From the Principal

Dear St Edmund's College Family and Friends

Happy Easter

This week is known as Holy Week in our Catholic Christian tradition. It is the final week of Lent before Jesus did the impossible and arose from his burial tomb after dying three days earlier when he was crucified.During this week Christians all over the world will re-enact the events leading up to Jesus’ arrest and the subsequent suffering he endured at the hands of his executioners before dying on the cross.We cannot help but be filled with pity and sorrow as we remember the horror and the cruelty that he was subjected to by his tormentors. This is, after all, a very human story that we each can identify with because we know, from our own experiences, what it is like to endure hardship and pain. Because of Jesus we carry on with hope in our hearts knowing that death is not the end, because from the ashes we too can arise and be reborn anew.Blessed Edmund Rice knew this when he looked around and saw the poor, wretched and uneducated children of Waterford. His heart of hope inspired him to build the first Christian Brothers’ school in 1806. We continue his story which is really Jesus’ story. It reminds us that St Edmund’s College is a place where the resurrection story is told again and again in the lives of our students, their families and the staff who work here.May this Easter be a time of joy overcoming sorrow, light shining through the darkness and life triumphing over death.

Diarmuid O’Riordan, Principal

They can because they see they can.