway and will run until August, with the aim of making a number of donations to local community groups throughout Winter.

Live Jesus in our Hearts - Forever

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Identity

Learning & Teaching

Library News

KYD School Writing Prize - Kill Your Darlings

The KYD School Writing Prize gives a voice to young people writing about the issues that concern them. KYD is seeking entries of up to 1500 words in either fiction and non-fiction, with students responding to a current social or political issue. The winner will receive a $500 cash prize, editorial support and publication in KYD.

The 2020 School Writing Prize will be judged by award-winning author Alice Pung and KYD editor Alan Vaarwerk.

Entries open: 13 July 2020. Entries close: 4 September 2020

A link to the portal where entries are to be submitted will be posted from 13 July.

Entry to the KYD School Writing Prize is open exclusively to KYD School Members and their students (St Edmund’s College is a KYD School). There is no additional entry fee.

For more information visit:

Ms Karen Callaghan, Head of Department: Information Services and Learning Resources

Senior School

Middle School


St Edmund's College Enrolments

A Friendly Reminder to Families with Sons in Year 6, 2020

During COVID-19 we have been able to accept enrolments, conduct on-line interviews and progress to the final stage of sending Letters of Offer to families.

Our numbers are very good for Year 7 in 2021 and 2022.

This is a friendly reminder to our families: if you have a son currently in Year 6, please enrol now, as Orientation Day this year is in Term 3, 2020.

Please contact Enrolments on 3810 4448 or 0403 269 955 for any further information.

Pastoral News

Career News

Careers - Week 8

Apprenticeships - Defence News - Career Exploration


For Interested Students - Apprenticeship Opportunity - Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Brown and Hurley

Junior Apprenticeships - Heavy Vehicle (Mechanic)

Defence News

Australian Defence Force information sessions

If you are interested in the Australian Defence Force, it's a good idea to attend one of the information sessions and consider a work experience placement. You will get a better idea about the life and jobs in the Defence Force. For details about these events and for Army Reserve Information visit the Defence Jobs Australia Facebook site. The following information video session are online:

You can also register to attend the following virtual information sessions: (it will take up to 30 seconds to connect)

15/06/2020 ADF Careers Virtual Information Session

15/06/2020 Commando Virtual Information Session

17/06/2020 Maroochydore: Dial In Defence Careers Information Session

Defence 2020 Gap Year closing soon

A gap year with the Airforce, Army or Navy is a great way to trial a career in the ADF and you get paid to do it! Jobs have different closing dates in June and July. Visit the website for information about closing dates and:

  • Defence Force roles that still have vacancies
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Is the ADF Gap Year for me?
  • How much you will earn?
  • Benefits of an ADF Gap year

How do I apply for the Defence Force?

Visit the Defence Recruitment website to find out if you are eligible to join and to access the six steps in the recruitment process. Each step has a video that explains what happens during the step. The six steps are:

  1. Apply online, visit a recruitment centre or call 13 19 01
  2. YOU (Your Opportunities Unlimited) Session
  3. Attend Assessment Session
  4. Attend Officer Selection (if you are wanting this pathway)
  5. Take a Fitness Test
  6. Attend Enlistment and Appointment day.

Want to become an officer in the Australian Defence Force (ADF)?

There are many different pathways to becoming an officer in the ADF. Explore the following options:

Career Exploration

2020 Good Careers Guide now available

The Good Careers Guide (GCG) provides information on over 400 jobs and related entry pathways. It also includes tips on career exploration, financial assistance and job seeking skills. In the 2020 edition, you will be able to locate:

Find out more at The Good Universities Guide website

Occupation Spotlight

Outdoor Adventure Instructor

Outdoor Adventure Instructors also known as Outdoor Adventure Leader provide adventure-based experiential education in outdoor adventure and bush craft such as abseiling, adventure challenge, hang-gliding, outdoor pursuits, paragliding, rock climbing instructors and outdoor education teacher. You can work as an Outdoor Adventure Instructor without formal qualifications and on the job training may be provided. A course in outdoor recreation might be helpful.

The Australian Border Force (ABF)

The ABF is the operational arm of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. It manages the flow of people and goods across Australia’s border. ABF officers are located at all international airports and seaports around Australia. They also have a Marine Unit which responds to reported or suspected border incidents and illegal activity in Australian waters. Find our more about the ABF including:

Tertiary News

UQ Open Day

Due to COVID-19, Open Day will run a little differently this year. Sign up to receive emails from UQ and they will send information that's relevant to you, including updates about UQ Open Day date and format.

Mr Mark Currie, Careers Guidance Officer/Adviser


Music and Cultural

Music News

Virtual Jazz Band Performance

It was very pleasing to be able to premiere the Virtual Jazz Band’s performance of ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’, a classic Rock song by German band, The Scorpions. We were lucky to have a guest appearance on guitar by guitarist James Barber, who has recently returned to Australia on a break from touring the UK with the stage show, We Will Rock You. James was happy to don an Eddies cap and blast out the guitar parts and a shredding guitar solo to help the project.

I would like to thank James for being a part of our Virtual Jazz Band project as without him our song would not have been complete. Congratulations to the students involved in this project. Participants had to record their parts at home and submit them to enable a video of our Virtual Jazz Band to be compiled. The result was an entertaining performance that aired to our community last Friday during the virtual assembly video. Well done to all students involved in this project and I look forward to bringing you more reports of virtual students’ performances.

Instrumental Lessons

All instrumental lessons have recommenced. There will be one final week of lessons before a break for the school holidays. Lessons will resume the first week of next term (13 July). Please be aware of this and come prepared for your lesson in Week 1, Term 3.

Mr Tim Kirkwood, Director of Music



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2020 Skool2Skoolies Sponsors

Thank you to the sponsors of our Skool2Skoolies Charity Bike Ride

Apprenticeships Queensland


Blue Ribbon Motors – Parents and Friends

Bremer Valley Realty

Brothers Ipswich Leagues Club – Parents and Friends

Choices Flooring by Mallets

Clift Pearce Accounting

DV Electrical Services

Dylan Palmer - Donation


Gibson Architects


Greena Business Solutions

Hitec Fluid Power

Karalee Play and Learn

Macarthy Road Education and Childcare

McDonalds Yamanto – Donation

McNamara Law

OPAT Painters

Options Cabinets

Pender Accounting


PM Landscapes

Potter Landscapes

Sammut Bulow Accountants

Savco Vegetation Services

St Edmund’s College Old Boys’ Association

St Mary’s Parish – Donation

Strictly Coffee - Ipswich

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