Ipswich Catholic Community - Asbestos Update

In recent months our weekly newsletter has kept our parish community and schools up to date with the building works currently occurring at St Mary’s Presbytery in Woodend. Following a few questions and concerns from parents this morning, Friday 14 February, Fr Stephen Bliss met with Mike Quinn (Principal, St Mary’s Primary School), Gavin Minz (Deputy Principal, St Mary’s Primary School), the building site manager, a representative from the Archdiocese of Brisbane, and the certified asbestos remover - Materials Group Pty Ltd (HMG). It was an opportunity to review the procedures and protocols already in place at the site. The good news is that all procedures are being undertaken in accordance with Queensland State Government Legislation.

We would like to reassure everyone that the building work has been approved by the Queensland State Government and the Archdiocese of Brisbane (including Catholic Education) and is compliant with the Queensland Code. The Ipswich City Council has also been notified of the building works and their approval was given. All documentation has been completed, is compliant and has been filed with the relevant authorities.

Please be assured that no children, parents or staff have been in any danger during these site works.

It is worth noting that two procedures are taking place simultaneously: (1) asbestos removal, and (2) demolition works. These works are being done concurrently and in a safe and compliant way.

The concerns expressed so far are welcomed as it reminds us to check our accountability. If you would like to stay up to date with news from the the Ipswich Catholic Community, please subscribe to our email update: https://ipswich.flocknote.com/...

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