From the Principal

Dear Members of St Edmund’s College Community,

Eddies Men … Gentlemen

You may have heard about the Eddie’s 10B Football team and the wonderful sportsmanship they showed in their final game, against Ambrose Treacy College, at Tivoli on the weekend. Their actions did not go unnoticed with parents from both Colleges recounting it on social media. The story has subsequently gone viral on our Facebook site with close to 60,000 hits to date. Even Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise got hold of the story and enquired about doing a feature on their show. Michael Senior, Principal of Ambrose Treacy College (ATC), who was among those on the sideline, said that ‘it brought a tear to the eye of many spectators’ and he himself described it as an event where the actions of the young people in question filled him with hope. When I heard about it I was deeply moved and have since read out one of the parent letters at our whole College assembly on Monday. To retell it now brings me back to those raw emotions.

During the game the Eddies’ team asked if one of the players on the ATC team could be given an opportunity to score a goal. The player, Bobby, who was waiting patiently on the sideline, was subbed on and ran onto the field with great excitement and purpose. In a spirit of inclusive cooperation, both teams then discreetly orchestrated an opportunity for Bobby to score a goal. Despite the first attempt missing they persevered and Bobby’s second attempt found the back of the net. His joyous reaction was matched only by the collective celebration of both teams. You see Bobby is a boy with an intellectual disability and at that very moment the pats on the back he received from his team mates and the spontaneous jubilation expressed by all who were there to witness his goal, powerfully and unequivocally reinforced his valued place as a member of his football team and, more poignantly, of our human family. What started as an innocuous request transformed into an affirmation of our young men and a lesson to all of us on how to be human. Thank you 10B!

Congratulations Senior Debaters

Last Monday our Senior debaters narrowly lost to Boonah State High in the grand final of the regional Apex Debating. Eddies was the affirmative team arguing ‘that political leaders who abuse parliamentary privilege be removed from office’. They argued a compelling case including impassioned rebuttals; however, the Boonah team was adjudicated the winner on the night. To reach the grand final was itself a huge achievement and augurs well for our future debating teams. Well done to our Senior debating team: Pierce Scott, Tasman Pearl, Rudolph Liebenberg, Cody Ford and Curtis Wenzel, and a big thank you to Ms Jean Yates for her role as debating coach.

7A Rugby – 2017 AIC Champions

Congratulations to our 7A Rugby Team who have completed the Rugby season undefeated and will be crowned AIC Champions for 2017. This is a marvellous achievement and breaks a long drought for our junior Rugby program. It was also gratifying to hear that the boys remained humble and gracious in victory. Thank you to Mr Dale O’Connell and Mr Daniel Meehan for coaching the team.

Changes to Newsletter

A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned that our newsletter format will be changing. Our news will be filtered through three main avenues of communication, which include our College App, edE and the new format newsletter. Changes will begin to take form in Term 3 but to make sure you are up to date with the right information, we ask that you make use of each avenue of communication as noted below.

Newsletter: Our main articles will still appear in our weekly newsletter. This includes the Principal’s Report and articles from the College Leadership Team, Heads of Department and House Deans.

edE: Sporting schedules and reports will be featured on the Co-Curricular pages of edE as well as specific news that relates to parents such as tuckshop roster and Term dates.

College App: Notices and advertisements will be sent via the College App in real time, eliminating the need to wait until the end of the week. Sporting schedules will still feature on the Co-Curricular section of the App. The new format College newsletter will also be linked via the App which will take you to our website, instead of a PDF document.

It is an exciting time for the College as we begin to utilise different technologies to improve our communication mediums with our parents and College community. Thank you for your patience as we prepare for this next step.


We prayer for peace in our world. We have seen on the news the tragic loss of life due to violence and hatred. We ask for God’s intercession that through our actions we will be an instrument of God’s love, compassion, forgiveness and mercy.

Live Jesus in our hearts, forever

Diarmuid O’Riordan, Principal

They can because they see they can.