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Academic and Service Awards Night Speech - 31 October 2019

Welcome families, staff, students, special guests and friends of the College to our 2019 Academic and Service Awards night.

The St Edmund’s College Motto is Possunt quia posse videntur. Translated from Latin to English it reads, ‘They can because they see they can’.

It comes from the work of the Roman poet Virgil in his epic 7000-word poem, The Aenied, written over 2000 years ago between 29 and 19 BC. In it he tells the story of a Trojan soldier, Aeneas who, while travelling from Greece to Italy in search of a place to call home, becomes a hero of Rome.

Our motto – They can because they see they can – helps to explain how he became a hero. On his journey from Greece to Italy he learns about life by seeing and experiencing the world and the people he encounters. He sees with the eyes of his heart, head and hands. What he learns is that people have an enormous capacity to show both love and cruelty to each other. In his travels he sees that people endure hardship and joy. He experiences first hand times of celebration and despair. The complexities and vagaries of life are laid bare before him along the journey. These lessons become permanently etched in his mind and ultimately shape his attitude, outlook and identity.

Like the Trojan soldier the students receiving Academic and Service Awards tonight have been shaped by what they too have seen throughout the year with the eyes of their heart, head and hands. Their visions, experiences and encounters have inspired them to strive, to achieve and to succeed. They are the heroes of St Edmund’s College, showing by example what can be accomplished and earned through service to others and dedication to the discipline of learning.

Our College motto has been interpreted and reinterpreted since the College was founded in 1892 and has inspired and motivated students since. In recent years we have simplified it in three words – Eddies’ Men Can. In 2019 there have been many examples where the ‘Eddies’ men can’ attitude has been demonstrated for all to see.

Some of the highlights include:

We continued to see strong enrolment numbers in 2019 with 198 Year 7 students joining us for the start of the year. Enrolment projections next year show that the College will exceed 1060 students. This has been bolstered by our very successful Rookies’ Program where, for the first time, we fielded Rookies’ teams in swimming, band and the AIC Year 6 Rugby League competition in Term 3. We are seeing that enrolment growth is anticipated to exceed 1100 in the not too distant future.

Other highlights see the development of a new College Master Plan that includes the completion of the Edmund Rice Building Refurbishment and Extension and the construction of an Open Learning Centre in 2020. Future projects on the near horizon include a Student Wellbeing Centre, Creative Arts Centre and major refurbishment of the College Hall (Sports Centre). In 2019 we continued to improve our grounds and facilities with the installation of more shade areas, seating, landscaping and gardens. We are in the process of finalising plans for the College Hall amenities to undergo a major make-over which we hope will be completed before the start of next year.

On Tuesday we celebrated the highlights of our Sporting and Cultural achievements for 2019, further underlining our commitment to the holistic education of our students. St Edmund’s College was proud to be the host school of Associated Independent Colleges (AIC) in 2019 as well. The Performing Arts continues to be an area of growth for the College where our students have been able to showcase their prodigious talents on multiple stages. Thank you to Assistant Principal Activities, Mr Wayne Warren; Director of Sport, Mr Max Luxton and Director of Music, Mr Tim Kirkwood, for the tremendous work they do to advance these sporting and cultural opportunities.

Learning and Teaching has been foremost in our strategic intentions for 2019. We saw the appointment of two new leadership positions with the Director of Middle School and Director of Senior School. Thank you to Mr Luis Marin and Mr Ben Litchfield who have performed these roles with distinction.

For our Years 7, 8 and 9 students, our emphasis has been on goal setting, developing a growth mindset, improving writing and helping the boys to become independent learners. In Years 10, 11 and 12 we have had a major focus on the roll out of the new Senior Assessment under the ATAR system and ensuring that our Year 12 students finish strongly in the last year under the OP system. I acknowledge our Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching, Ms Carmel James, and our Heads of Department for their outstanding work in driving our Learning and Teaching agenda this year.

I take this opportunity to wish our Year 12 students well for the final weeks and thank them for the chapter that they have added to the St Edmund’s College story under the leadership of their Captains: Nick (Rumpf), Lachlan (Stacey), Ben (Thomas) and Logan (Atkins). Their theme ‘Own It’ has helped all students to achieve this year in their studies and in support of each other.

Another highlight this year saw the launch of the Responsible Thinking Classroom from Term 2 onwards. Thank you to our Responsible Thinking Classroom Coordinator, Jason Randall and Responsible Thinking Classroom School Officer, Lyn Taylor for the great work they have done to establish this new service. For the young men who have been referred to the RTC, I hope it has helped you to realise the power you have in making a positive impact on your learning.

Our Student Formation Program - Eddies’ Men Can or EMC – was further developed in 2019 under the leadership of our House Deans who have led the way in nurturing the pastoral wellbeing of our young men throughout the year. They have been ably supported by our Counsellors and our Assistant Principal Students, Mr Shannon Lee.

In 2019 we conducted a major review of our Learning Support which resulted in further resourcing and improvements in Inclusive Education. This included the creation of a new position: Director of Inclusive Education, which I am pleased to announce has been filled by Ms Carmel Seng. Carmel has provided excellent service and leadership in support of the diverse learning needs of our students. Another outcome of the review is the appointment of an additional Inclusive Education Teacher next year. This will mean the College will have a dedicated Inclusive Education Teacher for each of Years 7, 8 and 9, which will be a welcome, enhanced learning support service for students, staff and families.

In Mission and Identity, the College continued to find ways to grow the hearts of our young men. Our first steps towards developing a Reconciliation Action Plan has been supported by our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. We are blessed to have Uncle Joe Kirk as our Elder and each of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who add to the cultural richness and ethnic diversity that is Eddies. Other notable initiatives include the Head to Heart Camp, collaboration with our EREA brother school Iggy Park in Townsville, Vinnies Sleep Out, working with Blind Eye Ministries, DanDaLion and the establishment of a staff weekly morning prayer in the Foundation Room.

Along with our liturgical celebrations throughout the year, our efforts to cultivate the interior life of the students has been a feature of 2019. Perhaps a tangible example of how this is expressed is through service learning opportunities offered throughout the year. This year our students have clocked up over 2000 aggregate hours towards service to the College and the Ipswich community. That is equivalent to a year of full-time work. Outstanding. I thank our Assistant Principal Identity, Mrs Marysia Rice for her innovative leadership this year.

St Edmund’s is the chosen secondary College for many Defence families. This year we saw our highest number of Defence Force enrolments ever with close to fifty students. Recently they visited the 6th Squadron at Amberley, who share a Wolf as their mascot, underlying the strong link that exists between the College and our Defence Force families. Thank you to our Defence School Mentor, Ms Kylie Biddle who joined us this year and has done a fantastic job.

St Edmund’s College is proud to serve the Ipswich Community and the surrounding region. We are supported by Edmund Rice Education Australia, St Mary’s Parish, our College Board, College Foundation, Old Boys’ Association and the Parents and Friends Association. We are also well supported by our local State Members, Jim Madden and Jennifer Howard and our Federal Member, Shayne Neumann, and I thank them for their presence here tonight.

On a personal note I would like to take this opportunity to say farewell. This will be my final year as Principal of the College and most likely my final Principalship. It has been an honour to serve the St Edmund’s College community as your Principal. Next year I will take up a role as EREA Regional Director Southern Region which will see me located in Melbourne. Ipswich will still be home for me most weekends, so you may see me around some Saturdays. I’ll be the bloke in the Raiders jacket.

I would also like to thank and acknowledge the College Leadership Team with whom I work most closely and who have supported me over the past three years with honour, integrity and good humour.

In conclusion, for me the real joy that has made 2019 a year to remember has been seeing the effort, commitment and achievement of our young Eddies’ men. Tonight, we acknowledge students who have excelled academically and in the expression of their leadership through service to others. We celebrate their accomplishments and rightly hold them up in the spotlight because they, like the Trojan soldier in Virgil’s poem, are heroes to us.

With our Christian faith tradition and our school ethos founded on the life of Blessed Edmund Rice, who was a passionate educator and champion for young people, may we all see with our hearts, head and our hands and carry on his legacy to - Live Jesus in our hearts - Forever.

Thank you

Diarmuid O’Riordan, Principal

The Deputy


Identity News

Acknowledging Service to the Community and College

This week we honoured students who have been actively involved in the life of the College. They were acknowledged not only for their involvement with co-curricular activities, but for also demonstrating a commitment to service. With students giving a total of 2,012 recorded hours, and countless more unrecorded hours throughout the year, the actions of these young men have shaped the identity of our College. It is true that ‘Eddies’ men can’, and what they do is inspiring. Our students not only enrich our school community through service to the College, but they also improve the lives of people throughout Ipswich by serving the community.

The ways that students have served is varied and diverse. Each of the activities below represents events that took place during lunch breaks, before school or afternoons, weekends and even public holidays. The events may have required commitment over multiple days and challenged our young men to be organised and reliable. All the students who have committed to service this year should be commended and I encourage every student to consider what they can do to be a ‘Brother to Another’ in 2020.

Service to the Community

Little King’s Door Knock Appeal
Little King’s Musical Performances
Ministries at Sunday Parish Masses
Walk for Justice
Head 2 Heart Camp
DanDaLion Social and Sports Days
Blue Care Nursing Home Visits
Ipswich Cancer Morning Tea
Junior steward volunteers Ipswich Show
Queensland Special Schools’ Athletics Carnival
Rosies Van
Green Team - environment group
Social Justice Group
Soft drink fundraiser
Winter Appeal and Winter Sleepout
Homework Help after school at Immaculate Heart
Tutoring at the Learning Hub
Advocacy for Social Justice issues
ANZAC Day March

Service to the College

Foundation Dinner Service
Car Art Union Dinner Service
Altar Servers, Communion Ministers at College Masses
Set up, preparation and pack up for Assemblies and Masses
Celebration support through Acknowledgment of Country and Music
ANZAC Liturgy Breakfast
College Open Day
Twilight Tour Evenings
Rookies Afternoons
Facilitating Mums ‘n’ Chums events
Facilitating Dads ‘n’ Lads events
Ushers at the Edmund Rice Building Opening
Pre-Formal Helpers
Valedictory Helpers
Year 12 Final Day Breakfast Barbecue Helpers
Service to Music events
Service to Sports events

All Saints and All Souls Days - 1 and 2 November

Traditionally within the Catholic calendar November is the month that we remember those who have departed. Throughout this month we are asked to recall people close to us, who may no longer be with us. It is an opportunity to take a moment to consider the importance of these people in our lives and the legacy they left. For them we pray:

Eternal rest grant to them O Lord. May perpetual light shine upon them and may they rest in peace… AMEN.

In the same way, All Saints Day is an opportunity to honour people who inspire us everyday. Our mentors and loved ones who support us. These are ordinary people who make a difference in the lives of those around them.

May all the Saints, pray for us and for all those whose lives we touch.
May God, who loves and holds us all, let the Spirit guide all our days in the ways of compassion and justice.
May we reflect the heart of God, sure in faith, strong in hope, built on love and become all that we are called to be.
And may our journey lead us into God’s gentle and almighty Presence, our God whom we will one day see face to face. Amen

Term Four Highlights:

Combined Colleges’ Parish Mass, 6.00pm, Sunday 3 November
This is a special Mass as students from St Edmund’s and St Mary’s Colleges will be receiving the Sacraments of Confirmation and Communion. We would appreciate your support for these young people.
Students are invited to sit in the choir section and sing during Mass. There will be a pizza supper following Mass. Dress is smart casual.

Walk to Remember: Monday 11 November
On Remembrance Day 11 November, St Edmund’s and St Mary’s Colleges will participate in the Walk to Remember before school. Information accompanies this newsletter. All students are encouraged to participate.

Year 12 Valedictory Mass and Dinner: Tuesday 12 November - Senior Photo 5.30pm - Mass 6.00pm

The Valedictory Mass, which is part of our College farewell ritual, will be held at St Mary’s Church on Tuesday 12 November, commencing at 5.30pm with the Senior cohort photo outside the church. This is a special event for the community and all Year 12 families are invited to the Eucharistic Celebration. Please be mindful of this diary date if you have a son in Year 12.

Places for the Valedictory Dinner are restricted to Year 12 families only. Please ask your son to see his House Dean for further clarification.

Year 12 Final Assembly

On Friday morning, 15 November, Year 12 will have their last roll call and assembly where staff and the rest of the students will have a chance to bid them farewell.

Although parents and close family are most welcome to attend the assembly, due to room restrictions we will have difficulties fitting people in. Seating for parents and family eg: siblings and grandparents will be available from 8.00am when St Edmund’s staff will invite parents to move into the College Hall. Please help us in this situation by ensuring that space is for immediate/direct family members only. In past years it has been hot, so please bring a water bottle and dress appropriately for the conditions.

Live Jesus in Our Hearts - Forever

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Identity

REMINDER - Walk to Remember - Monday at 7.15am

Monday 11 November 2019 - 7.15am

Remembrance Day Badges and Poppies

On Sale at the College

Defence Students and Cadets Visit 6 Squadron

RAAF Amberley

On Wednesday our Defence students and Cadets were invited to 6 Squadron RAAF Base Amberley.

Students were able to get up close to one of the F18 Growler Jets and were given a tour through 6 Squadron. Technicians, maintenance and aircrew spoke to them about their roles in the Defence Force.

During our tour we met an Eddies Old Boy, FLGOFF William Rawlinson, the aircrew WSO representative, who graduated from St Edmund’s in 2013. His role in the Defence is an Electronic Warfare Officer.

We were lucky to have photo opportunities with the F18 Growler, and more importantly, our very own ‘Wayne the Wolf’ met 6SQN’s Wolf Mascot, ‘Dr Wolfenstein’.

St Edmund’s College would like to thank 6 SQN for the lovely morning and appreciate the opportunity to maintain the strong connection with our College.

Ms Kylie Biddle, SEC Defence School Mentor

Learning & Teaching

Learning and Teaching


Congratulations to all Academic, Service and Special Award winners who were presented at the College Awards Night 31 October, 2019.

A full list of recipients is attached.

Best wishes.

Carmel James, Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching

Library News - Week 4

Local Author Showcase

Find a new read. Meet local talent. Discover what happens behind the pages.

Enjoy an exciting program that has something for everyone interested in the business of books.

9.30am: Author Hour – Frances Whiting - Bookings required (9.30 to 10.30am)

10.00am: Mini Expo – Local authors and illustrators (10.00am to 1.00pm)

10.45am: Panel Discussion – Industry players share different experiences and perspectives (10.45am to 11.45am)

12.00pm: Book Launch – Grave Tales - Helen Coltz and Chris Adams - (12.00 to 12.30pm)

1.00pm: Stallholders on Stage – 5 questions, 2 minutes, their story - (1.00pm to 2.00pm)

Adults and Teens (13+ years)

Saturday 2 November
Springfield Central Library
Level 2

(07) 3810 6815


With exams fast approaching, students should be taking advantage of the Learning Hub. Learning Hub is a space where students can go to prepare for exams, complete homework and work on assessment tasks in a dynamic, collaborative and supportive environment. Collaborative learning involves groups of learners working together to solve a problem or complete a task. There are many benefits to collaborative learning including enhancement of problem-solving skills, inspiring critical thinking and improvement of social interactions.

Tutors are on hand to assist students with their work. We have tutors who specialise in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Study of Religion, English, History, Physical Education and Geography.

Where: Library
When: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Time: 3.00pm to 5.00pm for Senior students and 3.00pm to 4.00pm for Junior students.

Ms Karen Callaghan: HOD Information Services and Learning Resources

Senior School

Middle School


Pastoral News

Career News

Careers - Week 4

Year 12 School Leaver Information

All Year Twelve students have been emailed information to assist them with the transition to tertiary study or to the workforce. As their school email accounts will close when they depart and their computers will be returned to the school, I urge them to access this information and save it for future reference.

Year 12 questions answered by Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority

When will I get my Queensland Core Skills Test result? – You will be able to access these results from your Learning Account on the Student Connect website on Wednesday 13 November 2019.

When will I get my Year 12 results? – The QCAA will mail your results on Friday 13 December 2019 to the address your school has for you (so make sure your school has your current mailing address).You can access your results before the mail arrives from your Learning Account on the Student Connect website on Saturday 14 December 2019.

How do I login to my Learning Account? - You will need your LUI and password to login to your account. You can get Login Help from the Student Connect website if you encounter any problems. You can also download the ‘Student learning accounts user guide’ from this site. Ask your school for your LUI number if you can’t find it … before you leave!

What are the new senior assessment and tertiary entrance systems? The new systems will be in place starting with Year 11s in 2019. You can read about the new systems on the QCAA website.

TAFE Priority Training Program Courses

The TAFE Priority Training Program (TPTP) provides additional support to eligible Queensland residents in a specific range of diploma, certificate IV and certificate III programs. This funding is available to eligible students to commence study in applicable programs after 1 July 2018. This funding will be available from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2020. The following study areas offer courses that come under this program and for more information visit their website.
• Agriculture and horticulture
• Animal Care
• Beauty and hairdressing
• Building and construction
• Business, justice and management
• Child care
• Community services
• Creative
• Transport, logistics and aviation
• General education and training
• Hospitality and cookery
• ICT, information and networking
• Manufacturing and design
• Nursing and health
• Sports and fitness
• Tourism and events

Tertiary News

University of Southern Queensland: Accelerated Entry Pathway Program (AEPP)

AEPP is an intensive program offered during Semester Three (starts on 2 December 2019).The program will help you transition from school to university in a supportive, on-campus, adult learning environment. Successful completion of AEPP will provide you with the English subject pre-requisite required for USQ degrees and ensure you are eligible to apply for a wide range of USQ undergraduate degrees. This is a fee-free program. For more information, visit the AEPP website.

Griffith University: Acting and Musical Theatre Summer School 2020

If you have a passion for acting, musical theatre or both, Griffith Uni is running a week of singing, dancing acting and performance. During the five day course to be held from 20 January to 24 January 2020, students will work with some of the country’s top acting and musical theatre specialists in class and rehearsals for the end-of-week public showing. Acting workshops will include improvisation, scene work (contemporary and Shakespeare) and clowning. Click here for more information and to register.

The five most common university myths debunked

There are popular myths about university study some of which are:
First year uni doesn’t count – False. At most universities, first year results contribute to your final grade point average (GPA). Your GPA is of interest to future employers. Furthermore, your first year GPA (if good enough) can be used to be competitive for entry to your preferred course if you didn’t get straight into it from school. You can apply for scholarships once you get to Uni and your GPA is important when applying for these scholarships.

I’ll be paying off my HECS-HELP debt for the rest of my life – False. The HECS-HELP loan scheme helps you pay your part of the cost of the course you are studying (called ‘Student contribution’). You begin paying it through the Australian Tax Office as part of your income tax once you have completed your course and are earning a threshold amount ($45,881 for 2019-2020). You don’t pay interest on your debt but it is indexed each year to reflect changes in the Consumer Price Index.

I’ll never find a job after graduation – Competition for jobs is high. However, you can increase your employability while you are studying by gaining work experience in the field in which you want to work. This not only looks good on your resume, it gives employers a chance to see what sort of worker you are. Don’t wait until your final year at uni to start looking for jobs. Access the uni Careers and Employment services and programs early during your studies.

If I don’t make friends during O Week, I never will – For those who don’t know, O Week is Orientation Week which is usually the week before lectures begin. This is an important week as the information you receive will introduce you to the support services and other activities available. You will have many additional opportunities to make friends during your uni studies. If you’re not particularly comfortable starting up a conversation with a random in class, get involved in a university club or two.

Lectures can be skipped – Yes and No. Lectures are usually recorded and made available online, so technically, you don’t need to attend in person. However, there are a few reasons why you should get in the habit of going to every class. Attendance might form part of a percentage of your final mark. You’re paying to sit in that lecture theatre, so you might as well show up and enjoy it. Lectures provide an opportunity to make new friends and of course, impress a lecturer or two. Lecturers are great contacts for future employment.

Mr Mark Currie, Careers Adviser/Counsellor


Music and Cultural

Music News - Week 4

Performance Events

Silkstone Eisteddfod

It has been an extremely busy week for the Performing
Arts Department with three major events taking place. Last Friday the College Choir participated in the Silkstone Eisteddfod. Under the direction of Ms Frances O’Sullivan the students gave another high quality performance to receive a Silver Award on the night. A big thank you to all the students involved and to Ms O’Sullivan for her hard work and efforts with the choir. I would also like to thank Mr Bruce Ramm for accompanying the choir.

Sporting and Cultural Awards Night

Our annual Sporting and Cultural Awards took place on Tuesday night. Congratulations to all award winners in the Performing Arts and Musical Categories. The Senior Contemporary Ensemble and the Combined Choir gave examples of how great our College ensembles are. A big thank you to St Mary’s College for allowing students to sing as part of this event and also to Ms Frances O’Sullivan, Mr Jesse Gold and the St Edmund’s students involved in these ensembles.

Academic and Service Awards Night

The last event for this week was the College Academic and Service Awards held on Thursday night. The Jazz Band belted out some well-known classics as entertainment before the night kicked off and then followed this up with a wonderful rendition of the Frank Sinatra classic ‘Come Fly With Me’.

The College Choir followed with a spirited version of ‘Geronimo’ by Sheppard. Once again I would like to thank the students involved in these two ensembles as well as Ms Frances O’Sullivan for directing the choir and Mr Jesse Gold for playing for the Jazz Band.

Instrumental Lessons

All students are reminded to check their instrumental lesson times on the noticeboard outside Room K205. Please be prompt for your lesson.

Mr Tim Kirkwood, Director of Music


Sports News

AIC Track and Field Championships

The AIC Track and Field season came to an end last week with the Championships at the Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre (QSAC). Big congratulations to all athletes in the squad. It was a very successful season for the College as we finished in 4th place on Aggregate.

Other results included:
12 Years – 5th
13 Years – 5th
14 Years – 7th
15 Years – 3rd
16 Years – 4th
Opens – 3rd

We had many AIC event winners over the two days and their efforts were acknowledged on Tuesday night at the Sporting and Cultural Awards Night. Special mention must go to Alex Davies and Jude Thomas who broke the AIC records for the 3000m and 1500m respectively.

Thanks to all the coaches involved and to Mr Chad de Waard and Mr Nic Aldridge for their coordination of such a large squad covering many events.

AIC Golf

Congratulations to our AIC Golfers who competed in the Balharry Shield on Monday. We were the winners of the Team Gross Division. James Sammut (Year 12) also shared the Individual Gross Award. Well done Gents!

2020 Term 1 Sport Preparation

Swimming training has begun; Cricket trials have commenced; AFL trials will begin in Week 7 and Volleyball trials will begin on January 13 2020. Be sure to keep up to date with all the latest information on EDE and the College App.

2020 Tours - Rugby and Football

I am pleased to announce a slight shift in the way in which we offer Rugby and Football Tours at the College. For some years we have run a Rugby and Football Tour for our Year 10 students. This will now change to become a tour for Year 9 students as well as a tour for our Opens Rugby and Football Squads (with most spots on each tour being offered to Year 12 students). This model will start in 2021. As a result, for 2020 we will run tours for Year 9 and Year 10 Rugby and Football groups so that the 2020 Year 10s do not miss out on a tour.

The following tours are now being planned:
• Year 9 Rugby to Melbourne (late Term 1)
• Year 10 Rugby to NSW (late Term 1)
• Years 9 and 10 Football to Adelaide to compete in the EREA National Football Tournament (Second week of Easter Holidays)

In addition to these tours, we also have planned:
- Firsts Rugby Squad Camp on the Sunshine Coast leading into Ballymore Cup (early Easter Holidays)
- Christian Brothers Cricket Week (Firsts Squad) from 6 to the 11 January
- AIC T20 Carnival at Marist College, Ashgrove – January 20 and 21 (for selected Years 9 and 10 students)
- National Volleyball Championships (Firsts Squad) December

As 2019 comes to a close I am looking forward to another big year in 2020.

Mr Max Luxton, Director of Sport

2019 AIC Golf Championship

Balharry Shield

On Monday 28 October, Jack Wojcicki, Mitchell Vesper, Kylan Rickards and James Sammut represented the College in the annual AIC Golf Championship event, held at Indooroopilly Golf Club.

The course layout was challenging on the day, with the front nine proving very demanding for the players. Accurate driving from the tee was a necessity if players wanted to access the difficult pin placements. The undulating and grainy greens played havoc with the roll of many putts, often forcing players to recover from precarious positions. The players also had to contend with the many sand traps which were placed strategically in landing areas across the fairways.

Despite the obvious difficulties, the Eddies’ men acquitted themselves well, becoming the inaugural AIC Gross Team Champions. It is an honour for St Edmund’s to receive this trophy and is just reward for all students who carded excellent scores on the day.

James Sammut became a back-to-back individual AIC Champion thanks to shooting a five over par 77, rightfully proving himself as the Premier AIC Golfer to reinforce his victory in 2018.

All students should be congratulated on the way that they conducted themselves throughout the day. Golf is a sport which poses many individual mental battles, particularly if things are not proceeding as planned however, I am pleased to report that all players were able to steady themselves and play near their potential.

We look forward to 2020 with the anticipation of once again featuring upon the AIC Golf Honour Boards.

Mr Lucas Wilson, Teacher


Tuckshop Roster - Week 5

Week commencing 4 November 2019

Mon 4 Nov: T Williams, K Schuh, T Rogers

Tue 5 Nov: N Callaghan, K Heycott

Wed 6 Nov: J Roberts, S Atuatika

Thu 7 Nov: M Low, S Reeve

Fri 8 Nov: V Albury, F Sippel, D McGuire

School News

Skool2Skoolies Golf Day

Sandy Gallop Golf Club - 10 November 2019

Uniform Shop


SEC Book Hire - 2019 Return Dates

Textbook Return Dates

As you would be aware St Edmund’s College operates a text book hire scheme for the benefit of all students at the College. The success and viability of this scheme is contingent upon the timely return of textbooks in good condition that allows for their redistribution to students for use in subsequent years. Unlike other schools, we do not charge a levy or require students to purchase text books separately. Often these costs are in the vicinity of $250 to $400.

To assist us with the maintenance of the scheme we require your support in ensuring that your son’s textbooks are returned in good condition and in accordance with the timelines set out below.

Dates for return of textbooks NOT needed for exams:

Years 7, 8, 9 and 10: Friday 15 November
Year 11: See below
Year 12: Thursday 31 October 2019

Textbooks needed for exams:

On the day of the timetabled exam – textbooks should be returned to the library before the exam.

Final dates for return of items:

Years 7, 8, 9 and 10: Thursday 28 November
Year 12: Monday 11th November - ***All textbooks must be returned or paid for before going on the Year 12 outing on Wednesday 13 November

Year 11 Students

Units 1 and 2: Textbooks to be returned immediately.
As requested by Heads of Department, Year 11 students studying Units 3 and 4 are to keep textbooks for study and revision over the holidays.

Return dates for these texts will be 3 September 2020.

As you would understand we require students to return all textbooks before the end of term, by their due date or before student departure from the College. Their prompt return allows for cleaning, bagging and replacement arrangements to be made for the next year.

Ms Christine Roche, Book Hire Coordinator

2020 School Bus Passes

Westside Bus Company and Park Ridge Transit

Students who have a bus pass for travel will be required to obtain a new pass for the 2020 school year. If you are changing schools in 2020 (this includes moving to Year 7) or address you will need to contact Westside Bus Company reception on (07) 3802 1233 and you will be advised on how to update your details. To avoid delays in receiving your pass they kindly request that you contact them prior to the end of this school year.

If you have no changes to your details, you will receive your new bus pass in the mail in early January 2020.

Please note that there are limited reception facilities available at the Westside Bus Company Redbank depot and you should call before attending the depot as they may be able to assist you over the phone.


This week