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The Challenge to Think Differently

John Cage is an American composer. I recently became aware of him while listening to a podcast on the way to school one morning. This man is famous for many things — of which I remain blissfully unaware — but particularly for a piece called 4:33. It is a challenging piece to listen to.

As I made my way to work the smooth tones of the podcaster announced the piece and I prepared to listen. In terms of high-fidelity sound, the system in my car is not top of the line but neither is it low quality. Yet, for four minutes and thirty-three seconds I sat in confusion behind the wheel of my car at 100 kilometres per hour down the Ipswich motorway.

Confusion turned to frustration as I adjusted the volume, then frustration turned to outrage. Outrage at the reality that 4:33 is a music piece that consists of four minutes and thirty-three seconds of silence. In the midst of my red-faced rant about modern music the smooth podcaster chimed in with a reflection. This piece is an opportunity. Its unashamed lack of sound presents us with the chance to listen to the world around us. In essence then, for me, in that moment, the sound of 4:33 was the sound of the wind as it flowed past the car along with a gentle but annoying whistle coming from the passenger door and various miscellaneous clicks, cracks and creaks.

The challenge of John Cage and 4:33 is to think differently, to see or hear what is hidden by the sounds of our daily routine. The challenge in this disrupted situation we find ourselves is to listen to those with whom we share our lives. For our Eddies Team the sound of 4:33 will mean different things. For our staff it may mean a space to re-evaluate how learning is presented and how best for students to learn. For our young men, it may mean a chance to engage in learning on their own terms but also a time to appreciate the relationships they have with others. For parents and caregivers, it may mean a time to walk the same learning journey as their sons in partnership with the staff, assisting to develop the skills so necessary for positive learning outcomes.

No matter what is presented to us, this silence, this disruption to normality, is an opportunity for coming together. While we may sit in silence listening for now, the sounds of every day will resume. We pray that, as life begins again and the memory of this disruption fades, we do not lose this short moment of listening and the gift it can give us. We pray that our Team, unapologetically grown in Ipswich culture, immersed in Catholic ethos, and in the tradition of Edmund Rice, will come together ever stronger to educate our young men to make a very real difference in their world as Eddies’ men.

Mums and Chums Reimagined

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and ordinarily in our own very Eddies way it would be heralded by our Mums and Chums evening. This celebration of not only mums but also significant women in the lives of our young men, normally takes place on the Friday before Mother’s Day and is a fun filled evening of good natured competition between mum/son teams to crown best House on the night.

Understandably Mums and Chums cannot proceed as usual, but reimagining has become the hallmark of our planning for recent events. Please be on the lookout next week for more information about our reimagined Mums and Chums 2020.


There have been so many fantastic submissions for our Rookies Principal’s Paper Plane Challenge! Thank you to all the young men and everyone who supported them in creating and filming such a wide variety of innovative designs. We are now in planning for our next Rookies Principal’s Challenge. Rookies be ready!

Ray Celegato, Principal

The Deputy


Identity News

Celebration of the Feast of Edmund Rice

Today we would have celebrated Edmund Rice Day here at the College. It is a strange feeling to miss these days of celebration and community. Edmund Rice Day is especially important as it is an event celebrated at all Edmund Rice Schools and Ministries globally. The feast day of Blessed Edmund Rice is celebrated worldwide on May 5 each year. Each school or Edmund Rice community has its own way of honouring the spirit of that forms our charism. However, in this year, when all the world is affected by COVID-19, schools and ministries come together on 5 May to celebrate the life of Edmund Ignatius Rice as a united network.

Edmund’s Christ-centred vision and life’s work were seeds that have grown into the many communities of education, ministry and brotherhood throughout the world. We, as Edmund People, are called, just as he was, to look outside our window in this time of isolation and lockdown: to look for those who most need support. We are also challenged, as Edmund People, to look for and be signs of hope in this world through our words and actions.

The following reflection has been shared widely in the Edmund Rice Network. I share it with you today in the hope that you may feel the hope and the spirit of our College, our Community and our EREA network alive in your homes. On Tuesday we will share more reflections to mark Edmund Rice day. I wish you warm blessings for our feast day and keep our community and all our members in my thoughts and prayers as we move through this unique time in our lives.

Happy Feast Day for Tuesday 5 May 2020!

Live Jesus in our Hearts - Forever.

Reflection: A Narrative from Edmund’s Life


o What is sitting with me from this reading?

o What insight does it bring in this time of physical distancing and heightened health risk?

In his life, Edmund encountered personal suffering through the death of his beloved wife. In this tragedy he experienced pain, grief and heartache. The joyous, secure and comfortable world he had once known was now visibly shaken. In his words, he described feeling as if half of his own soul was gone.

He was left feeling alone, dislocated and vulnerable. In the wake of this event Edmund searched for new meaning. Prayerful reflection and daily Eucharist supported him in this time of uncertainty.

But above all, it was his baby daughter, growing and developing, that awakened him to new possibilities for expressing love, tenderness and care. Perhaps, it was this experience, born out of crisis, that opened his eyes and heart to see beauty and possibility in the faces of those who were so often forgotten and ignored by the community around him.

It certainly offered him a new perspective from which to act! But like most of us, Edmund needed a purposeful nudge to get him to take that final step into action. When sharing his thoughts about potentially leaving Waterford to join a secluded Monastery, a valued woman friend led him to the window, threw back the curtains and, pointing to the streets of unruly young boys below, declared “Can you see, Mr Rice – there is your Monastery in the streets”.

From that moment, Edmund’s view from his window, motivated his work to bring hope to the lives of those young boys.

Common Prayer and BlessingWritten by collective voices from the EREA Network

Creator God, on this special day of celebrating the vision and work of Edmund Rice, we pray as one.

Help us to look out our window and see those most in need in our community. Let us clean our own lens so that we look out through love, with love and to love. Bring clarity to our vision and purpose to our action.

Inspire us to always choose courage over comfort, choosing for the good of all, not some. Guide us to pay attention to the personal story of each individual, fostering the respect, honesty and compassion that help transform lives. Help us to always remember that providence is our inheritance.

For Edmund and for us, precious moments are experienced in our ordinary encounters. Here we get a glimpse of the extraordinary that we can store in our hearts and share at any time. Through these moments may we stay connected to you, our loving Creator, and give generously from what we have for the good of others.

May we, in each of our own families and communities continue to enjoy the prayerful quiet and resolve learned over the past few weeks.

May we, in each of our own families and communities, be open to the spirit of Blessed Edmund moving in our midst to bring simplicity, humour, humility and warmth to the relationships we share. Amen

ANZAC Day Commemorations

It was so wonderful to receive all the photos of our Eddies Men and their families standing outside their homes at dawn on ANZAC Day. Thank you for standing together.

There is a real community spirit among the students, staff and families at St Edmund’s College and it is alive and well even in these COVID-19 times. A link to the photo gallery is on the Defence School Mentor page on EDE for students to view how their peers honoured ANZAC Day.

Marysia Rice, Assistant Principal Identity

Learning & Teaching

Learning and Teaching

Progressive Feedback

Progressive Feedback on Term 1 assessment was available for parents on EDE this week. Thank you to those parents who contacted us about any issues regarding the feedback being visible to you and I trust that these have been resolved. Please have those conversations about the results, celebrate success and plan for improvement.

Accessing Feedback on EDE

The steps below will assist you in locating your son’s feedback. Some of it will appear directly on EDE and some will be in a document attached. Your son will be able to assist you as well.

  • When you go into EDE you will see a photo of your son and a list of his subjects on the screen.
  • Below the list of subjects click on Grades
  • At the top right- hand side of the screen, click on Term 1
  • You should then be able to see the feedback
  • If a message for a subject says “See attached document”, click on the subject name
  • Scroll down to the relevant assessment – it could be an exam or an assignment and click on it
  • Click on your son’s name and the feedback and results will load

The screen shot below shows you where to go to find guides to assist you.

Letters to Parents/Caregivers – Year 11

This week a letter was emailed to Year 11 Parents/Caregivers regarding changes to assessment arrangements upon students return to the College. It is most important that you read this letter.

Best wishes for the long weekend.

Carmel James, Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching

Year 7 Art Projects

Year 7 Art Students - Term 1, 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers of our Young Men,

It is within The Creative Arts that I truly believe solace and peace can be achieved - an escape to creativity when we need space. During such tumultuous times, I wanted to share with you some examples of beautiful artwork completed by Ms Purcell's Year 7 Art class in Term 1. Ms Pozzias, our amazing Art Aide has worked very closely with Ms Purcell and guided these students in the creation of these pieces. Well done boys, you should be proud!

Ms Frances O'Sullivan, Head of Department: Creative Arts

GENERATION Z: Who am I? an ‘IST’ or an ‘ER’?

What future career will I have in 2030

The visual arts have a role to play in the development of cultural literacy. Exploring images within the Ceramic world as far back at Greek Minoan culture makes mythology more ingrained in historical reality. There is a dialogue of creating a ceramic piece, decorating with a story in selected colours and letting the viewer enjoy the art piece whether for use or decoration.

St Edmund’s Year 7 GenZ students, who explore and enjoy every aspect of Technology daily, were asked to learn and manipulate Elements and Principles of Design – especially Texture, Tone, and Form to make and present a clay piece based on their own story and what kind of career they could see themselves pursuing.

Choosing a future career that ends in either ‘ist’ or ‘er’ example Artist or Builder, students created their clay form using the research of images, attributes of the career, skills needed or physical attributes, preliminary and final drawings, clay building skills and techniques taught in class and finally skills using underglaze ceramic paints and a brief overview of firing techniques.

Congratulations Year 7 Art students. You have created sensitive and thoughtful ceramic pieces in this difficult time, and you should be very proud of this! You have lifted our spirits and told the story of a wonderful new generation of Eddies boys.

Ms Helen Purcell and Ms Robyn Pozzias – Creative Arts Staff

Senior School

Middle School


Pastoral News

ANZAC Commemorations


It was great to see so many proud Eddies Men Light Up the Dawn on ANZAC Day. The St Edmund’s Community stood in solidarity to honour all those who have served, and continue to serve our country.

Message of Thanks From Mr Des Evans: Vietnam Veteran

Please pass on my gratitude to the students for honouring Veterans in such a respectful manner. This ANZAC day was a very emotional day for a great number of veterans as we could not catch up physically and share the bond of friendship that soldiers have.

Sadly for some it may be their last ANZAC service as age and health are the master of our destiny. I, for one, spent many an hour on the phone with mates, sharing many a story and a few tears reminiscing of our service.

Thank you once again and thanks to St Edmund's for the honour you bestow upon veterans and serving personnel each year at your special ANZAC Commemoration Service.


Additional Videos for Parents

St Edmund’s College provides an opportunity each year for our Senior students to undertake a driver training program through Safe Drive Training. With the current restrictions in place due to Covid-19 many learn-to-drive schools have stopped training and in some states learners cannot practise unless it links with essential travel.

Safe Drive Training have created an additional five videos to compliment the first in their series of eight training videos designed to help parents to teach a novice driver, before driving lessons can recommence through professional driving schools.

Safe Drive Training have forwarded these videos to St Edmund’s College so that we can share with our Senior students and their families.

Click on the images and links below to access these videos



If you want to share this video, the link is

If you want to share this video, the link is

Part 1: How to teach the basics of driving

Part 2: How to teach the basics of driving

Part 3: How to teach the basics of driving

Part 4: How to teach the basics of driving

Part 5: How to teach the basics of driving

Part 6: How to teach the basics of driving

Part 7: How to teach the basics of driving

The College has a date booked with Safe Drive Training to offer a day of practical experience. This will be reviewed when the current restrictions are lifted and life returns to “normal”. The College will need to consider how this merges with the finalisation of the academic year for Year 12, 2020. Information will be provided in due course.

In the meantime, we trust that you find this a valuable resource to assist in this important aspect of your son’s broader education.

Mr Dave Mills, Morgan House Dean

Career News

Careers - Week 2

Queensland Conservatorium Auditions - VET Pathways - Tertiary News - Employment Tips

Tertiary News

Griffith University

Go Health, Go Griffith Experience Days

These one-day events in August 2020 are designed for students to experience aspects of a health degree through practical and theoretical sessions delivered by health professionals and scientists. Talk to your science teacher or school guidance counsellor/officer if you are interested in attending a program as registrations are through your school. Visit the website for further information.

Griffith Apply

Year 12 students can apply for Griffith undergraduate degrees online through QTAC or UAC. You can also search for more information on their Degree finder. If you are an international student, visit international applications. You can find information about:

Click here for more information.

Queensland Conservatorium Auditions

Most of the courses offered by the Conservatorium require an audition as one of the entry prerequisites. Audition applications usually open in June. The Auditions website will be updated for 2021 applications shortly. Note that if you don’t apply for an audition by the due date, you will not be considered for any courses requiring an audition at the Conservatorium. Click here for a full list of all areas that have an audition process.

VET pathways for high school students

Griffith recognises the skills and knowledge gained through Vocational Education and Training (VET) as a highly effective pathway to university. While Griffith encourages you to achieve an ATAR, they still recognise stand-alone VET qualifications completed at high school. If you complete a Certificate III, IV or Diploma and meet the English prerequisite you may be eligible for a place in a range of Griffith degrees. Click here to find out more and to view the list of eligible degrees

Queensland University of Technology

Cut-off date for creative industries additional entry courses

In addition to applying to QTAC, students must apply online to QUT by 5pm on Monday 28 September 2020 for courses with additional entry requirements. Additional entry requirements include auditions, portfolio submissions, and interviews. For more information on specific additional entry requirements, please refer to individual course information on the QUT website or phone 07 3138 8114.

Missing assumed knowledge for a QUT course?

QUT bridging courses in Maths, Chemistry and Physics are offered to students and the general community to help them undertake tertiary-level studies in these areas. Successfully completing the Maths bridging program will give you the assumed knowledge in high school maths for QUT courses and meet the maths prerequisite for QUT's Bachelor of Education. This program may also meet assumed knowledge or prerequisites for other institutions. Semester 2, 2020 courses are delivered on campus between 22 June and 23 September 2020. Registrations close 15 June 2020. Visit the QUT Bridging Programs webpage for an overview, details and to register.

Parent Information Seminars

Due to COVID-19 restrictions QUT has cancelled their scheduled Semester 1 Parent Information Sessions. The next Parent Information Seminar will be held on 9 September 2020 at the Gardens Point campus. They will provide information for parents and students about:

  • making course and career decisions
  • gaining entry to university
  • life as a university student
  • transition to university and support for students
  • study costs and financial support
  • resources for parents and students

An optional twilight campus tour with a QUT student will be available before the seminar. You’ll need to register for this event. Registration will be available on our event website in August.

QUT Excellence Scholarships and QUT Sport Scholarships

QUT Excellence Scholarships and QUT Sport Scholarships valued between $5,000 and up to $30,000, are our premier offering for school leavers with outstanding academic, creative performance and sporting excellence achievements.

QUT Excellence Scholarships are highly competitive and are awarded to the top ranked students who select QUT as their first QTAC preference. Applications open in August and close 20 November 2020.

The University of Queensland

Concurrent Diplomas

UQ students can study diplomas in Music Performance and Languages at the same time they are undertaking their undergraduate degree. See the website for details.

Undergraduate Guide for 2021

This publication can be downloaded from the UQ website. It contains information about the courses that will be offered in 2021, a table of all courses with prerequisites and previous minimum selection threshold, key dates, admissions information and everything else you need to know about life at UQ.

Employment Tips

Job Jump Start website – Ways to explore careers and prepare for work!

The Australian Government, Department of Jobs and Small Business manage Job Jump Start, which provides tips and ideas about jobs and careers. You can start your search from a range of platforms including:

  • I’m at school
  • I’m on a Gap Year
  • I’m at Uni or in Training
  • I’ve just graduated from Uni or a training course
  • I’m looking for a job
  • I’m already working

The website contains a range of useful articles under the categories of:

  • Looking for a job – Resume, Cover Letter and Interview Tips
  • Building a career – Choosing the right field of work or study
  • At work – Connecting with employers

One of the articles highlights how to make a great first impression on employers. According to the article the Department of Employment regularly surveys Australian employers. They ask them what young job seekers can do to make a good impression at interview.

Employers said that they are impressed by job seekers who:

  • are punctual
  • dress appropriately
  • offer a firm handshake
  • smile and are friendly
  • make eye contact
  • have good posture (it makes you appear more confident)
  • are well presented

As well as this, consider the following ways to show an employer you really want to work with them:

  1. Be your best self. Employers will use a range of information to form an impression of you. They will look at your social media profile, observe your conversations with other people and your personal presentation. They will be looking for an indication of your personality, abilities and your values, such as respect for others and yourself, reliability and trustworthiness.
  2. Show them you understand their business. Doing some homework on employers so you understand their business challenges and priorities will help you explain what you can offer them.
  3. Ask interesting questions. If you have a genuine interest in a specific brand, business or industry then demonstrate this to the employer by asking questions about the company’s business strategy, products and services or upcoming projects. Ask employers questions they want to answer. They’ll remember you for it.

Mr Mark Currie, Careers Guidance Officer/Adviser


Music and Cultural



School News

School Fees - Term 2

Due Date 15 May 2020

Term 2 Fee Statements were emailed to all families on Thursday 30 April.

A reminder that the due date for payment is Friday 15 May 2020.

If you did not receive a fee statement, please contact the Finance Department:

Uniform Shop



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